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  • Wedding Makeover Wedding Makeover

    Today is the wedding day for our beautiful lady Lily. Finally, she will be the bride of her beloved boy friend. She is very excited and happy like every girl's bride dream. She has been prepared for today for a long time. Now everything seems to be perfect and it? time for her to makeup. However, sh

  • Abbey Bominable Christmas Preparation Abbey Bominable Christmas Preparation

    Abbey Bominable is a famous character in Monster High school. She has to get ready for the Christmas party in her monster high school with her friends. Her friends Draculaura, Frankie Stein and Clawdeen wolf waiting for her in the ball. Abbey needs your help to have a wonderful look in the party. Sh

  • Barbie and Ellie Chocolate Fans Barbie and Ellie Chocolate Fans

    As we all know that Barbie and Ellie are both chocolate fans. They love chocolate very much, which include chocolate food, chocolate ice cream and even chocolate masks. Now, it is chocolate time, ladies! Today we are going to have a really fun time with our favorite girls, Barbie and Ellie. In this

  • White Christmas Makeover White Christmas Makeover

    Today is Christmas. On the morning of Christmas day, when I look out of the window and I find that it is snowing! I love white Christmas! My friends and I will have a Christmas party tonight. We will go together to have dinner, dance happily to celebrate this wonderful Christmas night. Could you hel

  • Santa Penguin Makeup Game Santa Penguin Makeup Game

    Santa Penguin lives in the South Pole. It is very cold there, but penguins will also celebrate their Christmas Day. You are very lucky to meet our cute Santa Penguin in our brand new makeup game. Here is a Santa, who can dance on the floor with his happy feet and make every kids feel happy and prosp

  • Santa Makeover Santa Makeover

    Santa Clause’s coming represents the coming of Christmas. Every kid is expecting Santa Clause’s gifts. Our lovable Santa has brought many gifts to give children for Christmas. This is a day for Santa Clause to meet the children. Santa supposed to be cute and neat to impress the children. So he n

  • Miss Santa Makeover Miss Santa Makeover

    Christmas is one of the most beautiful nights of the year and Miss Santa needs a big makeover for that night. Miss Santa needs to prepare for this excellent feast. She has a closet full of trendy cute cardigans to accessorize with. All she needs now is a fabulous makeover. She is in need of some ten

  • Christmas Eve Preparation Christmas Eve Preparation

    Brenda is getting ready for Christmas Eve. She is very excited about this marvelous feast. As her friends are on the way to this Eve, she wants to have a quick and wonderful spa facial treatment. Can you give her a facial treatment in minutes? Now, show your make up skills and make her happy in this

  • Clawdeen Christmas Makeove Clawdeen Christmas Makeove

    Clawdeen wants to go christmas party after school. Begin by polishing and refining her skin. Then choose the best looking outfit for Clawdeen to wear at amazing party. Have fun with Clawdeen Christmas Makeover game!

  • Virtual Character Virtual Character

    Hey, girls. Have your ever imagined to dress up and make up for a virtual character? That means you can totally use your imagination and dressing up talent to design the character you like. If you have that dream, you can realize it by playing our fantastic game. There will be a virtual character in

  • Kitty Cheshire Makeup Kitty Cheshire Makeup

    This autumn Kitty Cheshire should be fabulous. Yes, girls it’s time for you to rock, it’s time to have fun in the sun and let all of your girl friends admire your beauty out there. But before everything you must carefully prepare Kitty for this occasion. She will need a special autumn makeup and

  • Totally Cute Makeover Totally Cute Makeover

    It's fall and there is a chill in the air. This girl is all set though, she has a closet full of trendy cute costume to deal with. All she needs now is a fabulous and totally cute makeover. Can you help her girls? First give her a full and careful facial treatment and caring. The beauty masks make

  • Voguish Teacher Facial Dressup Voguish Teacher Facial Dressup

    Kate is a good English teacher and all of her students love her very much. She is not only beautiful but also voguish and fashion. She has her own style of dressing up. Today she will have an open class and she needs to dress up and make up perfect. Try your best to help her and make her show her be

