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  • Baby Daisy Camping Baby Daisy Camping

    Baby Daisy Camping is very interesting game with Baby Daisy and her family. Baby Daisy and her family plan to go for a family camping. In the first level you have to help them to purchase the things they need for camping. After the purchase the family went to the camping site. You have to help them

  • Baby ELsa Flower Care Baby ELsa Flower Care

    Baby Elsa thought to make his girlfriend, which is why five seeds planted flower in a flowerpot. On the first day of the sunrise already one of the most beautiful flowers baby who had a bottle in his mouth, which Elsa thought to sprinkle water to give him to eat so the 2nd day grew larger. You will

  • Baby Lisi Winter Party Baby Lisi Winter Party

    The winter season is still here and today Baby Lisi is preparing to enjoy an amazing noon outside with her friends Lily and John. But first things first! Help Baby Lisi eat and then dress her up in warm clothes because outside is very cold. After that join Baby Lisi, Lili and John while they are mak

  • Rapunzel Real Care Newborn baby Rapunzel Real Care Newborn baby

    The Rapunzel princess gave birth to her first baby,and she was ecstatic about it. The baby is 1 months now who needs real care.But the princess never taken care of children before .So the baby always feels bad and she often cries .Look ,she is crying ,and the princess do not how to take care of it ,

  • Baby Goes Sick Baby Goes Sick

    Today our baby goes sick because when she is playing outside, it rains suddenly. Take a really good care for our little baby. Check her temperature and look after her. Enjoy this game.

  • Baby Alice Farm Life Baby Alice Farm Life

    When Alice visited her Grandma at her farm, she found out that Grandma just had a little accident. Clara, cousin to Alice, has to do all farm courses by herself. Seeing that, Alice was sad and want to help Clara. Can you help them to do all farm courses and live a farm life?

  • Mermaid New Baby 2 Mermaid New Baby 2

    The sequel of funny game Mermaid New Baby is coming! The newborn mermaid needs to be taken good care of. You need to prepare milk for her, play with her, and dress her up with beautiful clothes! Have fun!

  • Baby Red Riding Hood Care Baby Red Riding Hood Care

    Look who is here, girls! It Baby Red Riding Hood and she is here for you to have a great time playing with her! So, darling, getting ready for a new caring challenge in which you will have the occasion to take care of cute little Red Riding Hood. Begin with a bubbly bath and wash the cute little bab

  • Mommy washing clothes Mommy washing clothes

    Because this mommy is pregnant you must help her to wash clothes. Firstyou need to put them into the washing machine and after that you must washthem. After the washing machine stop's take the clothes and spread them onthe wire for dry.

  • Monster High Baby Birth Monster High Baby Birth

    Time goes by, Monster High students are becoming adults... Ten years have passed since Clawdeen Wolf graduated from Monster High School. She is a successful grown-up woman now, she runs a famous design studio in Scaris and is married to a handsome werewolf. They have a pretty five year old daughter

  • Dora and Friends Naiya Dora and Friends Naiya

    Dora's friend Naiya is a smart girl and she is good at math and science. she loves studying the stars in the night sky and the natural world around her. Naiya loves her city of Playa Verde and knows all about its history (and many of its secrets!).Play latest game and make up and

  • Newborn Baby Care Newborn Baby Care

    Hello my friend! This woman needs your help ! She is pregnant. Your job is to consult her, to check if her baby is healthy, to give her the necessary vitamins, to take her blood pressure. Then play with his child, teach the baby to learn animals, do not let him cry and make him happy. She will t

  • Grandma nephew care Grandma nephew care

    Grandma must be careful with her nephew and for that she needs your help.You must prepare his milk and something to eat. After that you need tofeed him so he can go to sleep. Help grandma to take care of her cutenephew.

  • Baby Daisy New Year Party Baby Daisy New Year Party

    Baby Daisy New Year Party is a brand new game for the Holidays. In this game we are celebrating the New Year with Baby Daisy in her sweet home. First you have to help Baby Daisy to get ready for the New Year Party. In the second level you have to help Baby Daisy to set the dining table for the Part

  • Sams Mechanic Shop Sams Mechanic Shop

    Visit the best car service station in the City. Sam's Mechanic shop will provide you repair and car makeover. Rejuvenate your Dirty Crashed car into a brand new one.

  • Elsa Cooking Christmas Cake Elsa Cooking Christmas Cake

    Help your friend in this Elsa cooking game because she wants to make an awesome Christmas cake. Follow the instructions and do what they say to create a delicious dessert.

  • Barbie Becomes Mommy Barbie Becomes Mommy

    A year ago Barbie asked her little daughter what she would like to receive as a birthday present. Can I have a sister? the girl asked. Thats how Barbie and Ken came to a decision to have another baby. Now Barbie is getting ready to bear her second child and it seems that this is going to happen

  • Frozen Anna As Santa Frozen Anna As Santa

    It was a day before Christmas and Anna was feeling bored and wanted to do something funny to impress her friends. She wanted to dress up like Santa and visit her friends homes in the Arendelle kingdom to distribute gifts. Girls, can you help Anna to dress up like Santa? You have to be really smart

  • Barbaras Second Child Birth Barbaras Second Child Birth

    Barbaras find out that shes pregnant again! What a pleasnat Christmas surprise! Lets help her to visit her doctor and prepare for the birth with her husband.

  • Frozen Elsa Face And Body Art Frozen Elsa Face And Body Art

    Elsa decided to make a huge Christmas party! And what can make every party even better? A face and body art, of course. Help Elsa to choose a picture and than take a brush and show your best!

