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  • Halloween Nail Art Design Halloween Nail Art Design

    Sarah loves doing her nails to match the holidays! Now it's your turn to design the perfect set of Halloween themed nail art!

  • My Dreamy Nail Games My Dreamy Nail Games

    With spring arriving,girls who dream to design best manicures to release your inner child should have a look at this my dreamy nail games available,it's's's sassy!

  • Brunch For Love Brunch For Love

    It's mom's birthday today, Emily has been working all the morning to prepare the best brunch for mom and everyone! Could you help her set the table? A brunch for the loved ones is the best! Have fun!

  • Lunchbox Design Lunchbox Design

    It's Back to School time! Dress up Lilly, Ella, Sarah, and Gabby and then decorate your lunchbox! You can drag and drop the stickers and glitters to place them anywhere you like!

  • iPhone and iPad Design iPhone and iPad Design

    Decorate your iPhone or iPad any way that you want! Choose your iDevice and then pick bumpers, cases, colors, stickers, and more!

  • Cute Tattoo Salon Cute Tattoo Salon

    Are you a creative person? Are you fond of painting and drawing? Then you have a good chance to become a tattoo artist! In this game you will learn the basics of this unusual art. Become the most talented tattoo artist and make a stylish tattoo for this gorgeous lady!

  • Manicure Salon Manicure Salon

    In this manicure game you need to style up and design the nails in professional style. You have so many options to style up, so get ready to envy your friends.

  • Bad Teeth Makeover Bad Teeth Makeover

    Having bad teeth is such a huge shame, especially for women because our teeth are the only part of our beauty which we unintentionally show all the time! That's why they always need to look nice and clear. So I suggest you all a perfect "Teeth Makeover"! Wanna try once? Then come closer la

  • Decorate Barbie's Bedroom Decorate Barbie's Bedroom

    Barbie has moved into her new home. Her main concern is to create a beautiful bedroom. Help her to decorate so she will be admired by all her friends who will come visit. Choose the perfect colour of the walls, the floor, a beautiful carpet and wardrobe. Maybe you would appreciate pictures or painti

  • Clean Up My Purse Clean Up My Purse

    It's time to date. But Linda's purse is a complete mess. She needs to clean it up a little bit. She's running out of time. Could you give her a help?

  • Ready For The Beach Ready For The Beach

    Jessy want to go to the beach and she need to prepare for this beautiful day. Help her to make every step for her.

  • My Beautiful Nails My Beautiful Nails

    Amy is very crazy about her Beauty Nails. Today she has a free time to decorate her Nails. Help her to choose best attractive designs and colors. Have a best Manicure ever!

  • Future Manicure Spa Future Manicure Spa

    Hi, Could you imagine how the manicure works in the future? However, we thought about it.. Do you want to know? Start the play. Explore the fun of future manicure spa. And also explore your manicure skills and have fun.

  • Lagoona Blue Manicure Lagoona Blue Manicure

    Lagoona Blue loves to DIY manicure for her nails. Today she is in the mood for a new nail art, could you help her out? Check out her nail polish collections and all these amazing accessories! Have fun!

  • Summer Beach Pedicure Summer Beach Pedicure

    Summer is here. Beach season is open now. The sea and the sand, waiting for us. The weather warms up, slippers and sandals are trendy now. Choose the most beautiful nail polish for your toenails and complete with the most beautiful designs. Catch the fashion with accessories and tattoos. Enjoy get

  • Sweety Sunday Gake Sweety Sunday Gake

    Cake is the best dessert! Use the different toppings and choose some flavors to create and decorate a sweet sunday cake. You're the chef create it as you like.

  • Barbie Nails Design Barbie Nails Design

    Hi girls. Barbie will go on a date tonight and she is very nevous. She chose the dress, the hairstyle but she forgot about nails. Could you help her? Paint her nails as you like, use some glittery accesories and pick a nice and simple ring. Enjoy!

  • Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home

    Our character has a new house. She wants it to look dazzling, beautiful and comfortable. You can find the best matching decoration supplies in the menu. Also, decide on where this house is gonna be. By the sea? Up on a hill? It's upto you to decide on the view from the window. Decorate the house acc

  • Frankie Stein in Spa Frankie Stein in Spa

    Frankie Stein wants to have a wonderful look for her weekend party. So she visited a best spa in the town. This is your spa now its your turn to give her some best towels and make her comfortable in finest cushion cots, good hair cap and face packs to make her feel better. Have fun.

  • Dora Ice Cream Decor Dora Ice Cream Decor

    Hey friends! Choose your favorite ice cream balls and start decorating them with many fruits and syrups. Add some mixture and then serve it with your loved ones. Enjoy playing Dora Ice Cream Decoration game!

  • Baby Toy Room Decor Baby Toy Room Decor

    Hey,girls look at the cute baby,now she will have have her own room.If you are her mother,how will you decorate the room ?According to the style that you like,decorate the room .Have fun!

  • Design My Own Tshirt Design My Own Tshirt

    Did you ever dream about to design your own T-shirt? Now it is the time to do it yourself. Design your tshirt with a nice design and choose the color that you want.

  • Underwater Decoration Underwater Decoration

    Wow! Do you see this wonderful underwater world? The king of the seas, found an empty place in the sea and he wants to fill it up with great underwater objects. He said he was seeking for a great and skilled designer, someone who could decorate that place. He wants to make that place the most beauti

  • Rochelle Goyles Pedicure Rochelle Goyles Pedicure

    Today Rochelle Goyle went to a salon to get a pedicure. When she entered the salon the owner of the salon informed her that all the pedicurists are gone on a vacation. After hearing this sad news, she returned to her home. She cannot even attempt to give herself a pedicure because she has no idea on

  • Stunning Eyes Decor Stunning Eyes Decor

    Face is the ?index of Mind; eyes are the index of face. It is the time to explore your decorating skills for your eyes. Do you love to embellish your eyes? Then grab this chance and show your beautifying skills and have fun.

  • Beautiful Nails Beautiful Nails

    Hey,do you want to have beautiful nails in spring?Look,here are the latest trend nail polishes just for you,girls! You can choose your favorite nail shape, colors,and accessories,then put them on your nail to have a good look.Come on ,let's have a try.

  • Flowers And Fairies Flowers And Fairies

    Have you heard the news? The lovely little flower nymphs are getting ready for their first flower shop's big opening day, tomorrow, when they'll be ready to charm and dazzle away all the fairies, princess andelves living in the fantasy world with the most beautiful flowers from the entire fairytale

  • Design Your T-Shirt Design Your T-Shirt

    Imagine if you have a chance to design your own T-shirts,What style do you like and what's your favorite color do you like? Then here? your chance to fulfill your wish .You can design a lovely T-shirts in the game right now. Apply your own designs and colors and make shirts that you will love to we

  • pearl milk tea pearl milk tea

    Do you like pearl milk tea? A fresh pearl milk tea will keep you full during busy days and makes you feel uncomfortable. Now let us learn to make a pearl milk tea ,then you can make many kinds pearl milk tea you like .Come on, it will be a pleasant thing.

  • Winter Cottage Winter Cottage

    Every winter you can live in a lovely cottage to see flying snow in the winter, If you did not have your own satisfied little cottage, now design one.If you already have one, you can help your friends design a beautiful cottage.

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