  • Flower Essences Treatments Flower Essences Treatments

    Every girl likes making up and show their most beautiful look to their friends. There are many methods to do makeover, but have you ever heard to do facial treatments by flower essences. Don? worry, today you will learn how to give yourself facial treatment by playing our brand new make up games. Wh

  • Princess Beauty Secrets Princess Beauty Secrets

    Our princess is always beautiful and elegant. She has her own style of fashion and she pursues chic items and amazing dresses. Do you want to know the secrets that she keeps her beauty? Play our new makeover and dress up game called ''princess beauty secrets'', you will learn how to make yourself lo

  • Barbie Facial Day Barbie Facial Day

    Barbie always lead fashion among girls. This summer vacation she decides to go on trip along the beach where is far away from her crowded city. She needs to have a relax and look gorgeous. Now, you girls are here and I know most of you have great talent and facial makeover experience. It? your turn

  • Barbie Birthday Party Facial Barbie Birthday Party Facial

    Barbie will have her birthday party tonight. Are you ready to take part in and give her a gorgeous facial makeover? You know Barbie' beauty routine is very important for our stylish girl here. It's time for you girls to start dealing with her look and start Barbie's make over with a refreshing facia

  • Jumbo Party Makeover Jumbo Party Makeover

    There will be a very cute jumbo in our makeover game today. She will have a nice animal party today. Would you please help her makeover to make her look more lovely and clean? Then she will have a nice performance in his party. You can give her a shower and dry her by using our given towel and soap.

  • Tiana Facial Makeover Tiana Facial Makeover

    It's a new year and Tiana wants a new look! Be her personal stylist and try out different hairstyles, hair color and clothes to find out what suits her best. Through playing our facial makeover game, you will become a fantasy stylist and create a make-up design and overall look for our girl Tiana. I

  • Skelita Calaveras Hair Spa and Facial Skelita Calaveras Hair Spa and Facial

    Our cute girl Skelita Calaveras will have a fashion show today. She wants to be more marvelous and attractive than other girls this autumn. Help her have a fabulous hair spa and facial makeover. She will get the incredible hour-long treatment complete with scented oils, fragment waters and fruity fa

  • Shine Like a Diamond Shine Like a Diamond

    This young girl will take part in a famous party tonight. Help this gorgeous girl get ready for her elegant showing among all the girls by giving her gorgeous makeover. Follow the instructions to give this shinning girl a soothing facial spa caring. What you need to do is to dress her up like a shin

  • Tattoo Baby Ink Master Tattoo Baby Ink Master

    Wow, in this game you will own the coolest tattoo place in this town. Tattoo is your favorite and your next customer will come. So you will show her your great talent in tattoo. Decorate and dress up your beautiful baby girl. Once you have completed you design, get to work creating the body ink tatt

  • Scene Princess Hello Kitty Makeover Scene Princess Hello Kitty Makeover

    Scene style meets the loveable Hello kitty, in this fun makeover game!

  • Attend a party Attend a party

    Lucy has to get ready for her friend’s birthday. So can you help her? Take her to a Salon and dress her up a beautiful hairstyle. Don’t forget to give her a facial spa to make her look amazing and attractive. Today is your job to makeover this well to do lady and give her a gorgeous sophisticate

  • Spooky Halloween Makeup Spooky Halloween Makeup

    Ohhh�.It? almost Halloween. Are you ready to prepare a perfect Halloween costume. The girl is confused how to dress up to go trick-or-treating this evening. Could you help her and make her a fabulous diamonds princess. She is about to have a Halloween Session trying on gorgeous tops, ov

  • Chic Clawed Costume Chic Clawed Costume

    What does a werewolf woman dress up as when she goes to Halloween parties? She can leave the woods in search of some valuable biker styles and nail polish and nail decals at the local malls and shopping centers. And if she's feeling that wolfish bravery, then she's going to continue on to the countl

  • Hollywood make up Hollywood make up

    Tonight should be fabulous. Yes, Girl. It’s time for you to come to the party. It’s time for you to have fun in Hollywood. Let them all admire your beauty there. But before that you must carefully get everything prepare yourself for this occasion. You will have a special makeup and something fas

  • Spooky Halloween Girl Makeover! Spooky Halloween Girl Makeover!

