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  • Design Your Shoes Design Your Shoes

    Hi girls. Do you love high heeled shoes? Which type of girl shoes do you like best? Today in our brand new design game, you will have the opportunity to design one your own shoes for yourself. You can feel free to show us your design talent and decoration skills. Choose one type of girl shoes that y

  • Little Ones Pedicure Little Ones Pedicure

    Everyone needs pedicure. That is also the same to little baby ones. Today in our brand new baby decoration game called Little Ones Pedicure. You need to give a soft and gentle pedicure for this baby. Wash her feet in the first step to make her feel clean. Then cute her nail toe to the shape that you

  • Selena at Tattoo Shop Selena at Tattoo Shop

    Nowadays tattoo shop has become more and more popular among your girls. If you are also a tattoo lover, come to our brand new decoration game called Selena at Tattoo Shop. You will play the role of tattoo shop owner and help those beautiful models to make amazing tattoos on their bodies. At first, y

  • Exotic Flower Decoration Exotic Flower Decoration

    Most girls love flower very much. It can make them happy and have a good mood. There is no cure in the world that could please one's heart other than flowers with the exotic fragrance. Here in our store we offer you the opportunity to pick the flowers of your choice and the vase to your fragrance. T

  • VIP Room VIP Room

    Hi girls. Today you are very lucky to be the designer of this VIP room for celebrities. Decorating this bedroom sure is a major challenge! Do your best to exceed your picky celebrity client's expectations mixing and matching the right pieces of furniture with the perfect decor items available for yo

  • Jewelry Designer Engagement Ring Jewelry Designer Engagement Ring

    Imagine that if you are a famous jewelry designer, what kind of beautiful and gorgeous engagement rings can you design for ladies? Today you will have the opportunity to play the role of jewelry designer to design beautiful rings for girls. Play this brand-new jewelry decoration game, take a closer

  • Boots Birthday Party Deco Boots Birthday Party Deco

    This weekend is Boots birthday. He wants to have a great party at home to invite his best friends to come to play. Now he needs to decorate his house with those beautiful decorations. There are some balloons, lights, sofas and cakes for you to arrange the position. Put the balloons everywhere in the

  • Manicure After Injury Manicure After Injury

    Emma decides to make a beautiful manicure today because today is weekend. But unexpectedly when she is cooking breakfast, she hurts her fingers and you need to help her and send her to the hospital. Be with Emma and help her to get a cured finger. The doctor will give her a professional treatment to

  • Baby Room Decoration Baby Room Decoration

    Baby is very happy today because he has moved to a new house with his family. He has a brand new room for himself and moreover he can design and decoration it totally by himself. There are so many design projects for him to choose. Would you please be so kind to help him? Show us your room decoratio

  • Baby Emma Room Decoration Baby Emma Room Decoration

    Baby Emma has moved to a new house with her family. She has a brand new bedroom of her own. She likes this excellent room very much and decides to decorate it totally to a warm and comfortable one. Her parents has bought lots of pink girl furniture for her. Now she needs your help to arrange the pos

  • Sarah's Rainbow Nail Art Sarah's Rainbow Nail Art

    Sarah is a fashion girl who loves beauty very much. She loves doing her nails to match her outfit. Now she has come to your nail art salon to refresh her nails design. It's your turn to design the perfect set of rainbow themed nails for her today. Take a look into this marvelous saloon and see for y

  • Dora New Bedroom Decor Dora New Bedroom Decor

    Dora has moved to a new house with her parents. She has a new room of her own and she likes it very much. She wants to design and decorate it totally by herself. If you want to help Dora to decorate her bedroom, come to our brand new decoration game called Dora New Bedroom Decor. You can feel free t

  • Fan Room Design Fan Room Design

    Imagine that you are a great room designer, how beautiful you can make your room be? Come to have a try in our brand new decoration game called Fan Room Design. Please feel free to exert your design talent and decoration skills. You can change the pattern and color of all the things in the room like

