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  • Elsa Special Ice Cream Dessert Elsa Special Ice Cream Dessert

    Elsa is all set to prepare special ice cream dessert for her beloved sister Anna. After having taken party in the camp she is coming home this evening. Elsa missed her sister terribly for the past two weeks. She just wants to make Anna happy by preparing her favorite ice cream desert. Be with her un

  • Egyptian Princess Wedding Cake Egyptian Princess Wedding Cake

    Egyptian princess is getting married this evening, people in and around the place. Your presence would make the celebration a grand one. On the other hand, you have a task to be completed. You are expected to decorate the wedding cake promptly. Adorn the cake in an elegant manner. While decorating t

  • Cooking Baked Denver Omelet Cooking Baked Denver Omelet

    Almost everyone agrees that chopped onion and chopped bell pepper cooked into the egg is more than perfect! But adding small cubes of ham in there too will increase taste, making it more delicious. How to Make A Denver Omelet? In a small bowl, whip the eggs lightly add some milk, grated cheese then

  • Talking Angela Perfect Pie Talking Angela Perfect Pie

    It's baking time! Help Angela bake the most delicious apple pie. Follow the instructions on the recipe, use the ingredients in the right order and bake the pie. After it's ready, you can enjoy it with Angela. Enjoy!

  • Anna Wedding Cake Anna Wedding Cake

    There will be a wonderful wedding between Anna and Kristoff. Frozen deElsa needs your help! Come with her to cook a delicious wedding cake. Anna was able to see some decorating options from your fashionable styles before deciding which one to choose for her big day. Enjoy!

  • Cooking Mummy Pizza Cooking Mummy Pizza

    You are here with us to prepare mummy pizza. Tomorrow is the birthday of your brother William. He is very much fond of mummy pizza. He will be happy if you provide him with his favorite pizza. You can take your own time. Follow the instructions faithfully to add more flavor to the pizza. At the end

  • Elsa Sweet Shop Elsa Sweet Shop

    Elsa has opened a sweets shop and she needs your help to bake some delicious cakes and other tasty treats. Let´s enter the bakery and find the needed ingredients for baking a cake. Next, follow the recipe and prepare the delicious mixture. After you bake it, it is time to decorate the amazing cake.

  • Easy to Cook Peaches and Cream Pie Easy to Cook Peaches and Cream Pie

    'Peaches and Cream Pie' is one of the popular recipes of Kayla's grandma. Kayla wants to try this recipe and surprise her grandma. Do you love to explore the cooking method of this yummy cream pie? Then join with Kayla in preparing this pie. First, be prepare with the ingredients listed in the ingre

  • Yummy Taco Cooking Yummy Taco Cooking

    Having a restaurant is not easy and this time in this cooking game you have to cook a delicious plate of tacos. Prepare the ingredients, chop the vegetables, fry them and then put the tomatoes, the greenery, the cheese and the cooked meat in a piece of baked dough and then you can use your imaginati

  • Annas Kitchen Zucchini Soup Annas Kitchen Zucchini Soup

    In her restaurant Anna tries many recipes and in this cooking game she is going to make a tasty zucchini soup using her own recipe. You have the opportunity to learn how to cook in her kitchen, all you have to do is to follow the instructions step by step. Cut the sausage and fry it in a little bit

  • Easy to Cook Gingersnap Cookies Easy to Cook Gingersnap Cookies

    Gingersnap cookies are delicious to have with Tea or Coffee. It is one of the happy time healthy cookies. Do you love to explore the cooking method of this cookie? Then join with us in this kitchen. Just be ready with the required ingredients listed in the ingredients page and move to the cooking se

  • Cooking Hawaiian Burgers Cooking Hawaiian Burgers

    Emma will have her relatives within a few seconds. They must be very hungry. One thing they have in common is that everyone is fond of Hawaiian burger. The girl has planned to prepare delicious burger for them. She can complete the task only if you lend her a helping hand. The family is rejoicing ov

  • Cooking Pig Burger Cooking Pig Burger

    Cooking pig burger Today is the birthday of Anna. So, Elsa the sister of Anna has planned to prepare delicious pig burger. You be with the girl and make the cooking easy. The girl has to decorate the place where the party is going to be held in the evening. Therefore try to complete preparing the bu

