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  • Barbara Cute Makeover Barbara Cute Makeover

    Welcome to our Makeover Salon! Is your dream to become a makeup artist? Now is your chance to test your skills by making countless of makeup combinations, from party makeup to prom or dailly makeup. Apply eye shades, eyelashes, glowing blushes, glamorous lipsticks and diamond stones. First, make su

  • Glam College Makeover Glam College Makeover

    Surprise everybody with your new college look. Play this fun game and help this cutie get a nice manicure, a new hair color, a fun makeup and a chic outfit. She will look stunning and you will get all the credit for this spectacular makeover. Use your imagination to create some intricate combination

  • Job Interview Complete Makeover Job Interview Complete Makeover

    Jessie is very excited and nervous at the same time because she has a job interview today. She needs your help to design her busyness card and make sure it will look amazing. The next step is to give her a nice makeup and dress her up in an office outfit. She will make a good impression thanks to yo

  • Ice Queen Real Makeover Ice Queen Real Makeover

    Every queen needs pampering, and the Ice Queen is the special one. Life spent in the cold and snow has left its mark on the beautiful queen and she needs appropriate treatment. Let's help the Ice queen to regain she's beauty and then to spoil her with makeup and hair design sessions.

  • Ice Princess Real Makeover Ice Princess Real Makeover

    Have you ever wanted to be a make up artist? Ice Princess, Anna is our client today! Well now your can make up your girl step by step. Make yourself up and choose the charming wedding dress for this amazing girl. Pick up also cute hairstyle and make-up and a matching luxury accessories. With thousa

  • Inject For Glowing Skin Inject For Glowing Skin

    A cute couple have come to you for the skin treatment. They both want you to cure their wrinkles by giving fantastic treatment. The girl wants to get rid of her face wrinkles and the boy wants to have perfect hands. Could you help them? Prove yourself that you are there best skin specialist and make

  • Elsa Beauty Bath Elsa Beauty Bath

    Everybody loves bath bombs, not even to Elsa. She usually took a warm bath before she went out. Treating herself with a bombs bath can let her body relax down thoroughly. But dressing up for a night out can be a challenge for her. Can you help her? Come on and enjoy Elsa Beauty Bath!

  • Kendall Jenner Makeuplover Kendall Jenner Makeuplover

    Your favorite Kendall Jenner is now here. She is a #makeuplover. She wants to have a excellent makeup. Can you help her in makeup?

  • Little Doctor Cute Makeover Little Doctor Cute Makeover

    Welcome to the modern spa salon. Our client today is Doc Mcstuffins , the toys Doctor who needs relaxation and facial treatment for acne. Treatment begins with washing the her face with a special soap that will open the pores and cleanse the impurities.After the face will be cleaned we can destroy a

  • Evil Queen's Modern Makeover Evil Queen's Modern Makeover

    We all know how obsessed the Evil Queen is with her beauty and being the fairiest of them all. Let’s find out how things would have been if she wouldn't have envied Snow White. Play this new game called Evil Queen's Modern Makeover and help her get the most amazing transformation in order to prove

  • Eliza Prom Makeup Eliza Prom Makeup

    Eliza is very excited to go to the prom tonight and have a lot of fun with her friends. She needs to look spectacular so you have to help her with her makeup and outfit. Choose a modern makeup and a chic dress. Accessorize her look and she will be the prom queen for sure. Have fun!

  • Ellie's Morning Routine Ellie's Morning Routine

    Learn all about Ellie's Morning Routine while you give her a makeover and help her get ready for school! We know you have been asking yourself what is Ellie's secret for looking so flawless every day. Now it's the time to find out! The first step every morning is to clean up and apply make-up. Then

  • Elsa Magic Fashion Makeover Elsa Magic Fashion Makeover

    Get into a magic world where you will find Elsa with a terrible look. She needs your help to recover her lost beauty. Would you join to help our princess? Your mission is to prepare the magic portions needed for the beauty session. Follow the instructions in game to make Elsa look beautiful. She als

  • Elsa and Anna makeup party Elsa and Anna makeup party

    Elsa and Anna will attend a nice party tonight. Come to show us your excellent make up skills and help these two beautiful ladies to make up. Use our given cosmetics to make them look amazing and then dress up them with amazing dresses and accessories. Select one fashion hairstyle for both of the tw

  • Princess prom beauty mask Princess prom beauty mask

    A princess will go to a prom and want a beautifull mask for his face. Make a beautiful mask the way you want.

  • Barbie Disney Villains Makeover Barbie Disney Villains Makeover

    Barbie loves to try new makeup looks. When she was watching Disney movies, she was inspired by the dark and fierce makeup looks of villians. In this game called Barbie Disney Villains Makeover game, the chibi disney villain charaters Maleficent, Red Queen and Cruella will help Barbie create three di

  • Belle's Secret Crush Belle's Secret Crush

    The great girls of Disney have decided that Belle needs a makeover. She is spending too much time in the library and she can't win the heart of the boy she likes the way she looks now. Help her look super cute and amazing in the new game called Belle's Secret Crush! A good idea is to start with a fa

  • Elsa vs Barbie Make Up Contest Elsa vs Barbie Make Up Contest

    The most beautiful Disney stars will compete in a competition of makeup and beauty. Elsa vs Barbie is the competition where two beautiful protagonists can be separated by small makeup details. Choose the best make-up details and help favorite to win!

  • Beauty makeup spa salon Beauty makeup spa salon

    Run a spa salon and give your clients a great relaxing massage and makeover.

