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  • Spaghetti With Garlic and Basil Spaghetti With Garlic and Basil

    Are you ready for a new cooking lesson? We've got another brand new cooking recipe and also a cooking instructor. Her name is Mimi. So, rush to the supermarket to get the listed ingredients. You will start by learning how to chop an onion like a pro! It seems hard, but with some exercise, your chop

  • Baby Ariel Cheese Cake Factory‏ Baby Ariel Cheese Cake Factory‏

    Go to the store with baby Ariel as she will be shopping for a fun cheesecake cooking game because she found a really great recipe that she wants to try out. Follow the instructions to see how it will be done.

  • Inside Out Space Cooking Inside Out Space Cooking

    Help inside out to prepare a delicious soup. Follow the simple instruction and you will cook delicious soup.

  • Baked Macaroni and Cheese Baked Macaroni and Cheese

    Do you know which is children favorite dish? Macaroni and cheese, of course!! But today, we're making an improved recipe of baked macaroni and cheese, a very easy and tastier recipe with eggs and creamy cheese sauce. The secret to good, baked mac & cheese is this crispy top, which hides a creamy, so

  • Rapunzel Cooking Winter Fruit Salad Rapunzel Cooking Winter Fruit Salad

    Rapunzel is expecting the arrival of her beloved relatives. She has not seen them for the past two years. She is going to prepare winter fruit salad. Join the girl and complete the task as soon as possible. Only then she will be able to join her sister in the theatre. You have the required ingredien

  • Cooking Delicious Cupcakes Cooking Delicious Cupcakes

    Cute and delicious, cupcakes make the perfect mouthful. There is no desert more delicious, lighter or fluffier than these cupcakes. No other desert can be better than this one because it's the most unique, the most delicious, and the most wonderful recipe that I could find. You can always surprise y

  • World Best Lasagna World Best Lasagna

    Have you ever tried to make lasagna? It's so delicious, isn't it? What if I propose a special kind of lasagna recipe? The World's best Lasagna!!! It is the best in the world because it is made from scratch with premium ingredients, and if you add just a little bit of love and passion it will the res

  • Sofia and Queen Miranda Palace Sweets Sofia and Queen Miranda Palace Sweets

    The kingdom of Enchancia hosts a huge party, so Sofia and her mother will prepare two delicious desserts. Baileywick will supervise the preparation of desserts in order to intervene if needed. Help the Princess Sofia and Queen Miranda to prepare the most delicious desserts!

  • Go Fast Cooking Sandwiches Go Fast Cooking Sandwiches

    Experience the pleasure of running a business with this great cooking game.

  • Masha Cooking Chocolate Cookies Masha Cooking Chocolate Cookies

    Masha and her best friend, the bear are trying to make a delicious desert, please help them to finish this cooking game with a grate score. First we have to choose the best tools that will help us to prepare these cookies like a bowl, a mixer, tray, microwave, eggs, milk, chocolate and a knife slice

  • Tinkerbell Winter Energy Cookies Tinkerbell Winter Energy Cookies

    Tinkerbell is always busy in the kitchen. She is asked to prepare cookies. For, she is very good at cooking. On the other hand, she is the chef of the most popular hotel in the country. She needs someone to be with her while cooking. You may not have seen the kitchen that is of Tinkerbell’s.

  • Bake Colorful Cupcakes Bake Colorful Cupcakes

    Make a colorful batch of cupcakes that will brighten up anyone's day. It requires more time and effort than normal than the boring normal cupcakes. Who doesn't like cupcakes? This cupcake recipe is absolutely delicious, and also colorful and fun, because it will make you fell more joyful when decor

  • Abundance Tomato Soup With Basil Oil Abundance Tomato Soup With Basil Oil

    Making your own tomato soup is not a hard thing to do. You need some spare tomatoes ... the riper the tomatoes, the tastier the soup. This tomato soup recipe with basil oil is the perfect meal to make; it's beautifully sweet, fresh and comforting. Who doesn't like tomato soup? It is perfect for any

  • Elsa Baby Lovers Make Cookies Elsa Baby Lovers Make Cookies

    Elsa’s baby very likes cookies which are sweet and delicious. She wants to bake cookies for her boyfriend. But she never bakes before. So her boyfriend would like to baking with her. Wow, it will be very romantic to baking with her own lovers. But her lovers is not good at baking. Gilrs, let us he

  • Frozen Ice Cream Maker Frozen Ice Cream Maker

    Choose amongst three different recipes of ice cream and be a real cook!

