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  • Girly Room Décor Girly Room Décor

    Do you tend to redecorate your room? In this decoration game you'll find wonderful ideas to create a special room for a girl of any age. Combine different elements to have your room dreams, select your preferred mascot, paintings, furniture, carpet and many more great stuffs. A girl room doesn't hav

  • Perfect Beach Pedicure Salon Perfect Beach Pedicure Salon

    It is good to treat your feet with a perfect pedicure as often as possible to make them look cool and stylish. In this beach pedicure salon, you are going to give yourself a stylish pedicure that can make other jealous of your feet. Get this lovely game started and follow the step by step procedure

  • Pretty nail salon makeover Pretty nail salon makeover

    Gorgeous nail need a perfect makeover. Have fun.

  • Spooky Cake Decor Spooky Cake Decor

    Get in the Halloween spirit by decorating a delicious cake for your spooky Halloween party. You don't have to just decorate jack-o-lanterns this year. Make a scary cake with tombstone, ghost, and witch decorations all over the bloody frosting and moist cake.

  • My Cosy Room 2 My Cosy Room 2

    Be an interior designer and create beautiful rooms!

  • Barbie Halloween Doll House Barbie Halloween Doll House

    Barbie prepares herself for Halloween celebration. She is very much interested in gardening. This morning she planted twelve saplings and she wants to water them now. Meanwhile, you adorn the room of the girl in an elegant manner. She will be very happy if you lend your helping hand. Have the decora

  • Wedding Cake Deco Wedding Cake Deco

    Hey girls, welcome to a new decorating wedding cake game! We all wait for our wedding day and we also spend years to plan all the arrangements for this special event so this game will really help you to decide one of the most important aspect of your wedding – the wedding cake. This cake has to be

  • Hello Kitty Halloween Room Decor Hello Kitty Halloween Room Decor

    Riley is overwhelmed with fear and great joy because Haloowen night is coming. It is the first time ween she go without her parents to "Trick or Treat". Riley wants to be perfect tonight and she needs your help to choose the perfect outfit for Halloween night. Her feelings are in constant dispute, "

  • Barbie and Ken Romance Barbie and Ken Romance

    Barbie and Ken have planned a really romantic candlelight dinner for this evening! Since they'd love to dazzle each other away with their elegant stylish fashion looks and to delight their eyes with a so very lovely chic table setting, as well, they've picked you as their fashion adviser and decorat

  • Baby Barbie Glittery Nails Baby Barbie Glittery Nails

    Baby Barbie loves a great manicure. She usually goes to the salon for a great and unique manicure, but today she has decided to try something new. She will do her manicure at home and she could use your help. What do you say? Are you ready to use your creative skills with her? Start the game called

  • Tinkerbell Wedding Doll House Tinkerbell Wedding Doll House

    Today is the wedding anniversary of Tinker Bell. She has many things to be accomplished. You can reduce her burden if you lend your helping hand. It seems that the servants of the girl were speaking about decorating the doll house which was gifted to her by her mom. You go and decorate the doll hous

  • Winx Club Doll House Decor Winx Club Doll House Decor

    The doll house is owned by Winx club since time immemorial. They have planned to renovate the doll house where everyone’s heart lies. They are done with the renovation all that they need to do is decorating the house. You come to their aid. We are aware of your artistic talents. Take your own

  • Princess Sofia Doll House Decor Princess Sofia Doll House Decor

    Today is very special for Sofia. The brother of the girl Tommy wants to make her happy on this joyous occasion. When he thought what to present for her birthday, the idea of decorating her favorite doll house came to his mind. But, without your help, he cannot proceed further. He knows of your talen

  • Barbie Wedding Doll House Barbie Wedding Doll House

    Barbie is going out with her friends for shopping. The parents of the girl and her siblings have planned to go for a movie. It is very pathetic that everyone forgot to decorate the doll house of Barbie on the day of her wedding anniversary. You will be remembered forever for your wonderful service t

  • Baby Rapunzel Garden Decoration Baby Rapunzel Garden Decoration

    This beautiful princess need some help to decorate her garden.She need your decorating skills to make her garden look great.

