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  • Cooking Fruit Cake Cooking Fruit Cake

    A new cooking class will teach you how to make a delicious fruit cake just in time for strawberry season.Get your cooking apron and start following the instructions for preparing a delicious fruit cake.Happy Cooking!

  • Elsas Rocky Road Ice Cream Elsas Rocky Road Ice Cream

    Your ambition of being part of the Rocky Road ice cream will become true within a few days. Be with our Elsa and learn how to prepare Rocky road ice-cream. At the end of the session you are eligible to become a member of the well-known hotel. Your making of delicious ice cream will be supplied in th

  • Crunchy Sugar Biscuits Crunchy Sugar Biscuits

    I guess we all love crunchy sugar biscuits and now you got the chance to learn how to make them following a simple and easy recipe. This wonderful cookies are devoured by kids and It's always good to have a big jar of them in the pantry.Now let's get to the cooking and baking part. First you need

  • Elsa Cooking Chunky Cheesecake Brownies Elsa Cooking Chunky Cheesecake Brownies

    Elsa has gone to spend the vacation with her cousins. She has a big garden in which there are apple trees. She carried so many apples to the cousins. They are in love with the fruits. Everyone is having a great time. Don’t you feel envy of the unity of the family? You can join them provided you ma

  • Zoe's Day at Farm Zoe's Day at Farm

    Zoe has to complete her school project. Help her build a creative Farm house with your innovative ideas to do an outstanding project in the class. Zoe is also committed to a work from her dad since her grandma is out of station .Now she has to take care of the farm house. Are you excited to help the

  • Angela Cooking Cake Angela Cooking Cake

    Talking Angela is preparing a big surprise for Tom. She wants to bake a delicious cake and celebrate their anniversary as a couple. Let us give Angela a hand and make sure she has all the ingredients she needs for the cake. Next, follow the recipe to mix all the ingredients in the right order and pr

  • Forest Fruits Pie Forest Fruits Pie

    Another Cooking Class is about to begin and today you will learn how to make a delicious and special pie recipe named Forest Fruits Pie.It is an amazing dish very easy and fast to make, perfect for any occasion. Serve your friends with a slice of this tasty pie and they will be impressed about your

  • Anna Cooking Chicken Salad? Anna Cooking Chicken Salad?

    Try to get this recipe right in another Anna chicken salad cooking game as this will be a great recipe for the summer. You should try following the instructions to see the end dish looking amazing.

  • Cinderella Cooking Bunny Cake? Cinderella Cooking Bunny Cake?

    Help around in the kitchen because in this Cinderella bunny cake cooking game you will be in for a treat once you finish decorating it and putting in the freezer to cool off. Have a slice with your friends!

  • Cooking Strawberry Cake Cooking Strawberry Cake

  • Cooking Easy Chicken Recipe Cooking Easy Chicken Recipe

  • Cooking Crunchy Graduate Cookies Cooking Crunchy Graduate Cookies

    Celebrate the graduate with this top-rated recipe for graduation cupcakes and make some cute treats for graduation.All your friends will be impressed. Gather all the needed ingredients and use them following the cooking instructions you receive during game play.Prepare the cookies, bake them and at

  • Elsa Cooking Pound Cake Elsa Cooking Pound Cake

    Keep your eyes on the clock because in this Elsa cooking pound cake game you will need to manage your time well in order for it to come out of the over fluffy and ready for some delicious frosting.

  • Anna Cooking Cheese cake? Anna Cooking Cheese cake?

    Help around in the kitchen because in this Anna cheese cake cooking game she is a bit overwhelmed by all the types of ingredients and procedures. Do not forget to lick the spoon.Instructions: Use the mouse to bake a cake with Anna.

  • Oven Fresh Cupcakes Oven Fresh Cupcakes

    We all know that nothing compares with the smells of freshly baked cupcakes in the kitchen. Cupcakes are delicious and it can be done in many shapes, colors and flavors. Today we propose to try a simple cupcakes recipe very easy and fast to make using some common ingredients. First you need to prepa

  • Salsa Chicken Rice Salsa Chicken Rice

    In this cooking game for girls you will learn how to cook an easy but very satisfying meal, easy made with ingredients found in the pantry.Put the rice in water and boil it. Meanwhile cook the chicken then add chicken and mushroom soup. Mix all ingredients and put them in a hot oven for 30 minutes.D

  • Spaghetti And Meatballs Spaghetti And Meatballs

    Welcome to an awesome cooking demonstration! We all love to eat pasta, specially spaghetti and my favorites are spaghetti with meatballs so in this cooking game I will show you how to prepare this special Italian recipe.Just follow the instructions and get ready to be a Master Chef in your own kitch

  • Minnie Mouse Cupcakes? Minnie Mouse Cupcakes?

    We have a great new dessert recipe for you, which I am sure you will adore. This great recipe is called Minnie Mouse Cupcakes and you will need many great ingredients to cook it. In Minnie Mouse Cupcakes you can make the ears from black fondant and cut it into round shapes. Place the two ears on eac

  • Best Burger Chef Best Burger Chef

    Nina is opening her first burger cafe and needs helping preparing her top dish, the cheese burger. Help her pick the tools and cook a delicious Burger for her new cafe customers!

  • Anna Cooking Spaghetti? Anna Cooking Spaghetti?