  • Cooking Milk Cereals And Pudding Cooking Milk Cereals And Pudding

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it special by trying these breakfast ideas and recipes to wake up to a sweet morning filled with chocolate coffee and croissant, cereal and dried fruit flakes. And there’s more: a delicious and easy to make pudding with dates syrup, covered

  • Tom And Angela Sweet Shop Tom And Angela Sweet Shop

    Tom and Angela are business partners and owning together a Sweet Shop. Every day they have to prepare cakes new to replace those sold. They love this domain because they love sweets. If you love sweets this game you will learn to prepare cakes Angela and Tom's favorite. Enjoy the game!

  • Cooking Candy Popsicles Cooking Candy Popsicles

    Today we're cooking something extra sweet and extra fun! We're making Candy Popsicle, a desert that really makes an impression, especially if you're hosting a birthday party.We'll be using simple ingredients for the candy dough and we will cover it in lots of yummy chocolate. There's no true Popsicl

  • Cooking Fruit Pancakes Cooking Fruit Pancakes

    Good morning everyone! Are you ready for a brand new day? If not, it’s time to make coffee and breakfast. Let’s start with a delicious cappuccino! First add some fresh coffee beans into you espresso machine, pull the espresso shot (make sure it’s short and strong), then foam the milk (not bubb

  • Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Sweet

    Strawberry Shortcake has opened the Sweet Shop and found out that she have two blanks in the showcase, so she wants to help her to prepare two delicious cakes. Have fun learning to cook with Strawberry Short Cake and her friend!

  • Princess Perfect Desert Princess Perfect Desert

    It is baking time! Join Ariel and Snow White in the kitchen and make together the most delicious apple pie. Follow the instructions and use the ingredients in the right order to make this perfect pie. Enjoy!

  • Kitchen Cooking Crazy Master Kitchen Cooking Crazy Master

    Hey, girls! I know you are a good chef, and maybe you are also a good kitchen cooking master. No matter have you ever run a fast food restaurant or not, here is a chance for you to manage a restaurtant. When customer order dishes, you should prepare them quickly. For example, if the customer need a

  • Cooking Eggs With Bacon Cooking Eggs With Bacon

    Hello petite chefs! Today we’re having eggs for breakfast or brunch depends on what you prefer! So, cooking eggs with bacon, sausage, toast, and fresh squeezed orange juice is your task for today. This is a full English breakfast simple recipe that anyone can cook, even those with no cooking skill

  • Joy Cooking Donuts‏ Joy Cooking Donuts‏

    Make some tasty donuts in this Joy smoothie game in which you will have to first decorate the donuts stand and only afterwards you will be able to add the ingredients in order to make some delicious donuts.

  • Elsa And Anna Sweet Shop Elsa And Anna Sweet Shop

    Elsa and Anna are business partners in new Sweet Shop in Arendelle Land. Every day the two sisters are preparing the most delicious cakes and are famous for this. Today should fill showcase cakes so if you join them you'll learn how to be a skilled pastry chef. Have a great time cooking with Elsa an

  • Pou Cooking lesson Pou Cooking lesson

    Cook a delicious soup with Pou,help him prepare all the right ingredients to do the best soup ever.Have fun!

