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  • Cinderella Princess Makeover Cinderella Princess Makeover

    lovely princess Cinderella is running terribly late to Prince Charming's royal ball! Only her godmother or... you, could turn her into the “belle of the ball” , as if by magic, now!

  • Monster High Freaky Fusion Monster High Freaky Fusion

    Whoa, what happened to the ghouls?? I think I recognize them and yet I don�t... The ghoulfriends were travelling in time and a weird accident has occurred that fused them together in hybrid Monsters! But the best part of this freaky fusion is that the ghouls� styles fused together too. Now check

  • Talking Ginger Crowned Prince Talking Ginger Crowned Prince

    Talking Ginger is anxious and excited before his coronation as prince. Along his family, Talking Angela and Tom, Ginger will be crowned today as prince of all cats in the world. He needs your help to choose the most suitable clothes and accessories

  • Olaf Summer Dress up Olaf Summer Dress up

    Olaf is going Beach He is need to bath. Now, lets help her change clothes and choose a suitable outfit because he needs to go out again. Well, enjoy yourself with this wonderful Olaf game.

  • Talking Angela Becomes Queen Talking Angela Becomes Queen

    After Talking Tom became king, his wife Angela Talking, are to be crowned as queen of all cats in the world.Queen Angela mustlook incredible for the coronation party. She needs a specialist in clothing and accessories royal to match the new rule of the queen. Do you think you're doing? Have fun!

  • Barbie Super Sisters Barbie Super Sisters

    The Roberts sisters are ready to save the world! Elder sisters, Barbie and Skipper (featured in the movie as Kara and Corinne) have all the super powers needed to become superheroes: they can fly, are exceptionally strong and quick and can create sparkling fireballs. Little sisters, Stacey and Chels

  • Girly Summer Vacation Girly Summer Vacation

    This beautiful lady is going on holiday next week and she needs to prepare their luggage. Your goal in this game is to associate wearing clothes and accessories with hair and makeup.You need to find the perfect combination that you like the most and that you think will fits for a sunny holiday on th

  • Emo Mulan Dress up Emo Mulan Dress up

    : Mulan is the princess of China. Mulan is the eighth member of the Disney Princesses. in this nice dress up game you can dress up princess Mulan with emo style princess clothes.

  • Stage Dressup Stage Dressup

    Hello Girls! Amber is a beautiful young actress and she is very happy because she is going to perform on a big stage. She is a little bit worried about the outfit she must wear. Please help her schoose clothes and accessories to make her look really beautiful. Use different tools to make the perfect

  • Barbie Super Princess Barbie Super Princess

    Meet Barbie Super Princess! A kiss of a magic butterfly gave Princess Barbie super powers she couldnt even dream of having and turned her into a true superhero, Super Sparkle! Now Barbie can save peoples lives and fight evil all over the kingdom. But there is one last thing our cute superhero lack

  • Barbie in Pink Shoes Barbie in Pink Shoes

    Did you know that Barbie, together with her friend Teresa, is attending a ballet school? Yes, ballet is one of the numerous Barbies hobbies and, just like in everything else, in ballet Barbie is doing brilliant! She is one of the most promising young ballerinas at her school, and her teacher decide

  • Kelly Goes Out Kelly Goes Out

    Kelly loves dress up with different kind of clothes and has different outlook. She wants to see how she looks with all kind of dress. Help her pick hair,dress,shoe,accessories,and eye color to see how she looks with different kind of background.

  • My Little Villain Dressup My Little Villain Dressup

    What do you get when you combine My Little Pony Villains and Disney Villains? My Little Villain, of course! Dress up in your favorite MLP and Disney Villain fashions and get the best of both evil worlds!

  • Elsa Easter dressup Elsa Easter dressup

    Elsa loves Easter! it is her favourite holiday and Elsa is ready to wear a new dress with great accessories on that day! Help her to look perfect on the happy easter celebration!

  • Egyptian Model Dress Up Egyptian Model Dress Up

    The model has a party tonight, she is confused about what to wear for tonight. Select the best dress and accessories to wear for the party. Everyone should be stunned by her dressing. Help her.

  • Monster High New Friends Monster High New Friends

    Monster High School is growing increasingly popular and welcomes new students almost every semester. This semester the new students are Lorna McNessie from Scotland and Marisol Coxi from South America. Marisol is a daughter of the Big Foot and, being loud and giant in size, has difficulties in findi

  • Honey Lemon and Fred Dress up Honey Lemon and Fred Dress up

    Honey Lemon and Fred have a date. They want to have a sweet time and they need the nice dress. Can you help them to look better.

  • Sleepover Dressup Match Sleepover Dressup Match

    Melissa is getting ready for a slumber party with her friends. Help her get ready for a girls night in by matching the items hidden in the sleeping bags. Then, dress her up for a fun sleepover.

  • Frozen Honeymoon Frozen Honeymoon

    Elsa Frozen and Jack Frost finally got married! Cold never bothered them, but this time they decided to spend their honeymoon at the seaside. But they have no idea what to wear in such hot places. Can you help them?

  • Stylish Red Carpet Dress up Stylish Red Carpet Dress up

    Help the stylish girl to get ready for the red carpet on today. She has many dresses and accessories in her wardrobe, but, she is confused. So, she needs your help to dress up and make her look good.

