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  • Spa Salon Spa Salon

    Bella has to attend her friend's Marriage ceremony. She wants her face to look bright because Many of her old friends are coming to attend the Ceremony. Can you give her a good Makeover. Follow the Instructions keenly and give a nice makeover to Bella.

  • Stella hair spa and facial Stella hair spa and facial

    Princess Stella is the princess of Solaria and one of the founding members of the Winx Club. You can play our Stella game and have too much fun.

  • The Conjuring Lili Taylor Spa Makeover The Conjuring Lili Taylor Spa Makeover

    Kids! Have you watched the creepy ghost movie The Conjuring? Well, it is such a horror movie consisting of paranormal activities which will surely make your blood run cold. In this movie one of the main protagonists played by Lili Taylor is possessed by the evil spirit and who goes to verge of killi

  • Madeline Hatter's Makeup Madeline Hatter's Makeup

    Madeline Hatter, referred to as Maddie by her friends, is the daughter of the Mad Hatter, the character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Madeline is looking forward to her destiny — since tea is involved — but she is not unmoved by her friend, Raven Queen's, wish to make her own destiny. S

  • Avocado Makeover Avocado Makeover

    Help this girl look pretty by doing a facial and pick out the best dress, accessories to make her look gorgeous.

  • Charming Barbie Princess Makeover Charming Barbie Princess Makeover

    Barbie meets her prince tonight. Could you help her prepare for the meeting? First choose a nice hairstyle, a different eyes color and apply a simple makeup. After it take a look at her wardrobe and pick up a wonderful dress. Even if it is long or short make sure to fit the best. Finally choose the

  • Dora hair spa and facial Dora hair spa and facial

    Cute girl dora needs a complete make up. Play our latest dora game and give dora a hair care and facial care. You can also dress up and make up Dor

  • Super Spoiled Brat Makeover Super Spoiled Brat Makeover

    Hello everyone! As young ladies, we are all little spoiled brats and we deserve to have all the nice products and things necessary to take care of ourselves. This young spoiled brat who goes by the name of Lena, just received some new professional products and make-up. Let's help her get the makeove

  • Makeover and spa salon Makeover and spa salon

    It's time to relax and Jennifer want to have a beautiful makevover in a beautiful spa. Bring her to the best spa in town and let's start to prepare her for that day

  • Lip Care game Lip Care game

    If you are crazy about lipsticks and you believe you are talented and wish to become a stylist one day, well this game will be a challenge for you. Imagine you are the owner of a beauty lips salon and you have to give colors to the girls by creating a cool trendy new look for her. Clean the lips, ap

  • Midnight Party Makeover Midnight Party Makeover

    The girl is getting ready to go for a party. Give her a beautiful look by doing makeover and facial also. Choose perfect attire and accessories for her to get gorgeous look. Use mouse to interact.

  • Princess Merida Facial Princess Merida Facial

    Princess Merida is the sixteen-year old tomboyish, headstrong, spirited daughter of Queen Elinor who rules the kingdom alongside her husband. in this game you can give her a sizzling look with facial treatment and makeup. As Merida needs fashionable hairstyle, all you need to do is to wash her hair

  • Bloom hair spa and facial Bloom hair spa and facial

    Play Bloom hair spa and facial make up game and make a total care for winx girl Bloom.

  • Clawdeen Wolf hair spa and facial Clawdeen Wolf hair spa and facial

    Clawdeen wolf needs a complete make up. in this game you can make hair care for clawdeen wolf. After hairs you can give her a facial care. Then you can make up and dress up her.

  • Barbie Red Carpet Dress up Barbie Red Carpet Dress up

    A big doll fashion event is going to take place this Saturday and one of the hosts of this event will be none other than the most popular doll in history, her name is Barbie. There will also be other guests and all of them will get to walk on the famous red carpet, which is quite an important thing,

  • Louis Tomlinson Facial Louis Tomlinson Facial

    Louis Tomlinson, in full Louis William Tomlinson, original name Louis Troy Austin (born December 24, 1991, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England), English singer who became a pop idol in the early 2010s as one-fifth of the hit vocal group One Direction. You can make a facial care to him and then make

  • Famous Ariel Winter Facial Famous Ariel Winter Facial

    Ariel Winter Workman known professionally as Ariel Winter, is an American teen actress and singer. She is best-known for portraying "Ellie Layton" in the 2008 film, One Missed Call, and for the character of "Alex Dunphy" on Modern Family. You can give a facial care to Ariel Winte

  • Famous Singer Liam Payne Facial Famous Singer Liam Payne Facial

    Liam Payne is one fifth of hugely successful boyband One Direction, who were formed by the X Factor judges during the seventh series and went on to come third on the show. From Bradford, Liam has become known as the Daddy of the group. in this one direction facial make up game you can give Liam Payn

  • Spring Date Make Up Spring Date Make Up

  • Rosie With Her Pony Rosie With Her Pony

    Rosie have a cute Pony, she is more interest to take care of her pony. Every evening she spend few minutes by walking with her sweet Pony, this is the time to walking outside, Rosie needs help from you to choose best Mane, costumes, accessories for her cute pony. Also don't forget to choose perfec

  • Elegant Prom Makeover Elegant Prom Makeover

    Make up this cute girl for her prom.

