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  • Aurora Hair Salon‏ Aurora Hair Salon‏

    Have a fun time with our new Aurora hair salon game in which you will have her as a client. Make her hair look amazing by washing it before giving it the look you want with all those hair styling products.

  • Anna Hair Care Doctor Anna Hair Care Doctor

    Anna feels very terrible these days because there is something wrong with her hair and head. She needs to see doctor as soon as possible. Would you please play the role of doctor to help her? You need to shave all of her hair. Then you will see that there are some worms on her head.

  • Paw Patrol Puzzle Paw Patrol Puzzle

    Paw patrol are prepared for a new adventure. If you want to be a part of challenge, untie this difficult puzzle. Have a great time with your hero!

  • Frozen Princess Hair Salon Frozen Princess Hair Salon

    Today you are going to help the owner of the salon. Elsa is the one who owns the salon. Today she has a get together in the kingdom. Her presence is mandatory. She is done with everyone. You have the last customer in the shop. You do the makeover. First of all trim the hair and wash the hair thoroug

  • Rapunzel Wedding Hair Design 2 Rapunzel Wedding Hair Design 2

    Rapunzel will get married and all the invitations have gone out. She is very happy and she is busy in designing wedding party recently. She has no time to try on wedding dresses, shoes and ornaments. So her friends help her prepare them,but she is not very satisfied. Girls, let us help her do some

  • Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Hairstyle Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Hairstyle

    The gothic style is a trend here at MH and Spectra is not an exception. The college is throwing a big party to celebrate the closing year, so she has to look really stunning! Choose a fun hairstyle between amazing available styles and see which one suits her best. Then, have fun at the dress up part

  • Twilight Sparkle Perm Twilight Sparkle Perm

    Hair design,Twilight Sparkle need to your help!

  • Baby Barbie Disney Hair Salon Baby Barbie Disney Hair Salon

    Hey girls, Baby Barbie is getting ready for a Disney themed party and she would like to dress up as one of her favorite Disney Princesses. In this lovely new Baby Barbie Disney Hair Salon game you can prove that you are a great hairstylist by creating baby Barbie's princess hairdo. Are you up for th

  • Rapunzel Hair Stylist Rapunzel Hair Stylist

    Lately we've been having fun imagining what our favorite princesses and fairy tale characters might do for a living, if they were alive today and had real jobs! We made Red Riding Hood a vet, perhaps specializing in helping wounded wolves? Snow White became an apple farmer and Cinderella is a doctor

  • Elsa Dye Hair Design Elsa Dye Hair Design

    Dye Hair Design,let's it looks more beautiful, yes , help Elsa princess dye hair. Now you are a hairdresser, play your wisdom, design beautifully color combinations.

  • Riley Hair Treatment Riley Hair Treatment

    Riley has styled the hair greasy and difficult and needs a appropriate capillary treatment. Can you help her?

  • Sofia Hair Treatment Sofia Hair Treatment

    Sofia is very attentive to her hair and because of this, shes her it is always nice and shiny. This beauty hides a secret, that you'll find out playing this game. Find hair care secret recipe, which Sofia uses ! Have fun learning to treat you hair like a princess do!

  • Rapunzel Wedding Hair Design Rapunzel Wedding Hair Design

    Today is the beautiful Rapunzel wedding, this really is fantastic, but she did not have a favorite hairstyle, let's help her make a beautiful one, in here the Rapunzel selected two hairstyle, now you are an excellent hairdresser, please give her a nice hairstyle. Let her have a perfect wedding.

  • Enchanted Forest Hair Salon Enchanted Forest Hair Salon

    Hey girls, in this lovely new Enchanted Forest Hair Salon you can practice and prove you hair stylist skills by giving amazing new and fabulous haircuts to Red Riding Hood, the Pony Princess and Tinkerbell! These three pretty ladies have been invited to the Enchanted Forest Autumn Ball. This is goin

  • Clean Up Hair Salon 2 Clean Up Hair Salon 2

    Clean up the hair salon like you own it with this clean up hair salon game!

  • Puppy At Barbie Hair Salon Puppy At Barbie Hair Salon

    Sofia has a cute puppy. The puppy had not been to the hair salon since three months. For, Sofia is not satisfied with the hairdressers. Now that she came to know of your name and fame. She has brought the puppy to your hair salon. Retain your reputation. She has so much faith on you. Give a grand lo

  • Jumbo At Hello Kitty Hair Salon Jumbo At Hello Kitty Hair Salon

    You are an employee of the Hello kitty in her renowned hair salon. You are responsible in the absence of Hello kitty. Jumbo is a close friend of your owner. She loves him abundantly. Unfortunately, she has gone home to take the decorative items that she had received yesterday. Take care of her frien

  • Stylish Beard Grooming Stylish Beard Grooming

    Harry is so lazy when it comes to personal grooming. He has lots of facial hair as he didn’t trim or shave his beard for a long time. It is time for him to get groomed at your beard salon. You can make him look stylish with a well groomed facial hair. Cut his beard and shave off the unwanted hair

  • Super Barbie beard shaving Super Barbie beard shaving

    Barbie always wearing veils in public recently to veil her beard and pimples. She is very sad and she does not want to play with others. Girls, let us help her shave and make her beautiful, from showgirlgames game. Take off her veil and wash the beard. Then shave the long beard and pick up lice with

  • Winx Club Stella Hair Salon Winx Club Stella Hair Salon

    Stella the cheerful girl always likes to wear best outfits. This evening one of her friends is going to throw a party. She is fairest girl compared to her friends. Now that, the girl is in your hair salon. She has so much of expectations. Give a gorgeous look to the girl. Trim the hair after which y

  • DIY Rapunzel Ombre Hair DIY Rapunzel Ombre Hair

    Rapunzel is the only princess with incredible long hair. But she wants to try a new hairstyle and follow the latest hair trends. Help her out and apply an ombre effect that will make her look fabulous! Follow each step and apply a hair dye in pink color. Then use a shampoo to clean the hair and use

  • Barbie's Princess Hair Salon Barbie's Princess Hair Salon

    Barbie runs a fairytale hair salon, and all the Disney princesses go there to get their cool royal hairstyles. Will you help Barbie to satisfy her clients Ariel, Rapunzel and Jasmine?

