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  • Perfect Hot Dog Perfect Hot Dog

    Let’s be honest: everybody loves fast food! And ‘fast food’ is usually called a calorie bomb on a plate. But how can we call this perfect looking, awesome tasting hot dog junk? Because it contains lots of veggies, like sliced cucumber, salad, cabbage, and tomatoes. Since, ketchup and mustard c

  • Ginger Birthday Cake Ginger Birthday Cake

    Today is Ginger's Birthday and Angela decides to make him a delicious birthday cake. They go to shop all they need and you can help them to decorate this yummy birthday cake.

  • Talking Angela Cooking Session Talking Angela Cooking Session

    Do I sense a big pumpkin pie fan? Well, guess what: so is lovely little Talking Angela! Moreover, the adorable fur ball is also a pastry chef, too, and this specific dessert is her... specialty! Seize the chance of learning some of her best kept baking secrets as you join her ingredients shopping, a

  • Baby Barbie Little Pony Cupcakes Baby Barbie Little Pony Cupcakes

    Baby Barbie loves to cook. She is awesome at it and she likes to learn brand new recipes with great ingredients, which she can easily decorate. It's time to join her for a super fun cooking experience in the kitchen to learn a new and fun recipe for a dessert. Do you want to know what the tasty trea

  • Delicious Cherry Pie Delicious Cherry Pie

    Are you looking for a fruit desert? Then you should bake this American Cherry Pie recipe, using fresh cherries and a buttery pie dough crust for a fruity summer dessert. If it’s not cherries season, you can always use frozen ones. This homemade Cherry Pie is full of the sweet flavor of cherries. G

  • Sofia Cooking Princess Cake‏ Sofia Cooking Princess Cake‏

    Play a fun Sofia cake cooking game as she really wants to share this secret recipe with someone skilled enough to make it. Follow her instructions closely if you want to make the most awesome cake in existence.

  • Cooking Cheese Cake Cooking Cheese Cake

    Welcome kids to a new cooking game. Today we will learn how to prepare a delicious Cheese cake, so are you ready to have a lot of fun? First you should look around you and see what ingredients and tools you need to prepare this cake. First step is to smash the crackers, then you have to melt the but

  • Frozen Halloween Olaf Cooking Frozen Halloween Olaf Cooking

    Frozen princess arranged a party for Halloween Day celebration, Everyone planned to come with a different costumes to celebrate Halloween Day. But Olaf wants to give a surprise treat to everyone by giving delicious Cupcake on the party. So Olaf going to prepare Cupcake and make this event more happ

  • Super Barbie BBQ Chicken Pizza Super Barbie BBQ Chicken Pizza

    Super Barbie is going to prepare chicken pizza for her beloved Aunt Mary. She has come all the way to visit Barbie. Now, our girl wants to surprise her aunt with her aunt’s favourite chicken pizza. It would be impossible without you. You help the poor girl. Be with her in the kitchen and prep

  • Halloween Spooky Pancakes Halloween Spooky Pancakes

    Halloween is by far sweet Lizzie's top favorite holiday and she usually gets ready to welcome it long, long time in advance! This year she's thinking about preparing some spookylicious Halloween special pancakes for all her friends and, of course, she's counting on your help for shopping all the nee

  • Halloween Special Cake Cooking‏ Halloween Special Cake Cooking‏

    As Halloween is about to come, it is fitting that you must cook a special Halloween cake to celebrate this great feast in the right spirit. Today, you can learn how to cook a delicious homemade spooky Halloween cake with our step by step instructions and not only that you can also get to decorate th

  • Frozen-Monster High Cake Decor Frozen-Monster High Cake Decor

    Today you can start cooking with your favorite characters.You can help Elsa and Anna to cook and decorate a delicious frozen cake and after you can cook and decorate a Monster High cake with your favorite Monster High characters.Have fun!

  • Baby Juliet Cooking Baby Juliet Cooking

    This weekend, Baby Juliet takes a chance to prepare delicious food for her friend. Baby Juliet always has a lot of ideas; she knows what to do to make her friends have a nice weekend. But before cooking the delicious food, Baby Juliet needs some super fashionable kitchen outfits.

