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  • Little Chef Little Chef

    Amy is a little girl that has always dreamed of becoming a great chef one day! Today she will show you how she cooks together with her mommy one of her favorite delicious desserts. Get ready to join Amy and her mommy at the supermarket where she will buy all the ingredients for her famous Strawberry

  • Cooking Indian Fish Curry Cooking Indian Fish Curry

    Emma is fond of Indian fish curry. She is all set to prepare the delicious curry. She would be happy if you join the girl. She takes delight in cooking. Be with the girl and join her in the kitchen. The family members of Emma have gone out for shopping. They will be back in a few minutes. Prepare fi

  • Poppy Seed Roll Poppy Seed Roll

    Become a great chef by cooking one of the classic recipes: Poppy Seed Roll. It is such a delicious recipe and so easy to make with this awesome cooking game. Add ingredients and mix as suggested in the game and your new dessert will be ready in no time! Learn how to make dough with yeast, use the ro

  • Caramel Apple Cupcakes Caramel Apple Cupcakes

    Are you interested in a new and mouthwatering fall dessert recipe? The best fall flavors shine in this dessert of apples, caramel and cinnamon, of deliciously baked cupcakes. Apple and caramel are very simple ingredients, but when combined they are a detectable treat. All the flavors of a caramel ap

  • Fast Food Restaurant Frenzy Fast Food Restaurant Frenzy

    You are the owner of the newest fast food restaurant in the town and first clients are waiting you to cooking and serve them with tasty hamburgers, cakes or eggs. So, what are you waiting for ? Start cooking and make your customers happy .

  • Bocconcini Pizza Bocconcini Pizza

    Looking for an Italian specialty dish? Or maybe you're having a pizza night in mind? We have the perfect recipe for you: Bocconcini Pizza, a pizza recipe that tastes so good with these delicious bocconcini on top, which are small semi-soft pieces of mozzarella cheese. They will be excellent for a

  • Cooking Brussels Sprouts Pizza Cooking Brussels Sprouts Pizza

    The mom of Anna is fond of Brussels sprouts pizza. The only reason why she likes the pizza is that it is very healthy and tasty. The beloved daughter Anna wants to make her mom happy by preparing her mom’s favourite pizza. Be with the kind girl and help her in the kitchen. Cook Brussels sprou

  • Home Made Fried Chicken Home Made Fried Chicken

    Learn how to cook the crispiest homemade fried chicken with saltine crackers, the perfect substitute for bread crumbs. This is the tastiest fried chicken you have ever tried. Before starting to cook this excellent chicken recipe, you must search for all ingredients in the kitchen, then mix ingredien

  • Cooking Delicious Pancakes Cooking Delicious Pancakes

    Hi girls. Do you like pancakes? Join in this new cooking game where you can learn to prepare fluffy pancakes which are delicious served with berries or jam for breakfast. Follow the instruction in game to mixt properly the ingredients and finally you can decorate the tall and fluffy pancakes as you

  • Cooking Beef Wellington Cooking Beef Wellington

    Beef Wellington is a traditional British dish consisting of filet steak coated in layers of mushrooms, onions, herbs and puff pastry. The whole package is then baked until the crust is crisp and the meat nicely cooked. It's delicious and looking so amazing! Before starting to cook this amazing dish,

  • Halloween Cooking Googly Eyes Brownies Halloween Cooking Googly Eyes Brownies

    Halloween Cooking Googly Eyes Brownies is a free game for girls to play online. You can play Halloween Cooking Googly Eyes Brownies in your browser for free. Our Elsa is in the party mood of Halloween Celebration. She knows Anna loves brownies. But, she wants to add some spooky element to the specia

  • Rainbow Cake Rainbow Cake

    Are you looking for an impressive cake recipe? Something amazing for a special occasion? We have the perfect recipe for you: Rainbow Cake! There isn't a a person who isn't a a fan of rainbow, right? If there is, they must not like sweets! This fabulous, great looking cake it is more than spectacula

  • Halloween Special Wedding Cake Halloween Special Wedding Cake

    Today is Halloween. This is the day you had been waiting for. People would gather in a few minutes. So, adorn the cake in a grand manner. On the day of Halloween, your best friend is getting married. Embellish the wedding cake attractively. Before the ceremony commences complete the task given to yo

  • Sweet Heart Cupcake Sweet Heart Cupcake

    Sweet heart cupcake is the perfect present for your sweetheart. They are super easy to bake and way too fun to decorate. Choose your favorite topping color and sprinkle some cute little hearts on the smooth frosting. They look awesome, very cute and delicious, perfect for your sweetheart!