  • Iphone Makeover Iphone Makeover

    Nowadays, iphone has become more and more popular among young people. If you are also an iphone lover, come to our brand new makeover game for iphone. You can learn how to make your phone more beautiful and attractive. In the first step, you need to clean the back and front of the phone and make it

  • Barbie's Room Decoration Barbie's Room Decoration

    Barbie's parents have prepared a new room for her. She is very glad to have a brand new room and decides to design and decorate it beautiful. Come to be her assistant and give her some suggestions of decoration. I know you girls have rich experience of decorating room. So please feel free to exert y

  • Princess Sofia's Room Princess Sofia's Room

    Princess Sofia has a brand new room today. She wants to invite a famous designer to create one amazing room for her. I know you girls have rich experience of decorating rooms. So it will be a good opportunity for you to design a wonderful and beautiful room for Sofia. Choose the background and carpe

  • Sweetest Candy Decor Sweetest Candy Decor

    There maybe many flavors kinds of chocolate but none can make you salivate over any other chocolate than one made you. It is time for you to come to our brand new decoration game. Click on the desire flavors to transform the candy into your favorite type of candy. You can make the candy to the sweet

  • Elegant Feet Makeover Elegant Feet Makeover

    Nowadays, more and more girls pay much attention to their feet caring. They will go to feet spa to have feet treatment and give their feet beautiful makeover. If you want to have a try of different feet makeover, come to our brand new feet makeover game. You will have the opportunity to let your fee

  • Crown Cake Decor Crown Cake Decor

    If you have the opportunity to make a cake for the queen, which type of cake do you want to cook most. Maybe a cake with a crown will be a good choice. Come to our brand new decoration game, you can feel free to decorate the cake with a crown and make it the most beautiful one that you like best. We

  • Shoes Designer:Winter Boots Shoes Designer:Winter Boots

    With the coming of winter, most girls will choose boots to protect their legs from cold weather. There are lots of different kinds of winter boots. Long boots, short boots, leather boots and other warm boots. If you girls are also winter boots lovers, come to our brand new decoration game. You will

  • Make Your Own Valentine's Day Card Make Your Own Valentine's Day Card

    With the coming of Valentine's Day, most lovers are very excited because this is the most important festival between them. On that day they will try their best to send special gifts to each other and show their love. If you can make a Valentine Day card totally by yourself and send it to your boy fr

  • Decorate My Jeans Decorate My Jeans

    Most young people love jeans very much. It is fashionable and cool. If you are also a jeans lover, you can come to our brand new decoration game for jeans. Here you can feel free to exert your design and decorating skills to the full. We have prepared various kinds of patterns and accessories to mak

  • Decor My Girly Belt Decor My Girly Belt

    Most girls love dresses very much and if they can have one beautiful girly belt, that will be more better to show their marvelous beauty. If you are also a girly belt lover, you can come to play our brand new belt decoration game. In our brand new game, you can feel free to exert your decoration tal

  • Barbie Nail Design Barbie Nail Design

    Barbie is a fashion lover. She likes all fashionable items and today she wants to make a new nail design for herself. Now she comes to your nail salon, try your best to show Barbie your nail design talent and let her be satisfied. Since Barbie is not pleased with only a single nail color, you have t

  • Chinese New Year Parade Chinese New Year Parade

    Chinese new year is the most important festival in China. Every year all the Chinese people will come back to their hometown to celebrate this Chinese traditional holiday with their family. They will have New Year's Eve Dinner together and have fireworks on the street happily together. Normally ever

  • Granny's Pie Granny's Pie

    Hi girls, come to play our brand new food decoration game with this gracious granny. She will tell you how to decorate the pie with beautiful food accessories. This is a very good opportunity for you to enrich your decoration skills. So feel free to exert your decoration talent and try your best to

  • Raven Queen Manicure Raven Queen Manicure

    Clara is the raven queen of the nation and she is now ready to celebrate her birthday. First, she wants to beautify her nails and so, she needs an exclusive manicure for her. This is the time to prove your hidden manicure skills. All you have to do is just follow the instructions and give some beaut

