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  • Baby Care Alice Baby Care Alice

    In our brand new baby care game, you will meet one very cute baby called Alice. Baby Alice is ready to for you to care for her! It starts in the kitchen where you feed her breakfast. Give her the food she wants to eat. Then give Alice a bath! Since she is a little girl, you need to distract her atte

  • Sweet Baby Bathing Sweet Baby Bathing

    It is time for you to give this sweet baby bath. This baby is preparing for playing with his favorite toys. You have to give her the toys she asks for in the given time, or the baby will start crying. After that you have to bath this sweet baby, you have to use the right shampoo and the right items

  • Lolita Elf Dress up Lolita Elf Dress up

    Lolita is a beautiful winter elf. She is in charge of gathering food, wood, water, and other necessities to help her and the other elves make it through the winter season. She is a nice, cute girl and would like to help her friends when they are in need. So lots of people like her. Now would you be

  • Barbie Going to School Dress up Barbie Going to School Dress up

    Winter vacation is over and tomorrow Barbie is going to school for school opening. The school time is about to begin and Barbie needs our help more than ever. She has to look good in front of other colleagues, and for this she needs to meet makeup and hairdressing, but we are already here and we can

  • Baby Bath Time Caring Baby Bath Time Caring

    Caring little baby is very interesting and funny. If you like taking care of baby, you can come to play our new baby caring game called Baby Bath Time Caring. Tonight you have been asked to babysit your little sister and you have to give her a bath! She loves to play in the tub and is a good little

  • Jesy Nelson Dress up Jesy Nelson Dress up

    Jesy Nelson Dress up Jesy Nelson wants to go shopping today. Her mood is very good and decides to buy lots of things for her weekend. Now before going outside, she needs to dress up herself well. Use your fashion and dressing up skills to help her finish dressing as soon as possible. Look at her cl

  • Fairy Baby Sister Fairy Baby Sister

    Shortly after the wedding our beautiful fairy gave birth to a cute baby girl! She has pink hair, just like her mother, and a pair of sparkling purple wings! Will you help our fairy to take care of her little daughter? She needs to bath the little girl, dress her up, feed her, play with her and get h

  • Tidy Baby Sophia Tidy Baby Sophia

    Sofia is a cute baby girl and she loves playing outside very much. In our new game she has just returned home after playing in the sandbox. But look, she got all dirty! It's time for Sofia to learn some hygiene rules. Maybe you can give her some help. Help baby Sofia wash and iron her clothes, then

  • Little Daisy Christmas Eve Little Daisy Christmas Eve

    Today is Christmas Eve and Little Daisy has to decorate Christmas tree for Christmas. Your job is to help Little Daisy to decorate the Christmas tree. First she has to buy the Christmas items. Try to make Little Daisy happy by giving her the items she asks for. In the first level you have to wake Li

  • Prince George Clean up Prince George Clean up

    Little Gorge is the prince of the king. He is very lovely and naughty. Everyday he will go to play in the castle happily. So the king needs to protect his safety all the time. There are lots of aspects we need to pay attention to. George plays everywhere in the royal palace. Even her mother princess

  • Baby Lulu First Haircut Baby Lulu First Haircut

    It's baby Lulu's first haircut and you need to keep him busy while she has her hair cut. Prepare the necessary items that we need to use in the given below column such as toys, towel, shampoo and so on. When everything is ready, take Lulu to do haircut. At this stage, you need to pay more attention

  • Baby Monster Tooth Problems Baby Monster Tooth Problems

    The Baby Monster is having a fun time at the dentist and in this new monster high game you will give her an awesome smile so she will be really confident and pretty with them because they do not look so good at the moment.

