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  • Sam's Famous Carrot Cake Sam's Famous Carrot Cake

    It's a nice and sunny day in Bunnyland and all the inhabitants of this magic land are having a blast. Meet Sam the rabbit, there is nothing that Sam loves most than spending some time in the garden and cooking for his furry friends. His carrot cake is famous across the land and everyone wants a tast

  • 16th Birthday Cake 16th Birthday Cake

    If you will celebrate your birthday soon and you want to prepare a delicious cake for your friends then this cooking game is right for you. You will learn how to prepare a delicious birthday cake. In the first step of the game you must then prepare the cake composition, then the cream and at the end

  • Pizza Margarita Pizza Margarita

    Learn the basis of a delicious pizza margarita. Follow the simple steps and enjoy your pizza at the end of the game.

  • Bbq Veal With Olive Bbq Veal With Olive

    How time flies! It’s going to be summer vacation. What a good time to have a bbq veal at home! A delicious and yummy barbecue dish for a summer’s day. Whether you want to learn how to cook the perfect meal for you and your family? Take a look at this game called: BBQ veal and olive. Follow our g

  • Chicken Pad Thai Chicken Pad Thai

    Hey girls. Are you ready to cook by yourself. Do you know what cooking material should we prepare to cook the delicious food. Do not worry. Follow our easy steps on the below virtual picture shapes. Then select the right chicken, vegetable, fruit, or cooking tools from the above board. Choose the ri

  • Madeline Hatter's Tea Cookies Madeline Hatter's Tea Cookies

    It? going to be Madeline Hatters? boy friend birthday. She is thinking about the best gift for him. A batch of home-made tea cookies could be perfect. Every young girl should at least know how to make cookies just because it? fun. Mix all the ingredients together. Fill with some flavor, cream, sugar

  • Cerise Hood'sChocolate Fairy Cupcake Cerise Hood'sChocolate Fairy Cupcake

    Cook a delicious and yummy chocolate cupcakes, topped with cream. Do you know how to cook it. Good news for you. Today you will learn this recipe and process for making these yummy treats step by step so that you maybe do it for real with your mum or dad. Create and decorate your very own chocolate

  • Sloppy Joe With Ground Turkey Sloppy Joe With Ground Turkey

    Ready to cook some sloppy turkey Joe's? If you are also looking to make a really good dinner out of turkey, something really special that you had never done before than this is a great recipe which you can learn in just a couple of minutes. Learn how to cook and stir the turkey along with the onions

  • Monster High Wedding Cake Monster High Wedding Cake

    Become the main bakery chef of this fabulous sweet shop right across the street from Monster High! It's going to be a long time before one of the ghouls from Monster High gets married, but Ghoulia and Frankie Stein and Draculaura still want to try out the flavors just in case!

  • Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

    How tasty can be the combination of bacon and shrimp. In this cooking game for kids, you will learn how to cook a tasty and easy to prepare food. Who doesnt like shrimp? Many people love shrimp and wrapped in bacon have a much stronger taste. In the first part of the game you have to find ingredient

  • Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

    How tasty can be the combination of bacon and shrimp. In this cooking game for kids, you will learn how to cook a tasty and easy to prepare food. Who doesnt like shrimp? Many people love shrimp and wrapped in bacon have a much stronger taste. In the first part of the game you have to find ingredient

  • Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins

    Hey, girls. It is going to be Halloween. Do you ever google cookies and see those amazing images of those beautiful and delicious cookies? Ever wish you will be that creative and have the knowledge to bake cookies like that yourself? Do not worry, this Halloween we will cook some different pumpkin d

  • Chicken Lazone Chicken Lazone

    Hey kids, in this cooking game you will learn how to cook Chicken Lazone. This is a quick and easy recipes and you will need only everyday ingredients, nothing special. In the first step of the game you must xix the ingredients on medium fire, then add butter and turn the chicken pieces using a spat

  • Jessy cooking cookies Jessy cooking cookies

    Childrens really like cookies. Here Jessy has come to give you some useful tips on how to prepare a fine crispy cookies. Follow the instructions given by Jessy. Have a nice day cooking crispy cookies.

  • Apricot Walnut Cereal Bars Apricot Walnut Cereal Bars

    You do not always have time to be cooking but in this online cooking game you will be preparing some nice cereal bars that you can save for later in the fridge and whenever you go to school or somewhere else you can pack them and just take them with you. The recipe is called Walnut Cereal Bars and y

  • Make Lobster Thermidor Make Lobster Thermidor

    Do you favor French food? Do you like to give surprise to your near and dear ones by cooking a very special recipe for them? Join this cooking game and find that Lobster Thermidor is a French dish which is consisting of a creamy mixture of cooked lobster meat, egg yolks, and cognac or brandy, stuffe

  • Yummy Fruit Pizza Yummy Fruit Pizza

    Today it's special day at the Zoo, we're going to celebrate the five years anniversary from when the Zoo had first opened and for this special occasion we're going to cook a special pizza recipe. All the people and even the animals are very excited so you definitely want to prepare them a yummy frui

  • C.A.Cupid's Strawberry Shortcakes C.A.Cupid's Strawberry Shortcakes

    Cupcake recipes are wonderful inventions that help us to create our favorite cupcakes. Today we will teach you how cook C.A.Cupid? strawberry shortcakes. It is a small cake designed to serve one person, frequently, baked in a small, thin paper or aluminum cup. Decorate with delicious strawberry juic

  • Cooking Halloween Cake Cooking Halloween Cake

    Halloween is finally here so it's time to get your costume out again and trick or treat. If you are the type that would rather stay at home with your friends and watch a few scary movies then you probably need a Halloween cake to get the party starting. Decorate your cake using spooky Halloween them

  • Make treacle tart Make treacle tart

    Go through this online cooking game and simply learn how to cook treacle tart at your home kitchen. Do you know about this treacle tart recipe? Girls, it is a traditional English dessert which is made with shortcrust pastry, golden syrup, breadcrumbs and lemon to cut through the sweetness. So follow

  • Halloween Cake Decor Halloween Cake Decor

    It is the Halloween time. Chris has ordered for a unique Halloween cake in your shop. He has no idea of Halloween cake. However, you have to prove your cake decoration skills by garnishing this yummy Halloween cake. Have fun.

