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  • Annes Delicious Wedding Cake Annes Delicious Wedding Cake

    Be a great chef and make the best wedding cake ever! First go shopping, get all the ingredients, add flour, eggs, a hint of baking powder, milk and butter. Get all the baking forms and fill them up, bake them one by one. Next comes the fun part: decoration! Enjoy!

  • Barbie Cooking Chinese Cookies Barbie Cooking Chinese Cookies

    Barbie has a strong desire of preparing Chinese cookies since she was introduced to the delicious cookies by her uncle. From the moment onwards she wanted to prepare the cookies on her own. Now she is confident of preparing the cookies. Now she is all set to prepare the attractive cookies. You be wi

  • Cooking Fruit Ice Cream Cooking Fruit Ice Cream

    It’s summer, it’s hot and what we really need right now is a fruity ice cream.So get your favorite fruits and start playing. But be careful not to cut your fingers, while cutting them.Mix them well in the blender and add whipped cream.The fun part always comes last: start decorating!Have fun and

  • Delicious Sweet Cookies Delicious Sweet Cookies

    Sweet cookies are a simple delicious treat that are perfect for any occasion.This classic sweet cookie dough will come in handy anytime you need a dessert.Bakers love to make them, and everyone loves to eat them.

  • Cooking Delicious Fudge Puddles Cake Cooking Delicious Fudge Puddles Cake

    Are you ready for another amazing cooking lesson? Today we’re making a delicious Fudge Puddles Cake, which is actually a super simple cookie shell filled with chocolate truffle filling. It’s so yummy that each bite is exploding with warm cocoa, surrounded by soft vanilla cake. This recipe is sur

  • Winx Flora Cooking Poutine Pizza Winx Flora Cooking Poutine Pizza

    Flora, the fairy who is very much interested in planting trees and vegetation will have many guests this evening. She has a plan of distributing plants to everyone after the party gets over. Being the Guardian fairy of Nature this idea of giving saplings for free dawned on her while she was sleeping

  • Baby Rapunzel Cooking Cake Balls‏ Baby Rapunzel Cooking Cake Balls‏

    The smell of dessert will fill up the house after this Baby Rapunzel cooking game as she has prepared a simple, yet delightful recipe in which you will be preparing some cake balls.

  • Chocolate Popsicles Chocolate Popsicles

    Are you ready to prepare something sweet? Choose carefully the right ingredients, mix them well, carefully cut the chocolate bar, use ice cream sticks after you carefully put them into forms, bake them, nicely decorate them and of course enjoy them!

  • Barbie Superhero Cooking Mini Cheesecakes‏ Barbie Superhero Cooking Mini Cheesecakes‏

    A proper villain chaser needs some food on the go so in this Barbie superhero cooking game you will learn a simple recipe that will have an awesome taste and make your day a whole lot better.

  • Cooking Home Made Ice Cream Cooking Home Made Ice Cream

    What’s better than a home made desert? A home made ice cream!!! It’s so easy to make it, you only need to follow the recipe’s easy steps. Decorate with chocolate sticks, caramel topping, and a strawberry on top and it’s all ready! Bon appetit!

  • Cooking Hazelnuts Ice Cream Cooking Hazelnuts Ice Cream

    What do you do when it’s hot and you want something sweet? That’s right!! Eat ice cream! Lots of it! That yummy sweet temptation with hazelnuts and lots of chocolate topping, maybe a cherry on top. Let’s make this dream come true! Good luck and enjoy decorating it!

  • Elsa Bride Cooking Wedding Dish‏ Elsa Bride Cooking Wedding Dish‏

    Make some delicious and quick dishes in this Elsa bride cooking game where she has to serve the guests with plenty of fresh homemade appetizers and course so they can enjoy the celebrations.

  • Explore Cooking with Dora Explore Cooking with Dora

    Put on your apron and lend cute little Dora a helping hand in the kitchen for baking and decorating some finger-licking good, surprise cupcakes for her special guests!

  • Pregnant Rapunzel Cooking Chicken Soup‏ Pregnant Rapunzel Cooking Chicken Soup‏

    A soon to be mommy is eager to get a meal in so start this pregnant Rapunzel chicken soup cooking game as she is hungrier than ever and does not know how to make it as good as you do.

  • Cooking Steak Dinner Cooking Steak Dinner

    Lets make the most delicious steak dinner for the our beloved customers.

  • Ariel Cake Decor Ariel Cake Decor

    Cook and decorate a beautiful and delicious cake with Ariel the little mermaid.Have fun making the most beautiful cake there is!

  • Cooking Academy Wedding Cake Cooking Academy Wedding Cake

    Welcome to Cooking Academy! Today's lesson is about cakes! Everyone loves cakes and we will show you how easy and fun is to prepare one yourself! Here you will learn the most delicious and exquisite recipes available worldwide, in a fun environment and with a great guide. This lesson is about a deli

  • Selena Cooking Hummus Pizza Selena Cooking Hummus Pizza

    The friends of Selena are coming for a get together tonight. The friends of her are fond of hummus pizza. So, she has decided to prepare it. She alone cannot cook the pizza on time. She needs your help. You have all the ingredients available in the well maintained kitchen. The girls are on the way t

  • Homemade Ice Cream  New Homemade Ice Cream New

    Lovely Susan here is thinking about spoiling her family, on this hot summer day, with a surprise homemade ice cream. Will you help her cook it and decorate the yummy summer treat?

  • Olaf Cooking Ice cream turtle Cake‏ Olaf Cooking Ice cream turtle Cake‏

    The snowman will be your helper in the kitchen in this Olaf cooking ice cream cake game and he will be sharing the finished product with you and your friends so get started right away.

