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  • Spring Disney Princess Spring Disney Princess

    Hey Girls, spring days became much warmer! Sun is shining bright and it means your favorite Disney princesses Ariel, Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna are going for a walk! Princesses have been waiting for a whole winter when they can change uncomfortable warm clothes to beautiful spring outfits! Let’s take

  • Tinkerbell Vs Iridessa Fairyes Battle Tinkerbell Vs Iridessa Fairyes Battle

    Tinkerbell Versus Iridessa Fairies Battle is the most important contest of fairies. Choose your favorite from the two fairies, and recommends the outfit that she will win the contest. Have fun!

  • Four Dances with Princesses Four Dances with Princesses

    No need to ask if you like dancing – every little princess does! But did you know that almost every country has its own dance? All of them are equally beautiful and graceful. As soon as dancing is a major class in princess schools, all the Disney princesses are very skillful and passionate dancers

  • Coachella Princesses Coachella Princesses

    What's your plan for the weekend? Elsa has a brilliant idea! She called Princess Anna and Rapunzel and they agreed to go to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival together! The princesses are thrilled about this because music, art and fashion are their passion! First things first, what shall t

  • Muslim Fashionista Muslim Fashionista

    This beautiful lady here is a Muslim fashion blogger and probably one of the most popular fashionistas out there. Right now she’s getting ready for a social event and she could use your expert advice to put together a statement look for this occasion - care to join her in?

  • Elsa Fairy Party Dress Up Elsa Fairy Party Dress Up

    Princess Elsa is invited to a wonderful party and the theme is fairy land. Elsa must prepare some fairy inspired clothes and accessories so she can make a good impression. Take a look in her closet and choose the most magical outfit and accessories for her. Elsa will enchant everyone at the party wi

  • Cute Mulan Royal Dressup Cute Mulan Royal Dressup

    Mulan has temporarily shelved her warrior, just for a short while! She probably has a dance to attend so she would like to wear something a bit more festive.

  • Barbie Off To Neverland Barbie Off To Neverland

    When we were kids, we absolutely loved bedtime stories with love and princesses or magic lands such as Peter Pan. Each of us was curious about the existence of this magic land and Barbie is also curious too. Her favorite book is Peter Pan and she would love to discover this magical land that capture

  • Equestria Girls Fashion Rivals Equestria Girls Fashion Rivals

    Equestria Girls are ready for the most intense competition of their lives, namely Fashion Contest. Choose your favorite and recommend them the most appropriate clothes and help her win the contest. Good luck!

  • Pegasisters BFFs Pegasisters BFFs

    Ladies, welcome to the new game called Pegasisters BFFs! I am sure you will adore this game if you love fashion and great dress ups with pretty girls. These pony loving girls need to look good and I am sure you can help them with that.

  • Barbie Paris Vs New York Barbie Paris Vs New York

    Paris or New York? Barbie can't decide. Can you? I am sure you love both cities, because they are both amazing cities of fashion. Join the doll in this new game called Barbie Paris Vs New York and choose the best outfits for each city and then mix and match to create a third and unique look.

  • Sweet Candy Makeover Sweet Candy Makeover

    Let's play a new makeover game with a little girl who loves candies and colors. She use to be allways happy but these days she was a little upset and needs your help to get more positive. Start the game with a facial treatment, then go to makeup session and finally dress up our girl with some beauti

  • Elsa Anime Dress Up Elsa Anime Dress Up

    Play this fun game and imagine Elsa as a anime character. You can play with her hair and choose different colors for it, also you have several costumes she can wear. Try them on and pick the one you like. Do not forget the cool accessories and booth. Elsa will look fantastic!

  • Rapunzel VS Cinderella Model Rivals Rapunzel VS Cinderella Model Rivals

    Being a top model isn't that easy, even in the Disney world. Two beautiful princesses, Rapunzel and Cinderella, dream about participating in the fashion show of the hottest designer of the year – miss Cruella. But there's only one girl, that will get this job! Which means that it's time for some f

  • Light Fairy Vs Dark Fairy Light Fairy Vs Dark Fairy

    There is a moment in every fairy's life when she has to decide if she wants to go light or dark. It is that moment for our fairy, but she just can't be sure what suits her best. That is why she needs your help. Maybe if you could help her choose some outfits for each type, she can see what looks bes

  • Descendants Trendsetters Descendants Trendsetters

    Mal and Evie are the Descendants of the most evil villains in fairy tale land, Maleficent and the Evil Queen. But Mal and Evie are just teenage girls and they are not necessarily following the path of their mothers. They also found a recent interest in fashion and because of their edgy style, they h

  • Loretta Callisto Princess Dress Up Loretta Callisto Princess Dress Up

    Loretta Callisto is invited to a costume party and wants to dress like a true princess. Help her look ravishing and be the prettiest princess at the party!

  • Office Style Rapunzel Office Style Rapunzel

    Hey girls! Play our new game about Rapunzel! Today is her first working day at Fynsy Company! It’s Princess’ dream job, so she wants to look perfect and make a good impression. Let’s help her to choose the most beautiful office style clothes! She is beautiful, attractive, charming, and has a g

  • Disney Pinup Princesses Disney Pinup Princesses

    The Disney Princesses love all kinds of fashion and they love to get inspired by retro or vintage styles, so today they each want to get a pin-up look. Take them one by one and dress them up. Choose glamorous hairstyles, colorful outfits and lovely accessories. You can use your imagination and come

  • Ice Queen Time Travel Japan Ice Queen Time Travel Japan

    Ice queen Elsa finds it's fun to time travel to different countries and eras. Where did she go this time? It's Japan! She is fansinated by the magnificent culture and beautiful scenery in Japan. Dress her up with traditional Japanese kimonos and accessories. I would suggest you select a cheery bloss

  • Emma first day of  High School Dress Emma first day of High School Dress

    Show off your amazing design talent to create Emmas famous stylish dresses in your own design studio. Make perfect combination of garments, choose unique style, colors and materials, then decorate the dresses for Emma first day of high school! Have fun!