  • Elsa's Frozen Macarons Elsa's Frozen Macarons

    Girls, princess Elsa has a special recipe with her own signature for you: frozen macarons. Not only that will be fantastic to cook this dessert, but who doesn't have a sweet tooth right? Get ready to cook this french style dessert and start by making the composition. Take each ingredient on the tabl

  • Blueberry Cheesecake Blueberry Cheesecake

    Samuel and Ana are crazy about cheesecakes. They met in a bakery shop while they were ordering the same blueberry cheesecake. Of course Samuel let her have it so that moment their love story started. Today they are celebrating the 8 months anniversary so the blueberry cheesecake is indispensable rig

  • Ice cream candy factory 2 Ice cream candy factory 2

    Ice cream and candy factory 2 is a fun cooking games where you have to serve your customer with delicious candy and delicious ice cream. We added more machines in this game.

  • Burger Maker Burger Maker

    Welcome to Burger Maker diner! Today, you will learn how to make a hamburger all by yourself... and from scratch! This is not an ordinary hamburger, but a double layered one, perfect for those who are very hungry! Rush to the grocery store to get all the ingredients, then start cutting them. You wil

  • Twins' Birthday Cake Twins' Birthday Cake

    These lovely birthday sweeties here, Sara and Susan, are counting on your help in the kitchen! They're looking for the best pastry chef and the most creative cake decorator, as well, for putting together that spectacular, yummylicious birthday cake meant to leave all their birthday party guests mout

  • Delicious Heart Pizza Delicious Heart Pizza

    Hi girls. Let's play a new cooking game where you could learn to prepare a delicious pizza. It is a easy and delicious recipe you can prepare in as little as 20 minutes. Follow the instruction in game and finally make sure that the pizza is as you imagined. Have fun!

  • Baby Barbie Cooking Cotton Candy‏ Baby Barbie Cooking Cotton Candy‏

    Start up the spinning wheel and make some delicious treats in this Barbie Superhero cotton candy cooking game. Choose colors and shapes then hand it out to your friends.

  • Delicious Rounded Cookies Delicious Rounded Cookies

    Are you in the mood for something sweet today? Then you should try this brand new game from called Delicious Rounded Cookies. Preparing the dough for the cookies is relatively easy, the recipe will tell you exactly what to do. Use a round cookies form to shape the dough, then bake them in

  • Delicious Pancakes Cooking‏ Delicious Pancakes Cooking‏

    Welcome to your online kitchen and we have a wonderful recipe to teach you today in this cooking game. Yes, how about tasting some delicious pancakes made by you? The recipe looks simple but the taste is unmatchable. You have all the ingredients at your disposable. You will have to mix them up and c

  • Sweet Vanilla Cupcakes Sweet Vanilla Cupcakes

    If you’re thinking about hosting a party, then you should not forget about making some sweet little treats for your guests. You need something simple, yet impressive at the same time: Sweet Vanilla Cupcakes– it will surely be the hit of the night. Start by taking a bowl and add all the ingredie

  • Minion Birthday Cake Minion Birthday Cake

    Minions are one of the cutest characters these days. In this exclusive game Minion Birthday Cake, you will have fun with them and also learn how to cook a delicious cake for the first time. There are several stages in the cooking process, but you do not have to be a skilled chef to make miracles in

  • Barbie Cooking Find the Objects Barbie Cooking Find the Objects

    One of the favorite hobby of Barbie is cooking. She cooks yummy foods to surprise her friends and loved ones. She took some photos while cooking for her birthday. Now we have placed some ingredients in those photographs. Can you find those objects in the images? Find all the objects in every level t

  • Homemade Instant Noodle Homemade Instant Noodle

    Do you like to eat instant noodles?Do you know how to make it?If you are a fan of this yummy food,let's make our unique delicious instant noodles all by ourselves!