  • Spanish Fish And Chorizo Soup Spanish Fish And Chorizo Soup

    Dear cooking fans, today we have a really challenging recipe: Spanish fish and Chorizo soup, which is a perfect example of how well Chorizo and fish work together; this fish soup is spicy, full of flavor and absolutely beautiful. With Chorizo, fish, prawns and chickpeas, this warming, spicy soup rea

  • Creamy Mushroom Soup Creamy Mushroom Soup

    After all the Christmas food, full of meats and extremely abundant, a healthy homemade creamy mushroom soup, cooked from scratch, is more than welcome. It’s very easy to make and it involves chopping some celery, onions, garlic, and mushrooms. Use virgin olive oil to slowly fry them in a pan, then

  • Joy Cooking Pancake Cake‏ Joy Cooking Pancake Cake‏

    Lend a helping hand in this Joy cooking game in which you will have to purchase the ingredients and make a full stack of pancakes and turn them into a real cake. Together with nutella it will be the best dessert ever.

  • Tropical Fruitcake Tropical Fruitcake

    Enjoy this great cooking game where you will learn how to prepare a delicious cake with tropical fruit. Make sure you have all the ingredients ready, you will need some tropical fruits like bananas, kiwi, oranges, limes and few eggs, flour, hot chocolate, sugar and cream. Is a very easy recipe so ev

  • Baby Elsa Chocolate Cake Baby Elsa Chocolate Cake

    New Year is coming and it`s time to go celebrating too. Now, let`s play the cake cooking game, and make a perfect New Year chocolate cake. First choose the objects, then choose the ingredients, and decorate. Finally, send it to your frozen family. Happy New Year!!

  • Cooking pizza for dinner Cooking pizza for dinner

    Cook a delicious pizza for your mom.

  • How to Make an Anna Cake How to Make an Anna Cake

    Do you want a gorgeous Anna cake for your birthday party? I bet you do! Play this fun cooking game and learn how to make an Anna cake step by step! It's easy and looks so pretty! Let's get started!

  • Barbie's Fashion Magazine Barbie's Fashion Magazine

    Hey girls, we all know that Barbie is a big fashionista. She always looks perfect and she is a big shopaholic, so if you ever need a fashion advice she is your person. Her friends always turns to her when they need help, because Barbie is full of surprises, creative, she has a good sense of fashion

  • Jasmine Wedding Cake‏ Jasmine Wedding Cake‏

    Help Belle and Ariel in this Jasmine cake cooking game because the two want to make her a surprise for the wedding. Choose the batter, layering and also the frosting and ornaments so it will look as well as it tastes.

  • Dora Cooking Christmas Cake Dora Cooking Christmas Cake

    This christmas the explorer Dora decided to cook a cake. You have to help her. First mix the ingridients and cook the cake. Then decorate cake for christmas. Have fun!

  • Elsa Winter Cooking Elsa Winter Cooking

    It's December and the frozen Queen Elsa decided to cook a delicious this year.Help her choose the perfect ingredients to prepare the perfect cake.After you make the perfect frozen princess cake you cand build a snowman.Have fun and enjoy this winter game.

  • Christmas Tree Cookies‏ Christmas Tree Cookies‏

    How would you like to help this sweet little elf here spread some Christmas joy? Since Santa and all his helpers are working really, really hard these days to get all the presents ready by Christmas Eve, she's planning to surprise and spoil them all with some tasty... Christmas tree cookies! Would y

  • Pancakes With Mushrooms Pancakes With Mushrooms

    Pancakes with Mushrooms is a very tasteful and elegant food. Easy to cook, ready in just few minutes. For this recipe use the more flavorful brown mushrooms, so you will obtain best results. Cooking pancakes can be ready in 5 minutes, very easy just mixing basic ingredients like eggs, flour and milk

  • Salted Caramel Cookies Salted Caramel Cookies

    Imagine this amazing taste in your mouth: chocolate chip cookies with a layer of gooey, molten salted caramel. That is surely an incredible experience for your taste buds, an explosion of taste ready to blow your mind! Have I made you drool? If not, try playing this yummy cooking game! Enjoy!

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