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  • My Little Pony: Chaos Management My Little Pony: Chaos Management

    Discord is a male draconequus and former antagonist introduced in "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" season 5 " Make New Friends but Keep Discord (E7) ". Princess Celestia explains that Discord is the spirit of chaos and disharmony who once ruled over Equestria in a state of unrest and unhappines

  • Ariel Juice Box‏ Ariel Juice Box‏

    Make some tasty juice in this Ariel smoothie game in which you will have to first decorate the juice box stand and only afterwards will you be able to add the fruit and the milk to the blender in order to make some tasty shakes.

  • Princess Amber Castle Makeover Princess Amber Castle Makeover

    Princess Sofia is the protagonist of all adventures in the kingdom, and everybody love her. Amber is a little jealous, but all she wants to do is show everyone that she's a good princess, especially to her father, King Roland. Amber wants to make him a surprise by fixing broken things inside the cas

  • Escape From Dark Livingroom Escape From Dark Livingroom

    This is another great escape game developed by YoopyGames. The game goal is to Escape from Dark Livingroom by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape From Dark Livingroom.

  • Supermarket Shopping Spree Supermarket Shopping Spree

    Supermarket Shopping Spree is a free online game for girls. This young girl wants to do something worthwhile on her weekend. She wants to go shopping instead of her mom that it can reduce her mom’s work. The girl is on shopping spree and she has a long list of things to purchase such as toys, jui

  • French Kitchen Room Escape French Kitchen Room Escape

    You are a great chef, after a long waiting you got an opportunity to work in French Man home. One day you got too much work, you were so busy with your work to finish as quickly as possible. But the French man unfortunately locked you inside the home and went outside for his urgent work, because he

  • My Little Pony Halloween Fun My Little Pony Halloween Fun

    My Little Pony wants to have some fun for Halloween. Help him and take care of him !

  • Sponge Bob and Krabsburger Secret Sponge Bob and Krabsburger Secret

    Oh, no! Sponge Bob has a bad news; Evil Plankton has stolen the Krabsburger! He wants to find out the great SECRET of ever tasty fast food. Help Sponge Bob and his best friend Patrick to catch the Plankton and take back the precious yummy krabsburger. Otherwise, Plankton will find out the secret and

  • Belle And Ariel Car Wash‏ Belle And Ariel Car Wash‏

    Welcome to another great Belle and Ariel car wash game where you will get to dress them both up and then take care of the customers that want their vehicles to be nice and shiny after they visit you.

  • Queen Angela Fix The Castle Queen Angela Fix The Castle

    Angela is the queen of all cats. She lives with Tom, in a castle that needs repairs. Help Angela to clean and repair the broken things in the castle. Have fun!

  • Elsa And Anna Picnic Prep Elsa And Anna Picnic Prep

    Elsa and Anna are the best example of beloved siblings. Whatever they plan has good result at the end. This time, both of them have planned to go for a picnic to the historical places that are in and around the place. The parents of the girl have gone for shopping. So they are helpless. You make the

  • Talking Angela House Makeover Talking Angela House Makeover

    Angela, Tom and Ginger bought a gorgeous house on the outskirts of the city, a house with a garden full of colorful flowers. The house seems perfect but hides many interior defects . Angela is determined to repair every defect and make a surprise to her family, but she needs your help. Come on girls

  • Barbie at Rock ‘n Royal Night Club Barbie at Rock ‘n Royal Night Club

    The big gig is over and friendship has won the competition! Rocks and Royals are rivals no more, they’ve become best friends and some even more than that... It’s party time and all the band members are heading to a night club to celebrate their success. Courtney is looking forward to this party

  • Barrel Man Barrel Man

    This barrel man is a lone survivor in this cruel world full of zombies wandering around the town and village. Help him survive running through the zombies to reach save points!

  • Spectra Vondergeist Hidden Halloween Spectra Vondergeist Hidden Halloween

    Halloween is near and Spectra Vondergeist has an interesting task for you! Join the beautiful Monster High girl in this new skill game. Use your skills to find the hidden objects. All the items are there, you just have to look very carefully. If you can't find something, don't worry! That's why you

  • Clean up Clown Clean up Clown

    Kids are like clowns. Today there is a clown show, the clown is about to entertain a crowd of kids. Find the most colorful costume for a representation characterize by success.

  • Rapunzel Workshop Bicycle‏ Rapunzel Workshop Bicycle‏

    Learn how to assemble your own bike in this Rapunzel bicycle game and you will get to ride them together once you build one for yourself as well. Pick out all the parts and decorate it afterwards. Instructions: Use the mouse to choose the parts and assemble them to make a pretty bike for Rapunzel.

  • Pikachu Thunderbolt Attack Pikachu Thunderbolt Attack

    The team rockets are attacking the pokemon village.It is up to Pikachu to stop them once for all.Use pikachu special attack Thunderbolt shot attack to defeat all the team rockets members and their pokemons.

  • Talking Tom Drinks Laboratory Talking Tom Drinks Laboratory

    Come and join Tom in his drinks laboratory. . Talking Tom will guide us to prepare different drinks . Want to learn famous recipe, or customize your drink, here's your chance. Have fun with Talking Tom!

  • Rainbow Dash And the New Born Baby Rainbow Dash And the New Born Baby

    Start playing a cute Rainbow Dash baby game and try to complete all the mini games before getting spotted. As soon as you see someone coming up you should stop and resume only when they are gone.

