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  • Spa Salon Treatment Spa Salon Treatment

    Hi, kids! This gorgeous woman has problems with her spine because she have had an serious car accident. Your salon is the most famous spa on the planet. So, she comes to you every week for treatment. Apply all those special body creames like medicinal plant creames or honey lotion, make a half hou

  • Messy Talking Tom Messy Talking Tom

    Talking Tom decided to chase some birds inside the forest and he managed to get extremely dirty. He is covered in mud spots and has branches and dust in his fur. Let us help Tom get clean. Use the cleaning tools in the right order and make Top spotless. Make sure you undress him and clean his fur wi

  • Elsa in Frozen Halloween Elsa in Frozen Halloween

    Guys, Elsa in Frozen loves Halloween so much, and she decides to organize a wonderful Halloween party in her castle. Now, everything is done, she just needs to choose a perfect Halloween costume. Lets dress her up with amazing outfits and cool jeweiries.

  • Ben 10 Partner Adventure 2 Ben 10 Partner Adventure 2

    The adventure continue for Ben 10 and his partner to bring back the peace to the world.They will across from place to place to elimates the enemy force. Use ben 10 and his parter special ability to pass traps and kill the enemy. Bring both of them to the exit portal in order to go to the next level.

  • Little tailor Little tailor

    Your mission in this new and amazing game is to sew clothes with the sewing machine. First you have to choose the color of the material and after that you must draw the lines with the chalk and then with the scissors cut the material to obtain the thing you need.

  • Messy Strawberry Shortcake Messy Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry Shortcake played in the yard with her friends and got dirty,not she is very messy.Do you think you can clean her up and make her look beautiful again?Have fun playing this fun cleaning game featuring Strawberry Shortcake.

  • Old Style Chat Room Escape Old Style Chat Room Escape

    Escape from the Chat Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Old Style Chat Room. Good Luck!

  • Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie

    It's almost time for Thanksgiving dinner! Follow the recipe to create a delicious pumpkin pie and then decorate it however you like!

  • Restaurant Revenge Restaurant Revenge

    Rascal is back again and this time things are a little trickier! Help Rascal navigate through the restaurant to find the turkey to bring to his family for Thanksgiving dinner!

  • Thanksgiving Day Prepare Thanksgiving Day Prepare

    Thanksgiving Day is coming. So our little girl and her mommy decide to go to the supermarket. Lets help them find necessary food and beverage for the party tonignt. And then, decorate the party with them. Enjoy it!

  • Regal Bedroom Escape Regal Bedroom Escape

    Escape from the Regal Bedroom by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in the room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Regal Bedroom. Good Luck!

  • Barbie Nail Games Barbie Nail Games

    Barbie loves doing her nails to upgrade her outfits very much.In this game you can give her all the tips to beautify her hands. Well,let's use the nail polish, patterns, and decorations to design Barbie's perfect nail art,have fun!

  • Handsome Kristoff Xmas Makeover Handsome Kristoff Xmas Makeover

    Frozen Kristoff is a handsome hunk and you can pamper this smart guy in this facial makeover game. He wants a stylish makeover for Christmas. You can help him get a facial makeover in this makeover and makeup game. Have fun!

  • Christmas Cake Shop Christmas Cake Shop

    Santa will be opening his lovely Christmas Cake Shop in just a couple of days and there's still so much baking to be done! Would you like to be his little elf in the kitchen and help him cook and then lovely decorate one of those delicious, festive Christmas cakes that he'll be selling in his Christ

  • Christmas Reindeer Care Christmas Reindeer Care

    Everyone is getting ready for the Christmas Celebration except one. The Santa's Reindeer is sick and need your help. First clean him and treat his wounds with apt medicines. At least choose the best outfit and the matching accessories.

  • Stage Out Escape Stage Out Escape

    Escape from the stage by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Stage. Good Luck!

  • Christmas Treat Christmas Treat

    Are you looking for the best ever Boxing Day treat? Join this online game and learn how to cook a special X-Mas treat for your near and dear ones. As it is Christmas so Why not treat yourself? Come and let's enjoy the cooking of this delicious dish right now. It's a treat that never quite gets finis

  • Zoe New Year Slacking 2015 Zoe New Year Slacking 2015

    Zoe feels very bored at the new year party, and does some slacking to have fun. Help her but make sure that she doesn't get caught by her mom. Happy new year!!

  • Barbecued Entrecote Barbecued Entrecote

    In this new cooking game for girls you will learn how to prepare a delicious meat dish Barbecued Entrecote. For a loved barbecue lunch, you can serve this delicious meat dish with a variety of side dishes. First we must ensure that we have all the necessary ingredients to prepare. Mix all the ingred

  • Zoe's Grandpa Fire Rescue Zoe's Grandpa Fire Rescue

    Oh no ! Zoe' s home is on fire, And her grandpa caught trapped in fire.Come on Saviours, Hurry up! take the grandpa in the ambulance and rush to the nearby hospital. Open up your doctor tools and give the right treatment for the grandpa. Help him to recover from the fire accident.

  • Sweet Banana Pancake Sweet Banana Pancake

    It is an interesting free cooking game that enables young girls like you to learn cooking faster. Shrutis house is going to be crowded as some guests are going to visit her house. She looks into her fridge and gives her mother some food items to prepare a delicious sweet banana pancake for guests.