  • Halloween Baby Bathing Halloween Baby Bathing

    This Halloween baby is getting ready for playing with toys. The little baby will ask for his favorite items or toys, try to give those items on time else he will burst into tears. Whenever you are playing with him or give him bathing, please pay attention t o that you must choose the right item or t

  • Temperament Baby Dress Up Temperament Baby Dress Up

    Jerry is a little cute baby. Since he is little kid, sometimes he is temperamental. He will cry and laugh all the time. Come to our game to care this baby and dress him up. You can even choose the face expression for him. This is a different game from the one you played before. You can click the giv

  • Little Daisy Hair Care Little Daisy Hair Care

    Little Daisy's hair have grown longer. Would you please to help her have a hair care. Pay attention to her, because little Daisy is a little scared of scissors. So you need to distract her towards her favorite toys and then cut her hair. Instruction: comb part of her hair straight forwards and then

  • Baby Emma At The Zoo Baby Emma At The Zoo

    Our cute baby Emma will go to zoo to play this weekend. Do you know what items should she take? Hope you can lend your hand to help her prepare the necessary items before in our game such as ball, camera, milk, umbrella and other things. When everything is ready, we can go to zoo. Take care of baby

  • Baby Lulu Sand Fun Baby Lulu Sand Fun

    Our cute baby will have a wonderful beach fun today. Are you willing to help her? Firstly, you need to help prepare the necessary items and clothes for beach using which includes sunglasses, bathing suit, swimming ring, towel, food, drink, children milk, camera and so on. There are lots of things we

  • Baby Sofia White Kitty Baby Sofia White Kitty

    Wow. Look, there is a cute little kitty in baby Sophia? garden. Kitty is stuck in the mud and trying to come out. Baby Sophia is out playing with friends. Let us see what she will do with cute animal. Yes, you are right. Sophia will bring it to her house. She named her cute kitty and decided to take

  • Care Baby Spongebob Care Baby Spongebob

    When SpongeBob is a baby, one day his parents go out for a party. You are his sister for the day. You have to take care of SpongeBob. Take shower for him, feed him, make him happy. Please remember that you must care him as to her wishes, if you do the wrong care, he will cry. At the same time your l

  • Baby Hamburger Shop Baby Hamburger Shop

    Do you like eating hamburger? What flavor do you like best? Now you can choose your favorite tasty hamburger in our game with our baby in the shop. There are many different flavor hamburgers for each baby since every baby has their own taste. You need to help them choose the right hamburger as to th

  • Baby Sophia's Magical Garden Baby Sophia's Magical Garden

    Summer is coming and our cute baby Sophia decides to spend her lovely day in her magical garden. Help her find the perfect clothes for this awesome warm summer day. Firstly, you need to pick up the required costumes and accessories for gardening. Select the required tools and supplies for planting a

  • Care Your Cute Baby Care Your Cute Baby

    Hi girls! Meet our cute baby in our new care game. She is so cute, isn's she? She needs a perfect bath. Fulfill her wishes and make her all fluffy and clean them dress her in a gorgeous outfit. Baby will be happy when you do the right operation. Take care of the little baby while she is getting her

  • Baby Role Experience Baby Role Experience

    Baby Role Experience,Baby is so curious about the new world. Today you can give her a memorable experience,let's make her have a different identity.

  • Baby Lulu Diaper Change Baby Lulu Diaper Change

    Baby Lulu have some trouble! She needs diaper change. Play our latest baby Lulu game and help baby Lulu's mother to change her diaper.

  • Prepare Your House for Little Nephews Prepare Your House for Little Nephews

    This cute vampire Laura has got two monster nephews, and their mother asked Laura to babysit with them today. Laura has to prepare her house. She must take away all the fragile things, clean off all the dirt and make her house safe for little kids. She will hardly cope with it without your help!

