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  • Candy Mansion Decoration Candy Mansion Decoration

    Hi girls. Imagine that if you are the princess of the candy kingdom, what is your dream mansion? How beautiful and gorgeous you want it to be? Let us play this fun Candy Mansion Decoration game and find out! In this brand new decoration game, you can let your candy kingdom dream come true. There are

  • Broken Nails Crisis Broken Nails Crisis

    Just a few days ago, our beautiful girl has a broken nails crisis. She has hurt her nails seriously, but now everything is ok and her nails are cured after considerate treatment and care. Today she decides to decorate her nails beautifully. So she comes to your nails spa. Give her a professional man

  • Crab and Shrimp Cocktail Crab and Shrimp Cocktail

    Emily has planed to throw a super fun crab and shrimp cocktail party in her house tonight. For this excellent party, she has been preparing for it for about all the afternoon. She is very excited about this party because this is the first time that she invites her friends to come to her home to have

  • Hello Kitty New Year Cake Decor Hello Kitty New Year Cake Decor

    Lots of girls love Hello Kitty because it is very cute and lovely. Liam is also one of those girls. She has bought a delicious cake for this New Year Eve celebration. She wants to celebrate this New Year Eve with you. Do you love Hello kitty? Then, you can join in this Eve by decorating this cake wi

  • Dora Make Cake Dora Make Cake

    Tomorrow will be Dora's birthday. She decides to make a birthday cake for her mother by herself. How nice it will be to surprise her mother. Dora loves eating cakes so much, but she does not have rich experience of cooking and decorating one delicious and beautiful cake. Now maybe you can help her a

  • Christmas House Decoration Christmas House Decoration

    With the coming of Christmas, cute Santa Clause wants to make some changes of his beloved house. So he decides to decorate his room. Are you so kind to help him because Santa Clause will send you more gifts on Christmas Day? Use your best decorating ideas and skills to decorate this beautiful room.

  • After Injury Pedicure After Injury Pedicure

    Beautiful Emma's leg has been injured but she has to get ready for her birthday party in a month. She needs your help in first aid dressing and a wonderful pedicure. Help her to deal with her wound well so that there will not leave scar on her foot. Give her good first aid treatment. After several w

  • Cute Christmas Cake Cute Christmas Cake

    On Christmas Eve, it will be a great idea to make a Christmas cake by your own. That can increase the festival atmosphere and you will enjoy the joy of cooking by yourself. Now today you will have the chance to decorate our cute Christmas cake. We have prepared delicious cake for you and some necess

  • Precious Princess Nails Precious Princess Nails

    Hello girls. With the coming of New Year, whether you want to give your hand nails some fresh colors to celebrate this happy New Year. In this really exciting nails game called Precious Princess Nails that we have prepared for you, you will be given the unique opportunity to learn how to take care o

  • Barbie Christmas House Barbie Christmas House

    Barbie is very excited about the coming of Christmas. She has been preparing for the Christmas Day for such a long time. Now today she decides to decorate her beautiful house to welcome the coming of Santa Clause. She has bought lots of gifts and accessories to decorate her house in order that her h

  • New Year's Nails New Year's Nails

    Hey girls. New Year is coming, are you get ready for the New Year's Eve? The beautiful young lady that you are about to meet in our brand new nails game called New Year's Nails, is planning on having the best time of her life tonight, at the amazing party she is attending. What your assignment will

  • New Year Cupcake Decoration New Year Cupcake Decoration

    2014 New Year is approaching. Are you ready to welcome this happy New Year? What do you want to do? If you do not have some special idea, maybe you can come to our brand new decoration game to decorate this New Year's cupcake. You can invite your friends to have a dinner party in your home and let t

  • Animated Christmas Card Animated Christmas Card

    When Christmas is coming, have you ever thought of making a beautiful Christmas card by yourself? You can send it to your friends and family to show your best wishes with the words you have written for the new coming year. Well now you can design a special Christmas card playing this amazing game. A