  • Perry Cooking American Hamburger‏ Perry Cooking American Hamburger‏

    Make some patties in this Perry hamburger cooking game where he will teach you how to make some of the best ones. All the true detectives love a nice burger so get right to it.

  • Easter Bunny Cookie Decor Easter Bunny Cookie Decor

    Hey! Gals. Easter is here. Anna wants to make a cookie for her friends who are visiting her home today evening. How about a cookie made like a bunny shape? You can give the cookie a funny bunny look. You can change the colour of the Bunny aka cookie. Choose the design and colour of eyes, paws and mo

  • Make Delicious Macaroons Make Delicious Macaroons

    Take your cooking apron, gather all the needed ingredients and start cooking step by step these awesome cookies.This sophisticated dessert is perfect to give as a gift or to impress your guests that come visiting.Happy Cooking!

  • Baby Anna Tasty Cupcake Baby Anna Tasty Cupcake

    Baby Anna is home alone trying to bake some tasty cakes for her mom. You must help Anna decorate cupcakes with cream, fruits, candies and chocolate in this delicious food styling game. Anna’s mom will be happy and they will enjoy your cute and tasty cupcakes.

  • Frozen Family Cooking Wedding Cake‏ Frozen Family Cooking Wedding Cake‏

    Gather in the kitchen for this Frozen family wedding cake cooking game where you will meet all the members and prepare a delicious and crazy looking masterpiece of flour and sugar.

  • Cooking Vegetable Salad Cooking Vegetable Salad

    It's summertime and this season is perfect for some really delicious salad recipes because you can always find some fresh vegetables to choose from!Today we will show you how to make a vegetable salad with some tasty pieces of grilled beef.This salad if full of color and flavor, as well as being pac

  • Baby Tom Cooking Hamburger Baby Tom Cooking Hamburger

    Baby Tom wants to make a surprise for his parents, so he will try to cook a delicious hamburger for them.He brought all the tasty ingredients and did most of the work. Now you just have to help him arrange the dish. Choose your favorite bread, add salad or fresh vegetables, cheese and the tasty meat

  • Elsa s Fantasy Ice Cream Elsa s Fantasy Ice Cream

    Elsa begins to dream of summer days on the beach. School ends soon and we can go on summer vacation on a sunny beach. Elsa wants to be on a sunny beach, with the bigest and tastiest ice cream in his right hand. Help Elsa, have the perfect fantasy, decorating she's ice cream and the most delicious c

  • Pregnant Barbie Cooking Pony Cake‏ Pregnant Barbie Cooking Pony Cake‏

    Learn a new cake recipe in this pregnant Barbie cooking pony cake game where she will be teaching you how to organize your kitchen before you can start preparing such a delicious dessert.

  • Cooking Academy Decor My Cupcake Cooking Academy Decor My Cupcake

    You have invited your loved one for the Dinner and you want to surprise him/her by preparing cup cake by your own. So you go and purchase all the ingredients from Super Market and prepare your cake by using the ingredients what you bought it from the super Market. Finally decor the cup cake as your

  • Summer Grill Cooking Summer Grill Cooking

    Cute little Lizzie here will be hosting a fun barbeque party and she needs all the help you could give her for preparing the yummy grill and for setting the table, as well!

  • Angela Tomato Pie Angela Tomato Pie

    Time to sharpen up your cooking skills.Today you will be helping Angela to prepare the tomato pie recipe. It won't be hard at all.Follow the instructions and complete the task within the time frame to earn stars.Slice the tomatoes , prepare the pie dough , add the rest of the ingredients than bake

  • Baby Anna Cooking Block Cakes‏ Baby Anna Cooking Block Cakes‏

    Learn how to make another delicious dessert in this baby Anna baking game where she will try to teach you how to prepare numerous block cake pops which are perfect for any party.

  • Cake Competition Cake Competition

    How would you like to team up with pretty Adele here, a talented, creative little pastry chef, and help her win this fun cake baking and decorating competition?

  • Doc McStuffins And Friends Cooking Pancakes Doc McStuffins And Friends Cooking Pancakes

    Doc McStuffins and Friends was watching TV,there was a program how to prepare pancakes. They decides to prepare one, they need your help to prepare. Before we could start, we need to get the ingredients first.You will find the ingredients in the kitchen cabinets and fridge, and take a look in the

  • Pregnant Elsa Cooking Pizza? Pregnant Elsa Cooking Pizza?

    Learn how to make a traditional Italian dish in this pregnant Elsa pizza cooking game. She is having a tough time eating for two so make it a large one and add plenty of toppings to it.

  • Sofia Cooking Cake Batter Ice Cream Sofia Cooking Cake Batter Ice Cream

    Today is a graduation day for Caroline. She is the topper in the class. The parents of the girl are almost speechless. The professors of the girl were almost eulogized the candidate for her hard work and for her perseverance throughout the years. Therefore, the siblings of the Sofia have arranged fo

  • Turkish Stuffed Grape Leaves Turkish Stuffed Grape Leaves

    The stuffed grape leaves, oftentimes referred to as dolma is best known as a yummy dish among the Turkish. Lots of spices are used for the stuffing. So are you ready to cook the dish at your very own kitchen? First of all buy the ingredients from the market which are 300gm of pickled leaves, 2 cups

  • Oh Cooking Donuts? Oh Cooking Donuts?

    There is a special guest in this Oh cooking donuts game and he is eager to meet with you. He is not from our planet so show him around and learn how to prepare this delicious dessert together.

  • Anna Cooking Muffaletta Pizza Anna Cooking Muffaletta Pizza

    Anna is going to visit her beloved sister Elsa tomorrow. She is taking so much of home-made ingredients with her. She is also carrying so much of apples that grew in the garden. Apart from that she is taking the expensive garments and clothes she bought for Elsa. The next day has come. Anna hears th

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