  • Elsa Wedding Cake Elsa Wedding Cake

    It is a very special day for Elsa and she wants everything to be perfect. It is Elsa s wedding day and we need to help her choose the wedding cake. Use your baker skills to choose and decorate a delicious cake. Take a look at the diversity of sweet decorations and choose those that will make Elsa s

  • Delicious Crown Cake Decor Delicious Crown Cake Decor

    Here is a freshly baked cake which has not been decorated yet. You can decorate it as delicious crown cake and make it look very yummy. Choose different designs for each layer that each one stands different from the other. Be as creative as possible while decorating the layers. Finally, for the t

  • Anna and Kristoff baby room Anna and Kristoff baby room

    Anna and Kristoff are parents now and they need your amazing designer skills to decorate the baby`s room. A colorful room with pictures of her family will help the baby relax and go back to sleep right away. Choose from different furniture elements and make the room cute and childish, but in an eleg

  • Baby Rapunzel Pool Party Baby Rapunzel Pool Party

    Baby Rapunzel is spending the day by the pool.It’s time to prove your talents here and decorate the place the way you like, so get ready for a really challenging adventure! Baby Rapunzel will be happy thanks to you! Enjoy!

  • Princess Pets Doll House Decor Princess Pets Doll House Decor

    Princess Alice is fond of pets. So, whoever comes to visit her, would present an adorable pet to her. Thus, her room is filled with innumerable pets. For the pets, she has constructed a ravishing doll house. It requires interior decoration. You have been summoned by the king of your country. Contrib

  • Barbie iPhone Emoji Decoration Barbie iPhone Emoji Decoration

    Hey ladies! As you already know, Barbie is all about fashion, trends and latest gadgets. Today she has just received two pretty little gifts. In our amazing called Barbie iPhone Emoji Decoration, you are going to help the cutest Barbie decide upon the present she wants to receive. You will be able t

  • Angela Ice Cream Decor Angela Ice Cream Decor

    Angela is on a fabulous vacation on a tropical island and she wants to try out all the local food. Today she wants some ice cream, so do not worry about the money, cause Tom made sure her credit card is full, so mix and match delicious ice cream flavors, with incredible decorations and a yummy syrup

  • Princess Merida Doll House Decor Princess Merida Doll House Decor

    Princess Merida is the only girl in the world to fight against her own fate. At the end, she accomplishes her dreams. Merida is very much interested in archery. On weekends she would go to the woods to practice archery. She has informed her horse Agnus about tomorrow’s visit to the forest. Th

  • Minion Family Birtday Party Minion Family Birtday Party

    Today is a special day for minions, baby Kevin celebrates his birthday. Kevin's parents have many guests and want everything to be perfect. Minion dad is not good at decorations and needs your help. Herry up and suggest how to decorate his garden because Kevin's party is about to begin. Have a great

  • Baby Rapunzel Birthday Party Baby Rapunzel Birthday Party

    Baby Rapunzel is celebrating her birthday! Sh invited all her friends and family to be with her on this special day. Let us help baby Rapunzel and her mom decorate the house and make it look festive. Take a look at the decorations and choose the most fun ones. Baby Rapunzel s party will be amazing.

  • Realistic Barbie Room  New Realistic Barbie Room New

    Barbie has moved into her new home. Help her to decorate so she will be admired by all her friends who will come to visit. Choose the perfect color of the walls, the floor, a beautiful carpet and wardrobe. Maybe you would appreciate pictures or paintings on the wall, curtains and special accessories

  • Baby Tom Birthday Party Baby Tom Birthday Party

    Baby Tom's parents are preparing a surprise party for baby Tom. They used their credit card to pay for the cake and gifts. They also purchased some fun decorations. Now your job is to decorate the house and make it look amazing and ready for baby Tom's birthday party. Have fun!