  • Cinderella Halloween Castle Makeover Cinderella Halloween Castle Makeover

    Cinderella lives with her prince in a huge palace. After the Halloween party, the castle looks disastrous, but Cinderella wants to fix everything by herself, to make a surprise Prince Charming. Come on girls, let help Cinderella to finish clean up the castle!

  • Perfect Dental Makeover Perfect Dental Makeover

    Kids are fond of sweets and so they are prone to many dental problems. In this dentist game, you have two cute kids who like ice creams and chocolates very much and so their teeth get badly affected as they don’t brush properly. You as their dentist should clean their teeth, cure their dental prob

  • Beach Slacking Beach Slacking

    With this game you can try your slacking skills out to see if you can get away with some fun without getting caught.


    Daniel's little sister, Erica, has been taken by an evil witch! Find her lair and help Daniel rescue his sister.

  • Strawberry Shortcake Injured Strawberry Shortcake Injured

    Strawberry Shortcake is a very interesting girl, because everything she does is an adventure. Today is not her best day because she got a lot of injuries all over her body. Don't panic, you have all the tools you need in order to treat Strawberry Shortcake. Clean and disinfect her wounds and prove t

  • Princess Anna throat Doctor Princess Anna throat Doctor

    Hi everyone, It’s time to meet Princess Anna . She went to a party last night and she is not feeling well specially with her throat. She needs your help for that and she has come to our hospital for the best treatment. Are you ready to check Princess Anna throat?

  • Baby Anna Halloween Difference Baby Anna Halloween Difference

    What do you know about the time of Halloween? Have you ever taken part in collecting candies or getting dressed into scary costumes? If your answer is yes, the totally new Baby Anna Halloween Difference game will be a piece of cake for you because you will have to spend some time at a Halloween-them

  • Talking Angela Memory Cards Talking Angela Memory Cards

    Talking Angela Memory Cards is a free game for girl to play. You can play Talking Angela Memory Cards in your browser for free. Play this puzzle matching game.

  • Barbie's Inside Out Costumes Barbie's Inside Out Costumes

    Hey Ladies, did you know that Barbie is a big Inside Out fan? If you girls are also an Inside Out fan then you can help Barbie create an Inside Out themed outfit in this fun new Barbie's Inside Out Costumes game. Barbie is going to a party and she wants to dress up as one of the Inside Out Emotions.

  • Elsa Time Travel Ancient Greece‏ Elsa Time Travel Ancient Greece‏

    Discover new times and eras in this Elsa time travel Greece game where she will be building a ship, then navigate it through time and space to see what secrets she can find in the mysterious lands of the gods.

  • Old Green Room Escape Old Green Room Escape

    The game goal is to Escape from Old Green Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from Old Green Room. Good Luck!

  • Ariel And the New Born Baby‏ Ariel And the New Born Baby‏

    Enjoy a few challenging scenarios in this Ariel and the new born baby game where you will have to complete a series of tasks without getting caught playing as it is not play time yet before dinner.

  • Pou Food Hunt Pou Food Hunt

    Pou is hungry and need to find something to eat for lunch.He founds burger and french fries.Help pou get to where the burgers and french fries are and eat them.

  • Hello Kitty Origami Class Hello Kitty Origami Class

    Hey Ladies, would you like to do something crafty and fun today? Cute Hello Kitty also feels crafty today and she wants to take an origami class. She needs a teacher though, so could you help her? In this Hello Kitty Origami Class game you could initiate Hello Kitty into the art of origami and creat

  • Pregnant Super Barbie Room Cleaning Pregnant Super Barbie Room Cleaning

    It is time to be joyful with Barbie. The reason behind the happiness is that she is pregnant. Everyone in the family rejoices and offers prayers to God for the well being of the mom and the baby. If you want to contribute anything to the family, you are most welcome. The room of Barbie needs cleanin

  • 10 Difference Aladdin 10 Difference Aladdin

    Now the 10 differences comes with 'Aladdin'. Spot the differences between the two Aladdin images as quick as possible to earn more score and grab your valuable medals. Be the first to grab yours.

  • Equestria Girls High School Equestria Girls High School

    Who loves Equestria Girls? This game gives you the opportunity to prove if you are a true fan. Equestria Girls Quiz is a test with questions from the life of this cute magical ponies. Get the highest score and share this game with your friends!

  • Hello Kitty's New Boyfriend Hello Kitty's New Boyfriend

    Hey Ladies, can you help cute Hello Kitty find a new boyfriend? She's been asked out by three different boys and she would like to go out on a date. But which one should he choose? Nerdy Daniel who is a cute guy but he is a nerd, Dear Daniel who is studying at the sports academy or Danger Daniel who

  • Motorbike Wash and Repair Motorbike Wash and Repair

    Everyone who owns a motorbike knows that special feeling of freedom when driving a motorbike in open road to nowhere land. Get ready to work because the summer is almost here and your motorbike needs some little attention from you to bring her in a fabulous form. Select your favorite motorcycle and

  • Anna Circus Game Anna Circus Game

    Today there is a big circus shown in the town. This is the first time Anna goes to the circus, so she doesn’t know what she should do to prepare. Now help Anna to pack her bag, and then go to but tickets with her. The circus should be very exciting, have fun with Anna!

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