  • Elsa Spring Prom Elsa Spring Prom

    Today is an important day for Elsa because will be a spring prom and she must look very pretty . You are one of her fashion adviser and you must choose the most elegant dresses for her !

  • Jasmine VS Ariel Fashion Battle Jasmine VS Ariel Fashion Battle

    Princess Jasmin and princess Ariel are taking part in fashion battle tonight. Both princesses are going to hit the runway to prove their fashion taste. The judges will decide which princess is the most stylish of them all. Whom would you give the first place? Visit princess Ariel in

  • Rapunzel vs Cinderella Fashion Show Rapunzel vs Cinderella Fashion Show

    Fashion Show hosts today, the beautiful princesses Rapunzel and Cinderella. The two competitors are ready for the grand final this week. Suggest them the best outfit! Have fun!

  • Ariel's Great Photo Session Ariel's Great Photo Session

    Dear friends, today Fynsy Team prepared a new fashion game for you! You'll be in a role of a personal photographer of modern princess Ariel. It will be really a Great Photo Session! So, she will pose in beauty, home, sport styles and even like a scene queen. Choose the best photos and make new artic

  • Disney Princess Fashion Catwalk‏ Disney Princess Fashion Catwalk‏

    Prepare the girls for the podium in this Disney Princess catwalk fashion game in which you will be designing their clothes and outfits so they can show them off walking gracefully in front of the audience.

  • Barbie My Little Black Dress Barbie My Little Black Dress

    Barbie loves fashion. The great doll fashionista is ready for the ultimate dress challenge: the black dress! She needs a great one for any fancy event of the year, such as weddings, parties or baptism. Help her create the ultimate little black dress and add the cutest accessories and details in our

  • Disney Princess Spring Ball Disney Princess Spring Ball

    Spring is already here and it means the time for the annual Disney Princess Spring Ball has come! Create a unique spring outlook for Princesses Elsa, Cinderella and Belle. They want to be the most beautiful princesses at the ball.

  • Elsa vs Barbie Fashion Show Elsa vs Barbie Fashion Show

    Sofia and Amber are the main protagonists of a fashion contest, where are invited all the princesses of the kingdom. The two beautiful princesses need your advice, to take the most suitable clothes for this contest. After choosing clothes and accessories, Amber and Sofia will go on stage and receive

  • Rapunzel: Good Or Bad? Rapunzel: Good Or Bad?

    There’s nothing out-of-bounds in fashion for our beautiful princess Rapunzel! As a true fashionista she can change her look the way she feels and of course, according to her current mood. Some day she wants to looks to girly and flirty. So she prefer airy dresses, pastel shorts and pink shirts. Ev

  • Princess Elsa in the Nightclub Princess Elsa in the Nightclub

    Many girls like to go to dance clubs! It’s one of the best places where you can dress up the most fashionable dresses. Today you will have a very important task - to dress up Elsa Frozen in cool outfits. Tonight will be a special night and our Elsa should look perfect. You need to choose the most

  • Anna vs Ariel Fashion Show Anna vs Ariel Fashion Show

    Today we have a fun contest, Princess Anna of "Frozen" and the mermaid princess Ariel, is fighting on the same stage for the well dressed Disney princess. Choosing clothes belongs to you and only you can who decides the winner. May the most beautiful princess to win!

  • My Hipster Crush My Hipster Crush

    Helen used to be a girl that always tried to look well put together, until she realized one day that her crush at school, Tom, was not interested in her. So she decided to help him see the real her, with a change of look. The first step was to throw away her clothes that don't really say much about

  • Baby Anna Pick up Watermelon Baby Anna Pick up Watermelon

    Today is weekend, Baby Anna was asked to go to the farm to help her grandparent to pick up watermelon. Before departure, Anna has to change her clothes. She wants to work hare, so that her grandparent will love her more.

  • Blonde Princesses Night Out Blonde Princesses Night Out

    Our cutie blonde princesses Cinderella, Elsa and Rapunzel want to have some fun this evening! Princesses haven’t seen each other for a long time and today they have decided to go somewhere together. They are going to meet other princesses in the famous club. Oh, look at the clocks! Cinderella, Els

  • Anna And Elsa Spring Trends Anna And Elsa Spring Trends

    Anna And Elsa are quite famous on the internet and they even have their very own Frozen sisters fashion page on Facebook where they have invited all their fans to help them choose new outfits for spring. The best ones will be posted on their page, so do you think you can create the winner looks? Sta

  • Boho Princesses Boho Princesses

    Hey girls! The great princesses Elsa and Ariel are going to a boho party at the beach. This two beauties want to look super cute and fun and they need a great boho look. They will get inspiration for both make up and outfit from their favorite artists in the game called Boho Princesses! The make up

  • Sofia vs Amber Fashion Show Sofia vs Amber Fashion Show

    Sofia and Amber are the main protagonists of a fashion contest, where are invited all the princesses of the kingdom. The two beautiful princesses need your advice, to take the most suitable clothes for this contest. After choosing clothes and accessories, Amber and Sofia will go on stage and receive

  • Elsa Trendy Look Elsa Trendy Look

    Elsa is a true fashionista and she wants every day to be trendy . There are a lot of fancy clothes and she needs your help to choose something nice and do not forget the accessories !

  • Masha Dress Up The Bear Masha Dress Up The Bear

    Masha and the Bear were invited to the best carnival in the forest. Masha needs your help to dress the bear. Have a great time with Masha!

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