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  • Relaxing Modern Spa Relaxing Modern Spa

    Another hard week at work? No worries! A brand new spa with modern facilities, deluxe pampering treatments, and expert staff just opened in your town! All you actually have to do is: relax!! Relaxing is the key of getting the best of a spa treatment. You will get a luxury spa day or spa break and re

  • Strawberry Throat Care Strawberry Throat Care

    Hi everyone, It’s time to meet Strawberry. Strawberry went out side to play with her friends and she is not feeling well specially with her throat. She needs your help for that and she has come to our hospital for the best treatment. Are you ready to check Strawberry throat? Let’s start the gam

  • Star Wars Puzzle Star Wars Puzzle

    Are you ready for the adventure of your life? If you're a true Jedi, you'll be able to pass all levels. You're in the middle of the longest war, the Star Wars, and the fight will be tough but you will succeed if you really concentrate. May the force be with you!

  • Minions Adventure Puzzle Minions Adventure Puzzle

    Minions, these funny creatures and tireless are protagonists in this awesome puzzle. We'll start at easy puzzle and will go to expert mode. Have a great time playing this "Minions Adventure Puzzle" game!

  • Elsa and Anna Lego Elsa and Anna Lego

    Elsa and Anna from Frozen and now in a grate Lego game where you will have to put your mind on work because as you can see it we have to clean up as fast as you can our most beautiful Princess from Disney. First you will have to choose one princess, the character that you will clean first, then usin

  • Princess Pinky Pets World Escape Princess Pinky Pets World Escape

    The princess has been invited for a party. The close friends of the princess are waiting on her. On the other hand, the pets of the girl expect her stay with them. So they have hidden the key. She cannot go to the party unless she finds the key. Help the girl find the key. If she pleases the pets, t

  • The Secret Life of Dolls The Secret Life of Dolls

    Dolls are always there for us, girls. Your dolls are your best friends with whom you get to play any time that you want. They're a girl's best friend, but when no one is looking, dolls come to life. Our game The Secret Life of Dolls gives you a look into what dolls secretly do to look as pretty as t

  • Flynn And Maximus Saving Rapunzel‏ Flynn And Maximus Saving Rapunzel‏

    Help the prince reach the castle and impress the princess in this new horse running game so he will have a chance at being with her. Jump over the fences and collect the power ups to make things easier.

  • Riley Anderson First Makeover Riley Anderson First Makeover

    San Francisco bustle and stress of moving to a big city, without friends, have established various problems for Riley's skin. Young lady has some skin problems and it is time for the first makeover. Given the young age will only apply creams with natural fruit and plant extracts, carefully selected

  • Princess Fiona Groom The Room Princess Fiona Groom The Room

    Fiona is celebrating her birthday today. She has invited all her close friends to the party. Now it is your job to help Fiona groom the house for the birthday party. Use your excellent grooming skills and clean the house before Fiona’s friends arrive.

  • Airplane Cleanup and Car Wash Airplane Cleanup and Car Wash

    Get your airplane ready for flying with this fabulous clean up game.

  • Fairy Tale Spa Fairy Tale Spa

    Welcome to the land of fairies! A place where music, happiness, and joy are the main ingredient. Such a wonderful land has also a magical place for relaxation: a fairy tale spa indeed, where only natural ingredients are used, like scented oils for massage, natural lotions infused with best nature’

  • Glitter Force Facial Treatment Glitter Force Facial Treatment

    Emily, Glitter Lucky and Lily, Glitter Peace are the main characters from Glitter Force cartoons and now they are in a grate facial treatment game where you will have to meet them, in the same way you will have to work with them, to make them looks perfect. First we gonna start with a skin cleaning,

  • Riley Diary‏ Riley Diary‏

    Choose the right diary and make it unique by customizing it and then start the Rilay diary game where she will have to keep it a secret. Start writing pages but be careful not to get caught by anyone.

  • Equestria Real Bartender Equestria Real Bartender

    Welcome to secret Bar of Equestria Girls . Want to know the secrets of bartenders, the tastiest cocktail recipes , be ready because today you will learn how you can become a exquisite bartender. Have a great time!

  • Disney Princess Speed Dating Disney Princess Speed Dating

    All our favorite Disney princesses are trying to find their Prince Charming. In this fun game you play the role of the prince, but are you their true love? First you will have to pick the princess you want to charm. You can choose between Ariel, Rapunzel, Elsa, Cinderella or Belle. In the end, you w

  • Monsterhigh Dining Room Cleaning Monsterhigh Dining Room Cleaning

    Yesterday the relatives of Monster High dined at the table and the place is an awkward condition now. Since they are all uncivilized we can't expect decorum from them. Now it is time for the parents of Monster High to have meals. They will get angry if they see the unclean dinning room. Help the gir

  • Riley Farm‏ Riley Farm‏

    Become a succesful person in this Riley farm game as you will have to work really hard but the rewards are worth it. Prepare the ground, plant the different seeds and gather the crops to sell them for profits.

  • Cats and Dogs Grooming Salon Cats and Dogs Grooming Salon

    Give your pet the pampering they deserve with this grooming game.

  • Convertible car wash Convertible car wash

    Clean your convertible and make the best run of your life.

  • Strawberry Shortcake House Makeover Strawberry Shortcake House Makeover

    Strawberry Shortcake is happy lives with her family, and is surrounded by friends. The only problem is that all objects in the house, behaving strangely and unexpectedly were broken. Your mission is to help Strawberry to repair all the damaged items. Good luck!