    Help your friend in this Anna spaghetti cooking game as she wants to make a delicious meal that you two will serve right after it is done. Have some fun while you learn new recipes.

  • Dora make Cake Love Dora make Cake Love

  • Pasta With Meatballs Pasta With Meatballs

    Today we will prepare a simple but delicious dish named Pasta With Meatballs.This is a a delicious meatball pasta recipe that is loved by adults and kids, small meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, the perfect combo!First prepare the composition for the meatballs and then with you clean hands gently ma

  • Strawberry Blackcurrant Pie Strawberry Blackcurrant Pie

    If you are addicted to baking sweet treats then get ready to learn how to make Strawberry Blackcurrant Pie. It's a delicious pie with fresh fruits and lots of flavors. First take some strawberry fruits and cute them in half then get ready to prepare the pie dough. Add flour, salt, shortening, sugar

  • Cook Apple Pie Recipe Cook Apple Pie Recipe

    Cook Apple Pie is a game developed especially for those who loves to cook various desserts.There are thousands of recipes for Apple Pie around the world and all are delicious but we there propose for you a simple recipe that can be made very quickly using some usual ingredients.First you need to pur

  • Beef And Noodles Beef And Noodles

    Dear friends, if you a cooking food lovers in this game we invite you to learn and cook a delicious recipe of beef with noodles. In advance, you need to prepare beef carefully, because cooking this type of meat requires attention. When the beef is ready start to boil noodles for 10 minutes. Mix beef

  • Cooking Easy Breaded Chicken Cooking Easy Breaded Chicken

    Easy Breaded Chicken is a super simple chicken recipe that works every time.It may be prepared in just a few minutes using some simple ingredients and without having great cooking skills.Begin this cooking game by gathering all the ingredients you need from the market place then proceed forward wit

  • Strawberry Hazelnut Tart Strawberry Hazelnut Tart

    In this cooking game you will learn how to cook a fantastic tart, absolutely delicious, Strawberry Hazelnut Tart.In the first part of the game, you need to buy the ingredients, then you need to mix all the ingredients following the in game instructions.After the base is ready, you need to prepare th

  • Baby Elsa Cooking Homemade icecream? Baby Elsa Cooking Homemade icecream?

    Get your apron on and start doing some work in this baby Elsa cooking ice cream game and by the time you get it out of the freezer it will be plenty of it to last the whole week.

  • Spicy Italian Pizza Spicy Italian Pizza

    Everyone loves Pizza and the best pizza is made in Italy! We challenge you to learn how to make a delicious spicy pizza following an old Italian recipe. First you need to start gathering all the ingredients you need to prepare the dough and the ingredients like vegetables, Parmesan, and many others

  • Elsa Cooking Cupcakes Elsa Cooking Cupcakes

    Chef Cutezee is back with a brand new recipe which I am sure you will love. This recipe is a dessert and the decoration is very unique. Are you excited about the new lesson? You will need great ingredients and kitchen utensils in order to make it and Chef Cutezee will explain each step. Start the v

  • Pregnant Elsa Chicken Soup Pregnant Elsa Chicken Soup

    :Elsa is pregnant and she is craving for a soup.Help her prepare a delicious chicken soup with lots of ingredients to make her happy.Have fun!

  • Cooking Lesson - Chicken Wings Cooking Lesson - Chicken Wings

    Time for a new cooking class, darlings! Enter our virtual kitchen, roll up your sleeves and get ready for a new cooking challenge! This time you are going to learn how to make delicious chicken wings! Our cute chef is going to guide you, so follow her directions to find out what are the ingredients

  • Cooking Chicken Rice Cooking Chicken Rice

  • Olaf Coconut Cream Pie Olaf Coconut Cream Pie

    Today is the birthday of Olaf. He has decided to invite his close friends. They are Kristoff, the reindeer Sven and both the princesses Elsa and Anna. He is going to bake a creamy and delicious cake for friends. The task successfully he needs your help. For, you are the famous Chef in the city. Foll

  • Minion Cooking Banana Cake? Minion Cooking Banana Cake?

    Help around in the kitchen because this minion dessert cooking game will not go as smooth without you. Follow the recipe and try to stick to the plan to get an awesome banana cake.

  • Chef Zoe Pesto Pizza Chef Zoe Pesto Pizza

    Are you ready to cook pesto pizza?? Zoe's friends are coming for the night party. So, zoe plans to prepare her favorite dish pesto pizza to invite her friends with the dish. Help Chef zoe to cook the recipe to make her friends happy.

  • Panda Mini Pops Panda Mini Pops

    Lollipops! Kids are in loved with these delicious sweets. In this awesome cooking game you are invited to prepare some special lollipops named Panda Mini Pops. Yes they will look exactly like a panda bear. First you need to start preparing the composition following the cooking instructions you will

  • Cooking Fish Fresh Salad Cooking Fish Fresh Salad

    Today we will prepare together and incredibly simple, delicious and healthy fish salad. The start ingredient of this dish is a good slice of fresh tuna file that we will cut into small pieces. Next we will cut some fresh greens like onion, chive a medium size apple.The secret ingredient of this sala

  • Tasty Creamy Macaroons Tasty Creamy Macaroons

  • Dora Delicious Cake Decor Dora Delicious Cake Decor

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