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  • Cinderella's Walk-In Closet Cinderella's Walk-In Closet

    Every fashionista knows how difficult it is to organize all of your clothes, shoes and accessories and since Cinderella absolutely loves fashion she has quite an impressive amount of outfits and accessories in her closet. Since she cannot fit them all in one space she has decided to build herself a

  • Poppy At Spa Poppy At Spa

    Poppy, the main character from Trolls it feels disappointed because it is unpaired, unpainted, and facial skin has all sorts of imperfections just like bubbles on her face, which is why she asks you to help her with professional cleaning solutions so it is again the most The beautiful Trolls. For

  • Fahionable Bike Ride Fahionable Bike Ride

    Do you want to have a perfect hairstyle this season to go with it and, of course, for the perfect trendy chic bicycle, too? Let's look at the cute girl ,she has a lot of fashion things.Now she will go to park with her friend ,can you help her dress up ?thank you!

  • Cute Wizard Dressup Cute Wizard Dressup

    Nani is a cute wizard who studies at Wizard Academy, similar to Hogwarts. She loves learning about potions and spells and hanging out with other witches and wizards!

  • Scooter to school Scooter to school

    Today is Monday and cute Lily needs to go to school. So that means she need to get all of new outfit for school, but she also needs a new hairstyle and children scooter. Give her the style that she will love and which looks super pretty for school. Would you girls like to put your skills to a major

  • Miss Santa Makeover Miss Santa Makeover

    Christmas is one of the most beautiful nights of the year and Miss Santa needs a big makeover for that night. Miss Santa needs to prepare for this excellent feast. She has a closet full of trendy cute cardigans to accessorize with. All she needs now is a fabulous makeover. She is in need of some ten

  • Shopping for Autumn Shopping for Autumn

    Autumn is getting near without you even noticing it. Kelly is a school fashionista, and she is always way ahead of others in fashion. When her friends are still going for the late summer items, she is shopping for antumn clothes and accessories. Could you help her get ready for her big shopping spre

  • Princess Christmas Party Princess Christmas Party

    Merry Christmas. The royal palace is sparkling with Christmas decorations and shining with thousands of Christmas lights. Our beautiful princess is getting ready for a big ball. Check out her gorgeous festive dresses, decorated with sparkles and white fur, and shiny Christmas accessories! You know s

  • Baby Cooking Cupcakes Baby Cooking Cupcakes

    This cute little baby wants to prepare some cupcakes for her parents on their wedding anniversary. Nothing can be a perfect gift than lovely cute baby's cupcakes. She has certain ingredients to bake the cake. Join with her and help her to make delicious wedding cup cakes. She will teach you the cook

  • Ice Pop Maker Multi Color Ice Pop Maker Multi Color

    Summer is coming and it's time to prepare delicious ice pop. Multi color are always the best so try to make them to have a fresh summer.

  • Pretty Pony Day Care Pretty Pony Day Care

    Our adorable pony plays in mud in the morning time. Follow the instructions to make the pony clean up, feed and play with him. Complete all the activities before time runs up. Have Fun!

  • Body Treatment 2 Body Treatment 2

    This pretty woman needs your help. She has a lot of cellulite and she isfull of fat and need a healty anti-cellulite massage. You need to followcarefully all stepts. You need to apply all anti-cellulite creams, thenmassage her, then wrap her a few minutes in foil. Finally she will beperfect and thin

  • DIY Jewellery Creator DIY Jewellery Creator

    If there is something that can make an outfit look amazing instantly, that is jewelry. They are so amazing and sparkly and they can compliment any style, whether it is casual or formal. If you love jewelry and if you want to get a chance to design the most amazing piece of jewelry ever then you defi

  • Frozen Sisters Double Trouble Frozen Sisters Double Trouble

    It’s almost summer and it’s time for total Frozen makeover! Elsa and Anna got tired of their everyday style and they want to try something different. Let’s join these cute sisters in a brand new dress up challenge! Let go all the cute dresses, tops and hairstyles. No rules for Frozen princesse

  • Mall Shopping Spree Mall Shopping Spree

    You have received a special task in this dress up game and that is to take care of three best friends look. Match colors and embrace different styles so you could help out these girls to have fun during their shopping session. Choose the most suitable clothing for each character and try to put up so

  • Stunning Eyes Decor Stunning Eyes Decor

    Face is the ?index of Mind; eyes are the index of face. It is the time to explore your decorating skills for your eyes. Do you love to embellish your eyes? Then grab this chance and show your beautifying skills and have fun.

  • Monster Princess Monster Princess

    There is an unusual party at Monster High School tonight: the school is going to choose the Scary Beauty Princess! All the ghouls are so excited! Who do you think is going to win the beauty contest? Choose your favorite Monster ghoul and dress her in a stunning princess gown to help her win!

  • Intellectual Ghoulia Style Intellectual Ghoulia Style

    You can dress up Ghoulia Yelps with intellectuel style clothes. Ghoulia is very intelligent girl. She also loves fashion. Please dress up our smart girl Ghoulia with intellectuel style monster high clothes and costumes.

