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  • Apple and Walnut Cake Cooking Apple and Walnut Cake Cooking

    Do you love apples and walnut? If your answer is yes, maybe you can have a try of the combination of the two items. The apple and walnut combination is really great; and delicate too! This easy all-in-one cake is perfect if you have got friends coming for coffee or afternoon tea. The ingredients are

  • Turkey Decoration Game Turkey Decoration Game

    According to tradition, most American people will cook turkey to celebrate the coming of Christmas. In our new cooking game today, you will have the opportunity to learn the recipe of cooking delicious Turkey and decorate it. It will be nice to prepare a delicious dinner for your family and impress

  • Make Zucchini Bread Make Zucchini Bread

    Today in our new cooking game, we will show you a delicious recipe of cooking zucchini bread. Once you know the cooking method, you can cook it by yourself and take the bread to school. It will be easy and convenient. Zucchini needs to be fresh. Find out this yummy and delicious zucchini bread which

  • Strawberry Santa Cooking and Dress up Strawberry Santa Cooking and Dress up

    Have you ever heard that Santa Clause can be made by strawberry? It sounds exciting and marvelous. Don't worry. It is true and we will tell you how to cook strawberry Santa in this new cooking game. Once you finish making Santa, you can also dress him up to celebrate this gorgeous Christmas. What we

  • Golden Santa Bread Golden Santa Bread

    Christmas is coming. Every family are preparing for this most important holiday of the year. Most people will cook celebration bread to have a good Christmas day. Now, today in our new cooking game, we will teach you brand new golden Santa bread. The shape of the bread is lovely Santa Clause with th

  • American Chopsuey American Chopsuey

    American Chopsuey is one of American Chinese food. Chopsuey is not a native Chinese dish, it was created in California by Chinese immigrants. Do you ever tried to cook American chopsuey dish by yourself? Join Nancy's cooking class and find that she will guide you how to prepare this yummy treat in y

  • Christmas Pies Christmas Pies

    Christmas is coming. I am in the mood of something sweet! If you have the same idea like me, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to prepare sweet Christmas pies. In this really exciting cooking game, you will be joining me in my kitchen where I will be teaching you how to prepa

  • Make Challah Make Challah

    Challah is one type of traditional Jewish bread. It is very delicious and looks fantastic. You can cook this bread for special events and everybody will enjoy it. Cooking time is a little long, so you must be patient. Make sure you have all the ingredients ready then you can start cooking following

  • Rudolph Red Nose Cupcakes Rudolph Red Nose Cupcakes

    Hello ladies! How is everything going? What better way to celebrate winter than by preparing some really delicious cupcakes? They will not be just any cupcakes, because you will be joining the cute little reindeer called Rudolph, the most famous of all reindeers. Rudolph's coming represents the comi

  • Christmas Chocolate Cookies Christmas Chocolate Cookies

    Christmas is on the way. All of the girls are expecting the greatest festival of the year. Also we have prepared some delicious Christmas chocolate cookies for you. If you want to cook by yourself for your friends and family, try to learn the recipe from us. This is the most interesting and funny pa

  • Cookies for Santa Cookies for Santa

    Hey! My name is Kristen. Today we are going to celebrate Christmas and I will show you how to cook the tastiest cookies in the world. Even Santa will like them. The recipe includes: make dough, put the dough in the fridge, rough the dough, carve the needed shape of cookie, bake the cookies, gather t

  • Christmas Cook Book Christmas Cook Book

    Christmas is approaching and many kids are so excited about this most important holiday of the year. Many people wants go give their loved ones surprise. At the same time they also want to receive good gift from old Santa. Santa Clause has prepared some adorable sweet Christmas presents this year: s

  • Cooking Pizza Pockets Cooking Pizza Pockets

    Pizza pocket is a fast and economic way to eat something pretty good. When I do not have time I always cook some delicious pizza pockets. Cook our delicious pizza pocket and you will learn the cooking recipe by yourself. When you have time, you can cook it at home. It is not traditional pizza, but w

  • Pizza Mamamia Pizza Mamamia

    Mamamia!! The pizza is so delicious. Lots of girls want to learn how to cook it. Join to play our new cooking game called Pizza Mamamia. We will show you the recipe step by step. At the first stage, you need to prepare some necessary ingredients such as chicken, seasoning, olive oil, yogurt, onions