  • Fluffy Cake Doughnuts Fluffy Cake Doughnuts

    Are you a doughnut huge fan? If so, we have just the recipe for you, something so pretentious that can impress absolutely anyone with a sweet tooth! These delicious fluffy cake doughnuts will not be done as usually, but they will be baked in the oven, decorated with some delicious almond glaze and

  • Elsas Restaurant Vegetarian Meatloaf Elsas Restaurant Vegetarian Meatloaf

    Another day in Elsas Restaurant comes with a challenge for her and that is to cook a delicious vegetarian meatloaf for her sister in this cooking game. Chop the vegetables and the greens and make sure you boil the beans as much as it require. Prepare the ingredients and put them all together to make

  • Easy to Cook Pokeball Cake Easy to Cook Pokeball Cake

    Easy to Cook Pokeball Cake is a free game for girls to play online .Com. You can play Easy to Cook Pokeball Cake in your browser for free. Go pokemon is trending all over the world. The Pokemon fever crossed the borders from TV to mobile. Do you want to explore the cooking method of pokeball cake? T

  • Princesses Cake Cooking Princesses Cake Cooking

    Think about how it would be if you could decorate cakes for princesses? Well, this might happen in this awesome cooking game because your job is to do that. You must follow the recipe to create the dough of the cake, but when you reach the decorating part you have to use your imagination to make it

  • Crispy And Creamy Doughnuts Crispy And Creamy Doughnuts

    Prepare the most delicious doughnuts ever with ingredients you probably have in your pantry! Some delicious doughnuts that are crispy and creamy and will surely become your favorite ones. These doughnuts are also light and chewy and a good way to get anyone out of bed in the morning. Who can resist

  • Horse Wedding Cake Horse Wedding Cake

    Have a wonderful experience in one of this cooking game where you challenge your culinary skills to make a horse wedding cake. Prepare the ingredients and try to follow the recipe so you can be able to mix them all and create the dough that you should put in the microwave to get cooked. The next ste

  • Chocolate Doughnuts Chocolate Doughnuts

    Today's chef is cooking a very easy recipe for baked doughnuts that are super moist and sweetened with the most delicious and soft chocolate. These homemade baked chocolate donuts that will be cooked from scratch with your help, are topped with the most delicious chocolate glaze and sprinkles! If y

  • Pizza maker restaurant Pizza maker restaurant

    Pizza maker restaurant is a management game where you can serve your customer who needs pizza. Be carefull because there is a lot of person during the weekend.

  • Easy to Cook Scrumptious Salmon Cakes Easy to Cook Scrumptious Salmon Cakes

    Hi girls, Salmon cakes are the best fit for dinner meals. Now, we are going to explore the cooking method of this Salmon cakes. Do you love to make this cake at your home? Then join with us. It requires a list of ingredients, have a look at them at the ingredients page. Let's start to prepare this d

  • Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Cook this amazing treat by collecting the ingredients, mixing them together, as well as preparing your ice cream and your sandwiches before decorating and eating them.

  • Elsa Restaurant Breakfast Management 3 Elsa Restaurant Breakfast Management 3

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because if it’s an appropriate one can boost your energy all along the day and that’s the reason Elsa works at her restaurant to satisfy her clients needs. In this cooking game you have to prepare the food and serve it in time otherwise you won’t

  • Easy to Cook Mickey Dome Cake Easy to Cook Mickey Dome Cake

    Do you love Mickey? Do you want to show your love for him? Then this recipe is for you. Mickey Dome Cake is an ice cream cake with the memories of Mickey. Do you want to explore the cooking method of this yummy cake? Join with us. Have a look at the ingredients on the ingredients page. The process o

  • Banana Split Ice Cream Banana Split Ice Cream

    Surprise your friends with an ice cream in a true American style: the Banana Split Ice Cream, served in its classic form in a long dish called boat. It's good, easy and quick, but also fanciful and fruity. You will find all the flavors you love in a banana split ice cream and it will be more than pe

