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  • Baby Seven Animal Seesaw Baby Seven Animal Seesaw

    Baby Seven is very happy today because she can have the opportunity to go to the zoo to see animals. Through the seesaw or animal which is heavier, judgment. Each time is not the same, wrong answers are not penalized, to score in a specified period of time will be able to score the border. Come on

  • Baby Nana Got Varicella Baby Nana Got Varicella

    Baby Nana is a beautiful and cute girl who is only four years old. Since she is very little, her immunocompetence is very low. Recently she has got serious varicella. Varicella is the illness she must face this week, because her skin is full with red pimples which you need to take care of. Because s

  • Baby Easter Bunny Baby Easter Bunny

    Easter Day is approaching. Our cute Baby Emma is very happy for the coming Easter Day holiday because she can dress up with beautiful and cute Easter bunny. Come to this brand new baby game called Baby Easter Bunny. You need to take care of her and give her a bath in the first step. Try your best to

  • Baby Sophia First Easter Baby Sophia First Easter

    Come and celebrate Easter with the charming kid Sophia. The parents of Sophia and relatives have gone for shopping. Even the maid servant is one leave today. You the neighbor of Sophia take care of her. Fulfill her needs and give her whatever she asks for. Be with her always and help her brush the t

  • Royal Baby Ear Doctor Royal Baby Ear Doctor

    This royal baby is cute and lovely. However, he has serious ear problems since he did not pay much attention to ear health. Now the problems have become more and more serious and he can not tolerate the pain any more. So his parents need to take him to hospital to see ear doctors. Play the role of e

  • Baby Lulu Birthday Baby Lulu Birthday

    Today is baby Lulu's birthday. Lulu and her mother Sophie are now having birthday party at home happily. Sophie has prepared a delicious and beautiful birthday cake for Lulu. Come to play this great baby game with Lulu. You are going to help her prepared those necessary candles for the cake. Moreove

  • Baby Hadley Morning Fun Baby Hadley Morning Fun

    It is not easy to care babies to their Moms. This cute baby in our brand new baby caring game called Hadley. He is a very cute and lovely boy. Today his Mom is not at home on the morning. So please help the Mom in our game to take care of her cute baby without making the baby cry. You need to take c

  • Dora Baby Caring Dora Baby Caring

    Today is Saturday and Dora does not need to go to school. She can stay at home but her mother is not at home today. Are you willing to care her today to meet all of her requirements? Come to our brand new baby caring game called Dora Baby Caring. Show us your baby caring skills. You can show us your

  • Baby Daisy Bathing Time Baby Daisy Bathing Time

    Cute baby Daisy loves to spend lot of time in the water. She loves bathing. Now it is time for Daisy to take a bath. Come to take care of her and she is in the bath and she is waiting for bathing. Come to help her. So, your job is to give her a refreshing bath. Use the shampoo and give her toys to b

  • Baby Alice Fun Craft Baby Alice Fun Craft

    Baby Alice is a little girl who loves crafts very much. Today she wants to make and design some cute crafts. Would you please help her finish the task? It is craft time for her. Help baby Alice pick out the items she needs to make maracas. You need to go to supermarket with her to buy all the materi

  • Baby Fairy Bath Baby Fairy Bath

    This baby's mother is a cute and beautiful fairy with magical power. However, her mother is not at home today. Would you please be so kind to play the role of babysitter to take care of her and give her a comfortable bath? Come to our brand new baby caring game called Baby Fairy Bath. Here you need

  • Baby Cinderella Morning Care Baby Cinderella Morning Care

    Oh Cinderella has not waken up. It is so late but Cinderella is sleeping. Let us wake her up firstly. Use your hand to touch her head softly and try to not hurt her. When she wakes up, you need to bring her the toys that she wants to play to make her happy. Then it is time to help her brush her teet

  • Baby Snow White Caring Baby Snow White Caring

    Baby snow white is now playing in the yard happily with her toys. Her mother is not at home today. Would you please be so kind to play the role of babysitter to take care of her? Meet her needs in the yard. When she wants to play with the swing, take her to the swing. Or when she wants to play the s