  • Raisin Cinnamon Bread Raisin Cinnamon Bread

    Bread is boring to prepare but not in this cooking game for kids as you will be tackling with a new and fun recipe. It is called Raisins Cinnamon Apple bread and it will be much like a cake only that you can eat it with milk and it will be really delicious. Your first task is to prepare all your ing

  • Monster High Cake Cooking Monster High Cake Cooking

    Do you know what the favorite dessert of our Monster High ghouls is? Well you might not be surprised to find out that the chocolate cake is the perfect dessert, the cake that Clawdeen, Jina Fire Long, Draculaura or any other monster high student would love to eat at any special event. The Halloween

  • Serving Apple Cobbler Serving Apple Cobbler

    In the apple season you can have delicious and fresh apples. With this fresh apples you can cook a mouth-watering dessert. This dessert is Apple Cobbler, with buttery topping over sweetened baked apples. First step in the game is to pick up all ingredients you need to start cooking. When ingredients

  • Lasagna Soup Lasagna Soup

    Do you wish to give a healthy food to your loved ones. Try Lasagna Soup. Lasagna soup will be very spicy, tasty and it is very much good for health. Follow the instructions to prepare it. Have a healthy day.

  • Banana cake with cream cheese Banana cake with cream cheese

    Fruits are delicious and nutritious. Are you interested to give a energetic evening snacks to your favourite one .Give a Banana cake with cream cheese. Do you want to know how to prepare Banana cake with cream cheese. Follow the steps carefully.

  • Walnut Pinwheels Walnut Pinwheels

    Enjoy your time spent in this new cooking game for girls as you are about to prepare some pinwheels with lots of tasty stuff like coconut and cinnamon. Follow the instructions to get them just right.

  • Aubergine mini foccacia cook Aubergine mini foccacia cook

    Try out this new recipe called aubergine mini focaccia by following the simple steps of this cooking game and give surprise to your near ones at this summer holidays. You can prepare this at home anytime so join and make lots of fun while cook this dish and enjoy cooking too. Good luck every body!

  • Monster Cupcake Decoration Monster Cupcake Decoration

    Halloween is almost here! Decorate a deliciously spooky monster cupcake of your very own!

  • Fudge Puddles Fudge Puddles

    Fudge puddles is a different type of cake .It has a choco cream inside the cup cake. It will be very tasty. Two in One you can eat the cake and also the choco cream. Are you interested to know the steps to prepare Fudge Puddles. Listen to the Game Instruction.

  • Play Peaches Poached in Wine Play Peaches Poached in Wine

    This is a dessert cooking game and you will have a fun time preparing a nice dish called Peaches poached in wine. They are pretty easy to prepare but be careful of the instructions though.

  • Barbie at Dentist Barbie at Dentist

    Be a Dentist and Check out our cool dentist tools to clean up Barbie's teeth.

  • Tuna Tartar Salad Tuna Tartar Salad

    Hey girls, in this cooking game we will show you how to prepare this fabulously delicious salad with a truly tasty sushi filling. Make sure you have all the ingredients ready then you are ready to start. Cut the tuna in small slices, then apples and all other ingredients. Mix all the ingredients, pr

  • The Wedding Cake The Wedding Cake

    A wedding is a beautiful thing. It symbolizes the eternal love between two people. For most girls it's supposed to be the happiest day of their life and a lot of them start planing their dream wedding since their teen years just waiting for the magical moment to happen. Everything has to be just per

  • Make Apple Strudel Make Apple Strudel

    In this cooking game for girls we will show you step by step how to cook a delicious Viennese desert. Is very easy to make this Apple Strudel, just follow the instructions and mix the ingredients how is presented in game. For sure you will love this recipe, is a lot of fun to make it and the results

  • Ever After High Cooking Ever After High Cooking

    Guys, we may be surprised but our characters in Ever After High love making and decorating cake so much. Therefore today you will follow our girl’s instruction and decorate your own cupcakes. Enjoy this Ever After High cooking game.

  • Ice Cream Cake Mania Ice Cream Cake Mania

    Ice cream cake are different than the normal cake .It is very much tastier than the normal cake. Do you want to give your friends both the cake and the ice cream. Prepare a Ice Cream Cake. Have a chill Day.

  • Spicy Glazed Salmon Spicy Glazed Salmon

    Hi Girls, today we are going to cook an amazing salmon recipe. The secret of this recipe is how you combine ingredients to make a delicious meal. Our beloved pink bear will show us all how to prepare Spicy Glazed Salmon in no time. Follow his instructions and pay attention at cooking steps, to learn

  • Make osso buco Make osso buco

    To cook Osso buco recipe you need to follow the guidelines of this cooking game and prepare this tasty dish. Mix up the ingredients like veal shanks, carrots, onion, celery, garlic and many more as per requirements. This Italian dish has a great taste and flavor. Enjoy the cooking and have fun girls

  • Tasty Donuts Tasty Donuts

    I'm sure it's safe to say that everyone enjoys donuts. A donut is something more than just a delicious can make anyone's day brighter or it can help you start your day fresh. Some people enjoy them with their morning coffee, others like them with creamy filling and some just like it plain

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