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  • Rapunzel Princess Fantasy Hairstyle Rapunzel Princess Fantasy Hairstyle

    Rapunzel Princess has bored with her current hairstyle .So she wants to try on a completely new hairstyle in this season .She want to invite a famous hair designer to help her.I know ,youre a great hair designer.Will you help her? Let's start with a thorough wash and dry.Then cut her hair and make

  • First Date Makeover First Date Makeover

    All girls want to look as beautiful as possible for their first meeting. The first meeting will not be forgotten so this beautiful lady is preparing intensively to look fabulous and you have to help. Clean skin, clip the eyebrows, apply facial treatments, choose the most suitable hairstyle and makeu

  • Little Pony Hair Salon Little Pony Hair Salon

    The new semester will begin, our little pony would back to school, let's help her make a great new hairstyle, you can cut her hair, make it grown, choose your favorite color for her hair, add some beautiful accessories. Have fun!

  • Dora Hair Care Dora Hair Care

    Dora did not listen to her mother advice and, when no one saw her, she played with a box of matches. The result is dramatic. Dora lost a good part of her hair and has some light burns on her scalp. Help Dora grow back her nice hair. First wash her hair,then heal the burns and blisters using the drop

  • Taylor Swift Fantasy Hairstyle Taylor Swift Fantasy Hairstyle

    Taylor Swift is going to have a concert in New York today . Now it's time to go to the concert, meeting her fans.You girls, I know you're a very skilled makeup girl , let's help her . We should help her choose a right haircut and a sharp suit . First, Wash her hair and dry them .Then , help her m

  • Talking Ginger eye Doctor? Talking Ginger eye Doctor?

    The doors of your office have opened early today in this talking ginger eye doctor game and this is when you will start having some fun making her eyesight as good as new.

  • Zoe's Hairstyles Zoe's Hairstyles

    Zoes annual day function at school. She is going to participate in a drama and wants to give a new look for her hair. Help Zoe baby to give herself the best hair cut so that she can look gorgeous and beautiful in the drama. Have fun!

  • Elsa Frozen Haircuts? Elsa Frozen Haircuts?

    Hello ladies! I don't know about you, but I absolutely adore Frozen, and anything related to it. This is precisely why we have decided to bring you another fabulous Frozen-inspired game. This fun game is called Elsa Frozen Haircuts, and it will give you the opportunity to get to know beautiful Elsa

  • Easy Bake Cookies Easy Bake Cookies

    Gwen loves to bake. These days many people come to her and ask for cookies. Help her bake more cookies and decorate the cookies jar! Soon you will help her start a cookie shop!

  • Anna Frozen Hairstyles Anna Frozen Hairstyles

    Unlike her sister Elsa, Princess Anna is very cheerful and happy-go-lucky. She is all about fashion and style. A new hairstyle for each event for her is a must. And tonight a big ball is going to take place in the Frozen Palace! Anna wants her hair to look amazing. Will you style her up?

  • Monster High Real Haircuts Monster High Real Haircuts

    Monster High Real Haircuts is the 5th title of the Real Haircuts series following Draculaura in a major change of look. You are about to enter the castle of Monsters, a misterious path that might scare normal fashionistas but not the hairstyler of Draculaura. You must give her the best hairstyling e

  • Elsa & Her Mom Hairstyle Elsa & Her Mom Hairstyle

    Idun, the queen of Arendelle, and her little daughter Princess Elsa both need beautiful royal hairstyles. But Elsa is a very shy and timid baby because of her unusual magical gift, so she might be afraid of your hairstyling instruments. Give her toys to distract her while styling up her white hair.

  • Cute Dora Haircuts Cute Dora Haircuts

    Dora is a modern girl and now she wants to look awesome. She decides to have a stylish hair so she came to hair salon to make her hair cute looking. No one can be best hair cutter than you. Yake-up a challenge and design a marvelous hairstyle for Dora.

  • Elsa Royal Hairstyles Elsa Royal Hairstyles

    Princess Elsa has very beautiful white hair and she likes to create different hairstyles out of it. In this game Elsa will show you how to make her three all-time favorite hairstyles. With these hairstyles you will look like a real snow queen!