  • Baby's Pacifier Baby's Pacifier

    Is that baby going to cry for the entire trip? Pacifiers are a great way to make any baby happy. Give this precious baby a cute stuffed animal to cuddle with, fasten her tightly in the car seat, and pop a pacifier in her mouth to lull her to sleep. There are hundreds of pacifiers to choose from,

  • Baby Lulu Caring Baby Lulu Caring

    Hi Girls! You all know our cute baby girl Lulu now! Lulu's mother gets out and hires you as a babysitter for her. Now you must take care of baby Lulu. She is so adorable and you are going to have great time with her. First give baby Lulu a nice bath. When baby Lulu is hungry feed her with healty bab

  • Eye Care Eye Care

    When they are little, most girls are dreaming about becoming a doctor someday, but not many succeed to fulfill their dream. Well, we prepared for you a game where your dream might come true if you'll follow carefully every step. Many kids are waiting you to ask them to get into your office where you


    His Royal Highness Prince George, the newborn British prince, is a very naughty baby. His mother princess Kate is now desperately looking for a professional babysitter. How about you? Will you cope with taking care about the impatient baby prince? Fulfill all his wishes and don't let him cry!

  • Baby Lulu Bathing Baby Lulu Bathing

    Hi Girls! Meet our new baby character Lulu. She is so cute, isn't she? Lulu needs a perfect bath. First give her a perfect bath. After that clean Lulu and dress up her with nice baby clothes. Have Fun!

  • Snuggly Baby Bathing Snuggly Baby Bathing

    Have you ever tried working as a babysitter? Well here is a fun baby game in which you can have lots of fun giving this cute baby a special bath with lots of bubbles, toys and all kinds of colourful shampoos. After you give the baby one of the best baths he ever had, dry his hair and dress him up in

  • Cute Baby Bath Cute Baby Bath

    Don't you just love babies? Aren't they like the cutest things on Earth? Their innocent laughter just makes you want to hug them all day. Today you are a lucky girl because you get to babysit the cutest baby you have ever seen. Little Franklin is very playful and full of energy and loves to be taken

  • Dora Care Baby Bears Dora Care Baby Bears

    Today, Dora is going to take care of two cute baby bear.In the game, you have to take a shower for the bears, feeding, scratching, injection, etc.. Finally, also can make dress up for the two bears! Try to finish the game, and get higher scores!Have fun!

  • Study Time Study Time

    These children were studying in their room and when we asked the artist for two copies of the scene, he left one of them incomplete. Be an angel and click on the parts which are different and make both the drawings identical. Double up, because you are bound by a timer.

  • Baby Hazel Skin Care Baby Hazel Skin Care

    It is skin care time!!Being winter, Baby Hazel’s skin is turning too dry and cracking all over. She needs an urgent skin treatment to get back the glow and softness she used to be. First give Baby Hazel a warm bath. Then apply cream on her cracking skin and lip balm to chapped lips. Finally feed h

  • Playful Baby Bathing Playful Baby Bathing

    Now it's up to you to take a bath to this cute baby using the sponge and all his shower creams. After that you can use his towel and his hair dryer to dry his hair. Try to choose his clothes because he will go to his playground soon.

  • Baby Care And Bath Baby Care And Bath

    Spend a beautiful day caring and bathing this sweet little baby. Give him all the toys that he needs and do it in time, or the little baby will start crying. Choose the most relaxing and funny shampoos, petals and the perfect clothes, for him to be happy. When this cute baby will laugh, you will cer

  • Baby Hazel At Beach Baby Hazel At Beach

    It is a bright summer day. Baby Hazel wants to chill in the beach. She is dreaming of lying under the sun, playing beach games and making sand castles. First help Baby Hazel pack her bags. Collect beach toys, games, dresses, accessories and place them in bags. Then, take Baby Hazel to the beach and

  • Dora Twins Babysitter Dora Twins Babysitter

    Dora is a perfect babysitter. Kids just love listening to the stories she tells about her amazing adventures! That is why everyone asks her to babysit with their kids. But today Dora has a double trouble: she was asked to babysit with twins! Will she cope with the task or will the cute twins cry?

  • Baby Diaper Change Baby Diaper Change

    The little baby is crying because he has a dirty diaper. Can you her her change the dirty diaper? Thank you .

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