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  • Dancing In The Rain Dancing In The Rain

    When it rains, people usually hurry to home. But there is a curious girl, she like to walk in the rain to look the germination of grass,falling flowers..... when it is raining slightly ,she also likes dancing in the rain , she feel it is a most interesting experience. Look, she puts her umbrella

  • Betty Birthday Party Betty Birthday Party

    Today is very important for Betty,it's her sweet 20 birthday party. Her friends are throwing her a big birthday bash and she wants to look her best for the event. Now she's doing it in style! Can you pick the perfect dress and accessories for her?Come on ,have fun!

  • The Joy Of Flying A Kite The Joy Of Flying A Kite

    spring is coming, the warm sun, green grass, a slight spring breeze, this is the best season for kite-flying, let's go fly a kite!Look at this cute little girl,let us help her selection of clothes and kite!

  • Beautiful Nails Beautiful Nails

    Hey,do you want to have beautiful nails in spring?Look,here are the latest trend nail polishes just for you,girls! You can choose your favorite nail shape, colors,and accessories,then put them on your nail to have a good look.Come on ,let's have a try.

  • Playing On A Swing Playing On A Swing

    Spring is here, the kids took off they thick coat, ran out of the house to play,some children playing football ,some children playing hide-and-seek,Let's come and play with them! Take a look at this little girl is playing on a swing,you see her happy, the mouth are not close on.Let's help her dress

  • I Want To Become A Star I Want To Become A Star

    A lot of little girls have always had a dream of the star, every girl wants to be a dazzling star, just give them a stage, they will be able to bloom, let us trying to dress up oneself satisfied star ,dreams come true.Let's dress up this cute girl for her a star of dreams !

  • Cozy Nursing Girl Cozy Nursing Girl

    The nurse girl is not only beautiful but also work hard work.She always stays smiling,when she was on duty.She is very patient ,especially for Children and the elderly patient,so she was awarded the head nurse this month .Now she wiil go to the attend a meeting, let us help her dress up .

  • The Little Girl Learn Bicycle The Little Girl Learn Bicycle

    Do you know how to ride a bicycle?I just learned how to ride it yesterday.Today I want to practice again,so I can ride faster.My friends is good at riding bicycle,she said she will help me today .First she will come to my home, then we will go to practice together.Before she came, I should dress u

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