  • Double Baby Shower Double Baby Shower

    What can be more fun than giving a bath to a baby? I'll tell you, girls! A double baby shower! In this fun new game that we have for you, you will have to give a bath to a pretty boy and a girl, at the same time. The first thing you'll have to do is to prepare the bath, fill the bathtub with warm wa

  • Candies for You Baby Candies for You Baby

    The little baby is a naughty girl. Today she is very happy to play with her toys and then she wants to play the slide. When she is playing on the children's slide, she slipped and fell down on the ground. You need to take her to the hospital with her mother. Let the doctor cure her and make her feel

  • Baby Rapunzel Hair Cut and Bathing Baby Rapunzel Hair Cut and Bathing

    Rapunzel is a cute baby. Her hair is too long recently for a little baby. So you must help her cut her hairs and make her look neat. Use our given hair cutting tools to cute a brand new hairstyle for her. Then you can take her to have a bath. During the bath time, try your best to meet her needs. Gi

  • Baby Daisy Diaper Change Baby Daisy Diaper Change

    Hello girls. Today you will have the opportunity to meet a new baby girl. Baby Daisy is going to a small park near her house along with her mom. During the travel, Baby Daisy has slept and also made her diaper dirty. There is a baby care room available in the park, Baby Daisy's mom decides to take t

  • Baby Dora Nap Time Baby Dora Nap Time

    Baby Dora has nap time every day. Today her mother is not at home to take care of her. Would you please be so kind to care her. This cute little girl is preparing for bed but first her diaper must be changed because she just did her baby things and she isn't feel comfortable now. You need to take ca

  • Snow White Baby Shower Snow White Baby Shower

    Hello girls. Come to our brand new baby game called Snow White Baby Shower. In this game you will have the opportunity to meet a little fairy baby. You will be her nanny for one day and will be responsible for taking care of her. Give her a comfortable shower in the first step. Since she is a little

  • Baby Play Time Baby Play Time

    It is baby play time and these babies need you to serve their needs. First of all, baby loves to bathe, then they want different items so they can have fun and comfort. Fulfill his wishes otherwise he will cry and you don't want to see a cute baby crying. Try your best to meet all of this cute baby'

  • Baby Alice Sweet Garden Baby Alice Sweet Garden

    Alice is starting a garden for her Mom. Her mommy's birthday is coming up and she wants to plant and grow some good veggies and fruits for her mommy. Help Baby Alice care for her mommy and make the best garden ever! Use the mouse to click on the items. Follow the instruction inside the game. Help Al

  • Perfect Dad Perfect Dad

    Nowadays, more and more fathers can also take care of their babies well without the help of baby's mother. If you want to play the role of dad to care the baby, come to our brand new baby game called perfect dad. You will have the opportunity to see how to look after baby. Follow our instruction to

  • Baby Girl Got Flu Baby Girl Got Flu

    The little girl is enjoying her day in swimming pool. Unfortunately, the baby has developed a cough. If not treated well and soon, she might fall severely sick. Take care of the little baby and give her some nice treatment as a doctor, so that she can get back home happily. Play the role of baby doc

  • Baby Monster Eye Problems Baby Monster Eye Problems

    This cute baby Monster has serious eye problems since he has watched so many cartoons. Now he needs to wear thick glasses to see movies and TV and his eyes are painful often. In order to have a normal eye sight like other little kids. His mother decides to take her to the hospital to make a small ey

  • Baby-Sit Sofia Baby-Sit Sofia

    Sofia is a little baby. She is cute and lovely. Today her mother is not at home and you need to play the role of baby-sit to take care of her. She wake up just now. She needs a diaper change. Follow our instructions to complete the tasks and let Sofia feel happy. To fulfill Sofias needs, you need t

  • Baby Jamal Dental Care Baby Jamal Dental Care

    Baby Jamal has serious dental problems since he eats so many candies and sweet dessert. There are several bad teeth in his mouth cavity and he can not suffer the pain of teeth any more. So he decides to go to hospital to cure his teeth. Now he is in your clinic. Try your best to play the role of den