  • Young Merida Hide And Seek Young Merida Hide And Seek

    Merida is known for her bravery. She would always go to the woods alone for hunting. She is a very good archer. She has a garden which always looks greenish. She would at least plant five plants in a week. She would plant the garden every evening. Only after that she would join her friends for playi

  • Dora Dora On Mission Dora Dora On Mission

    Dora and boots is going to a trip today,but before she head for the trip, she needs to dressup as pretty as possible. Also, she needs to choose the right accessory to bring along with her. Help her pick the best dress and the dress

  • Messy Steve Messy Steve

    Our friend, Steve from Minecraft is very messy and this is the reason why we ask your help to clean up, wash and embalming him. First you have to start the water, after this you should soap him than to wash again. After all you should take the towel to mop him, then Steve is clean.

  • Subway Surfers Hand Subway Surfers Hand

    Help the patient in this Subway Surfers hand doctor game because the injury is pretty severe and you will surely want all of the people that come into your office to get all better soon.

  • Princess Jigsaw Princess Jigsaw

    Girls love princess, they even dream to become Princess, to live in a castle and to meet a beautiful and brave Prince when they grow up. Here in this cool game for girls named Princess Jigsaw it is given an image of a beautiful princess with a long black hair and a big brown eyes. Look at this beaut

  • Tricera Rescue Tricera Rescue

    Baby tricera are having fun on the field.They are protected by their lovely mom who is nearby watching them play.Suddenly, there come a tyrannosaurus rex and he is hungry. He is after the baby tricera for its lunch meal. Help the mom tricera get to her baby and elimate the tyrannosaurus away from th

  • Grumpy Cat Dental Care Grumpy Cat Dental Care

    Everyone knows and loves Grumpy Cat. Today you have to help this adorable cat to solve all her dental problems. Clean and polish her teeth, fill all her tooth decays and do whatever is necessary to solve her problems. Spend quality time near this amazing cat!

  • Ben 10 Tank Battle Ben 10 Tank Battle

    The enemy invasion force have arrived at the planet. They are driving tank to destroy every city on the planet. Ben 10, the hero, would have to do his best to fight the enemy tank army. Help ben 10 destroyed all enemy tank force by fighting them with ben 10 super bank.

  • Grumpy Cat Injured Grumpy Cat Injured

    Grumpy Cat has fallen asleep in the backyard, but suddenly her neighbor crashed his car and passed thru the fence and hits directly our beloved cat. So the neighbour took her directly to the hospital. Proove that you are a talented doctor and treat all her wounds. Clean, disinfect, inject, apply spe

  • Dora Item Catch Dora Item Catch

    Dora and Boots are having fun in the jungle.They saw a big tree that has so many items hanging on it. Dora asked boots to climp up to the tree and get those items for her. Help Dora catches all the items that boots throw down from the tree. Catch as many items as possible to gain score and pass on t

  • Princess Mulan Jigsaw Princess Mulan Jigsaw

    Princess Mulan Jigsaw game will take your breath away. In this game you can see a terrific image of the beautiful princess Mulan. Look carefully at this image and then press shuffle. It will split into pieces when you press shuffle. Your job is to solve the jigsaw and to put the pieces to the right

  • Taylor Swift Real Makeover Taylor Swift Real Makeover

    Taylor Swift is invited to a fashion party. We need to do a real makeover for her. So she will become the shining heroine of the party tonight!

  • Princess Head Surgery Princess Head Surgery

    Our little princess got injured and suffered a head injury while playing with her friends, you have to be the doctor and perform a simple surgery on her. Do not worry this is not a major surgery but a minor one, however you have to be careful to make sure that out perform all the steps carefully. M

  • Vi and Va Birthday Celebration Vi and Va Birthday Celebration

    Help make Vi and Va's birthday a huge hit! The girls will be using their talents to make the party a big success! Vi sings, Va cooks, Felicia decorates, and Roxxi dances.

  • Yellow King Room Escape Yellow King Room Escape

    This is another great escape games developed by YoopyGames. The game goal is to Escape from the Yellow King Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Yellow

  • Elsa Parent Child Show Elsa Parent Child Show

    In this wonderful vacation, Elsa decides to take her baby to the park. She needs to dress the baby up and do a simple makeover for herself as well. Finish all the work quickly and take the baby to go! Have fun!

  • Dora Flower Store Slacking Dora Flower Store Slacking

    Dora very loves the flowers so she decided open the Flower Store, but her works so boring and she want to fun as: paint a picture, text a message, drink a fruit juice

  • Barbie Messy Bathroom Cleaning Barbie Messy Bathroom Cleaning

    Anna is the ardent fan of Barbie. She has a big room in which one can witness all the latest pretty dolls of Barbie. She has named the room as Barbie. She would even comb her hair that of Barbie. If she is given a chance to act in a play, she would exactly imitate Barbie. Tomorrow summer holiday beg

  • Farm Animal Memory Farm Animal Memory

    Farm Animal Memory is fantastic free farm game on the internet. This game is good for everyone that likes farm games and memory games. It is also very good for kids because it improves kids memory. Your job in this fun game is to find two squares with the same sign and they will disappear. All the s

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