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  • Icecream Deco Icecream Deco

    What desserts can be more delicious and most wanted in the middle of summer than ice cream. Cooked in different ways with different flavors ice cream is and will remain a very refreshing and as well tasty dessert. A combination of chocolate with vanilla decorated with a few berries will definitely

  • Big Kid Room Design Big Kid Room Design

    You're a big girl now, let's start building your own hotel! Decorate and fill the rooms with bunch of furniture and decorations that will make your guests happy. Of course they all will not fit in, but, that's the challenge! Good luck!

  • Dora Hand Spa for Mom Dora Hand Spa for Mom

    Dora wants to give her mom a Mother's Day surprise. A home hand spa and manicure would be perfect! Let's help Dora go shopping first for ingredients and tools. Then make the hand soak and hand scrub for mom. At last give mom a hand treatment and a manicure. Mom would be so happy Have fun!

  • Baby Angela Great Manicure? Baby Angela Great Manicure?

    Make the cat look great in this baby Talking Angela manicure game as she wants to impress everyone with the colorful nails you will bless her pretty little paws with.

  • Sherleys Perfect Baby Sherleys Perfect Baby

    Sherley is a beautiful young pregnant mother and she is preparing to give birth to a beautiful baby boy. Until then she is going to a medical checkup and you are designed to assist her through the entire consultation. Everything is perfect and now you need to help Sherley decorate baby room, select

  • Princess Rapunzel Doll House Princess Rapunzel Doll House

    Princess Rapunzel has a pretty doll house. She would decor it on every Friday. Today is Friday. But she has many important works to do. One among them is picking up the relatives who are coming to her home. The relatives are coming to the abode after a long time. So, they will expect the doll house

  • Elsa Bunny Care Elsa Bunny Care

    Elsa is very upset because her little bunny friend suffered an accident. You are one of the best doctors in the world and probably the only one who can help Elsa and her friend now. Don't hesitate and follow the instructions from Elsa and help the little bunny to be happy again. Good Luck!

  • Pregnant Angela Maternity Deco Pregnant Angela Maternity Deco

    Help Tom and Angela decorate the baby kittens room in a new and exciting game! Choose from cute and colorful types of furniture. Change the bed, the curtains or the gifts and create the perfect environment for the lovely newborn kitties.

  • Easter Egg Design Challenge Easter Egg Design Challenge

    Lilly, Sarah, Gabby, and Ella are decorating monster Easter Eggs! Help them decorate their eggs faster than the competition!

  • Nail spa salon Nail spa salon

    Hi little girls! I just opened a manicure salon and I need an employee. I know that you are the best manicurist in this town, you are talented,creative and hardworking. You have all qualities that I need for this small business. Lets strat with the first client. You need to cut her nails, to do he

  • Frozen Barbie Doll House Decor Frozen Barbie Doll House Decor

    Victoria is the fan of Barbie and she loves the movie Frozen. She is on summer holidays now. She had no idea of how to spend the holidays. The sister of Victoria gave her a piece of advice to spend the days meaningfully. So, after a week of toiling, she has made a pretty frozen Barbie doll house. It

  • Royal Living Room Decor Royal Living Room Decor

    Here's an opportunity for you to offer this space a stately look. plow ahead and luxuriate in decorating and create it look pretty. Use your mouse and drag and drop the things to position them wherever you wish best. get pleasure from taking part in this fun decoration game.

  • Sarah's Winter Nail Art Sarah's Winter Nail Art

    Sarah loves doing her nails to match the seasons. Now it's your turn to design the perfect set of wintery nails!

  • Princess Nail Salon Princess Nail Salon

    Princess Reina wants to have a special nail makeover. So she went to your professional nail salon and trust you her nails. Help clean and decorate her soft hands and nail, so she'll feel special and beautiful!

  • Princess Snow White Room Decor Princess Snow White Room Decor

    Princess Snow White is known for her beauty and coy smile. But she would never ever boast of this. She has two brothers and two sisters who always feel envy of her. In turn she would always love them abundantly. The eldest brother of her is getting married day after tomorrow. Her siblings are not re

  • Fashion Nail Boutique Fashion Nail Boutique

    Nail care can not only makes women more beautiful, but also has become an art. In this nail boutique game, you will learn how to design fashion and beautiful nails. Choose color and style for the nails as you like, and become an excellent nail artist!

  • Frozen Olaf Birthday Cake Frozen Olaf Birthday Cake

    Kristoff is in seventh heaven. For, tomorrow is the birthday of his pet Olaf. Olaf was given to him by the princess Elsa. Whenever he sees Elsa he would genuflect as a sign of thanking her. People in and around the place have been invited to the party. Kristoff has made a huge cake for Olaf. It look

  • Pedicure Design Salon Pedicure Design Salon

    The summer is coming! Make your feet ready for the summer. Polish your nails, get some nice sandals and accessories and you are ready for the summer! Have fun!

  • Rose wedding cake 3 Rose wedding cake 3

    We have many choices of decor with this game. Decor a beautiful wedding cake for a big celebration.

  • Barbie Prom Nails Designer? Barbie Prom Nails Designer?

    The prom is a very exciting moment in every girls life and for Barbie it's a special occasion to get dressed in glamorous outfits and get a very cute manicure. FJoin her in the Barbie Prom Nails Designer game and help her create a great selection of nail polishes and to choose the best outfit. Pick

  • Pregnant mom cleaning bathroom Pregnant mom cleaning bathroom

    Help this beautiful pregnant mom to clean the bathroom because is full ofmisery. You must move quickly because you are against the clock. Becareful at the picture from the games start because there you can see howyou must arrange all the things.

