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  • Pokemon Battle Arena Pokemon Battle Arena

    It is time for the pokemon to compete with each others again using their own ability and skill.This time the battle is taken place in an arena where your chosen pokemon will be fighting against the oppoinents pokemon. Collect different weapons from the pokemon that appear on the arena.Fight hard and

  • Sadness at the Dentist Sadness at the Dentist

    Being someone's feeling is not an easy task because you forget to take care of yourself as Sadness has forgotten to take care of her teeth. Prove that you are a good dentist and clean all her cavities. Also do not forget to choose colorful accessories for her smile.

  • Princess Stories Puzzle Princess Stories Puzzle

    Discover the most famous stories and princesses of all times in one cute puzzle game! Learn how to recognize shapes, colors and put together the story images. Have fun finding all the princesses and magic characters!

  • High School Clinic High School Clinic

    The high school clinic is crowded with patients. Some of them are suffered from bruises and fracture, some of them have concussion or food poisoning. Could you work as the doctor and use all the medical tools and medicine to cure them all? Have fun playing this fun High School Clinic game!

  • Ariel Facial Skin Doctor Ariel Facial Skin Doctor

    Hey Doctor, we need quickly your help in this new princess game!As you can see princess Ariel has some problems with her skin and she needs your help to look pretty for her beloved prince. We know that you are a good doctor and we hope that you can help her to solve all her problems before the prin

  • New Age Spa New Age Spa

    You had a very long day and now it’s time for you to spoil yourself!All you have to do is close your eyes, relax, and enjoy this amazing body treatment. Then, the beautiful dress, new hairstyle and make up, and of course brand new accessories will make you look like a queen!

  • Sofia And Aber At The School Sofia And Aber At The School

    The princesses, Sofia and Amber, have a very important exam and want to prove to everyone that they are very intelligent.The exam consists of math problems, and recognition of cartoon characters. Fi with the lovely princess on the most important test of the year!

  • Escape From Mystic Graveyard Escape From Mystic Graveyard

    The game goal is to Escape from this Mystic Graveyard by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Mystic Graveyard. Good Luck!

  • Baby Barbie Summer Glittery Tattoo Baby Barbie Summer Glittery Tattoo

    Check out some cool summer glittery tattoos that baby Barbie fancies wearing! Don't worry, they are not permanent! Designing such a summer glittery tattoo is easy and you can also do it! The first step is choosing the body area where the artwork will be placed. It can be face, shoulder, arm or leg.

  • Draculaura Monster Bartender Draculaura Monster Bartender

    Draculaura is is in love with Deuce,. and wants at all costs to impressed him! Draculaura is bartender, at the bar in Monster High and wants to prepare the tastiest cocktails for Deuce, but she needs your help to do that. Can you help her?

  • Anger Dentist Visit Anger Dentist Visit

    There must be a reason for being angry all the time and Anger's reason is teeth problems. You can make him happier by treating his cavity, so he can be among his friends again.

  • Poppy First Day in Kindergarden Poppy First Day in Kindergarden

    It is a first day for baby Poppy going to kindergarten. She needs your help to perform today’s activities. Join with baby Poppy and have lots of fun with the kindergarten kids.

  • Ariel's Prince Crush Ariel's Prince Crush

    Princess Ariel has a big crush on Prince Eric ever since she met him. Could you help her finish every undersea challenge and fulfill her dream? Don't get caught by Prince Eric though! Have fun!

  • Escape From Leisure Room Escape From Leisure Room

    This is another great escape game developed by YoopyGames. The game goal is to Escape from this Leisure Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Leisure Ro

  • Baby Lisi Learning Numbers Baby Lisi Learning Numbers

    Today you have the chance to learn how to count with Baby Lisi. Would you like that? Baby Lisi is Learning Numbers with her classmates and your job is to guess the right number of the colorful balls the teacher is drawing, after that you have to go with Baby Lisi, her little brother and mother and v

  • Baby Elsa Suffers of Measles Baby Elsa Suffers of Measles

    Hey Doctor, we need quickly your help! In this new doctor game baby Elsa needs you!She suffers of measles and she is very upset because of it. Of course that her mother Frozen Elsa is near her, but however she needs the help of a specialist and we believe that you are the right person.So, what do yo

  • Frankie Stein Room Cleaning Frankie Stein Room Cleaning

    You all know the interests of Frankie Stein. She is very good at sewing and cooking.Today is Saturday. She has been informed by the parents that her uncle and aunt would be at home after an hour. She has got another chance to prepare food on her own. On the other hand, she is very much excited about

  • Haunted Bus Escape Games Haunted Bus Escape Games

    You have been locked inside the Double-decker haunted bus. There is no other way than escape from the bus. Get the clues from the bus process them and escape from this haunted bus. Good Luck.

  • Lee Face Salon Lee Face Salon

    Lee and her husband take a trip. Unfortunately they lost on a desert island, and a boat discovered them a few months later. They look vey bad, let's help the couple Lee back at first!

  • Little Red Forest Adventures Little Red Forest Adventures

    Cute Little Red Riding Hood's hoping you could join her on her thrilling adventure through the woods, as she's planning to head to her granny's house today!