  • Strawberry short cake Strawberry short cake

    Our cute girl wants to share her cherished strawberry recipes with you. Are you glad to learn from her? You will be guided through the cooking process step by step, you just need to follow the hints and the instructions. I am sure you will have a blast because cooking strawberry shortcakes can be re

  • Grilled Cheese Grilled Cheese

    The menu is here and it is Grilled Cheese for breakfast lunch and dinner! Try three different grilled cheese recipes and see which one you like best. Cut the bread, cut the cheese, add toppings and get to grilling.

  • Chicago Hot Dogs Chicago Hot Dogs

    Hot dogs are almost every kid? favorite food. Hot dog is a delicious treat for all. Today you can try new and fun hot dogs recipe and serve it for kids. Reach daily goal and make successful business. Use your mouse to interact with us in this new cooking game called Chicago hot dogs. We will show yo

  • Yummy Delicious Cake Yummy Delicious Cake

    Ellina wants to give a surprise to her friend Eva for her birthday. She went to prepare a Birthday cake, But she doesn't have an ideal to prepare a cake. Help her to prepare a Birthday cake and make Eva gift special. Show your talent to decorate this birthday cake. Have fun.

  • Cooking bacon pizza Cooking bacon pizza

    Winter is coming and it will be a good choice to make hot and yummy breakfast in the morning by yourself. How about cooking delicious Bacon pizza? The recipe is not difficult and I believe you can learn the cooking method by playing our brand new cooking bacon pizza game. You can first prepare the n

  • Hello Kitty's Choc-Chip Jelly Muffins Hello Kitty's Choc-Chip Jelly Muffins

    Hello Kitty loves delicious food and cooking is one of her hobby. Now today she will cook some choc-chip jelly muffins to share with her friends. Are you willing to help her in the cooking game? Don’t hesitate to join us. Add some flour, sugar, melted butter, oil, milk and choc chips in the large

  • French Toast with Cheese French Toast with Cheese

    Toast with cheese is very delicious and yummy, especially French ones. If you know the recipe of cooking this food, you can cook it as breakfast for yourself at home on the morning. Today you will learn how to cook it by playing our brand new cooking game. Follow our instructions step by step. Get r

  • American chopsuey American chopsuey

    Today we will learn a new cooking recipe with cute Nancy in the kitchen. It’s delicious American Chopsuey. By playing this game, you will have an excellent cooking experience with Nancy. Firstly, let’s prepare ginger, garlic, onion, chicken, green bean, and carrot and cut them into pieces to the

  • Barbie Food Game Barbie Food Game

    It's a nice day and Barbie decides to make a delicious sandwich for her lunch. Join her in the kitchen and give her a hand to help her. Barbie loves fast food and that's why we present here this cooking game for her- a great recipe of sandwich for Barbie. Put all the ingredients on the table for our

  • Rainbow Cupcakes Rainbow Cupcakes

    Hey, girls. We have come back with a new delicious and beautiful recipe this time. We know how much you like it and that’s why today we will teach you the cooking recipe of rainbow cupcakes under our instructions. Firstly, let’s prepare the necessary ingredients in the kitchen together. Once the

  • Fried Chicken Fried Chicken

    Frank loves delicious food very much and cooking is his hobby. His specialty dish is southern fried chicken. Are you ready to learn the recipe of this dish under the instruction of Frank? Play our game. You will learn how to cook yummy fried chicken step by step. First, you need to prepare one whole

  • Seafood Pasta Seafood Pasta

    There are so many girls like seafood pasta. It's taste is fresh and marvelous. But do you know how to cook it? Now, we will teach you the recipe in our new cooking game called seafood pasta. Get ready to prepare the necessary ingredients as to the requirements. When everything is ok, start to cut th

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Chicken Cordon Bleu

    Hey, girls. Today we will show you the chicken cordon bleu recipe in our games. You must never meet this before. Join in our game, let's share the recipe of cordon bleu together. Firstly, add the chicken pieces and Swiss cheese to the wood plate and make it secure with toothpicks. Then add all the p