  • Voltageous Dress Up Voltageous Dress Up

    Have you ever known a hero called-Voltageous. She has lightening power and she can fly. Now can you help her to choose the powerful hero costume to make her look unique. This game is different from usual dress up girl games. What we need to do is not to make voltageous beautiful. In our game, we nee

  • Melaroyal Dress Up Melaroyal Dress Up

    Mela is a royal girl. She has excellent height and neat hair. Tonight she will have a big party at home. There will be lots of royal members and friends, but she did not know what should she wear and dress up. So it’s your turn to help her and give her some suggestions. Give her the perfect makeov

  • Barbi's Little Black Dress Barbi's Little Black Dress

    Cute Barbie will have a date with her handsome boyfriend tonight. Her boy friend invites her to have a dinner in a gorgeous restaurant. There will also be a cocktail party. So Barbie needs to dress her up formally and have a fun time. Little black dress will be the perfect choice for her since black

  • Pou Girl Great Manicure? Pou Girl Great Manicure?

    Help a good friend of yours in this Pou girl manicure game and she will be leaving your salon with a great set of nails that will totally make everyone stare at them to see all the details.

  • Miss Pageant Queen Dress Up Miss Pageant Queen Dress Up

    A beauty competition is going on. Help with choosing the best outfit for this young girl and make her win the contest.

  • Elsa Royal PJ Party Elsa Royal PJ Party

    Hey Ladies, do you like girls night out and PJ parties? Elsa decided to organize one because her boyfriend, Jack Frost is away and she was feeling bored. She would like to throw a fun PJ party and invite her best friends, Anna, Rapunzel, Merida and Snow White. In this Elsa Royal PJ Party game you ca

  • Riley Diary‏ Riley Diary‏

    Choose the right diary and make it unique by customizing it and then start the Rilay diary game where she will have to keep it a secret. Start writing pages but be careful not to get caught by anyone.

  • Barbie Blind Date Challenge Barbie Blind Date Challenge

    Everybody's favorite doll, Barbie, is up for quite a big day in this brand new game, Barbie Blind Date Challenge. Going on a date is a difficult challenge, isn't it? So help Barbie turn her blind date into a success. First, choose a chic, beautiful outfit for her to make sure the date will be off t

  • Princess Of A Year Princess Of A Year

    The Kingdom is holding the annual event that have got a big popularity between beautiful princesses. This year three new competitors are going to get the glorious name - Princess of a Year! Help Rapunzel, Cinderella and Snow White to get ready for the contest: choose their outfits, shoes, hairstyles

  • Calendar Girl 2012 Calendar Girl 2012

    Dress up a sexy girl and create your own calendar, there is a random mode which you can dress up the hot girl with different style easily.

  • Cute C.A. Cupid Dress up Cute C.A. Cupid Dress up

    C.A.Cupid, full name Chariclo Arganthone Cupid, is the adoptive daughter of Eros, the god of love in Greek Mythology. In this Monster High dress up game, our cute C.A.Cupid is a beautiful girl. Tonight she will have a performance on the stage, but until now she is still confused about her outfit. Sh

  • Beautiful Bridesmaid Makeover Beautiful Bridesmaid Makeover

    Paty is bridesmaid at her best friend wedding. She must look great in this special day and needs your help to apply makeup and choose a wonderful dress. Now Paty is at your beauty salon for a facial treatment. Use all your beauty creams and make her the most beautiful girl. After you finish make up

  • Beautiful Bride Dressup Beautiful Bride Dressup

    The spring has come ,many people choose this season to get married.Look at the girl , she's going to dress the wedding dress and get married with the love of her live. As any bride, she wants to be the most special and beautiful of all and your helping hand will surely turn her in the bride of the y

  • Anime Spring Look Anime Spring Look

    This cute girl loves spring.That is why she wants to look perfect during this season. Play this game and become the creator of a special spring look!

  • Glitter Party Style Glitter Party Style

    Wow! Tonight is the night girls! The glitter party that we've been waiting for a long time has finally come and now we just need to be ready as soon as possible! Well, actually I've already picked my dress. But how about you? Haven't you chosen it yet? Then, come here and pick the one you most like

  • Soft Barbie Teacher Soft Barbie Teacher

    Barbie is a soft teacher and she loves her students soo much. Please dress up Barbie as a teacher.

  • Barbie Surfing Day Barbie Surfing Day

    Today is Surfing Day. Barbie prepares herself for such a wonderful day. However, all the cameras will videotape her, so she should be the most beautiful girl on the beach. Please could you help her to choose the best bikini? Do not forget the importance of hair style and sun glasses on attractivenes

  • Barbie Trip to the Countryside Barbie Trip to the Countryside

    Barbie is going for a trip to the countryside this weekend with her friends. They would like to enjoy the beautiful sunshine of mid-autumn. They found a great nature spot along the river where they will ride bicycles, pick flowers and enjoy eating delicious outdoor barbecues. Will Barbie look trendy

  • Virtual Character Virtual Character

    Hey, girls. Have your ever imagined to dress up and make up for a virtual character? That means you can totally use your imagination and dressing up talent to design the character you like. If you have that dream, you can realize it by playing our fantastic game. There will be a virtual character in

  • Barbie Stecey in Parlour Barbie Stecey in Parlour

    It seems that Barbie has had enough with her old fashion style, and wants a new one. Barbie is at the styling salon today and she needs your help to give her a fancy but classy look. Choose most beautiful costumes for her and help her for make up. Have a great time playing Barbie in Parlour dress up

  • Beautiful Journalist Beautiful Journalist

    A journalist, a reporter should always look beautiful because of being behind the camera all the times! So let's help Jenny pick her clothes and accessories to make her look amazing than ever! Come closer, she's waiting for your help, now!

  • Anime School Uniforms Anime School Uniforms

    In this dress up game, you will be dressing up this bright, young engergitic school going girl in her uniform, Who is ready to turn up to school after a long weekend. Dress her up and have fun

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