  • Baby's Diaper Change Baby's Diaper Change

    Baby Timmy was taking his afternoon nap while his mother sensed a smell coming from Timmy's diaper. In this baby game you have to help the mother of Timmy to change his diaper without waking him up. If he wakes up try to be fast because he usually cries when someone is changing his diaper. Follow ea

  • Baby Beauty Salon Baby Beauty Salon

    Nowadays, more and more parents pay more attention to their baby's beauty. Their will spend time and money for their baby in Baby Beauty Salon. Today in our brand new girl games for baby, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make baby more beautiful in this excellent salon. Here your first

  • Lulu and Sophie at Shopping Lulu and Sophie at Shopping

    Today is Saturday and Lulu's mother decides to go shopping because there are lots of discounts in the shopping mall. Sophie needs to take Lulu together to the shopping mall. If you girls are also shopping lovers, come to go shopping with them. In this brand new fun game, you need to help Lulu and So

  • My Little Angel Baby Care My Little Angel Baby Care

    We all grow up from a little angel baby. Taking care of babies is not an easy job because you need to look after in all aspects. Would you like to play this my little angel baby care game where you need to apply your babysitting skills and technique to complete your job. Let the baby get up and give

  • Rapunzel's Baby Shower Rapunzel's Baby Shower

    When we are little babies, our fathers or mother would take a shower for us. If you have a little baby, can you help her to take a shower? Come to our brand new baby game to have a try. You need to help baby Rapunzel to give her a bath. Follow our given instructions step by step to wash her hair and

  • Baby Lulu at Nursery School Baby Lulu at Nursery School

    It is time for baby Lulu to go to nursery school. She needs to dress up well and take the school bus at once. Come to help her to choose her favorite clothes and shoes. Then she can be happy to go to school. Today in the nursery school, Lulu's teacher will teach them new science lesson and tell them

  • Baby Birthday Prep Baby Birthday Prep

    Today is our cute baby's birthday. Her mother wants to celebrated it for her but time is limited for them. You need to help her at once. Come to play the role of babysitter to take care of the cute baby in our game. Give her a wonderful bath in the first step to make her clean and neat. Since she is

  • Baby Dentist Day Baby Dentist Day

    Most babies like eating candies and sweet food very much. It is the same to the baby in our new game. He is very cute and naughty. Since he eats too much of candy food, now he has serious teeth problems. Today he must go to hospital to see dentist and solve his tooth problems as soon as possible. Be

  • Baby Hadley Fun Baby Hadley Fun

    Hadley is a very cute baby. Today her mother wants to go to the supermarket to buy some necessary items for her. However, the babysitter is not on work today. Her mother is confused. Would you please come to help the baby's mother to look after the little baby for a short while. Use your babysitting

  • Baby Monster Nose Problems Baby Monster Nose Problems

    Our cute baby Monster has suffered the pain of nose for a long time. Since she did not pay attention to nose health, she now has serious nose problems. Now the nose problems have become more and more serious and she must go to hospital to check. So she comes to your clinic and after carful checking,

  • Baby Care Jack Baby Care Jack

    Baby Jack needs you to spend a day caring for him! It starts in the kitchen where you feed Jack a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Then give Jack a bath! He loves playing with toys and bubbles in the bath so it is always fun! After the bath you have to him her happy why you put on a diaper and clothes.

  • Baby SpongeBob Dental Care Baby SpongeBob Dental Care

    Cute baby SpongeBob has many fans and lots of little kids like this cartoon image very much. However, he has dental problems for a long time and recently the pain is very serious and he can not tolerate it. So he decides to come to see dentist and let dentist to solve his problems. You need to play

  • Baby Lulu Gardener Baby Lulu Gardener

    Baby Lulu decides to be gardener of their house. Lulus family have a nice garden at their house. But first she must buy some items to be a gardener. Go shopping with Lulu and buy what she needs to be a gardener. After that go to Lulus garden and start planting some fruits. Then fertilize and water t

  • Taking Care for Baby Taking Care for Baby

    New taking care of baby game for you and in this brand new baby game, you will meet a new cute baby. This cute baby is getting ready for playing with toys. You need to play the role of baby-sitter to meet her requirements and dont let him burst into cry. Then you can take him to have a bath. Distra

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