  • Tweety Eye Care Tweety Eye Care

    Hello you want to be a good doctor? Then you can start by examining our dear bird Tweety, because she has eye's problems and can not fly. Start the examination with several important tests such as short and distance vision test .Use the opthalmoscopy for further investigations, computerized eye che

  • Elsa Bunk Bedroom Elsa Bunk Bedroom

    Please look at the pictures and find all hidden objects quickly as possible. You must make sure object before click if no, you will lost points.

  • Hans Frozen Dentist Hans Frozen Dentist

    Have you ever thought that you will help the bad guy from your favorite Disney story Frozen? Well, now you have the chance of cleaning Hans mouth, so be a good dentist and treat all his cavities. Enjoy decorating Hans teeth in the craziest ways!

  • Pokemon Sea War Pokemon Sea War

    The water pokemons are attacking the pokemon center on the seaport. Pikachu is given order to stop then using the good water pokemon. Help pikachu fight and drive those evil water pokemon back to where they came from.

  • Escape From Egyptian Cave Escape From Egyptian Cave

    This is another great escape game developed by YoopyGames. The game goal is to Escape from this Egyptian Cave by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Egyptian

  • Pou Bathing  New Pou Bathing New

    Today you can have fun with one of the most famous pets at the moment. This strange potato alien wants to be your friend. In this game your goal is to do a Pou Bathing. Simply follow the arrows to know the exact order on what tools and items to use and apply them.

  • Elsa SunBurned Elsa SunBurned

    The summer is here and each of us love to spend a lot of the time on the seaside relaxing under the hot rays of the sun, but it is very important not to forget an important thing: our sun oil! In this new game you should help Frozen Elsa because she has so happy for her first day on the beach so she

  • Tom and Angela tropical vacation Tom and Angela tropical vacation

    Tom and Angela are in a rush to catch the plane to their tropical vacation but you need to help them pack fast. After the finish preparing the luggage they can relax on a tropical island.

  • Sister Goes to Movie Sister Goes to Movie

    Edith’s sister Ashley is at the Cinema to watch a new movie. She has come along with her best friends. This is their first time at the Cinema multiplex and they absolutely no clue what to do. They might need your help. Give the girls a proper tour of the multiplex and also help them book their mov

  • Baby Anna Bathing Baby Anna Bathing

    Baby Anna is preparing to take a bath, which is why she wants to be there to help her. First you'll have to put water in the tub, then put her on it and eventually you start to wash. Do not forget her favorite toys: penguin and duck. What matters is to wash better and more quickly, and after it will

  • Elsa Zombie Malediction Elsa Zombie Malediction

    Are you ready to enjoy a new game with your favorite Frozen Princess today?Elsa needs quickly your help because she has been transformed into a zombie of a bad witch and she cannot become again a beautiful and young princess only with your help.Are you ready to transform Elsa in a beautiful Frozen p

  • Escape From Breezy Hall Escape From Breezy Hall

    This is another great escape game developed by YoopyGames. The game goal is to Escape from this Breezy Hall by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Breezy Hall

  • Pokemon Center Defense Pokemon Center Defense

    The Team rocket pokemon have entered the pokemon center, where all the good pokemon are kept. Pikachu and his partners would have to defeat all the bad pokemon in order to save the pokemon center. Click on pokemon to move and get to the bad pokemon.

  • Baby Barbie Homework Slacking Baby Barbie Homework Slacking

    Do baby Barbie's nails applying pink nail polish color. A brand new make up kit got her attention and she wants to try it on. Apply the eye shadow hues on the eyelids and make baby Barbie beautiful. Add one of her mom's lipsticks and perfumes too to complete the beauty slacking session. Color an ado

  • Frozen Princess Bakery Frozen Princess Bakery

    Frozen princess started their own bakery. Help them to identify ingredients to prepare a wonderful & delicious cake before time runs out. Hurry up!!!!

  • Snow White Facial Skin Doctor Snow White Facial Skin Doctor

    The beautiful princess Snow White needs your help in this new game.Tonight she will go at a prom with her prince and as you can see she has some facial skin problems. She asked your help because she can not go at the prom looking so awful. Do you think that you can help her to be sweet again?

  • Dora Spring Run Dora Spring Run

    It is spring time,and dora is out there having fun in around the hill. She brought a full pack on star with here in the backpack. However, the evil Swiper came and steal all the stars from the backpack. Help dora get the stars back at no cost.Collect all the stars on the way and watch out for monste

  • My Moms Birthday Party My Moms Birthday Party

    Today is Maria's mother birthday so she wants to celebrate her mom's birthday in such a way so that her mom finds a big surprise. Can you help her in this? Let's go for shopping with Maria to buy essential things to make the mom's birthday a successful one. Buy the things from market one by one as p

  • Bad Kids Babysitter Bad Kids Babysitter

    When good kids become bad kids, there's only one babysitter who can handle them! With love and some negotiation skill, your kids will be good at the end of day. Good luck, Wendy! This might be harder than neverland's kids..

  • Escape From Amazing Living Room Escape From Amazing Living Room

    Accept the biggest challenge in this escape game and escape from amazing living room. If you are addicted to challenging situations now it’s the perfect time to show your skills. In this point and click game you will test your aptitudes with several brain teasers and puzzles that will keep you foc

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