  • Super Sugar Cookies Super Sugar Cookies

    Hello chefs! Today we’re teaching you to cook the most simple cookie recipe ever! It’s a delicious, very easy to make Super Sugar Cookie that goes more than perfect with a glass of milk, especially on cold evenings, by the fire, or on chilly evenings on the porch watching the stars, or just in f

  • Fairy Tara Birthday Fairy Tara Birthday

    Hello girls! Great celebration is yet to take place in the magical world. Can you guess what it is? it is none other than the birthday celebration of Fairy Tara. Let us join with her to prepare the cake. Finally dress up her for the party.

  • Barbie Cooking Sunrise Pizza Barbie Cooking Sunrise Pizza

    Hi! It’s me Barbie. I have been working since morning. Now I am all set to prepare sunrise pizza which is the favourite of my parents. They have gone to the market to buy vegetables. Hurry up! The relatives of the girl are on the way to the abode. She wants to surprise them with the hot delicious

  • Cooking Vanilla Ice Cream Cooking Vanilla Ice Cream

    Are you craving for something sweet, delicious, and refreshing? Something really cold, creamy, vanilla flavored maybe? Then ice cream is the answer! It’s frozen and you can have it as a snack or desert especially on those hot summer days. The recipe is really easy, just follow the easy steps, and

  • Colorful Cupcake Colorful Cupcake

    A small cake designed to serve one person, baked in a small, thin paper, covered in delicious icing, sprinkled with colorful candy of different shapes. Have you guessed what it is? Of course, it’s a delicious Cupcake!! Everybody’s favorites! I’m sure you’re dying to eat one right now, so hur

  • Barbie Family Cooking Barbecued Wings‏ Barbie Family Cooking Barbecued Wings‏

    Learn a fun grilling recipe in this Barbie superhero cooking game where she is going to need some help preparing some delicious buffalo wings with all sorts of spices and herbs.

  • Barbie's Pizza Puffs Barbie's Pizza Puffs

    Are you ready to cook you very first recipe? In this fun cooking game, Barbie will show you each step and you are going to make some yummy pizza puffs today. Mix several ingredients together and make sure you stir them very well. Prepare the baking pan and put the composition into the muffin cups. P

  • Strawberry Cooking lesson Strawberry Cooking lesson

    Cook a delicious soup with strawberry shortcake,help her prepare all the right ingredients to do the best soup ever.Have fun!

  • French Bread Omelette Pizza French Bread Omelette Pizza

    Are you in a cooking mood today? And you’e not exactly sure what you feel like eating? You feel really, really hungry?Then you need a high protein dish! A pizza or an omelette maybe? If you still can' decide,why not combine the two and make a French Bread Omelette Pizza!It‘ easy to make, delici

  • Making Delicious Ice Cream Making Delicious Ice Cream

    Hi girls. Do you like ice cream? I think you do, so today you can learn how to prepare a home made ice cream. First you should buy all the needed ingredients and then follow carefully the instructions to mix them as the recipe says. Finally the ice cream will be delicious. Enjoy!

  • Mother and Daughter Plum Tart Cooking Mother and Daughter Plum Tart Cooking

    Sweet little Susie and her mommy have a great plan: they'll be baking a yummy, finger-licking good plum tart for daddy's birthday (it's his top favorite dessert, you know). Since they couldn't possibly get it cooked and decorated on time without your help, they'd appreciate if you could help them wi

  • Baby Barbie My Perfect Breakfast Baby Barbie My Perfect Breakfast

    Baby Barbie loves cooking. She enjoys creating new recipes and trying new ideas that she sees on TV and in the magazines. Today she wants to try the best breakfast with tasty treats. Sounds like a great idea right? Don't waste time and join her in the game called Baby Barbie My Perfect Breakfast and

  • Cooking Chocolate Crackers Cooking Chocolate Crackers

    Getting ready for Christmas already?Let’s make some little Rudolf that are not for Christmas decor, but for a nice Christmas treat: chocolate crackers!Crisp and light, these crackers are spread with yummy chocolate and they are sweet and salty at the same time!Enjoy!

  • Seafood Chef Seafood Chef

    Make the freshest seafood ever. Start by catching your own fish and finish in the kitchen with your mom and her family recipe.

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