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  • Pokemon Girls Dress up Pokemon Girls Dress up

    A special battle between pokemons is about to come and their owners want to be have an appropriate outfit and because of that they asked for your professional advice in shopping assistance. Choose the first girl you would like to shop and let the fun begin. Create a new look buying clothes and shoes

  • Barbie Glitter Fairy Barbie Glitter Fairy

    Barbie has decided to throw the most amazing birthday party ever! Of course that she has invited all her friends to celebrate her birthday. In order to add a little extra fun to the mix, our favorite doll, Barbie has decided to be a gorgeous glitter fairy. In our amazing new dress up game called Bar

  • Barbie Mermaid Trends Barbie Mermaid Trends

    Have you ever thought about the beautiful doll Barbie as being a mermaid that lives underwater? If not, today is your chance. We have prepared a really amazing new dress up game for you, here on, in which you are going to meet the gorgeous mermaid Barbie. Not just any mermaid, though, becau

  • Roller Skating Princesses Roller Skating Princesses

    There’s nothing better than spending the whole day with your BFFs, fooling around and doing activities! Sun is shining, wind is blowing your hair and your besties are with you. How cool is that? So that’s why your favorite princesses Jasmine, Ariel, Rapunzel and Cinderella decided to go the park

  • Barbie At London Fashion Week Barbie At London Fashion Week

    One of the major fashion events of the year is here and Barbie wants to get up-to-the-minute fashion show coverage. When it comes to having your personal style, London Fashion Week provides you with the most unique and fabulous outfits like nowhere else. Play our brand new game Barbie At London Fash

  • Winx Fairies Summer Fashion Winx Fairies Summer Fashion

    Flora and Musa will be in your beauty parlour in a few minutes. They are going to the theatre with the family. Dress them up using the contemporary dresses. See to that you adorn them with the summer fashion costumes. The entire winx fairies will be present for the celebration which would take place

  • Ariel Bridesmaid Ariel Bridesmaid

    Ariel has been invited to be one of the bridesmaids at her best friend's wedding, Elsa. She needs your fashion advice to choose one of the most beautiful dresses and do not forget the accessories!

  • Angela And Baby Wardrobe Cleaning Angela And Baby Wardrobe Cleaning

    Help Angela clean up her messy wardrobe. Gather the old clothes and accessories and place them in the correct box. Use the broom and the brush to clean up the dirt and leave the place clean and tidy. Enjoy!

  • Belle And Rapunzel California Girls Belle And Rapunzel California Girls

    Belle and Rapunzel are heading to a fabulous vacation destination. They decided to take a trip to California since they've never been there before. That surely sounds exciting. But in order to get ready for the trip of their lifetime they have to pack some appropriate clothes for this sunny destinat

  • Ariel Summer Look Ariel Summer Look

    Ariel wants a new look for this summer . There are so many colorful dresses and accessories, so help her to choose something new for these summer days .

  • Disney Summer Eurotrip Disney Summer Eurotrip

    Jasmine and Rapunzel love with their kingdoms, but, you know, even they want to try something new from time to time. That’s why they decided to spend their summer vacation in Europe! How cool is that? Disney Princesses are planning to visit three big cities: Paris, Oslo and Rome. Three cities, thr

  • Baby Girl Hipster vs Princess Baby Girl Hipster vs Princess

    Hi girls. What about a new dress up game? This time you will meet a little girl who is fashion addicted and everyday she wants to have a different look. Some days she use to to wear stylish clothes and look like a princess and others she wants to be a hipster. Play the game and you have three differ

  • Disney Beauty Pageant Disney Beauty Pageant

    Elsa, Ariel and Jasmine have a great idea. They want to know who is the most beautiful girl and that's why they will enter a beauty pageant, where they will be judged wearing two different outfits. Let the most beautiful girl win in the game called Disney Beauty Pageant! For the great challenges you

  • Princesses At Disneyland Princesses At Disneyland

    Take the two girls out for a shopping session in this Disney Princesses dress up game and they will enjoy the time spent with you. We all love shopping especially with this generous of a budget.

  • Rapunzel Red Carpet Dress Up Rapunzel Red Carpet Dress Up

    Help Rapunzel look beautiful at a very important red carpet event. Choose a very special dress and some cute accessories. The paparazzi will take lots of photos with Rapunzel. Have fun!

  • Anna In Love Anna In Love

    Girls, the beautiful Anna has a boyfriend. The Frozen princess loves Kristoff and she ca't wait to go with him on a special romantic date. Join the great girl and help her choose a pretty outfit for the occasion in Anna In Love game, on ! Anna loves great patterns and a good choice for her is a love

  • Elsa And Anna Summer Matching Outfits Elsa And Anna Summer Matching Outfits

    Girls, if you love Frozen you will love this brand new game called Elsa And Anna Summer Matching Outfits. This wonderful summer dressup game featuring your favorite sister duo will surely keep you entertained and it will even give you some inspiration for your own summer outfits. Star by choosing t

  • Elsa Good Or Bad Elsa Good Or Bad

    Modern Elsa is looking for a new style. As each person, Elsa has some positive and joyful personality, and some darker, more pessimistic side, parts that influences her fashion style. For each personality we chose a group of clothes and accessories to highlights the profile of Elsa. Have fun with mo

  • Cheerleader dress up game Cheerleader dress up game

    A beautiful cheerleader need to be dress for a big sports game. Have fun.