  • Red Velvet Cupcake Red Velvet Cupcake

    Red Velvet Cupcakes are very dramatic looking and so striking with their brilliantly red color contrasted by this lovely swirls of white cream cheese frosting. It's a precious and fancy dessert that conquers you by it unique color design and smooth texture and buttery rich taste. This iconic cake i

  • Cooking Halloween Zombie Meatloaf Cooking Halloween Zombie Meatloaf

    Today is Halloween. People in your hometown were waiting for this grand celebration. And, today you would have your beloved aunty at home. Cook Halloween zombie meatloaf and surprise her. If you want the meatloaf to be delicious, follow our instructions. You can take your own time. Your aunt is comi

  • Lemon Cupcake Lemon Cupcake

    Step into this full of color kitchen to start cooking the most delicious lemon flavored cupcakes with buttercream rainbow frosting. Shop for all ingredients and pay with your credit card, hurry home and start mixing all ingredients following the recipe. Bake them in the oven and decorate with your f

  • Easy to Cook Bun Pizza Easy to Cook Bun Pizza

    Hi girls! Can you make a pizza using a bun? Do you want to explore the recipe behind it? Come on! Join us in creating a wonderful pizza using a bun and surprise your loved ones. Happy cooking.

  • Cooking Chinese Cocktail Buns Cooking Chinese Cocktail Buns

    Anna s going to prepare Chinese cocktail buns. She asked Elsa to help her out in the kitchen. But she said to her sister that she can't help her. Only you are her hope. Help the princess and you will be in the good books of the girl. Cooking cocktail buns is a piece of cake for her. She would be ver

  • Carbonara Pizza Carbonara Pizza

    Making pizza has never been more easy as this pizza carbonara recipe, another traditional Italian recipe. First go shopping for all ingredients listed in the recipe, then hurry back to your new fancy kitchen and start to slice mushrooms and spring onions and grate cheese. Put all the ingredients on

  • Cooking ice cream and gelato Cooking ice cream and gelato

    Cook a delicious ice cream and a gelato for your best friends.

  • Eggs Florentine Pizza Eggs Florentine Pizza

    When you decide to cook pizza but you're short on time for, it's a great idea to buy the pizza dough or pizza base, then everything else will be a piece of cake! Today's pizza is Eggs Florentine Pizza, a recipe easy to do and ready in no time. All you have to do is to fry the bacon and and stir-fry

  • Elisa Pizza Maker Elisa Pizza Maker

    Elisa decides to show her cooking skills and today wants to prepare a delicious pizza. Help her to choose the corect ingredients and cook one of the most tasty pizza ever !

  • Cooking colorful cupcakes Cooking colorful cupcakes

    Cook delicious cupcakes for your mother and your friends.

  • Easy to Cook Buffalo Chicken Wings Easy to Cook Buffalo Chicken Wings

    Erika loves Buffalo chicken wings. Whenever she wants to have this delicious dish, she will go to hotel and taste it. But, today she wants to prepare this at home. However she needs your help in preparing this wonderful dish. Get ready with the ingredients in the ingredients page and move to cookin

  • Cooking Chicken Avocado Pizza Cooking Chicken Avocado Pizza

    Today you are asked to please the princess by preparing a delicious chicken Avocado Pizza. Everyone is busy with the house chores. Only you can prepare mouthwatering Avocado pizza. You are very fortunate to step into the royal kitchen. you have the required provisions in the kitchen. Make use of the

  • Cooking Breakfast Pancake Cooking Breakfast Pancake

    Would you like a nice breakfast for this weekend? We come up with a very delicious pancake recipe that is perfect for weekend mornings for you and your family. It is so easy to cook pancakes from scratch and they are even more delicious if they are all fresh and warm. Follow the instructions in this

