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  • Cleopatra Gives Birth Into Water New Cleopatra Gives Birth Into Water New

    Cleopatra is the most beautiful princess in whole antient Egypt. And pregnancy makes her look even more amazing. But it\'s time to give birth to a baby. And the princess wants to make everything in a proper way. Help her maids give her a massage, and stay close, as her baby is about to born. Have fu

  • Baby Lisi Big Easter Eggs Baby Lisi Big Easter Eggs

    Easter is near and Baby Lisi is getting prepared for this amazing holiday, however the question is would you like to join Baby Lisi and help her design fun Easter Eggs? You can choose many colors to decorate them and you can add various designs, flowers, ribbons and more. Design small, medium and bi

  • Persian Cat Princess Spa Salon Persian Cat Princess Spa Salon

    Morgan has a Persian cat. She would play with the cat in the morning and in the evening. Tomorrow semester exams commences for the girl. She has a lot to study. She didn’t wash the cat for the past two weeks. It would be very appropriate if you lend your hands. Give a good look to the cat. The gir

  • Bunny Easter Eggs Painting Bunny Easter Eggs Painting

    Easter is comming, and could you design your own Easter eggs with a beautiful assortment of patterns, shapes and colors? Come and participate in the unique celebration of Easter! Also don't forget to choose the nicest dress for this rabbit,he wants to look perfect on the easter day. Happy Easter!

  • Barbie Zombie Treatment Barbie Zombie Treatment

    Beautiful because of a spell turned into a zombie. Her only chance is you, applying treatment you can save a Barbie. All look forward to after applying the treatment Barbie to be again that beautiful girl that we all know. Only the brave players can play this game! Have fun!

  • Nana Zoo Keeper Nana Zoo Keeper

    Nana will help all the animals at zoo. You will help nan to feed , heal and bath to animals at zoo.

  • Frozen Princess Candy World Frozen Princess Candy World

    Elsa came into the wonderful candy world from the frozen world. Because she likes a candies a lots, but she is not able to identify her favorite candies in the group. So Help Elsa to identify her favorite candies within the allocated time. All the best!!!

  • Ben 10 Bike Adventure Ben 10 Bike Adventure

    Ben 10 is on an adventure. He is riding his super powerful bike on a road of reaching his destination.On the road,there are monsters that would attack ben 10. Help ben 10 wide out and avoid the enemies so he would reach his goal at the end without being dead.

  • Elsa and Jack Become Parents Elsa and Jack Become Parents

    Great news from Arendelle! Elsa is going to become a mommy! Her husband, Jack Frost, is so happy about it. Do some shopping with our adorable married couple and make shure they will become the most beautiful parents in the whole kingdom!

  • Escape From Flat Livingroom Escape From Flat Livingroom

    This is another great escape games developed by YoopyGames. The game goal is to Escape from the Flat Livingroom by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Flat Li

  • Farm Animal Memory Farm Animal Memory

    Farm Animal Memory is fantastic free farm game on the internet. This game is good for everyone that likes farm games and memory games. It is also very good for kids because it improves kids memory. Your job in this fun game is to find two squares with the same sign and they will disappear. All the s

  • Elsa At The Circus? Elsa At The Circus?

    Have a great day in this Elsa circus game where you two will have plenty of fun stuff to do. Eat some sweets and learn how to juggle while you wait in line for the pony ride.

  • Pokemon Air war Pokemon Air war

    Ash and his favorite pokemon pikachu going on an adventure to destroy wild pokemon out there. They would ride on 3 different kind of legendary pokemon on the air. They would shoot and destroy both air and ground pokemon. The wild pokemon will attack ash in return. Stay alive and go as far as possibl

  • Pregnant Rapunzel School Teacher Pregnant Rapunzel School Teacher

    Rapunzel is pregnant and she needs your help to teach the kids their lessons, because she is a school teacher. But she can barely move because of her pregnancy, so will you help her? Teach the kids to do additions and subtractions and if they will succeed, you can help them to solve a funny quiz whe

  • Rapunzel Messy Kitchen Cleaning Rapunzel Messy Kitchen Cleaning

    P rincess Rapunzel loves spending time in her kitchen and trying some new dishes on her own. Sometimes she makes her kitchen a compete pigsty in the process of cooking something new. It is one such occasion for Rapunzel because her kitchen has became so messy that even rats and cockroaches have come

  • Sea Life Memo Sea Life Memo

    Find all sorts of marine animals in this memory game! Click on the icons to see what you 'sea' on the other side. With enough practise, you'll never have the memory of a fish!

  • Dora Flower Store Slacking Dora Flower Store Slacking

  • Boy Robot Adventure Boy Robot Adventure

    The tree is dying on the platform. The boy and his partner robot need to collect all the tree seeds and bring them to the tree in order to restore tree life.On this great adventure, there and traps and monsters on the platform. Try your best to advoid those and bring the seeds to the tree and bring

  • Elsa's Prom Dress Design? Elsa's Prom Dress Design?

