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  • Baby Alice Bathing Baby Alice Bathing

    Baby Alice loves bathing and loves to spend lot of time in the water. Now it is time for her to take a bath. Make baby Alice happy with all kinds of toys while bathing,also supply her with soaps, shampoons and different bathing items during this bath time. Have a lot of fun!

  • Baby Alice Tea Party Baby Alice Tea Party

    Baby Alice and her friends love to spend the weekend playing house and having a tea party. Help your friend Alice prepare for the party. She needs to make send out invitations, decorate the room, make and have tea.

  • Baby Spongebob Doctor Baby Spongebob Doctor

    Baby Spongebob has suffered an accident and has some serious injuries.You are playing the role of the Doctor and must heal Baby Spongebob's wounds.Have fun!

  • Baby Lisi Wedding Cake Baby Lisi Wedding Cake

  • Baby Dora Clean The House Baby Dora Clean The House

    Our Christmas is coming,Dora and her mother will clean up their home ready for the new year.After cleaning the living room,Dora will clean up the flower garden and grow some vegetables.The community organized a volunteer activities for cleaning the beach.

  • Dora Healthy Food Dora Healthy Food

    Help Dora find 3 plates with healthy food for each meal of the day. Find out what Dora likes to eat in the morning, afternoon and at dinner.All looks yummy but if you give Dora 2 unhealthy food plates the game will be over.

  • Baby Seven Mother's Day Gift Baby Seven Mother's Day Gift

    Mom asked Baby Seven get up for the breakfast and she will come to the office for her day work.Baby Seven was so happy for her food.Then,Baby Seven stay at living room playing with her best toys.Suddenly,Baby Seven know that today is Mother's Day and she decide to give her mother a surprise.What wil

  • Dora Care Baby Zebra Dora Care Baby Zebra

    Dora like baby animal very much. Today, She would take care of a cute baby Zebra. Zebra living in the Africa with black and white stripe. In this game, we could play with the Zebra. Take bathing for it, clean his room, take photo, and feed him.In the end, we can dress up for him. Have fun!

  • Baby Flu Care Baby Flu Care

    Felicia is more excitement to play with her friends, it's the time to play but unfortunately due to heavy mist she got Flu, Mom takes her to doctor for treatment. Let's watch how Felicia gets well back! Have a nice game to play!

  • Baby Zoe At Hospital Baby Zoe At Hospital

    Baby zoe's mother brought the baby to the hospital as the baby has running temperature and ulcer in the mouth. Diagnose and give the best treatment to the baby. Enjoy!!

  • Candies for u baby Candies for u baby

    Candies for u baby is a baby caring game where you need to apply your babysitting skills to make the baby happy. So start playing with her and suddenly find that she injured own while playing and you need to take her to the hospital. Give the baby a proper treatment and help her mom to buy a perfect

  • Baby SpongeBob change Diaper Baby SpongeBob change Diaper

    Baby SpongeBob needs you to entertain and take care of him. He wants to change his dirty diaper, wash him, apply baby powder, and dress him with another clean diaper. Little Sponge starts crying when he is hungry or when he has dirty clothes. You need to prove babysitting skills to help Sponge. So

  • Baby Pou Bathing Baby Pou Bathing

    Taking care of an alien potato can sometimes be a lot of fun and if you always wanted an out of the ordinary pet you can now take care of Pou in the newest pou games for kids. Pou has been outside playing in the mud all day long and he got a little dirty. It's your job as his baby sitter to make sur

  • SpongeBob washing dishes SpongeBob washing dishes

    SpongeBob has a new mission if we can say that. He must wash all the dishes because there are many and dirty. For that he need your help, with the dish soap you must clean all the dishes one by one. After you wash them all put them to the right place.

  • Cute Baby Washing Clothes Cute Baby Washing Clothes

    Our Cute baby have lots of clothes to wash for today and he needs your help.Help him use the washing machine and separate the clothes,the white from the black and wash them separately. Have fun helping our cute baby wash his clothes!

  • Pou Takes A Shower Pou Takes A Shower

    Pou smells bad and he decided that the shower time has come. But he is just a baby and he doesn't know how to do that, so he is asking you for help. Play this game and take Pou to the bathroom, give him the toys he wants, so he can enjoy the bath and make sure that he will get out of the bathroom cl

  • Casual baby game Casual baby game

  • Baby Shower Cake Decor Baby Shower Cake Decor

    Your sister Rachel is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. You are forgetful. Your youngest sister reminded the birthday of Rachel. It is already nine o’clock. All the shops must have been closed. What are you going to do? You cannot blame yourself. At the same time you must make Rachel happy as soo

  • Little Baby Caring Little Baby Caring

    Guys, today Little Baby stays at home alone because her parents go to work. Let's help her brushing her teeth and playing games outside. Enjoy this Little Baby!

  • Dora Valentine Party Dress Up Dora Valentine Party Dress Up

    What a nice day today.Girl Dora will attend a Valentine Party tonight.She can meet many handsome boys.Dora was so excited and She is busy at dressing.Now,it is the time for you to dress up the beautiful girl.She is so lovely.

  • Pou Lovely Kiss Pou Lovely Kiss

    The male pou wants to kiss the female pou,but they are separate apart.Help the male pou kiss the female pou successful by tossing the male pou to the female pou directly.Watch out for the traps and objects.