  • Easy to Cook Blueberry Crumb Bars Easy to Cook Blueberry Crumb Bars

    Joyce wants to surprise her sister Moana by preparing her favorite blueberry crumb bars. Do you know how to prepare this yummy crumb bars with blueberry? Then, join with Joyce in preparing this Blueberry crumb bars by helping her in the kitchen. Have a look at the ingredients on the ingredients page

  • Elsa Special Ice Cream Dessert Elsa Special Ice Cream Dessert

    Elsa is all set to prepare special ice cream dessert for her beloved sister Anna. After having taken party in the camp she is coming home this evening. Elsa missed her sister terribly for the past two weeks. She just wants to make Anna happy by preparing her favorite ice cream desert. Be with her un

  • Egyptian Princess Wedding Cake Egyptian Princess Wedding Cake

    Egyptian princess is getting married this evening, people in and around the place. Your presence would make the celebration a grand one. On the other hand, you have a task to be completed. You are expected to decorate the wedding cake promptly. Adorn the cake in an elegant manner. While decorating t

  • Cooking Baked Denver Omelet Cooking Baked Denver Omelet

    Almost everyone agrees that chopped onion and chopped bell pepper cooked into the egg is more than perfect! But adding small cubes of ham in there too will increase taste, making it more delicious. How to Make A Denver Omelet? In a small bowl, whip the eggs lightly add some milk, grated cheese then

  • Talking Angela Perfect Pie Talking Angela Perfect Pie

    It's baking time! Help Angela bake the most delicious apple pie. Follow the instructions on the recipe, use the ingredients in the right order and bake the pie. After it's ready, you can enjoy it with Angela. Enjoy!

  • Anna Wedding Cake Anna Wedding Cake

    There will be a wonderful wedding between Anna and Kristoff. Frozen deElsa needs your help! Come with her to cook a delicious wedding cake. Anna was able to see some decorating options from your fashionable styles before deciding which one to choose for her big day. Enjoy!

  • Cooking Mummy Pizza Cooking Mummy Pizza

    You are here with us to prepare mummy pizza. Tomorrow is the birthday of your brother William. He is very much fond of mummy pizza. He will be happy if you provide him with his favorite pizza. You can take your own time. Follow the instructions faithfully to add more flavor to the pizza. At the end

  • Elsa Sweet Shop Elsa Sweet Shop

    Elsa has opened a sweets shop and she needs your help to bake some delicious cakes and other tasty treats. Let´s enter the bakery and find the needed ingredients for baking a cake. Next, follow the recipe and prepare the delicious mixture. After you bake it, it is time to decorate the amazing cake.

  • Easy to Cook Peaches and Cream Pie Easy to Cook Peaches and Cream Pie

    'Peaches and Cream Pie' is one of the popular recipes of Kayla's grandma. Kayla wants to try this recipe and surprise her grandma. Do you love to explore the cooking method of this yummy cream pie? Then join with Kayla in preparing this pie. First, be prepare with the ingredients listed in the ingre

  • Yummy Taco Cooking Yummy Taco Cooking

    Having a restaurant is not easy and this time in this cooking game you have to cook a delicious plate of tacos. Prepare the ingredients, chop the vegetables, fry them and then put the tomatoes, the greenery, the cheese and the cooked meat in a piece of baked dough and then you can use your imaginati

  • Annas Kitchen Zucchini Soup Annas Kitchen Zucchini Soup

    In her restaurant Anna tries many recipes and in this cooking game she is going to make a tasty zucchini soup using her own recipe. You have the opportunity to learn how to cook in her kitchen, all you have to do is to follow the instructions step by step. Cut the sausage and fry it in a little bit

  • Easy to Cook Gingersnap Cookies Easy to Cook Gingersnap Cookies

    Gingersnap cookies are delicious to have with Tea or Coffee. It is one of the happy time healthy cookies. Do you love to explore the cooking method of this cookie? Then join with us in this kitchen. Just be ready with the required ingredients listed in the ingredients page and move to the cooking se

  • Cooking Hawaiian Burgers Cooking Hawaiian Burgers

    Emma will have her relatives within a few seconds. They must be very hungry. One thing they have in common is that everyone is fond of Hawaiian burger. The girl has planned to prepare delicious burger for them. She can complete the task only if you lend her a helping hand. The family is rejoicing ov

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