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  • Barbie Superhero Tailor‏ Barbie Superhero Tailor‏

    They make sure no villain gets away so in this Barbie superhero tailor game you will find out that making clothes for them is not that hard but actually a fun process for those who love to sew.

  • Rapunzel and Daughter Matching Dress Rapunzel and Daughter Matching Dress

    Rapunzel and Flynn has a daughter. This cute little princess looks just like Rapunzel. They like to dress up in matching dresses. Could you help her choose the most beautiful matching dresses and accessories for Rapunzel and her cute daughter? You could also give Rapunzel a makeup. Have fun!

  • Cute Princess Dress up Cute Princess Dress up

    She is a cute princess. Now, let`s help her dress up and enjoy this princess game. There are many pretty items and your mission is to choose a perfect dress.

  • Draculaura foot Doctor Draculaura foot Doctor

    Draculaura got injured and she is visiting the doctor.You will play the role of the doctor and you must take care of her injuries and make her feel better.Have fun!

  • Baby Anna Halloween Difference Baby Anna Halloween Difference

    What do you know about the time of Halloween? Have you ever taken part in collecting candies or getting dressed into scary costumes? If your answer is yes, the totally new Baby Anna Halloween Difference game will be a piece of cake for you because you will have to spend some time at a Halloween-them


    Daniel's little sister, Erica, has been taken by an evil witch! Find her lair and help Daniel rescue his sister.

  • Elsa And Anna Picnic Prep Elsa And Anna Picnic Prep

    Elsa and Anna are the best example of beloved siblings. Whatever they plan has good result at the end. This time, both of them have planned to go for a picnic to the historical places that are in and around the place. The parents of the girl have gone for shopping. So they are helpless. You make the

  • Sid at the Dentist Sid at the Dentist

    A journey alongside your best friends is always full of interesting experiences. Sid is one of the most cutest sloths you will ever meet, and today you can do something important for him: clean his teeth. Try to improve Sid's smile because he eats a lot of disgusting things. Have fun!

  • Disney Princess Going To Prom‏ Disney Princess Going To Prom‏

    In this fun Jasmine dress up game, she brought two friends with her so they can all have a great time together. Ariel and Belle are definitely looking forward to changing some clothes and a few giggles.

  • Sofia Palace Pet Sofia Palace Pet

    Princess Sofia has many friends, but her best confidant is cute bunny, Clover. Clover love to run through the forest, but today he was seriously injured and needs proper treatment for his injuries. Sofia needs your help to make a appropriate treatment of cuddly bunny. Come on girls let's help Sofia!

  • Baby Panda Bathing Baby Panda Bathing

    Kids, meet the cutest Baby Panda! If you want the baby to have fun, then you have to play interesting games with him like playing with butterfly, with colorful ball, then give him flowers and see how Baby Panda reacts. However when it comes to reactions, try and pinch him on the nose, on the ear, on

  • Sofia the First Dental Care Sofia the First Dental Care

    Sofia the First learns quickly how to be a real princess, a real good one. She is surrounded by a lot of interesting characters and she gains real true friendships. Life is beautiful and she enjoys it! Now it's up to you to help Sofia in regaining her beautiful white smile. Be a good dentist and hav

  • Elsa Holidays Shopping Elsa Holidays Shopping

    Elsa loves winter holidays and wishes that this Christmas will be one to remember. Elsa, this modern queen needs help for choosing the best Christmas decorations. Come one girls let's have fun with Elsa!

  • Princess room cleanup 3 Princess room cleanup 3

    Clean beautiful princess room and try to have success with all levels.

  • Fairy Tale Spa Fairy Tale Spa

    Welcome to the land of fairies! A place where music, happiness, and joy are the main ingredient. Such a wonderful land has also a magical place for relaxation: a fairy tale spa indeed, where only natural ingredients are used, like scented oils for massage, natural lotions infused with best nature’

  • Princesses Picnic Decoration Princesses Picnic Decoration

    Every weekend the princesses would go out. This time they have decided to a park which is far away from the home. They have many works to do as they are given responsibility to take care of everything. Now, they have decorating the place. Help them complete the work as much as you can. Only after th

  • Elsa’s Valentine’s Little Cupid Elsa’s Valentine’s Little Cupid

    Saint Valentine’s Day is almost there! And Frozen Elsa already know how she’s going to spend it - she planned a lot of cute surprises for Jack Frost. But our beautiful princess only can think about her beloved sister, Anna. Elsa’s noticed, that there’s a boy at school, that Anna likes a lot.

  • Cars coloring game Cars coloring game

    Color cars, truck, pick-up the way you want with this coloring game.

  • Barbie Easter Style Barbie Easter Style

    Barbie is getting ready for Easter time. She wants to share her amazing experience with you! She needs to prep a great egg with amazing colors and dress up in a cute floral dress for this special occasion. Join her in the game called Barbie Easter Style and help her looks precious and cute! A good i

  • Tarzan Jungle Problems Tarzan Jungle Problems

    Tarzan got injured in one of his adventures and he is visiting the doctor.You will play the role of the doctor and you must take care of his injuries and make him feel better. Have fun!

  • Apple White House Cleaning And Repair Apple White House Cleaning And Repair

    The mom of apple White has asked her to clean the room as it has not been cleaned for the past two months. She will need your help. You be with the girl and help her out in cleaning the room. The brother and sister of Apple White are getting ready to go to the theatre. If she completes before they c

  • Lagoona Blue House Cleaning Lagoona Blue House Cleaning

    Lagoona blue is planning to visit her best friend who is in the next street. Her mom will allow only if she cleans the room within the given time. There are so many reasons why she is asked to keep the room neat and tidy. First of all they will be having relatives day after tomorrow. And secondly, L

  • Cute Mulan Royal Dressup Cute Mulan Royal Dressup

    Mulan has temporarily shelved her warrior, just for a short while! She probably has a dance to attend so she would like to wear something a bit more festive.