  • Twilight Sparkle Christmas Shopping Twilight Sparkle Christmas Shopping

    The holiday season is at its peak and shopping is definitely on the agenda. Beautiful Twilight Sparkle has decided to do some Christmas shopping today. This year, you can come to help the pretty Twilight to take everything that she needs- some fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, something sweet fo

  • Santa Claus Escape From Bear Santa Claus Escape From Bear

    Our Santa Claus is coming to your hometown to give away the Christmas gifts for everyone. He is danger now. Come to his aid and escape him from the bear which is blocking the way. Chase the bear away from him so that he can proceed forward to your parish. In order to chase the bear, find out things

  • New Year Party Cleaning New Year Party Cleaning

    The New Year party was terrific, everyone had a great time. But when I woke up the next day I already knew that day would be about cleaning.

  • Put Olaf Together Put Olaf Together

    Put Olaf together - a great game that you can play just now. Olaf - a snowman, who was made by two princesses - Anna and Elsa. He is very interesting, instead of hands, girls put wooden sticks, instead of the nose - a carrot, and of course the button was made of stones. In this game you can create y

  • Flynn Cheating on Rapunzel Flynn Cheating on Rapunzel

    Oh no! Looks like Flynn have an affair! Rapunzel’s BFF, princess Ariel, wants to check everything up, before tell her something. Help her to find the evidences! But first, maybe Flynn deserve a second chance and a little hint will help him to find the right way? If Flynn will apologize will you ad

  • Santa Claus Spa Salon New Santa Claus Spa Salon New

    Every year Santa delivers presents to all the children in the world. Join him on this magical journey and help him look perfect! Santa is a little tired, use the products you have to make him look and feel better. Apply all sorts of face masks and trim Santa's beard and eyebrows. Make sure he doesn'

  • Glitter Force Coloring Glitter Force Coloring

    The first game with Glitter Force is right here and for the first time we would like to offer you a coloring game where you will meet a part of Smile PreCure characters. First I would like to inform you that in this cute game you will have to finish three different coloring levels. The first level w

  • Puzzles and Coloring Games Puzzles and Coloring Games

    Here you get to choose a jigsaw puzzle picture before using your artistic skills to paint it an assortment of colors. Whether you use the brush or the paint bucket you can be sure to create a wonderful picture to hang on your wall!

  • 10 Diferences Winnie the Pooh 10 Diferences Winnie the Pooh

    Hi, Here is another version of Spot 10 differences 'Winnie the Pooh'. Have a great time with Winnie the pooh by finding the 10 differences between the 2 images. Earn more and have fun.

  • Christmas Story Christmas Story

    Have fun playing this incredible puzzle game,that contains your favorite Christmas Story.You can try to complete puzzles with Santa Claus and his friends.Do your best to complete the puzzle to proceed to the next level and help Santa to be ready for Christmas.Have fun!

  • Tinkerbell Room Decoration Tinkerbell Room Decoration

    Tinker Bell down with fever for the past three days. Tomorrow is the birthday of the girl. She will be very happy if you decorate the room of the girl. Now she is not at home. She has gone for shopping. While she comes back, let her be taken aback. Give a grand look to the room. Let your magic touch

  • Barbie And Ken: A Perfect Christmas Barbie And Ken: A Perfect Christmas

    Ho ho ho... are you ready for Christmas girls? Barbie and Ken are going to spend the Christmas together away from the city. They are going to Ken's cabin in the mountains. This lovely couple is going to have a wonderful and eventful Christmas in the mountains, where they plan to go skiing and snowbo

  • Star Wars game‏ Star Wars game‏

    Yoda knows the power of force, but above all that, knows the healing power of good, so the master decided that this Christmas to be Santa Claus for those in Star Wars. He gone try to approach those who hate and those who love to love more of, and that about it is Christmas, right? Help Yoda, to turn

  • Monster Match Adventure Monster Match Adventure

    Today we’re having a contest between the most popular ghouls in Monster Match. It consists of a gem matching game. First you have to choose your favorite character. Then, you have to make chains of three or more identical gems. They don’t have to be in a straight row or column, but rather close

  • Bad Kid Babysitter 2 Bad Kid Babysitter 2

    Tink is going to carnival with Wendy, her babysitter. But Tink still loves to played Wendy, she ran away from her and got missing! Help her back to Wendy save and sound.

  • Barbie's First Ballet Class Barbie's First Ballet Class

    Hey girls, have you ever dreamed of becoming a ballerina or a singer when you were little? Barbie wanted to be a famous ballerina when she was a little girl, but when she grew up she become a model. But it's never too late to fallow your dreams and Barbie never gave up on her dream of being a baller

  • Barbie Older Sister's Room Barbie Older Sister's Room

    Barbie's older sister Cinderella never lets Barbie in her room. But today is Barbie’s lucky day: Cinderella went out with her bffs and left the room unlocked! Help Barbie to finally sneak into Cinderella’s room and find out what she is hiding. Just watch the clock, or you will be caught!

  • Hotel Room Makeover Hotel Room Makeover

    Here you can tidy the room, place the rubbish in the bin and do the laundry before removing any ugly stains from the walls.

  • Elsa Holidays Shopping Elsa Holidays Shopping

    Elsa loves winter holidays and wishes that this Christmas will be one to remember. Elsa, this modern queen needs help for choosing the best Christmas decorations. Come one girls let's have fun with Elsa!

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