  • Popular Hannah Montana Makeover Popular Hannah Montana Makeover

    Play our Popular Hannah Montana Makeover game and give a superb facial treatment to famous character of Myley Cyrus.

  • Famous Singer Harry Styles Facial Famous Singer Harry Styles Facial

    Harry Styles is a singer and dancer in the boy band One Direction. You can make up and dress up Harry Styles in our cool facial makeover game called Famous Singer Harry Styles Facial. Have Fun!

  • Girl In Love Makeover Girl In Love Makeover

    This beautiful girl is in love with her ??boyfriend and she thinks about him everyday. They will meet tonight and she is very nervous because she wants everything to be perfect. She dedicates a lot of time preparing for the meeting but nevertheless needs your help. Starting with a facial treatment,

  • Lovely Hayden Panettiere Make Up Lovely Hayden Panettiere Make Up

    The American actress and singer Hayden (Leslie) Panettiere is here for her make-up. She is in a rush towards a party. Stylize her and Have fun.

  • Daily Makeover Daily Makeover

    What a beautiful girl you make up here! Modern fair style, elegant fashion and everything shows her beauty. She loves beauty and all that goes with it. Choose the right beauty styles and dress for her.

  • Bohemian Accessories Bohemian Accessories

    Beautiful girl!Do you believe her?Let's give her makeup.

  • Miley Cyrus Makeover Miley Cyrus Makeover

    Play this Miley Cyrus Makeover Game! come on!Have fun

  • Cool Niall Horan Makeover Cool Niall Horan Makeover

    One Direction's Niall Horan needs a real facial makeover before a tv Show. it is your job to give Niall a facial care , Then make up him and dress up him with fashionable clothes.

  • Floral Scent Floral Scent

    Spring and summer are the most colorful seasons. Everywhere are full of fragnant flowers. Emy likes to walk among the flowers giving her pleasure. Her favourite color is pink and she likes colorful make-up as well. Could you help her to choose the suitable eye shadow, blush, hair color and nail poli

  • Cocktail Party Makeover Cocktail Party Makeover

    This girl is preparing for an elegant cocktail party and needs you to give her a perfect look for this event. Help her choose a beautiful dress, accessories and look beautiful for this party.

  • Journalist Makeover Journalist Makeover

    She is a young and talented journalist. She working on a news channel. Please choose for the beautiful reporter girl the clothes you believe would be the best for her and dress her up with style! Do not forget put accessories and change her hairstyle.

  • draculaura spa makeover draculaura spa makeover

    Draculaura is preparing for the big party that starts at midnight. But she is not in her best shape because her face doesn't look that good. So she has to do everythig to change that. You must help her to apply the lotions and the magical face masks. She must have the perfect eyebrows, a special hai

  • Celebrated Vanessa Anne Hudgens Facial Celebrated Vanessa Anne Hudgens Facial

    Vanessa Anne Hudgens (born December 14, 1988) is an American actress and singer.You can make a facial care for her by playing our Vanessa Anne Hudgens facial makeover game. Then give her a complete make up. You can deress up Vanessa with nice glittering dresses.

  • Sweet Sixteen Makeover Sweet Sixteen Makeover

    Play Sweet Sixteen Makeover game and give this young chic a gorgeous makeover. This year birthday is very special for her as she is turning into sweet 16. Make her look stunning with proper make up and dress up and celebrate this big occasion. Have fun girls!

  • Moms Facial Time Moms Facial Time

    Being a mom is not easy. Most of her time spend with kids and in household chores. Now mom is really tired of these daily chores, so she wants to relax with a spa treatment. In this game you are a spa specialist. Give mom a facial treatment by cleansing, scrubbing, deep peeling and by using many oth

  • Eco Friendly Makeover Eco Friendly Makeover

    The protection of the environment has become a very important problem nowadays, and therefore people have started to learn more and more about ways in which they can protect the environment. The cosmetic industry has also started to change in the way that the producers have started to make special,

  • Mommy Facial Makeover Mommy Facial Makeover

    Want to look bright-eyed and energized? So did this busy mother. We show you how to do it in this cool facial makeover game.

  • Party Makeover Party Makeover

    Hey girls, great to see you! This game is dedicated to those girls that know how difficult it is to get prepared for a party or for a date! We all want to look gorgeous every day and for that you need to know a few secrets. Let's learn how to make your look more shining.

  • Tornie Girl Makeover Tornie Girl Makeover

    Descriptuon: Tornie is a little girl who loves playing whit her Makeover kit in her play time. Help her to chose the perfect Make Up style for her friend birthday. Start by applying a lipstick trying to get her hair to look perfect adding some jewelry to mach that perfect makeover and last but not l

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