  • Masha And The Bear Cake Masha And The Bear Cake

    Tomorrow is the birthday of Masha. She will be if anyone presents her a huge cake. The mom of Masha has brought a delicious cake for the girl. But one thing about the cake is that it has not been decorated. The mom of Masha would be taken aback if you adorn the cake in an elegant manner. You can tak

  • Elsa Cooking Strawberry Pretzel Salad Elsa Cooking Strawberry Pretzel Salad

    Elsa Cooking Strawberry Pretzel Salad is a free cooking game for girls to play online at . You can play Elsa Cooking Strawberry Pretzel Salad in your browser for free. Today Anna went shopping and returned home in a few hours. As she was tired she went to bed. Elsa found some strawberries and pretze

  • Dentist at school Dentist at school

    Clean your teeth with this nice dentist game.

  • Italian Wedding Cake Italian Wedding Cake

    Today Alice is going to get married with her beloved. She is very much excited. And after the wedding gets over, she would throw a party to her near and dear ones. The bride groom is very fond of Italian cake. The groom has already bought an expensive delicious Italian cake for the wedding. She need

  • Cooking Peaches Cream Pie Cooking Peaches Cream Pie

    Looking forward for a brand new impressive and creative dessert recipe? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We are cooking Peaches Cream Pie today, a dessert so yummy that you won’t be able to resist it! First, go grab all the ingredients from the supermarket, then start cooking it accor

  • Hello Kitty Wedding Cake Hello Kitty Wedding Cake

    Your help will be considered very precious now. Today is the wedding anniversary of Hello Kitty. To make her happy, her mom has brought a plain cake that needs to be decorated. The programme will commence in the evening. So complete decorating the cake before that. The cake you are going to decorate

  • Mickey and Minnie Hide and Seek Mickey and Minnie Hide and Seek

    At Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, is super fun every day. Today Mickey and Minnie are playing "Hide and Seek", and Minnnie must find all the hidden things by Mickey, before she is found by him. Join this fun game!

  • Elsa Cooking Oreo Cupcakes Elsa Cooking Oreo Cupcakes

    Hi, 'Elsa Cooking' lovers, in 'Elsa Cooking' session we have explored many cake recipes with your favorite Frozen Elsa. Today, Elsa has Oreo Cookies in her shopping bag. Are you curious about, what is she going to make, using this yummy cookie? We are also waiting like and now no more waiting. Elsa

  • Descendants Birthday Cake Descendants Birthday Cake

    Today is the birthday of Adam. He is very fond of descendants characters. In particular he fancies the character who bears his name. To make the birthday boy happy let us adorn the cake that features the characters in descendants. Decorate the cake with the colours that Adam fancies. When he sees th

  • Cooking Oreo Cheese Cake Cooking Oreo Cheese Cake

    Everybody loves cheesecake and Oreo! How about an Oreo Cheesecake? It is an easy to prepare dessert, perfect for kids and great to bring to a get-toghether, party, or just for yourself if you don't think about sharing! Oreo Cheesecake is a decadent dessert that will win you over with the first bite!

  • Super Barbie Summer Plan Super Barbie Summer Plan

    Super Barbie is so ready for summer! It is her favorite season of all and she is already getting ready for it, because saving the world takes a lot of planning ahead. First of all, Super Barbie is going to have to change her makeup to a more summer-appropriate one and apply face masks. Pick some del

  • Masha And Bear Summer Vacation Masha And Bear Summer Vacation

    Ladies, join the great girl and her trusted friend in this new game called Masha And Bear Summer Vacation, from , and enjoy the time of your life with them this summer! The sun is shining and the flowers are in bloom. Masha has many great activities in mind to make the hot days fun and enjoyable for

  • Blonde Vs Readhead Fashion Show Blonde Vs Readhead Fashion Show

    What are the most beautiful women on earth, blondes, brunettes, redheads or brown women? today we have a contest between a gorgeous blonde and a beautiful redhead who will face for the title of most beautiful woman of 2016. Choose your favorite and help her win!

  • Cooking Chicken Tortillas Cooking Chicken Tortillas

    Camila, a very cute Mexican girl, is inviting us all into her kitchen to show us how to make the very famous Chicken Tortilla recipe. She will surely need your help, so go with her to the market and shop for all the ingredients, then use her awesome cutting tool machine in order to chop or slice all

  • Cooking Mexican Sushi Cooking Mexican Sushi

    Do you know to make delicious Mexican sushi? Here is an opportunity to learn how to prepare mouth-watering Mexican sushi. Be with us until you complete cooking sushi. This evening, your beloved aunt Isabella will be coming to your abode. And she just loves eating sushi. She will be happy and it woul

  • Barbie's Celebrity Crush Barbie's Celebrity Crush

    Barbie is such a huge fan of Beyonce, she has been saving up for ages to afford going to one of her concerts and now, finally, her favorite artist will be performing in her city. She is so excited that her dream is finally coming true that she wants everything to go absolutely perfect and, of course

  • Princess Golf Models Princess Golf Models

    Today you have been invited for a party the famous princesses Elsa, Anna and Snow white will be present for the party. You will be permitted only if you decorate the place in a grand manner. Adorn the place using the decorative things available. The golf models will be very much excited if you adorn

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