  • Elsa Clean Up Elsa Clean Up

    Today Elsa has free time and she planned to spend her time for cleaning, Elsa needs to clean her TV room, Bed Room and kitchen. But she feels more comfortable when you take part of this task. Help her to clean rooms with fast and clean. Have a nice day for you and have more fun with Elsa!

  • Strawberry Christmas Decoration Strawberry Christmas Decoration

    Hey girls, Christmas is coming! Would you like to help the Strawberry Shortcake decorate shes room? Deck the tree with tinsel and light installation, put the window decoration in the room. Finally when Santa Claus comes will find beautifully a decorated room! Have Fun!

  • Rapunzel Christmas Room Rapunzel Christmas Room

    Christmas is very close and Rapunzel is very excited because she loves Christmas, but she needs some help from you. Choose the decorations you think will look great. Make everything look magical. Have fun,girls!

  • christmas-eve-ecoration christmas-eve-ecoration

    It is Christmas Eve tomorrow and everyone is super excited to be ready in time with all the Christmas preparations. Tom and Alice have the task to decorate their garden so they have to decorate also a big gorgeous Christmas tree. Can you give them some ideas? Show them how to decorate the tree in or

  • Sledge Decoration Sledge Decoration

    We all know that the winter is one of the greatest seasons because we have snow! In this new and awesome game you must prepare your sledge for slope. First you must put the missing boards, after that the rope. Then you must sharpen the blades and finally put what blanket you like. With your mous

  • Polly Christmas Party Polly Christmas Party

    Christmas is around the corner, and Polly is really excited about it! There are a lot things to do before the party started. Play with her friends, wash her dress, cut out and paint paper decorations for Polly's room.

  • Barbie Nail Games Barbie Nail Games

    Barbie loves doing her nails to upgrade her outfits very much.In this game you can give her all the tips to beautify her hands. Well,let's use the nail polish, patterns, and decorations to design Barbie's perfect nail art,have fun!

  • Princess Elsa Xmas Room Decor Princess Elsa Xmas Room Decor

    It is the month of December and time for Christmas preparation. Princess Elsa is, just like you, decorating and arranging her room to set the mood of Christmas. Elsa is not quite good at decorating the room and hence, we will show her how to decorate the room with stockings, Christmas tree, candles

  • Girly Bedroom Decoration Girly Bedroom Decoration

    Hello Girls! You just moved into a new apartment and you need to decorate your room.You can start with the color of the walls, then proceed with choosing the bed and suitable blanket, then choose all the decorations that will provide a pleasant environment; you can even choose a pet. Challenge your

  • Elsa Room Decor Elsa Room Decor

    Do you really want a beautiful room, which you can decorate it that you like the most? For this, in this game, you can choose your favorite colors of accessories that will make your room a great place to spend your time and of course to have a good sleep.Dear Elsa that surely you all know, she can h

  • Elsa Romantic Dinner Elsa Romantic Dinner

    A romantic dinner needs something special every time. Elsa wants to have the perfect dinner and she needs your help to decorate the room, because everything must be perfect for her romantic dinner !

  • Pou Girl Birthday Party Pou Girl Birthday Party

    It is a big day for our beloved friend Pou Girl - today is her birthday and she has invited all of her friends over for a great party. Many things must be done before her guests appear, so let us join Pou Girl and help her prepare the best party ever. We need to decorate the living room in her speci

  • Witch to Beauty Manicure Witch to Beauty Manicure

    As you know witches have long nails and they need maniure everyday. Today this cute witch wants your help to take care of her nails. First give a spa session to her nails and hands. Then make a nice manicure to her nails.

  • Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Cake 2014 Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Cake 2014

    Kids! Thanksgiving Day is around the corner and you must prepare for this great feast in advance. Shall we decorate a cake for the 2014 Thanksgiving Day celebration? Well, we shall decorate a rich pumpkin cake and top it with a turkey head. Decorate the cake in great detail that yours becomes the be

  • Sumptuous Sofia Cake Decor Sumptuous Sofia Cake Decor

    For all the fans of Princess Sofia, here is a lovely Sofia themed cake dcor game. Get this decoration game started and decorate a sumptuous cake and top it with a Sofia topper. Make the cake look so real and tasty by carefully choosing the color, and designs for it. So, girls! Why are waiting? Deco

  • Realistic Baby Room Realistic Baby Room

    Room for babies are very important. Parents love their babies and want very nice decorated rooms for them. We made a realistic baby room decorating game for you. You can decorate this realistic baby room.

  • Pou Girl Great Manicure? Pou Girl Great Manicure?

    Help a good friend of yours in this Pou girl manicure game and she will be leaving your salon with a great set of nails that will totally make everyone stare at them to see all the details.

  • Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Challenge Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Challenge

    Lilly, Sarah, Gabby, and Ella are having a pumpkin decorating contest at their Halloween party! Help them make their pumpkins the fastest so they can win lots of candy!

  • Halloween Special Cake Decor Halloween Special Cake Decor

    Halloween wouldn't be special without a special Halloween themed cake. Yes, lets prepare ourselves mentally for this great feast by decorating a spooky and yummy Halloween themed cake today. Make sure that you decorate the best ever Halloween cake by choosing the best designs for your cake in this

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