  • Sushi School Sushi School

    Most girls like eating Japanese sushi because it's very delicious. Now today you can learn the recipe of cooking sushi in our sushi school. You will learn what necessary ingredients you need during cooking. You can prepare fresh fish, sea fruits, or if you a vegetarian only with vegetables. Followin

  • C.A.Cupid Cake Decor C.A.Cupid Cake Decor

    C.A.Cupid is the foster daughter of Eros, the god of love. Today she will help you decor a tasty and yummy cake. I believe you will not resist the temptation and delicious smell. Decorate the cake with striking design and make it very enticing and attractive. I know that the two of you together and

  • Cerise's Wood Chocolate Pretzel Treats Cerise's Wood Chocolate Pretzel Treats

    Hey, girls. Could you cook wood chocolate pretzel treats by yourself. If you can, are you willing to help our girl Cerise to learn the cooking recipe? She needs all the help you could give her, you know, for lots and lots of kids are dropping by this pretzel treats to enjoy their excellent weekend.

  • Hello Kitty Macarrons Hello Kitty Macarrons

    Hello Kitty loves sweeties and she wants to learn the recipe of macarrons. Are you ready to learn with hello kitty? Let's start to learn this hello kitty macarrons. Firstly, make sure everything you need on the table before you start. It's a new recipe of sugar, milk and everything nice. It's very s

  • Ranch Chicken Ranch Chicken

    Have you ever tasted ranch chicken before? Do you know the cooking recipe? Now paly in our ranch chicken game, you will learn how to cook this delicious dish with our cute cat. Firstly, you need to help cat to buy the necessary ingredients in the shop. Then mix everything together and the most impor

  • Turkey Soup Turkey Soup

    Have you ever known Turkey soup? Whether do you want to have a taste of this yummy soup. Don's worry. Today in our new Turkey soup cooking game, you will learn the recipe by following our step. Step up and take a challenge of this cooking game, learn how to prepare this soup and which ingredients ar

  • Wonderful Wedding Cake Deco Wonderful Wedding Cake Deco

    An excellent wedding cake will be sure to catch the attention of all your guests because of its adorable look and tiny size. So what about making a delicious and highly original masterpiece of wedding cake? You can make your friends surprise on your wedding party. Play our fun wedding cake decoratio

  • Tomato seafood soup Tomato seafood soup

    I have to admit, I had never heard of tomato seafood soup before I played this game. But you know what? It's so delicious and yummy. Don's worry. We will show you how to cook this seafood soup by playing this cooking game. Come and learn the recipe with me and then we can make it for real. Step up a

  • Barbie's Cookies And Cream Sundaes Barbie's Cookies And Cream Sundaes

    Our Barbies have all the tastiest, most mouth-watering cookies and cream sundaes. Do you like it? Now you can learn the recipe from our lovely Barbie and you can design your own. Then you can know how to cook it by yourself. We have prepared ready ice cream, cookies, chocolate and marshmallows as ra

  • Gingerbread Men Cookies Gingerbread Men Cookies

    We have a new fun cooking game in which our gingerbread men will show our girly players how to cook famous gingerbread cookies. It? entertaining and fun and I am sure you will definitely love it and cann's wait to share it with your friends. Firstly, we need to prepare for the cookie ingredients. Do

  • Baby Make Dessert Baby Make Dessert

    Baby is preparing for making dessert tonight. Now she is in the shop to buy dessert ingredients and some kitchen tools. Help her to pick up the required things. When shopping time is over, it will be cooking time. You need to help baby choose her required ingredients as to her wishes from kitchen. T

  • Muffins Smarties On Top Muffins Smarties On Top

    We are back with a new delicious recipe and your guide is the one and only Muffins Smarties on Top. We know how much you like it. So today we will teach you this special dessert recipe: Muffins Smarties on Top. We have all the necessary ingredients and all we need is you to start preparing. If you g

  • Love Rainbow Cake Love Rainbow Cake

    Do you love rainbow with seven different colors? Have you ever thought of eating a cake like rainbow? If your answer is yes. Good luck. You can achieve it in our love rainbow cake cooking game. You just need follow our steps given and finally you will make perfect rainbow cake you like. Join our ga

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