  • Princess Piggy Hair Salon Princess Piggy Hair Salon

    Today is the wedding anniversary of the parents of the piggy princess. The whole place and especially the house of the princess look auspicious. This evening the king throws a party to people in the city. Alice is the beautician of the princess is down with fever. So, may not be able to come to the

  • Minion Girl Hair Salon‏ Minion Girl Hair Salon‏

    The little fun bags are rushing in your minion girl hair salon and all that is left to do is start making them look more unique by giving each one a different haircut and style it awesomely.

  • Pou Girl Hair Salon‏ Pou Girl Hair Salon‏

    Make some customers happy in this Pou girl hair game where she will surely be impressed by the work that you do. Cut and style the hair however you want and show people you have the talent.

  • Winx Club Tecna Hair Salon Winx Club Tecna Hair Salon

    You know that the multi-talented Tecna as the Guardian of technology. She is not only known for that but also she is extremely good at playing the instruments. She has been invited for a wedding ceremony which has already been commenced. She is rushing for the celebration. You run the famous hair sa

  • Draculaura At Frozen Hair Salon Draculaura At Frozen Hair Salon

    Draculaura is the adopted daughter of Dracula. Though she is not the own daughter of Dracula, yet everyone in the family loves her abundantly. Besides that she is fun-loving, cheerful and encouraging. At times she is childish but it doesn't matter. Draculaura has promised her boy friend Claw that sh

  • Barbie's Hair Salon Barbie's Hair Salon

    Everyone knows that Barbie's hairstyling talents are unique! Today Barbie is taking Skipper, Stacey and Chelsea to a picnic party and each of them wants a special party hairdo. Will you help Barbie style up her little sisters? Do your best combing, cutting, dyeing and curling the hair of Barbie’s

  • Lady Gaga fantasy hairstyle Lady Gaga fantasy hairstyle

    Girls, Lady Gaga often goes to parties and dances when she is free. Today she will attend to a big party.Let’s help her design a fashionable hairstyle,then help her dress up. First,design the most popular different film-star hairstyle in the world. Cut the hair,then dry her hair.If the hair is ve

  • Hair Salon Kids Hair Salon Kids

    Turn your little makeover hair salon into a large empire for kids. Buy new items for you shop. Serve as many customers as you can each day.

  • Baby Lulu Hair Salon Baby Lulu Hair Salon

    Baby Lulu is going to kindergarten and she needs a new hairstyle. First give Lulu a nice hairstyle and then dress up her for kindergarten. Have fun!

  • Cinderella's New Hairstyle Cinderella's New Hairstyle

    Look who is here, girls! It' princess Cinderella herself and she wants to get a modern look at your fabulous hair salon! So what are you waiting for! Enter our challenging game and get ready to prove your hairstyling skills once again! wash Cinderella' hair first, then dry it, style it and color it.

  • Elsa Wedding Braids Elsa Wedding Braids

    Everyone in the kingdom of Arendelle is really excited about tomorrow. Elsa and Jack Frost are getting married! But Elsa is still unsure about her wedding hairstyle. So, she's asking you for help. There's three different wedding braids. Choose the prettiest one!

  • Baby Rapunzel Emo Hair Salon Baby Rapunzel Emo Hair Salon

    Baby Rapunzel is going to her granny’s house which is on the mountain. Every year she would go with her family. This year the cousins of Rapunzel are also accompanying her. This will be a day to remember in your life. For the pretty baby is in your beauty parlour. She has so much of hair. Trim the

  • Princess Hair Styler Princess Hair Styler

    Have you ever met a modern princess? Well you have the chance to meet her today! And more than that! You will have the unique chance to have a modern princess as a client at your hairstyling salon. Wow! That sounds really cool, isn't it? Well, dear, it' time to get ready to prove what a great hairst

  • Elsa hair implant Elsa hair implant

    Hei girls, Frozen Elsa needs quickly your help !But you can help her only if you are a very good doctor ! Now when the spring is coming Elsa has some problems with her hair. We can say that she has grave problems because she is suffering of hair loss.Take Elsa to the hospital and make her a hair imp

  • Wedding Haircuts Designer? Wedding Haircuts Designer?

    The very cute girl Amy is getting married to the love of her life in a beautiful wedding ceremony with all her family around to celebrate the happy event. She needs to get ready for the happy occasion and for that she will need a cute haircut and a wonderful wedding gown. Join Amy in the exclusive C

  • Princess Tiana Hair Salon Princess Tiana Hair Salon

    Princess Tiana is going for the wedding of her classmate. The name of the bride is Elizabeth. Usually the princess doesnt go for parties. Since it is her best friend, she has decided to go to the party. The beautician of the princess has already left home. So she has come to your salon. Fulfil the

  • Baby Zoe Hair Salon Baby Zoe Hair Salon

    Oh no, Baby Zoe hairs have grown long making difficult to maintain. So, she immediately need a hair cut and dandruff treatment. Strap baby Zoe in the chairs and start off with cute hair cut, dandruff treatment and bath her. Be careful this is her first hair cut, so first comfort her. Finally dress u

  • Hair Care Doctor Hair Care Doctor

    It's a new hair clinic, and you play as a hair doctor. Help these people whose head is suffered with cuts, sores and lices with right tools!

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