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  • Cute Baby Picnic Cute Baby Picnic

    As autumn approached,the plants and colours in the nature changed. The nature become very colourful. Kate very likes this season. She usually have a picnic with her friends in the nature park every autumn. But now she is a mother and she want to go there with her baby. Kate is very happy,but its no

  • Ever After High Dexter n Hunter Ever After High Dexter n Hunter

    Are you ladies ready for another trip to the famous Ever After High school? Today we are going to need your helping hand there as two playful and adorable babies need some attention, love and care. Step in getting this brand new game of the Ever After High Babies series started and meet handsome Dex

  • Fairytale Doctor - Baby Fairy Fairytale Doctor - Baby Fairy

    Oh, no! It seems that the cute little baby fairy is really sick. We have to take her to the fairy tale doctor who has all the magic medicines to make her healthy and happy again. Be there for the little fairy and help the doctor treat her. After that, take the baby fairy in the bathroom to wash her

  • Baby nap time Baby nap time

    In this new game you must take care of this cute baby. First step is to take her a bath. To do that, you must follow all steps in order. In the second stage, you must change her diaper because is full of dirt.

  • Diego Shopping Diego Shopping

    Diego is planning party for halloween outside. He needs to prepare everything: sandwich, juice, fruits, dresses... Let's go the supermarket with him and choose the right things. Enjoy this fun game. Instructions:Use your mouse to play.

  • Cute Baby Cold Doctor Cute Baby Cold Doctor

    Cool autumn weather is very comfortable ,and it's very fit for any outdoor activity .Shelly often takes her cute baby go to park or children's playground .And the baby always feeling very happy there. Today ,a new children's park open to the public,so Shelly drive her family to there.Now the cute b

  • Baby Room Clean Up Baby Room Clean Up

    Clean up these two baby rooms before the parents come back to home. Hurry up!

  • Frozen Anna give birth a baby Frozen Anna give birth a baby

    Anna got married and she was pregnant in the spring .All of the people are very happy and they are looking forward to baby coming to the world .Now ten months had elapsed ,Its time to give birth to a baby .Anna needs a very experienced obstetrician gynecologist to help her deliver her baby .I know

  • Baby Daisy Got Sick Baby Daisy Got Sick

    Baby Daisy Got Sick and she must go to hospital. Your job is to take care of Baby Daisy while she is in the hospital and to make her feel healthy again. Give her medicament, injections and everything that is good for her health. While you heal Baby Daisy also give her some toys so she will be happy,

  • Little Baby Care 2 Little Baby Care 2

    Look at the cute baby ,She is crying loudly in the Baby Games .Can take care of her ? Making her happy and dress up her .First ,Change her diapers ;Puting the diaper in the trash and wiping her ass .Second ,you should rubbed him with baby oil and dusted her all over with talcum powder . Don't forget

  • Baby Girl Bubble Baby Girl Bubble

    Our little girl is staying at home alone because her family goes out. She feels so bored and wants to do something fun. She is tired of watching television show for children. So she decides to shoot the bubble to find all hidden super cute animals. Now, lets help her a hand and enjoy this fun game.

  • Baby Elsa Day Care Baby Elsa Day Care

    Baby Elsa play in the ice forest, she fall down from the precipice, she has injuries, many wound on her body and face. She need your help! Let's give her best treatment, make her feel better. Choose beautiful clean clothing for her. Have fun!

  • Fairytale Baby - Evil Fairy Fairytale Baby - Evil Fairy

    Hey, girls! It's time to get ready for a really special baby caring challenge! This time the baby you will have to take care of is an evil little fairy. Making her happy is not going to be such an easy job, but we know you have skills for that! Begin with a bubbly bath and try to put a smile on the

  • Baby Pet Party Baby Pet Party

    Caring for animals can be a rewarding and wonderful expericence, especially when they are baby animals. In this baby pet party game, you will have chance to take care about lovely animals with our little baby. Feed them with suitable foods and then dress them up. Remember to play with them and have

  • Fairytale Baby - Rapunzel Caring Fairytale Baby - Rapunzel Caring

    Hey, girls! Welcome to a new Fairytale baby caring challenge! This time you are going to play with a really special princess. It's Rapunzel, the long haired beauty! You will love her as a little baby, we are sure about that. Cause she is simply adorable! So dear, get ready for a new fantasy adventur

  • Little Baby Cate Little Baby Cate

    Today, the baby's mother needs to buy something for her baby, she inconvenient to carry her baby , only put the baby at home and entrust to you for care, and then the mother drove to go shopping. Look, this baby is so cute, big eyes, delicate skin. Care the baby and try not to let her cry, if s

  • Baby Girl Recovery Baby Girl Recovery

    Pretty baby girl got injured while playing and she is crying for help , its a good thing that you are around to help her out. Give her proper treatement and make sure all her wounds are healed.Make sure you give the treatment at exactly the right place where its needed.After giving her treatment ma

  • Baby Emma Foot Injuries Baby Emma Foot Injuries

    Our cute baby Emma has serious foot injuries after she was at the beach and steped in spikes.Try to help her recover and have an healthy foot again.Have fun!

  • Cute Baby Dress Cute Baby Dress

    Girls ,Looking after an obedient and cute baby will bring you a lot of happiness .Look ,the Cute Baby in this girls games is an very obedient baby in the nursery . Lets take care of her and make her happy . But be careful to be a good nurse ,we should not olny give her what she needs but also need

  • Baby Beach Prepare Baby Beach Prepare

    Beaches are one of the most popular vacation locations, especially during the summer. Now, our little girl is planning a trip to beach with her friends. The problem is that she doesnt know how to pack for it. Lets help her a hand. And then, when she comes to the beach, lets help her dress up, ap

  • Baby Elsa Butterfly Face Art Baby Elsa Butterfly Face Art

    Baby Elsa is such a restless inventor! Today she decided to celebrate a butterfly holiday. So, all the preparations are ready and now it's time for the most fun part - face art! Help Baby Elsa to make the most beautiful Butterfly Face Art ever!