  • Christmas Nativity Decor Christmas Nativity Decor

    Have you have decorated Christmas Nativity? It is very interesting because you can design and decorate all the items as to your wishes. Now our cute Sophie wants to keep a unique Christmas nativity for this Christmas. So, she bought a set of Christmas nativity to her house. Now, she needs your help

  • Princess Peach Castle Princess Peach Castle

    Since it is going to be Christmas, our gorgeous princess wants to decorate her peach castle cake to celebrate this special Christmas. The cake is made by peach and the color of it looks warm. In order to make the cake more yummy and attractive, you need to help our beautiful princess. I know you gir

  • Magical Diamond Nails Magical Diamond Nails

    Hi girls. It is going to be Christmas Day. Did you manage to get your manicure done for the most fabulous Christmas party ever? If not, it is your lucky day because we have a new magical pampering session for your nails to make them look as beautiful as a precious diamond. So let us not waste anymor

  • Christmas Cute Reindeer Christmas Cute Reindeer

    As we know that every year when Christmas is coming, Santa Clause will take his reindeer with thousands of Christmas gifts for children. Reindeer is very cute and lovely with big eyes, a pair of golden horns. Now this year's Christmas you will meet lovely reindeer in our brand new decorating game. W

  • Christmas Tree Design Christmas Tree Design

    Christmas is on the way. Are you ready to celebrate this most important festival of the year by designing your beautiful Christmas tree? It is time to decorate the Christmas tree! Come and decorate this beautiful, gorgeous tree. There are tons of pink, purple, candy canes and other adorable ornament

  • Barbie Christmas Preparation Barbie Christmas Preparation

    Our beautiful Barbie is very excited about the coming of Christmas. She has been preparing for everything she needs for several. Today she needs to decorate her warm room to celebrate Christmas's coming. She would like to make her room fashion and with lots of Christmas accessories. There are a lots

  • Pink Nails Princess Pink Nails Princess

    Our princess is gorgeous and amazing and especially loves to get her nails done. There are few things she finds more relaxing that is a fabulous manicure. Her favorite part of any manicure is picking out what color she wants. She always matches her stylish outfits to her nail color for the entire we

  • Christmas Nails Christmas Nails

    Christmas is approaching and our new nails design salon has prepared special Christmas manicure for all of your girls. During Christmas holiday, you will have a bunch of invitations for upcoming holiday parties. Use the holiday themes to fuel your creativity and give yourself a gorgeous manicure to

  • Baby Shower Cake Decorating Baby Shower Cake Decorating

    Tonight there will be a great baby shower party and you need to decorate the cake for the baby. Wow, it will be awesome and the baby shower party will totally be a smashing success. You will have the opportunity to show your decorating skills and creations in this big party. Please feel free to exer

  • Christmas Cake Christmas Cake

    Christmas is on the way. If you want to have a great Christmas holiday, this Christmas you have to prepare a delicious, mouth-watering Christmas cake from our cooking recipe. Do you want to show off your cooking skills in front of your family and friends this Christmas? All you have to do is gather

  • My Christmas Tree My Christmas Tree

    Hi there! The girl is looking for Christmas tree. Come and help her choose one perfect tree that she like to and decorate this beautiful, gorgeous tree. There are tons of pink, purple, candy canes and other adorable ornaments to choose from. If you prefer a more traditional look, we have that too. S

  • Golden Nails Secrets Golden Nails Secrets

    Winter is coming. But it's not too late to decorate your nails one more time. Our beautiful girl in the game is perfect and she also need perfect nails. She has secrets of making gorgeous golden nails. If you want to know, please join our new game. Not only nail polish and nail art but an entire spa

  • Yummy Delicious Cake Yummy Delicious Cake

    Ellina wants to give a surprise to her friend Eva for her birthday. She went to prepare a Birthday cake, but she doesn't have an ideal to prepare a cake. Help her to prepare a Birthday cake and make Eva gift special. See how creative you can be in decorating this chocolate cake. Add all sorts of top