  • Sleeping Beauty Fairy Makeover Sleeping Beauty Fairy Makeover

    Today is a great day for the princess Aurora. The best friends have arranged for a party this evening. They would be happier in the presence of sleeping beauty. Neighboring princess has been waiting for the princess for a long time. Do makeover for the girl. Make her pretty with your magical touch.

  • Monster High Clothing Shop Monster High Clothing Shop

    Hello friends,in this wonderful game you can help Draculaura with her Clothing shop.Draculaura is testing the new makeup and her fashion new clothes.Have fun helping Draculauraing manage her Shop!

  • Disney Princesses Room Painting Disney Princesses Room Painting

    Start your own project in this Disney Princess room game and turn an ugly room into one of the prettiest rooms out there. Paint the walls, add some wallpaper, change the flooring and curtains as final touches.

  • Ariel Modern Makeover Ariel Modern Makeover

    Everyone's favorite mermaid, Ariel is looking to get a makeover in this brand new game called Ariel Modern Makeover. She feels like her style is a little bit outdated and she wants to add a modern touch to it, while still staying true to who she is. Would you like to help Ariel renew her style? Pla

  • Ice Queen Make Up Salon‏ Ice Queen Make Up Salon‏

    Learn some new tricks in this Ice Queen Princess make-up game in which you will turn someone ordinary looking into a really pretty girl. She has a messy skin tone but we are sure you can work around it.

  • Barbie Backstage Makeover Barbie Backstage Makeover

    Hello friends!Princess Barbie is getting ready for her big concert party. In this game we prepared various outfits for Barbie.Each outfit has suitable accessories so you can create an entire outfit. Play this awesome game for kids and have fun with your friend. Princess Barbie is here for you,so mak

  • Disney Princess Make Up Contest Disney Princess Make Up Contest

    Today we have a very interesting contest between Disney Princesses, Ariel and Rapunzel. Who will be the winner? Only you can decide who is more beautiful. Have fun!

  • Beyonce Lemonade Makeover Beyonce Lemonade Makeover

    There is a new fever all over the city. It is nothing but, Beyonce Lemonade. It is out for release now and received great response from the music lovers all over the world. Beyonce was very happy with this huge response and want to share the love of her fans. She wants to get ready for the event, bu

  • Elsa Royal Prom Salon Elsa Royal Prom Salon

    Prom Night is coming and our princess, Elsa isn't ready. She must be the most beautiful girl of the party, because she is the queen of frozen kingdom. You are her friend and a great makeup artist, make her to shine!

  • Fairy Beauty Salon Fairy Beauty Salon

    Give your fairy friend the pampering she deserves by taking her to the beauty salon.

  • Barbie Ever After High Looks Barbie Ever After High Looks

    Are you a fan of Ever After High? Barbie loves all the characters and she wants to play dress up and try some incredible looks just to have fun! In this lovely game Barbie Ever After High Looks, you will get to help Barbie and choose six cute characters from the popular cartoon series. Apple White,

  • Barbie Inside Out Makeover Barbie Inside Out Makeover

    Disney movie Inside Out is Barbie's favorite movie. Barbie loves the cute outfits of the characters. She wishes she could have dressed up like that. To her surprise, Joy, Sadness and Disgust come to her house to make her dream come true! They will give Barbie a Inside Out makevoer! Starting from Joy

  • Elsa Famous Magazine Interview Elsa Famous Magazine Interview

    Want to know the secrets of the beautiful Elsa, how she manages to look perfect all the time? Play this game and apply Elsa's advice in terms of make up and dress up and then apply the teachings in real life. Have a great time with Elsa queen!

  • Legend of Korra Makeup Legend of Korra Makeup

    Korra is the Avatar after Aang. She is from water tribe and she is a very successful bender. Play our game and give a facial treatment to Korra. Then make up and dress up her with cool clothes.

  • Barbie Pretty In Pink Barbie Pretty In Pink

    Hello ladies! The cute and amazing Barbie loves color. I am sure you know her favorite color is pink and she absolutely adores it. She would like to wear pink everything day, from head to toe and look fabulous doing it. Join her for the most amazing makeover session of her life in this new game call

  • Aurora and Cinderella BFF Outfits Aurora and Cinderella BFF Outfits

    Meet two adorable girls, Aurora and Cinderella. They are best friends and spend a lot of tine together doing several activities. They are going out today and needs your help to get ready. Be girls's fashion adviser and make them look awesome. Start with the makeup session and then pick up some wonde

  • Aurora Makeup Salon Aurora Makeup Salon

    Learn some new tricks in this Aurora Princess make-up game in which you will turn someone ordinary looking into a really pretty girl. She has a messy skin tone but we are sure you can work around it.

  • Prom Spa Salon Makeover Prom Spa Salon Makeover

    Get ready for the school prom and be as beautiful as the rest of the girls.

  • Mermaids Makeover Salon Mermaids Makeover Salon

    Pamper your mermaid friend like a real salon would with this mermaid makeover game.

  • Disgust Madness Makeup‏ Disgust Madness Makeup‏

    Learn some new tricks in this Disgust Madness make-up game in which you will turn someone ordinary looking into a really pretty girl. She has a green skin tone but we are sure you can work around it.

  • Barbie Brunch With The Girls Barbie Brunch With The Girls

    Barbie loves to get ready for fun times! She is going to a great brunch with her dear friends and she can't wait to have fun. Can you help her get ready and look stunning for the event? I am sure the blonde beauty will appreciate the help and will love the final result. In Barbie Brunch With The Gir

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