  • Dora At Park Dora At Park

    Today is a lovely sunny day. So Dora and her best friends forever decides to go the new park in the city. They cant wait to play interesting games with your help. So lets start now!

  • Baby Alice Party Clean Up Baby Alice Party Clean Up

    Baby Alice just had a party at her house. But look, there is a mess everywhere. Help her clean the house and have fun with her friends in the process.

  • Baby Madison Tea Party Baby Madison Tea Party

    Today we are going to introduce you to a great new game named - 'Baby Madison Tea Party' and we know you are going to have so much fun with it! Madison is the kindest and cutest girl you could ever meet and she will make a great new friend for you to play with. Actually, surprisingly you're just in

  • Baby Emma Tattoo Studio Baby Emma Tattoo Studio

    Baby Emma just opened a tattoo studio,and she wants to tattoo her hand.She loves pony's and she wants to tattoo a cute pony on she's hand.Help her with this tattoo and make baby Emma happy.

  • Cute Little Baby Bathing Cute Little Baby Bathing

    This is a time for our lovable Baby to take bath. Baby she is very much interested in playing with water. Take care of this adorable girl. Have a playful bathing with cute Baby by following the steps given in the game. And Dress up her well with the dresses given and suitable accessories.

  • Pou Lovely Kiss 2 Pou Lovely Kiss 2

    Pou is in love with the pink pou. He wants to reach the pink pou in order to kiss his love.The pink pou will be located at different location in each level. Help the pou reach her and kiss her.Collect baby pou to gain extra points.

  • Baby Barbie Hobbies Stuffed Friends Baby Barbie Hobbies Stuffed Friends

    Little Barbie has great craft skills which she plans on using to enlarge her fabulous toys collection with new stuffed friends. You, girls, are welcome to join her on this amazing doll creating adventure! There are three cute shapes the baby princess wants to make today. Which stuffed shape do you l

  • Baby Zoe Day Care Baby Zoe Day Care

    Zoe Mother is going out for a day. You have been asked to baby sit. So, bathe this baby, dress up, feed and entertain with toys. Finally end up putting her to sleep. Have a real fun in taking care of baby.

  • Baby Daisy Newborn Baby Baby Daisy Newborn Baby

    Baby Daisy Newborn Baby is a brand new game with baby Daisy. Here in this new game Daisy is going to become a sister. But first, she must get ready. Your job is to assist baby Daisy and her friends Nyla and Jose while they make arrangements for the new born baby. You have to help them to take care

  • Baby Twin Trouble Baby Twin Trouble

    Taking care about twin is not an easy things to do, especially with Anna and Peter. Because if they are hungry or unhappy, they will cry a lot. A terrible thing that nobody wants to happen right? So give them exactly toys they wants and feed them with yummy food. Enjoy this baby caring game.

  • Elsas Babysitter Elsas Babysitter

    Meet little Princess Elsa. Her mom Queen Idun is now very busy with her newborn sister Anna, so Elsa feels a bit lonely. Could you babysit with her? Spend some time with adorable baby Elsa, bath her, feed her and play with her. You will see that she is the cutest baby princess you've ever met!

  • Royal Baby Care Royal Baby Care

    Have you met the adorable royal baby? Look how cute he is! Today the princess is busy with the royal duties and she needs you to take care of her sweetheart. The baby is in your care so start playing with him. There are few tasks you have to know when you take this responsibility. You have to be ski

  • Baby Cinderella Doctor? Baby Cinderella Doctor?

    We all know that Cinderella loves her shoes, but not many people know that her passion for shoes has started developing back when she was only a little girl. Her mother used to have lots of pairs of shoes, and Baby Cinderella's greatest amusement was to try all of them on, and play dress up. One day

  • Baby Injecting Baby Injecting

    Use your mouse to play this game, remember give an injection to patient according to the position of fingerprint ! Instructions:Use your mouse to play. Play Baby Injecting at Baby Games!Baby Injecting is a very fun game!

  • Baby Emily Care Day Baby Emily Care Day

    With the Baby Emily Care Day game you can see just what it's like to look after a lovely little baby and make her happy. Your goal is to keep your baby happy so you get to clean and change her, feed her by cooking her some breakfast, play with her, put her to sleep, feed her and give her a drink bef

  • Baby stomach upset Baby stomach upset

    Take a look at this baby who is suffering from stomach problem and needs a special care. Would you like to be baby Timur caring baby sitter or nurse? Would you able to do proper nursing to make him fit for an outing with her mom? Baby Timur mom just finished feeding her breast milk to him and sudden

  • Baby Frankie Stein Caring Baby Frankie Stein Caring

    let's go back in time and see how cute baby Frankie Stein is when she was still a baby monster! Now Baby Frankie needs a great bath. After that, you will have to apply the baby lotion and baby powder for her, change the dirty diaper and then dress her up. have fun playing this baby Frankie Stein Car

  • Cute Baby Doctor Cute Baby Doctor

    This cute baby has suffered an accident and has some serious injuries.You are playing the role of the Doctor and must heal the baby's wounds.Have fun!

  • Elsa Bed Time Elsa Bed Time

    It's time for Baby Elsa to go to bed! First, your need to make the bed, and then tell Elsa her favorite story until she fall into sleep! Let's try this game and see if you can become a great baby-sitter! Have fun!

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