  • Merida Hairstyle Merida Hairstyle

    Merida is such a fidgety princess! She is always up to some adventures and fun and the thing she cares about the least is her own appearance. Will you take care about it instead? I know, you've always dreamt of styling up Merida's messy hair! Create the prettiest royal hairstyle for her.

  • Princess and Her Baby Haristyle Princess and Her Baby Haristyle

    Princess Catherine came again to your royal hair salon. Look, she brought her daughter for the first time! I'm sure, you will have no problem styling Catherine's hair, but little princess baby is afraid of scissors. Give her toys to distract her while creating a pretty hairstyle for baby princess. I

  • Cedar Wood Hair And Facial Cedar Wood Hair And Facial

    Cedar Wood is the daughter of Pinocchio on Ever After High Cartoon. She was carved out of magical wood and brought to life by the Blue Fairy. We made a game for Cedar Wood. You can take care of her hairs. You can make her a nice facial care. Then You can make up Cedar and dress up her with nice clot

  • Briar Beauty Hair and Facial Briar Beauty Hair and Facial

    Hello girls. Today in our brand new hair and facial game, we will introduce you one brand new character called Briar. She is also the member of Ever After High School. She is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty. Play our facial make up game and give her a nice facial care. You can make up and dress up B

  • Beauty Hairstyle Salon Beauty Hairstyle Salon

    Being a beauty can be pretty hard work! You always have to be always perfect, perfect outfit, perfect make up, perfect behaviour and perfect hair! Sometimes it can all get a little to much. So today girls you're going to take the strain off this beautiful girl by doing her lovely hair and giving her

  • Hana Montana Hairdresser Hana Montana Hairdresser

    Hanna Montana is a famous and famous actress. Today she wants to change her hairstyle to a brand new one to celebrate the coming Easter Day. The lady is at your beauty parlor. Wash the hair gently and then apply shampoo then again rinse the hair thoroughly with water. Now wipe the hair using the tow

  • Minions Haircuts Minions Haircuts

    Cute Minions did no cut his hair for several weeks and today he decides to make his hair cut and design a brand new hairstyle. Then he can go out to play with his friends. Come to help him wash his hair firstly by using our given hair washing items. Then dry his hair. Next you can show us your fashi

  • Hairstyle Trends Hairstyle Trends

    All of the girls pursue hairstyle trends. Beautiful hairstyle is fashionable for them. Do you know what is the most fashionable hairstyle trends now? If you want to know, come to our brands new hair games. We will teach you how to make amazing hairstyle today. It looks so fresh and unusual! Play the

  • Stunning Hair and Make up Stunning Hair and Make up

    Nowadays, more and more girls pursue different kinds of fashion hairstyle especial stunning hair. If you are also interested in hairstyles with various kinds, come to our brand new game and we will teach you how to design and make fashion and elegant hairstyle for you. You can choose your favorite h

  • Wedding Hairstyle Wedding Hairstyle

    Today is our beautiful princess's wedding and hairstyle is one of the most important parts of the wedding. Can you make her the most astonishing hairdo ever? I know you girls will the ability to give the princess one brand new fashionable hairstyle. So come to give the princess the most gorgeous ha

  • Hair Styler Salon Hair Styler Salon

    Nowadays more and more girls pay much attention to their hairs. They will try their best to make new and fashionable hairstyle every month. So opening one hair styler salon is a good opportunity for you fashion lovers. Today in our brand new hair game, you will have the opportunity to meet three bea

  • Romantic Hairstyle Romantic Hairstyle

    Most girls love making romantic and beautiful hairstyles. They will try their best to design various kinds of fashionable hairstyle for themselves and pursue new ones all the time. So today we will teach you to design one romantic hairstyle that is suitable for going out for a party. If you girls ha

  • Punk Toddler Hairstyle Punk Toddler Hairstyle

    Punk is a toddler and he is now learning walking. Today his mother decides to take her to cut his hair and change his hairstyle to a new one. Now he has come to your hair salon. Try your best to meet his requirements and use your hairdresser skills to give him special hair cleaning and treatment fir