    Elsa Frozen is getting ready for prom. This is a great event and a fabulous look is a must. She wants to design her own dress and you can help her with your creative skills. Start the new Cutezee game called Elsa's Prom Dress Design and create the best dress! First, pick the dress shape and you have

  • Messy Sofia Spa Makeover Messy Sofia Spa Makeover

    Princess Sofia the first was happily playing in the backyard with her pets and while playing, one of the pets got trapped among the plants. In trying to rescue the pet, Sofia got very messy with some bruises, leaves, insects, and sticks on her body. Princes Sofia must be made clean and given a makeo

  • Robecca Steam Messy Bedroom Robecca Steam Messy Bedroom

    Robecca always goes late for the class. Since she is the eldest girl in the family, she has to do the house chores all alone. To tell you about the family members, she has two sisters and two brothers. Though she is very clumsy, she is very good at heart. Yesterday the sisters of Robecca brought the

  • Nurse Kid Care Nurse Kid Care

    Linda is a trainee nurse at a hospital. She wants to be a full-time nurse. But for that, she must through a test which she must cure 4 patients. Help Linda cure her 4 patients and make her a true Nurse!

  • Yellow King Room Escape Yellow King Room Escape

    This is another great escape games developed by YoopyGames. The game goal is to Escape from the Yellow King Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Yellow

  • Jack Frost Rejuvenation Jack Frost Rejuvenation

    Jack Frost and the bogeyman had a serious confrontation and Jack was put under a spell and now he is old and powerless. Elsa found Jack and it will rejuvenate him with her magic and with a little help from you.

  • Baby Daisy Face Painting Baby Daisy Face Painting

    Baby Daisy Face Painting is very interesting painting game. In this game first you have to choose a character and a mask. After that you can start painting the face. Here in this extraordinary game baby Daisy is dressed as Elsa, Olaf and Ana. It has their hairstyles and dresses. Use your mouse to in

  • Anna Vampire Resurrection Anna Vampire Resurrection

    Anna was bitten by a vampire and turned into a monster. Now she feel the need to feed on blood, shes face is of zombies and can not stand sunlight. Her only salvation is you! Follow the instructions in the game and help her treat the wounds and prepare magic potion to bring Anna to life. Be careful,

  • Circus Carnival Escape Circus Carnival Escape

    You and your pet dog are very close friends. Because he can do whatever you ask and unique in his behavior where no other dog has, so it is attracts many people...One day your enemy kidnapped your favorite dog and kept it inside the circus and tries to use it for circus. You cannot live without him.

  • Dora Eye Doctor? Dora Eye Doctor?

    Learning new things is tough if you are not able to see properly so in this Dora eye doctor game you will have to treat her as fast as possible because she has plenty of adventures planned for the whole week.

  • Devilment Devilment

    You play as a warlock, who collected a scary army to attacks the land of the empire! It game great place for tactics.

  • Jake the Neverland Pirate at the Dentist Jake the Neverland Pirate at the Dentist

    Jake, the Neverland Pirate, has a serious teeth problem, he is not a big fan of the toothpaste or the teeth brush! And as you can see he is in a lot of pain, so be a good dentist and clean his cavity, get rid of the nasty teeth and bring his smile back!

  • Princess Head Surgery Princess Head Surgery

    Our little princess got injured and suffered a head injury while playing with her friends, you have to be the doctor and perform a simple surgery on her. Do not worry this is not a major surgery but a minor one, however you have to be careful to make sure that out perform all the steps carefully. M

  • Evil Minion Eye Doctor Evil Minion Eye Doctor

    The evil minion eye doctor game is about to start and this is your proving ground to see if you can make him feel all better. Try to use the tools the correct way and follow the instructions to finish this cute game.

  • Baby Ocean Accident Baby Ocean Accident

  • SpongeBob The Sailor SpongeBob The Sailor

    Look at this beautiful image with the well known cartoon hero SpongeBob. Look at SpongeBob, he is a Sailor now. Play this cool game with SpongeBob, look at the image very carefully and then start playing this game SpongeBob The Sailor. First select the game mode. Choose from easy, medium, hard and e

  • Pregnant Subway Surfer Tricky Injured Pregnant Subway Surfer Tricky Injured

    We all know Tricky, the Subway Surfer, and her crazy addiction of running between subways, collecting coins and completing her daily missions. Now you have the opportunity to be her personal doctor and treat her wounds because as you can see she is badly injured. Please do not forget that Tricky is

  • Ben 10 Super Run Ben 10 Super Run

    Ben 10 has just escaped from the alien castle. He needs to run through the wood in order to fully escape from the enemy.In the wood,there are traps and monster on the way to stop ben 10. Help ben 10 avoids those and escape from the wood successfully.

  • Suzie Brain Surgery Suzie Brain Surgery

    Suzie was involved in a car accident this week. We want her to be healthy and full of life again but for that she has to go through a brain surgery fast. The doctor is busy with some other people so we want you to proceed the surgery. Your skills are very developed so we trust your abilities. Suzie

  • Princess Mulan Jigsaw Princess Mulan Jigsaw

    Princess Mulan Jigsaw game will take your breath away. In this game you can see a terrific image of the beautiful princess Mulan. Look carefully at this image and then press shuffle. It will split into pieces when you press shuffle. Your job is to solve the jigsaw and to put the pieces to the right

  • Dora Pirate Treasure Finding Dora Pirate Treasure Finding

    Dora is a pirate,and she is so excited because she discovers a map and have a chance to find out secret treasure. So will you help Dora find treasure in the forest and in the ocean?

  • Frosty Forest Adventure Frosty Forest Adventure

    Help Casey find all the ingredients she needs to make a magical cup of hot cocoa that will save her town from a cold winter!

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