  • Royal Wedding Royal Wedding

    Princess Kate is getting married this weekend with the love of her life, Prince Will. Every designer would like to be chosen by the princess to make her dress but she chose you. You have to come up with an unique design for the princess because she will appear in lots of magazines. Accessorize her b

  • Scarf Fashion Look Scarf Fashion Look

    Let's play a new dressup game with a beautiful model girl. She is happy because the weekend began and now needs your help to combine the clothes and accessories. You can choose from a lot of clothes and accessories to make our girl look amaizing. Enjoy! Use mouse to play this Princess game!

  • Fresh Outfit Fresh Outfit

    Mona loves spring so she thought to embrace the season of Renaissance with joy and good attitude. She wants to look completely perfect in order to match with the good spirit of spring. Take a look into her wardrobe and choose the dress you like the most. Remember it has to be a springlike dress. Be

  • Elsa Sleepover Dressup Elsa Sleepover Dressup

    To enjoy a slumber party, what you wear is important as you need to look great even at night as a beauty,too! When Elsa sleeps, she usually cuddles up next to a stuffed animal because she would have a sweet dream on that way . Would you kind help her choose some sweet sleepwear?

  • Minion Carnaval? Minion Carnaval?

    The minion carnaval dress up game is a good opportunity to show us how creative you are by creating some funky outfits that they can wear. Combine all sorts of clothing items to see which ones look cool.

  • Create big Hero 6 Baymax? Create big Hero 6 Baymax?

    Help create an awesome version of the robot Baymax in this Big hero 6 dress up game and you will surely impress everyone with your choices as long as they make a cute medical drone in the end.Instructions: Use the mouse to create Baymax.

  • Hip Hop Dressup Hip Hop Dressup

    It's time for hip hop fashion style, girls! To put together a perfect hip hop style look you need all the basic urban street style items such as: jeans, capris, short skirts, hoodies and cool tops in vibrant colors...and luckily, you have all of them at your disposal in the 'Hip Hop Dress Up' game!

  • Zoe Valentine's Day Prep Zoe Valentine's Day Prep

    Zoe is getting ready for the valentine candle night dinner with her boyfriend. She wants to impress her boyfriend by wearing the best outfit. Help her to choose the best dress and accessories. Happy Valentine's Day!!

  • Honey Lemon Dressup Honey Lemon Dressup

    Honey Lemon is a scientist turned super hero. She is kind hearted and always looks on the bright side of any situation.

  • Frozen Anna Pregnant Shopping Frozen Anna Pregnant Shopping

    Anna is pregnant and she must wardrobe more frequently than before.You can join Anna at shopping and help her buy some beautiful dresses and jewelries.Have fun shopping with Anna.

  • Barbie Magic Mermaid Barbie Magic Mermaid

    Barbie is a beautiful mermaid and she has magical power. Now, she gets the invitation to royal prom. Let's help her prepare for the big day in her life. Impress Barbie with your fashion stylist skills and dress her in lots of gorgeous mermaid outfits. Turn Barbie into a mermaid princess playing Barb

  • Frozen Valentine Dressup Match Frozen Valentine Dressup Match

    Anna is getting ready for a romantic Valentine's Day date with Kristoff. Help her get ready for her date by matching the items on the cards. Then, dress her up in lovely Valentine's Day style!

  • Perfect Sister Valentine Dressup Perfect Sister Valentine Dressup

    Elsa and Anna are in their room getting dressed up for the Valentines Day. Choose the most beautiful clothes for them!

  • Dora Valentine Sweet Dresup Dora Valentine Sweet Dresup

    Valentines day is coming up. Its a special day for Dora and she would like to wear the nice dress to attend the Valentine party tonight. Lets make her more beautiful !

  • Decor Valentine Gift Decor Valentine Gift

    Choosing a gift for your love is very important on valentines day. This cute boy loves Anna and he wants to give her love Anna a spacial gift. Play mydressupgame valentines day gift decorating game and help this boy to decorate a lovely gift for her love Anna. Have fun.

  • Famous Popstar Dressup Famous Popstar Dressup

    Lady Gaga is getting ready to put on her next big performance! Dress her up in the perfect outfit for her concert.

  • Fairy Girl Fairy Girl

    It's not always easy to choose what to wear when you are a fairy princess. People expect from you to be always shiny, royal and magical, but a fairy princess is still a girl and a girl never has enough to wear! Wings, dresses, crowns, jewellery... So much to choose. Would you be willing to help?

  • Delicious Dessert Girl Delicious Dessert Girl

    I love my precious daughter because she's beautiful, smart and intelligent and has unique talents. But she doesn't think in the same way. So I tired so hard to tell her how many good features she has but somehow she still doesn't believe me. Oh, maybe you may want to console her, huh? I think she ma

  • Dora Dora On Mission Dora Dora On Mission

    Dora and boots is going to a trip today,but before she head for the trip, she needs to dressup as pretty as possible. Also, she needs to choose the right accessory to bring along with her. Help her pick the best dress and the dress

  • Emo Snow White Dress up Emo Snow White Dress up

    Snow White is a beautiful princess. She lives with seven dwarf. Dressupgamesite create a dress up game for Snow White that you can dress up her with emo style princess clothes.

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