  • Baby Elsa got frosty Baby Elsa got frosty

    Baby Elsa Frozen is having some problems with her thin and beauty face!After staying so much time in her castle balcony, she just noticed thather face got frosty.Her face is very cold and you have to be very gentle with her face, sofirst use the dryer to defrost her face and only after that you can

  • Joyful Donald Coloring Joyful Donald Coloring

    When Donald is really happy, he just jumps around with joy and spreads energy in the air. Let Donald know that you are happy for him, by splashing colors on him.

  • Peppa Pig Mother's Day Happy Time Peppa Pig Mother's Day Happy Time

    Baby Peppa Pig was so excited because he has already prepared the Mother's Day Gift for her mom.The family will go on vacation and baby Peppa Pig will give it to his mom.They will have great happy time.Just dress up baby Peppa Pig and choose the best gift for mom.

  • New Mom Beauty Spa New Mom Beauty Spa

    Carrie is a proud new mom. But she is too busy caring her precious one-year old daughter and doesn't have time of her own for body exercise and facial. This Monther's Day her husband gave her a special gift. It's a one-day off for body spa and facial, away from daily chaos and baby caring. Carrie is

  • Dora first teeth Dora first teeth

    Dora is having some big problems with her teeth after eating so much candies and brownies. She is now at your clinic where you have to take care her teeth, removing all the rotten teeth. Because your dentist salon is a new one you can take care the baby with the latest dentist tools which will m

  • Cute Baby Puzzle Games Cute Baby Puzzle Games

    Puzzle is good for baby's intelligence and you also can exercise figurative sense when you play this kind game. In the game, you can experience the fun of puzzle game with this cute baby. You need to complete the puzzle as quickly as possible and you will be able to get more points. Have fun!

  • Patrick Tooth Problem Patrick Tooth Problem

    Patrick has some trouble with her teeth few days, Can you help him to get teeth with perfect and clean like before? Have fun to play game!

  • Kids Cupcake Bar Kids Cupcake Bar

    One of the most delicious desserts in the world famous cupcakes are the biggest fans of this tasty dessert are, of course children. In the neighborhood are many children living which you decide to open a shop with goodies for the kids and the house specialty to be, the delicious cupcakes. Today is o

  • Katies tooth care Katies tooth care

    Find that our cute Katie has a tooth problem last few days and needs proper dental care. Could you help her? She is really suffering from terrible pain and unable to eat anything. Show your professional skills and act as a proper dentist to solve out this issue. Find the essential tools which you ha

  • Baby on the Beach Baby on the Beach

    Seeing an ocean for the first time has to be a crazy, scary, and fun experience for a little baby. If the biggest body of water they've seen as a pool or a bathtub, then an ocean must come as an exhilarating shock! Dress up this cute little baby in some seriously adorable bikinis or swimsuits to h

  • Baby Care Justin Baby Care Justin

    Baby Justine needs to have a babysitting because her parents will leave the house for the night. If the baby cry you have to take care of her. Take your time to go in the bath with her. Try your best to give her a comfortable and wonderful bath. Meet her requirements of toys. After the bath you can

  • Cinderella Dental Crisis Cinderella Dental Crisis

    Beautiful princess Cinderella has serious dental crisis since she did not pay much attention to mouth cavity health. Tonight she needs to attend a famous ball and she wants to have a good performance on the ball. Therefore, she has asked you to help her solve her crisis, in this exciting game called

  • Pou First Outing Pou First Outing

    Pou and his friends have decided to go outing together. But he still hasn't dressed himself up when his friends come to his home. Look at him! He is so dirty. Let's help him wash cleanly and carefully dress him up. So he can go out to play happily with his friends! Have fun!

  • Dora Disease Doctor Care Dora Disease Doctor Care

  • Royal Baby Tooth Problems Royal Baby Tooth Problems

    This royal baby has serious tooth problems since he did not pay much attention to his mouth cavity health. He has suffered the pain of teeth for several days and now he can not tolerate it any more. So he decides to go to hospital to see dentist. Now he is in your clinic and you need to play the rol

  • Baby Girl Dental Care Baby Girl Dental Care

    Baby Emma is a cute girl who loves candy and sweet food very much. Now she has serious tooth problems. Recently she can not suffer the pain any more and decides to go to hospital to see dentist. Now she is in your clinic. Play the role of dentist to help her solve the teeth problems as soon as possi

  • Baby Jamal Bathing Baby Jamal Bathing

    Baby Jamal is ready to have a bath. In this game you will be helping Jamal's mother to make Jamal ready for a evening walk. Play through various levels of bathing, makeover and dress up. Click on various items on display in the bathing level and make the baby happy. First, give him a bath and let hi

  • Baby Fun New Born Brother Baby Fun New Born Brother

    Lisi is very excited to see my new born cute brother. Her mom will bring my cute brother with lot of happiness to home. She must welcome my new brother with her close friends. See how she is taking care of my brother. Are you ready to watch this wonderful game. This is a game with more fun and happi

  • Babysitter in Love Babysitter in Love

    Sasha is a beautiful girl whose job is a babysitter. She works hard every day and her babysitter business is prosperous enough to bring her money for her girly needs. But what about her private life? Help Sasha to fulfill the needs of all the babies and to flirt with her boyfriend in the meantime. A

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