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  • Zoe's Hip Decor Zoe's Hip Decor

    Zoe is taking part in a competition for belly dancers. Help her to get ready with the suitable outfit, that makes her look pretty and gorgeous. Enjoy!!

  • Mom's Messy Helmet Mom's Messy Helmet

    Sarah's Mom's helmet has fallen in mud. Her mom is getting ready to the office. Help Sarah to clean the Helmet. And you can make this helmet to look prettier than before. Obviously, you can make Sarah and her mom happy by decorating her helmet. Her mom is running out of time to her office so, make i

  • Elsa Great  Manicure Elsa Great Manicure

    In this Frozen manicure game you will meet up with Elsa as she will be needing your help to make her hands as pretty as they can be. Use as many colors and ornaments as you want.

  • Donut Truck Donut Truck

    The CDE Donut Truck is here, and it's up to you to make delicious donuts and decorate them to perfection! Instruction: Follow the recipe to cook the donuts and then decorate them however you like!

  • Talking Ben Ice Cream Talking Ben Ice Cream

    The perfect desert for a hot summer day is a delicious ice cream. Talking Ben is just about to prepare one. Join him and make your dream cup of ice cream. Choose a cup or cone, add your favorite ice cream flavor, add some tasty decorations and syrup and finish it off with an appetizing fruity toppin

  • Dora Bedroom Decor Dora Bedroom Decor

    Dora and her family has just moved to a new house. She really wants to decorate her bedroom. Can you help her a hand? Lets show your creation and start now! Remember that you have lovely beds, colourful wallpaper and more to create the perfect room for this adventurous girl.

  • Creamy Wedding Cake Creamy Wedding Cake

    Wedding is a special moment to cherish for the rest your life. You cut a cake and share your happiness with others. Hence, a wedding cake is part and parcel of the wedding. In this online food decoration game, you are going to decorate a cake for the wedding for your dearest friend and gift it to he

  • Doc McStuffins Room Decoration Doc McStuffins Room Decoration

    Doc shares a fine respect for the toys she owns, for she even fixes toys that are broken.She cares for each and every toy she has and even her brother's toys. Even if a toy appears to be scared,she is always caring and friendly. Her determination for fixing toys is limitless,for she will not stop un

  • Glitter Nails Glitter Nails

    Looking for a way to take your manicure to the next level? Just add some glitter designs to your next manicure and count how many compliments you get on your fabulous nails. This cute girl can't wait to go to the nail salon today so that she can relax and enjoy a stylish manicure makeover. But, w

  • Snow Queen Room Snow Queen Room

    Elsa moves to her new house. But she doesn't know how to decorate it. She needs you to help her. Now please try to change the plain room to a wonderful one. Let's make Elsa feel like coming home. Have fun!

  • Rose wedding cake 2 Rose wedding cake 2

    Decor this beautiful rose wedding cake for your beautiful bride.

  • Barbi Birthday Party Barbi Birthday Party

    Guys, today is Barbis birthday. Lets make her surprised by organize a wonderful party for our lovely girl. Enjoy this Barbi decor games.

  • Decorate Your Feet Decorate Your Feet

    Description: Macie gladly spent time at the spa salon to show off her beautiful and colorful pedicures. Well cared feet look great on the sandy beach. Instructions: Use your mouse to click on the buttons and to change numerous clothes items and backgrounds.

  • My Cute Room Decor My Cute Room Decor

    Susan is having a sleepover tomorrow, her best-friends are coming and she is super hyped! She wants her bedroom to look great with cuddly toys, big cosy bed and gorgeous fixtures and fittings, to be honest, I think she is hoping you girls will help her get the bedroom ready! Can you help Susan out,

  • Doll House Decoration Doll House Decoration

    Elisabeth is turning six this weekend and her parents wanna surprise her with a dream doll house. She loves doll houses and her parents want to exceed her expectations. Help her parents finish the house in time by decorating it modern and cool. Her mother bought miniature furniture and she could use

  • New York City Skyline New York City Skyline

    After saving up money all year, you finally have enough to take a trip to NYC. Its your first evening in NY, and you have plans to meet your New Yorker friends in Central Park to watch the sun set over the New York City skyline for the first time. There?s nothing quite like watching the twinkling

  • Talking Angela Room Decor Talking Angela Room Decor

    We all know sweet and adorable Talking Angela, Tom's girlfriend, she needs your help to decorate her room and pleasantly surprise Tom. Try out all the colorful possibilities in this cool decorating game and turn an ordinary room into a wonderful hangout for Angela and Tom.

  • My Doggys Birthday Cake My Doggys Birthday Cake

    Hi, kid! My cute doggy is turning one year old and I want to celebrate it in a big way by cutting a yummy cake for my doggy. I am looking for someone who can decorate the birthday cake with designs related to dogs. You seem to be a smart kid and I think you can do the job for me. So, decorate the ca

  • Sofia Room Decorate Sofia Room Decorate

    Sofia is a lovely little girl who has just moved into a new apartment with her family. She is very excited about it, because she gets a new room which can be decorated as she has always dreamed. But she's only a baby and she can't decorate the room by herself, so she's asking you for help. All you h

  • Concert Tee Designer Concert Tee Designer

    Lilly, Ella, Gabby, and Sarah love making DIY Tees when they go to concerts! Now it's your turn to design a concert tee of your very own! Just feel free to show us your fashion and design talent. You can choose your favorite tee style and then decorate the tee with our given beautiful decoration ite

  • Baby Emma Cupcake Decor Baby Emma Cupcake Decor

    Everybody loves this tasty dessert. How about you girls? Do you love cupcakes? What do you think about creating yourself some delicious cupcakes decorated in a special way? If you like the idea, then go on and play this cool game! Choose the ingredients and the decorating items you prefer to make th