  • Dora Christmas Time Dora Christmas Time

    Dora and Diego is going to have Christmas fun. Let's help them to have fun with christmas activities.

  • Barbie Laundry for Her Baby Barbie Laundry for Her Baby

    Barbie and Ken got married finally ,and they had a good time. Barbie gave birth to a baby last year. The newborn baby is healthy and normal and they love their baby very much. Now the baby is three years old .Barbie often takes the baby to the childrens park. Today Ken takes Barbie and the baby t

  • Cute baby daycare Cute baby daycare

    This cute baby is crying and nobody takes care of her. She is hungry, soyou must prepare her baby meal. Then do not forget to give her a sweetlollipop. Then you have prepare her for sleep. You should change herdiaper because it smell unpleasant, rubbed her with baby oil and dustedhim all over with t

  • Baby Lisi Preschool Day Baby Lisi Preschool Day

    Today is an amazing day for our little princess Baby Lisi because she will experience her first Preschool Day. Your job is to prepare Baby Lisi for preschool, give her food, drinks and entertain her with her favorite toys. Baby Lisis friends from preschool are needy too, so help them and listen to

  • Peppa Christmas 2 Peppa Christmas 2

    Christmas is the most beautiful holiday in the whole year and Santa Claus is loved by every single child. Today Peppa's Santa will need your help because he is in great pain. Be a good dentist and save Christmas. I hope you will receive from Santa all the presents you want. Merry Christmas! Instruc

  • Baby Christmas Slacking Baby Christmas Slacking

    When the festive season comes around, there are times when you just don't feel like working. Santa need baby help to wrapping gift. It's boring! She want to something fun as : puzzle, lipstick, maze, write the wishes, change the hair, decor the Christmas cake. With this slacking game you can have f

  • Baby Daisy Learning Shapes Baby Daisy Learning Shapes

    Little Baby Daisy is going to learn different shapes today. First play with baby Daisy with some toys, using that teach basic shapes. Take her to kitchen and let her explore more shapes by using balking some cookies.

  • Mermaid New Baby Mermaid New Baby

    The mermaid mommy will give birth to a new baby. Before that we need to take good care of her. We will check her blood pressure, temperature and the physiological function of her baby. And we should feed her with the food she likes. Let's look after her prenatal physical condition and make sure the

  • Baby Barbie Christmas Prep Baby Barbie Christmas Prep

    Enjoy a fabulous time with baby Barbie helping her prepare for Christmas. She wants to make it really special this year so she will take care of the house and tree decorations herself. Begin the prep accompanying Barbie to the supermarket for a fun shopping spree. Spot all the food and decorating it

  • Baby Alice Christmas Baby Alice Christmas

    In this fun kids game Baby Alice and her mommy are getting ready for Christmas. There is so much to do and they need your help to finish in time for the holiday!

  • Baby Twin Crib Decro Baby Twin Crib Decro

    Jean and peter are twins. They are so cute and everyone love them so much. Now you need to decorate their cribs. Let show your creation. Enjoy!

  • Ariel Faciel Makeover Ariel Faciel Makeover

    Princess ariel is lovely mermaid. As a mermaid, Ariel is strikingly beautiful and attractive; so beautiful in fact that she won an award for most beautiful Disney Heroine. Play our latest facial makeover game you can make up and dress up mermad princess Ariel.

  • Baby Monster Bathing? Baby Monster Bathing?

    It is bath time for the cutie in this baby monster bathing game and you will be the one in charge. Clean her up really well and go through all the steps to make it an awesome experience for both.

  • Angry Baby Run Angry Baby Run

    Be a hero to all of the kids in school. Stop the bullies from stealing all the c...

  • Baby Barbie Winter Braids Baby Barbie Winter Braids

    Baby Barbie takes very good care of her hair especially during winter time when it gets dry and dull. She treats it with hair care cosmetics and frequent visits to the hair salon. Today she is in the mood for braiding her hair in an elegant and trendy hairstyle that she plans on wearing on the Chris

  • Baby Princess Treasure Adventure Baby Princess Treasure Adventure

    Baby princess is so excited because she has a chance to find treasure in the ocean,and she loves prince so much that she would give these treasures as gifts to him.Let's help baby princess collect treasure and don't forget to avoid fish,or she would be failed.

  • Dora Go Camping Dora Go Camping

    Girls,do you like to go camping? If you go camping ,do you like to go camping with your daddy and mommy or by yourself? As we all know ,most girls choose to go camping with daddy and mommy ,because your parents think you are too little ,and some parents even don't allow you to go camping with our fr

  • Baby Princess Birthday Baby Princess Birthday

    In this fun game help the little princess arrange for her birthday bash.Help her out with making the birthday card and then also help her out in the kitchen with making some tasty ice creams for her friends. Then make sure you clean the rooms properly and after that be ready to serve the friends o

  • Baby Daisy Birthday Party Baby Daisy Birthday Party

    Baby Daisy needs to give surprise Birthday party to Tom. She informs her friends to become ready for this grand Birthday party. Help Baby Daisy to have more fun and to have been ready quickly.

  • Baby Lisi Learning Colors Baby Lisi Learning Colors

    After playing Baby Lisi Learning Colors, with no effort you my dear friend will associate the colors with different objects. Join Baby Lisi she is waiting for you in a new colourful adventure where you will associate the colors with colourful balloons, clothes, fishes and bags.

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