    Something wicked this way comes, with this spooky girl makeover game! Choose from a variety of fangs, tattoos and accessories!

  • Spa Massage School Spa Massage School

    A Cute girl has come to spa massage school. Now its time to give a nice massage to her. There are four steps to give her a full body massage. Face Massage, Body Massage, Leg Massage and Foot Massage. Go through the instructions and become a great massager.

  • Rapunzel Tangled Facial Makeover Rapunzel Tangled Facial Makeover

    Most Beautiful Princess Rapunzel is in more exciting to see the outside world. Today she has an outing with Flynn Rider. Last few years she alive inside the tower so she missed a lot from this fun world. Today is more exciting about her outing. Help her to have exact perfect makeup and wardrobes to

  • Gigi grant hair spa and facial Gigi grant hair spa and facial

    Gigi Grant is the daughter of a genie, and so she must grant the wishes of her finder. Play Gigi grant hair spa and facial make up game and give a facial care to her . You must take care of her hair Then make up and dress up her.

  • Mermaid makeover Mermaid makeover

    Do you like Mermaid? A cute Mermaid is the Angel of the Sea and she needs your help to look beautiful. She is first willing to do makeover, can you help the cute Angel to do makeover by following the instructions? After the makeover is complete she needs your help in choosing the right dresses for h

  • Ashley Benson Celebrity Fashion Ashley Benson Celebrity Fashion

    Ashley Victoria Benson (born December 18, 1989) is an American actress and model, best known for playing Abigail Deveraux on the soap opera Days of our Lives. You can give her a total facial care then make up her and at the dress up Ashley Benson with nice clothes.

  • Barbie at the Riverside Barbie at the Riverside

    We all look forward to our weekend, so that we can relax and have a fun time with friends. Each weekend Barbie and her friends plan something new. They want to go riverside. Barbie loves nature and she loves flowers, trees, rivers and lakes. They will place their camping tables and chairs, have fun,

  • Rapunzel hair spa and facial Rapunzel hair spa and facial

    Princess Rapunzel needs a complete care in her tower. Please help her with her hairs , facial care , make up and dress up.

  • Beautiful Bridesmaid Makeover Beautiful Bridesmaid Makeover

    Paty is bridesmaid at her best friend wedding. She must look great in this special day and needs your help to apply makeup and choose a wonderful dress. Now Paty is at your beauty salon for a facial treatment. Use all your beauty creams and make her the most beautiful girl. After you finish make up

  • Cover Girl Facial Makeover Cover Girl Facial Makeover

    Being a cover girl isn't an easy job, but Luna is doing great! She is photographing for another new issue of Teen Vouge, but her stylist is late! Could you help her with the makeup and clothes? Oh before that, please give her a great facial first! Have fun!

  • Dinner Party Preparation Dinner Party Preparation

    Vanessa's boy friend has invited her for a dinner party. She was in purchase for dresses and accessories for this party until evening, however, she has to get ready for the party. She has no time to visit a beauty spa and have a facial treatment. So she invited you to her home. Please make her shine

  • Frankie Stein Frankie Stein

    Girls, Do you remember Frankie Stein? Well, she is a major character in the Monster High franchise and the daughter of Frankenstein. She has killer style and perfect sense of fashion. Today she will go for shopping with her friends to buy some scary cute clothes but before that she needs to change h

  • Barbie's Glittery Makeup Barbie's Glittery Makeup

    Barbie loves pink, purple and GLITTER! Can you help Barbie put on some fab makeup for a day out with friends? She's got a fun color palette to choose from. Will she do a purple smoky eye or a rainbow eye? You decide! Don't forget the lipgloss and have fun playing Barbie makeup games!

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