  • Cute Hairdo Cute Hairdo

    Most of girls like attending parties in the weekend, but every time they are confused about how to make different hairstyle. You know they want to show their most brilliant aspect in front of their friends. Don't worry. Today we will teach your several methods to make up your hairstyle and attract m

  • Minion at Hair Salon Minion at Hair Salon

    Our cute Minion has fallen in love with a beautiful girl. The girl loves him very much and he also likes the girl very much. Valentines day, they decided go to the playground. Minion wanted to impress the girl, he came to our hair salon, let us help him, give him a new hairstyle, choose beautiful gl

  • Barbie Hair Spa and Facial Barbie Hair Spa and Facial

    Today is the first day of beautiful Barbie's summer vacation. She has planed lots of things to do during this summer. Firstly, Barbie is going to beach today. But she needs a complete make up and dress up to show her elegance and beauty since there will be many people on the beach. First take care o

  • Dora Hair Style Dora Hair Style

    Tomorrow Dora decides to go to play in the forest with her little cute monkey. Before that she wants have a change of her hairstyle. She has this hairstyle for a long time and it is time for her to have a totally different one. Now Dora needs you to change her hairstyle. She wants a total hairstyle

  • Minion at Beard Salon Minion at Beard Salon

    Hi friends, you will meet cute Minion in our brand new Minion at Beard Salon game today. Minion would date with his lover. He is very excited about this dating and he has been prepared for the dating for a long time. He wants to be handsome today. So he can leave a good impression to his beloved lov

  • Princess Hairdress Princess Hairdress

    Our royal princess has the most beautiful hair in the world! You can image how beautiful her hair is. Hair like hers needs to be taken good care of. Will you become the royal hairdresser? I know you girls have professional hairdressing skills. Make a trendy hairstyle for Princess. Maybe you can try

  • Santa at Beard Salon Santa at Beard Salon

    Today is Christmas Eve!!! We are going to meet cute Santa Clause and get many gifts from him. That's sound so exciting. Santa Clause is getting ready to distribute the gifts he had prepared for children. He is very happy today, but, right now he needs a beard style and have a new and different look

  • Santa Clause Hair Salon Santa Clause Hair Salon

    With the coming of Christmas, Santa Clause has been ready for everything. He has prepared lots of gifts for children and this year he has a cute mind. He wants to have something different for his hair. He wants to take care of his hair and have a nice look hairstyle, so that he has come to your hair

  • Wydowna Spider Hair Spa&Facial Wydowna Spider Hair Spa&Facial

    Wydowna Spider is a famous spider girl. Tonight there will be a great party for spiders. The girl wants to have an amazing show there so she wants to have her hair and face spa firstly. Use our given face and hair spa items to give spider girl careful treatment and facial makeover. She's looking for

  • Night Makeover Salon Night Makeover Salon

    In modern city, lots of young people have rich evening life. They will attend various kinds of night party to have fun and enjoy life. Marissa is one of the young and beautiful girls. Tonight she has been invited for a grand party. There will be lots of famous stars. So she wants to have a new hair

  • Wedding hair salon Wedding hair salon

    Cathy will have her gorgeous wedding today. She is very happy and now she needs to make her wedding hair in this famous hair salon. I know that you have great talent of hair caring in this salon. So are you willing to give her a hand to make her more graceful in her wedding? Choose the best shampoos

  • Beauty Hair Salon 2 Beauty Hair Salon 2

    There are two girls in our new hair beauty game. One is Mina and the other is Chloe. They always have to be 100% perfect, perfect outfit, perfect behavior and most importantly perfect hairstyle. So today girls you are going to take the strain off our beautiful lady by doing her lovely hair. Choose t

  • Princess Royal Hairstyle Princess Royal Hairstyle

    Princess has always been proud of her unbelievable long royal hair. But like any girl, she likes to change her hairstyle. For every occasion at every age and with every fashion style. So she decided to cut her hair and come to your Hair Salon. Can you make her the most astonishing hairstyle ever? Th

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