  • Pou Ice Cream Shop Pou Ice Cream Shop

    Pou loves ice cream very much. Now he has his own ice cream shop. Everyday he can make beautiful and delicious ice cream for his customer. Which kind of ice cream do you want Pou to make for you? Come to our brand new food decorating game called Pou Ice Cream Shop. You will have the opportunity to m

  • Monster Nail Spa Monster Nail Spa

    Laura is a beautiful Monster girl who loves beauty very much but she has been neglecting her hands' beauty for centuries. Now she wants to rejuvenate her hands to a spa. Now she is in your nail sap. Treat Laura's hand and make some beautiful arts for her. Follow our instruction to help her step by s

  • Picnic in the Park Picnic in the Park

    With the coming of summer, it will be a good opportunity for you to have a picnic with your friends in the park. The sunny weather can not have been more inviting, nor all those birdies chirruping in the park or the blossomed trees: today is the perfect day for these cuties to go on a picnic! Would

  • Peppa Pig Tree House Peppa Pig Tree House

    Peppa pig is very happy today because she has a brand new tree house today. She wants to decorate the house to her desired one. Are you willing to help her decorate the tree house? Try your best to show us your decorating skills to make her tree room as beautiful as you can. Arrange the furniture in

  • Zoe at Tattoo Shop Zoe at Tattoo Shop

    As we all know that Zoe is a fashion lover who like fashionable items very much. Today she decides to go to tattoo shop to design one beautiful tattoo image. Take her to the Tattoo shop and help her to choose the most beautiful tattoo image that she likes best. Then you just need to follow our instr

  • Manicure Decoration Manicure Decoration

    In your spare time or weekend time, it will be a good opportunity for you to make a manicure decoration for yourself. Come to our brand new nail game to have a try. We have prepared various kinds of beautiful colors and cute accessories for you to choose from. You can feel free to mix and match thos

  • Barbie Wedding Spa Manicure Barbie Wedding Spa Manicure

    Barbie is going to have her wedding today. She is very happy and excited because she has expected this day for a long time. First do manicure and then makeover. Wash the hands gently. Wipe the hands with the cloth. With the nail cutter cut the nails and remove the cuticles as well. Choose an attract

  • Pou Ice Cream Decoration Pou Ice Cream Decoration

    Pou loves ice cream very much. Eating delicious and candy food is one of her hobbies. Today in our brand new decoration game called Pou Ice Cream Decoration, he needs your help to decorate this beautiful and delicious ice cream. We have prepared various kinds of colorful plates and accessories for y

  • Barbie Like Monster Nails Barbie Like Monster Nails

    Our beautiful Barbie wants to decorate her nails today. Take her to a great nails salon and give Barbie a great Nails Spa, choose beautiful monster nails for her. In the first session of the game, you need to help her prepare all the necessary tools we need to use. Pick the right items and then wash

  • Zoe Nail Salon Zoe Nail Salon

    Zoe is fashion lover. Today she wants to design a beautiful nail manicure for herself. So she comes to your nail salon to experience. Makeover now!! Make your own manicure designs. Choose from loads of polish color, select sparkling rhinestones, crystals, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, stickers, patte

  • Decorative High Heels Decorative High Heels

    Most girls love high heels very much. They think high heels can represent the trend of fashion. Today in our brand new decoration game called Decorative High Heeled. We have prepared you different kinds of high heeled shoes. You can feel free to choose one that you like best and then decorate it by

  • Barbie's Brownies Barbie's Brownies

    Our beautiful Barbie is a lover of Brownies. She likes sweety food very much. It would be especially great when enjoy it in a nice restaurant. Our cute Barbie can even cook it totally by herself. Now she has cooked one on the dinner table. Are you willing to help her decorate the cake more beautiful

  • Puzzle Room Decor Puzzle Room Decor

    Hello every girl. Come to our brand new room decoration game called Puzzle Room Decor. Today in this fun game, you will have the opportunity to design and decorate one warm and beautiful room to the one that you think is the best. Whether you design a creepy fabulous room for Draculaura, a sweet pin

  • Dora Easter Egg Dora Easter Egg

    Dora is very happy today to celebrate this Easter Day and she has prepared one Easter egg for this holiday. The egg is very large and she wants to decorate it beautiful to have a special and different holiday with Boots. It has got attractive colors and designs on it. Would you like to give your cre

  • Funny Square Cake Funny Square Cake

    Lily's mother is going to have her birthday this weekend. She wants to cook a delicious and beautiful square cake for her mother. Now the base of the cake is ready. Are you willing to help her decorate the cake to make it look more amazing and beautiful. I know you girls have rich experience of deco

  • Baby Emma Room Decor Baby Emma Room Decor

    Baby Emma is very happy today because she has moved to a brand new house with her parents. She can have a new bedroom for herself. Come to help her decorate this new room. We have prepared for you lots of new furniture, household appliances, curtains,carpets and some beautiful decoration items. Choo

  • Graduation Day Graduation Day

    Tom will great from college today. He is so happy and excited about this special graduation day. Do you have the experience of graduation? If you have, come to our brand new decoration game called Graduation Day to help us decorate this college auditorium. You can arrange the positon of host and the

  • Daria's Home Decorating Daria's Home Decorating

    As the Holiday's and Christmas season is nearing, Daria is planning to decorate the house in style for the party that is going to be celebrated with her friends. Customize the rooms in the way you like with different furniture, colors, toys and lights. You need to help her decorate the bathroom, bed

  • Finger Licking Fruit Cake Finger Licking Fruit Cake

    Most girls love candy food very much especially sweet cakes. Here is a cake which is full of fruits and rich in taste that you feel like licking your fingers after having it. In this food decoration game, you will have the chance of decorating this dessert with various fruits and creams that it fulf

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