  • Homemade Christmas Cake 2013 Decor Homemade Christmas Cake 2013 Decor

    Christmas is approaching and every kid is expecting this most important holiday the year. Happiness surrounds everywhere and everyone is ready for the day. Well, almost everything! The homemade Christmas cake will be finished soon but the time is limited. So we need your help to decorate the cake wi

  • Foxy Nails Secrets Foxy Nails Secrets

    Girls love nails design very much and that has become a fashion, especially foxy nails design. Have you ever wanted to give your nails a different change? Why not come to our new Foxy Nails Design Salon? We can do nails totally as to your requirements and meet your satisfactions. At our nails salon,

  • Night Out Manicure Night Out Manicure

    This night our beautiful girl will go out to have a manicure. Are you glad to help her? I know that you have great talent in manicure and nail design. So exert your manicure skill in our new ''ight out manicure'' game, in which you will have the opportunity to give her a sparking manicure and make h

  • Nail Daren Salon Nail Daren Salon

    Many girls like nail design and they would like to decorate their nails when they are free. Now there is one new-opened Nail Daren Salon. If you like this salon, don? forget to share it with your friends. Today in our new nail design game, we will not be pleased with only a single nail color. You ca

  • Natural Nail Salon Natural Nail Salon

    Natural nail design is so hot in this winter of 2013. Cool mint base layer and then a pattern or over accessories to complement the color. Now today you will have the chance to make your nails in our Natural Nail Salon. Try experimenting and see which color fits you best. Instruction: use your mouse

  • My Room Decoration My Room Decoration

    If you have a bland, boring room, here is a great time for you to create something unique within your room. By playing this decoration room, you are going to make your room a place to go to relax. Maybe you could read a book when in this lovely girl room. Why not make a chore into something comforta

  • NYC Spa Pedicure NYC Spa Pedicure

    This weekend our beautiful lady has a very important party to attend. It? one of her best friends party. Our girl would like to look nice and pretty and wants to show her fabulous. The first thing to start with is to do pedicure spa in N.Y.C. She wants an elegant and classy pedicure so this is why I

  • Girls Dorm Room Decoration Girls Dorm Room Decoration

    If you are a girl and have a dorm room, here is a great game to help create something unique within your room. By playing this decorating game, you are going to make your dorm room a place to relax and study. So design this room for girls exactly how they like best. It’s your turn to decorate the

  • Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Pumpkin

    Hey, girls. Halloween is around the corner. This year there will be a Pumpkin Lamp Decoration Contest in the city. We will get rid of the same old costumes, vampire, zombie, witch. Let? have an unforgettable Halloween. The most scariest and different pumpkin lamp will be the winner. You do not need

  • Beach Clean up Beach Clean up

    Victoria is going to have a wonderful summer vacation on a beautiful island. However, when she comes there, she finds that there is lots of garbage. In order to have a good time and play games on the beach, she decided to clean up the garbage. Would you please help her clean the beach and classify t

  • Beauty Feet Pedicure Beauty Feet Pedicure

    When I went on tour stayed in the tavern, near the beach beauty parlor my legs, arms, and beautiful to look at is how you play your hands.

  • Pretty Pedicure Games Pretty Pedicure Games

    A girl cannot go out without first having her nails done! Do your best to style your nails! Well, Time to show people your talents as a Pretty Pedicure stylist,enjoy!

  • Emo Nails Makeover Emo Nails Makeover

    This totally emo girl was performing a ritual at the edge of town when she discovered a fabulous makeup kit with a mysterious aura surrounding it. When the emo girl touched the makeup kit, she was overcome with a feeling of dark powers coursing through her. It's as though the makeup kit became bou

  • Barbecue Party Decoration Barbecue Party Decoration

    We are going to have a barbecue party this Saturday afternoon. Invitations were out, food are ready and all the furniture are here, could you help us set the tables, serve the food and hang up all the balloons and ribbons for decoration? With your help, this will be a great barbecue night!

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