  • Fashion Shoe Designer Fashion Shoe Designer

    Most girls love fashion very much. They love fashionable clothes, bags and also cool high heeled shoes. If you are also a fashion lover, today you will have the opportunity to design you favorite fashion shoes in our brand new design game. You can feel free to exert your fashion talent to design and

  • Valentine Flower Decoration Valentine Flower Decoration

    Valentine is coming. Most lovers will choose flower to show their love to each other. There is no other object in the world that can express love in an awesome way than flowers. Pick the flowers that woo your loved ones in this day created for and by the romantic lovers in the world, the Valentine's

  • Stylin Nail's Manicure Stylin Nail's Manicure

    Emily will have her birthday party tomorrow and today she wants to beautify her hands for her party. Now, she visited your spa to embellish her hands. This is the right time to show you manicure ideas and make her happy. In this manicure game you need to style up and design the nails in professional

  • Barbies Home Sweet Home Barbies Home Sweet Home

    Barbie has one very nice home and now she wants to have a change of her sweet home. Would you please help her to design and decorate her home by your hands? You can fully exert your design imagination in this house. Arrange one beautiful bed for Barbie and the position of her favorite furniture. She

  • Famous Zoo Decor Famous Zoo Decor

    Hi, girls. Do you like animal? Which animal do you like best? If you like going to zoo, then this will be the best opportunity for you. You can come to view lots of animals in this special zoo because you can totally decorate the famous zoo in your city by yourself. You can choose the animal you lik

  • Super Car Decoration Super Car Decoration

    The auto show is on and car lovers are all eager to set their eyes on the latest cars and beautiful women who might endorse the cars. Decorate the car for trendiest looks and groom the model with best accessories so that she is just perfect near the stunning car. Click on the icons lined vertically

  • Princess Castle Cake Princess Castle Cake

    Hi, girls. I know most of your girls like princess castle cake decoration games very much. It was a popular game in the first and second version so we decided to launch a third version with many more options. Decor your princess castle cake of your dream and choose the best items for each part. If y

  • Wedding Princess Nails Wedding Princess Nails

    Tomorrow will be the wedding of princess. She has expected this special day for a long time. Wedding is a blessing for everyone! Here a beautiful princess wants your help to make her hands to glow. Clean her nail, shape it and give them an attractive color, use stickers and rings to make her fingers

  • Delicious Cake Decoration Delicious Cake Decoration

    It is going to be my mother's birthday tomorrow and I decide to cook one delicious cake and decorate it beautifully by myself for my mother. Would you please be so kind to help me? I know you girls have rich experience of decorating cakes. So come on to play this brand new Delicious Cake Decoration

  • Funky Frosty Decoration Funky Frosty Decoration

    With the coming of winter, we can often see snow. If you like snow and frosty items, you can come to play our brand new decoration game called Funky Frosty Decoration. In this new game, it is snowing and everything is covered with white snow. That is very beautiful. You can heap a big snowman and de

  • Yum Yum Dora Cake Decor Yum Yum Dora Cake Decor

    Tomorrow will be your best friend's birthday and you want to make a homemade birthday cake for her. You know that your friend is very fond of Dora the explorer. Dora is a smart, cute, brisk and brave girl. And another thing which girls like the most is the cake. Therefore, we have come up this food

  • Cinderella's Cocoa Nails Cinderella's Cocoa Nails

    Hello girls. New showgirlgames for you. Today in our brand new nails decoration game you will have the opportunity to meet beautiful Cinderella. She is the famous character in fairy tale. Today she comes to your nails salon and would like to make cocoa nails to have a change. I know your nails decor

  • Kids Room Decoration Kids Room Decoration

    Every girl likes decorating their own room very much. I wish I had the chance to decorate my own bedroom when I was a kid! I would have it all pink and yellow with cool patterns and girly soft furnishings making it the perfect place to chill and relax! If you could create your very own bedroom girls

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