  • Princess Room Decor Princess Room Decor

    This beautiful princess need some help to decorate one of the palace rooms.She need you decorating skills to make her room look great. Do you think you can help her?Have fun!

  • Elsa Mommy Room Deco Elsa Mommy Room Deco

    Elsa has a beautiful baby girl and she needs your designer skills to decorate her room! Join the beautiful ice queen and her baby in a cute room decoration game. Choose the crib, drapes and other elements to create an adorable environment for the little one, have fun!

  • Pregnant Elsa Ice Cream Decor Pregnant Elsa Ice Cream Decor

    It is a beautiful summer day and Elsa wants to cool with a delicious ice cream. She has so many ice cream flavors that she can not decide what to choose. How about you give her a hand and start preparing the perfect ice cream for Elsa. Select the ice cream flavor, the decorations, add some fruits sy

  • Riley New Room Decor Riley New Room Decor

    Riley feels sad in the new house, so Joy* is decided to cheer her up decorating new room. Fear* is confident that the new room decoration will not help Riley, while Anger* blame others for Riley's problems. Help Joy decorate a happy room for Riley!

  • Tucci and Oh New Home Decor Tucci and Oh New Home Decor

    Gratuity Tucci and Oh tied a beautiful friendship after the adventure from the movie Home. Gratuity and her mother are determined to adopt the the cuddly OH and he is invited to move with them. Now Oh needs your help to choose the design elements of the his new home. You can help him?

  • Howleen Wolf Room Decor Howleen Wolf Room Decor

    Howleen, the daughter of the werewolf always takes legitimate pride being the youngest child in the family. Though she does everything on her own she can hardly decide on her fashions in terms of choosing the outfit that suits her complexion and appearance. She has brought a new flat at the centre o

  • Play School Decoration Play School Decoration

    How fortunate you are to decorate the top most play school in the country. You will be paid through your nose. The play school is famous for its outstanding infrastructure, administration and maintenance as well. Your interior and outside decoration will add more elegance, name and name to the play

  • Elsa Clean Up royal family Elsa Clean Up royal family

    Girls, do you like Elsa ? She is very busy,but she likes cleaning her royal family by herself. But today she is very busy today ,so she wants someone help her. Girls, can you help her?First,clean the living room . The rubbish is everywhere you should put them in the dustbin .Then sweep the floor and

  • Baby Barbie Princess Dollhouse Baby Barbie Princess Dollhouse

    Help baby Barbie build an adorable princess dollhouse. It must resemble a castle with lots of towers. There are several designs with more or less rooms the cute girl likes. Start the Baby Barbie Princess Dollhouse fun choosing a house model. Note the dimensions. Use cardboard boxes, glue and scissor

  • Elsa And Olaf Bike Decor Elsa And Olaf Bike Decor

    Elsa wanted to buy a new bike for Olaf but she realized that her credit card was empty. Until she gets some funds on her credit card, let us help Elsa decorate a beautiful bike for Olaf. Use your fashion sense to make the bike look like an expensive jewel. Olaf will be very pleased and he can not wa

  • Baby Barbie Kawaii Nails Baby Barbie Kawaii Nails

    Design the most fabulous Kawaii nails for baby Barbie following professional nail salon steps. Begin with a manicure session. Wash the hands well with soap and water. Hydrate the skin massaging the hands and fingers with moisturizing cream. Continue the manicure using nail clipper, file and cuticles

  • Monster Truck Wash And Repair Monster Truck Wash And Repair

    Monster Truck Wash and Repair is a simple but funny game dedicated to all the monster truck fans! The show is about to begin and the monster trucks has to look awesome. Featuring incredibly detailed monster trucks this game invites you to take care of your favorite monster truck and get it ready for

  • Egyptian Princess Doll House Decor Egyptian Princess Doll House Decor

    Henuttaneb is the princess of Egypt before eight decades ago. She had made a gorgeous doll house when she was young. The doll house was very famous for its pretty look and elegant carving. This doll house was unearthed by an archaeologist yesterday. This has gained more prominence from the people th

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