  • Elsa Fashion Cover Elsa Fashion Cover

    Beautiful Elsa has become the cover girl of one famous magazine. Try your best to help her make up beautifully by using our given cosmetics. Choose the suitable eye shadow color and eye brow shapes for her. Make her facial as attractive as you can. Then you can help the girl dress up with beautiful

  • Strawberry Shortcake Fashion and Style Strawberry Shortcake Fashion and Style

    Lovely Strawberry Shortcake always dreamed of new make-up and fashion. You need to make her look so beautiful as she has never been before. First she needs a cute hairstyle after you can work on the make-up. Keep in mind that she loves her pink dress with polka dots, but you can also choose somethin

  • Anime School Uniforms 2 Anime School Uniforms 2

    With so many different colours and styles of school outfits to choose from you can easily make your anime character look her best when going to school.

  • Princess Summer Beach Princess Summer Beach

    The two Disney Princesses has the same exact idea on this very hot summer holiday that is going to the seaside, beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery! What should they wear? It depends on what you would like to design. Come and help them dress up!

  • Princess Mommy Holiday Princess Mommy Holiday

    Hello dear friends! In this wonderful new game you have the chance to meet 2 beautiful Disney princesses and their daughters.Summer is here and Princess Ariel and Princess Barbie decided that it's time for a perfect holiday. In this wonderful vacation you have the role of picking up the most wonder

  • Barbie Pretty In Tulle Dresses Barbie Pretty In Tulle Dresses

    Barbie, your favorite blonde doll, loves cute dresses. This year the best dresses are the tulle ones, because they have a romantic and flirty feel to them, which all the girls adore. Join the pretty beauty in the game called Barbie Pretty In Tulle Dresses and choose the best style. There are two cho

  • Ellie's OOTD Ellie's OOTD

    Choose Ellie's OOTD every day and make sure her outfit is always perfect for the weather and her activities! Ellie is a fashionable girl, so every day she checks out the weather app on her phone to give her an idea what to wear that day. You will have to help her create an outfit for three different

  • Elsa and Ariel Summer Fashion Elsa and Ariel Summer Fashion

    Summer is here and your favorite princesses Elsa and Ariel need your fashion skils to look very pretty in this hot summer day . Choose some elegant dresses and accessories for them and be sure that they will look awesome !

  • Rapunzel School Chic Makeover Rapunzel School Chic Makeover

    Help Rapunzel get prepared for the last day of school. She is very nervous because, considering that she take part at the school ceremony, oviosly she should wear some beautiful clothes. Could you help her? Start with the make up session and then choose some wonderful clothes, shoes and accesories.

  • Raven Queen Pinterest Diva Raven Queen Pinterest Diva

    Raven Queen, the great girl from Ever After High likes to keep up with the trends. She enjoys fashion a lot and she loves to share her outfit ideas with her fans and friends. Join her now as she will show off her latest outfit in Raven Queen Pinterest Diva game! In the game called Raven Queen Pinter

  • Around The World Fashion Show Around The World Fashion Show

    Be part of an incredible journey in Around The World Fashion Show and travel on all continents while exploring the local traditions! Each country has its own flavor when it comes to fashion and they are all equally gorgeous. In this very exciting game you have four different parts of the world in wh

  • Elsa And Anna Japan Fashion Experience Elsa And Anna Japan Fashion Experience

    Enter the unique and special world of Japanese fashion. Elsa and Anna are about to show you some amazing Japanese traditional kimonos and you need to help them choose the perfect one. The princesses are on a vacation in Tokyo and they want to try on the spectacular outfits and accessories. Make the

  • Disney Princesses Cheerleaders Disney Princesses Cheerleaders

    Dress up the girls in this Disney princesses cheerleaders game as they are about to enter the field with high energy and make the crowd go wild. They will definitely set the mood for the whole game so pick some lively clothes.

  • Cinderella Little Black Dress Cinderella Little Black Dress

    Cinderella is about to have a really busy weekend in this brand new called Cinderella Little Black Dress. She is super excited about all the fun she will be having, not to mention that she will finally get to wear the amazing little black dress that she has been dreaming of wearing for a while now.

  • Magic Fairies Hair Salon Magic Fairies Hair Salon

    Give your fairy friend a makeover with this hair salon game.

  • Barbie Instagram Diva Barbie Instagram Diva

    Barbie is the ultimate fashionista! She absolutely adores playing dress up, and that is exactly why she wants to start a career in fashion. Barbie has just created her first Instagram account, and she is planning on going big or go home. In our amazing new dress up game called Barbie Instagram Diva,

  • Meet Modern Cinderella Meet Modern Cinderella

    Cinderella, your favorite blonde princess from Disney, loves modern fashion. She enjoys the new trends and she wants to have a great blog, where she can show off her amazing outfit. She was also invited to a great event, where her Prince Charming will be and she wants to impress him with her amazing

  • Dream Return To Tang Dynasty Dream Return To Tang Dynasty

    This beautiful girl is very lucky and surprised because she had a wonderful dream. In this nice dream she has returned to Tang Dynasty. Come to help her make up and dress her up with classical Tang Dynasty dresses. Firstly, you can help her make up with those nice cosmetics. Try your best to make he

  • Elsa And Anna Polaroid Elsa And Anna Polaroid

    Elsa, Anna and their buddy Olaf are enjoying their great Parisian vacation in style! It’s their very first time in France and they want to see everything that can be visited here. And since you can’t visit Paris without climbing the Eiffel Tower today seems to be a good day for the sweet Frozen

  • Barbie Weekend Outfit Barbie Weekend Outfit

    Play this fabulous game named Barbie Weekend Outfit and help our favorite fashionista decide what to wear in her free time! The weekends allow us to get out of our boring work or school clothes and get into fun and colorful outfits! Style her hair and dress her up with some lovely dressed, tops, ski

  • Elsa Summer Prom Elsa Summer Prom

    This evening is the first Summer Prom of this year and Elsa wants to be one of the most beautiful princess tonight . Choose some elegant dresses and accessories for her and make Elsa look gorgeous !

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