  • Elsa Restaurant SteakTaco Salad Elsa Restaurant SteakTaco Salad

    In this cooking game you are a chef in Elsa’s restaurant and you have to prepare a special plate for her sister, Anna. You must follow the recipe of the family to make the best steak taco salad. First you have to prepare the chopped vegetables then you have to fry and cut the meat and after that y

  • Elsa Summer Chicken Burger Elsa Summer Chicken Burger

    Elsa seems to be very much excited as her uncle is going to come to the palace this evening. And her chubby uncle is fond of chicken burger. So, Elsa along with Anna she is going to prepare summer chicken burger. Join the girls and reduce their burden. Follow the instructions so that the outcome wou

  • Sandra Learns House craft Sandra Learns House craft

    In this game you will learn two new and important skills, washing and cooking.

  • Rosewater And Raspberry Sponge Cake Rosewater And Raspberry Sponge Cake

    We all like sponge cake, especially those with a sweet tooth, but today we will improve a little bit the classic recipe of sponge cake, by adding a more delicate, floral twist to it. Dried rose petals, rose icing and raspberries make a real showstopping decoration. This stunning floral layered cake,

  • Rainbow Ice Cream Cooking Rainbow Ice Cream Cooking

    Like professionals chefs Elsa and Kristoff use only natural ingredients to create an ice cream and they also follow a specific recipe that must be respected. In this frozen game you have to challenge your imagination to create the most appetizing dessert . Once the dough is done you have to start ch

  • Easy to Cook Lactation Cookies Easy to Cook Lactation Cookies

    Lactation cookies are the cookies made with the combination of Oats, Flaxseed meal, and Brewer's yeast, they are the major milk-boosting properties. This is good for all girls and kids. Let's explore the cooking process of this healthy and tasty cookie. Get ready with the required ingredients listed

  • Cooking Mexican Sushi Cooking Mexican Sushi

    Do you know to make delicious Mexican sushi? Here is an opportunity to learn how to prepare mouth-watering Mexican sushi. Be with us until you complete cooking sushi. This evening, your beloved aunt Isabella will be coming to your abode. And she just loves eating sushi. She will be happy and it woul

  • Black Forest Cake Black Forest Cake

    Black Forest Cake is a famous German chocolate cake. It has 3 chocolatey layers. So, it really is something to impress your guests with! This chocolate cake is also famous for the cherry layered cream, for the whipped cream frosting and cherry topping. It is so easy to prepare an impressive, tasty c

  • Cooking Mexican Chicken Tortilla Cooking Mexican Chicken Tortilla

    Do you like Mexican food? Of course you do, everybody likes it because it's simply delicious! Today we have a true Mexican Chef ready to show us how to cook the real Mexican Chicken Tortillas. Unfortunately he had a little kitchen accident and we have to help him get cleaned up first. Help him gathe

  • Easy to Cook Blueberry Clafoutis Easy to Cook Blueberry Clafoutis

    Hi girls and kids, Today in Easy to cook section we are going to prepare Blueberry Clafoutis. Clafoutis is a baked French dessert of fruit. Do you love to cook a French dessert? Then this is your chance to explore the cooking method of this yummy dessert. First, have a look at the ingredients list

  • Cooking Smokey Burgers Cooking Smokey Burgers

    Are you good at cooking burgers? Emma needs your help now. She is all set to prepare the smokey burgers for her sister. For, today her sister celebrates her birthday. Make the birthday girl happy with your delicious burgers. Prepare it before the girl comes to the dining hall. Emma would be very muc

  • Rainbow Pancake Cooking Rainbow Pancake Cooking

    Grab the ingredients off the shelves and then head home to play this Rainbow Pancake cooking game. Follow the instructions and enjoy this lovely breakfast that is also colorful and delicious.

  • Ice cream cone cupcakes candy Ice cream cone cupcakes candy

    Cook a delicious ice cream with delicious candy.

  • Cooking Chocolate Cheesecake Cooking Chocolate Cheesecake

    Are you having a friend for dinner and you are totally clueless of what to have for dessert? We have the right suggestion for you: Chocolate Cheesecake, delicious, smooth, and of course chocolaty enough, upgraded with a triple dose of chocolate on top! Taste this non-baked dark chocolate cheesecake

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