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  • Elsa Wears The Wedding Dress Elsa Wears The Wedding Dress

    The lovely bride-to-be Elsa comes to the wedding dress shop. First of all, we need to make a body care and makeover for her. Then we should choose a favorite wedding dress for her! Have fun!

  • Princess Anna Christmas Makeover Princess Anna Christmas Makeover

    Girls! You must be happy and excited about Christmas as there only a few days to go for it. To double your happiness, we have prepared a wonderful spa makeover game with your favorite princess Anna. Hence, get this girl game started and show your facial skills to Princess Anna by giving her an amazi

  • Body Treatment 2 Body Treatment 2

    This pretty woman needs your help. She has a lot of cellulite and she isfull of fat and need a healty anti-cellulite massage. You need to followcarefully all stepts. You need to apply all anti-cellulite creams, thenmassage her, then wrap her a few minutes in foil. Finally she will beperfect and thin

  • Handsome Kristoff Xmas Makeover Handsome Kristoff Xmas Makeover

    Frozen Kristoff is a handsome hunk and you can pamper this smart guy in this facial makeover game. He wants a stylish makeover for Christmas. You can help him get a facial makeover in this makeover and makeup game. Have fun!

  • Dora and Friends Kate Dora and Friends Kate

    Dora's friend Kate is a great singer and dancer. She loves to read stories too much. You can make up and dress up Dora's friend Kate in this cool facial makeover game.

  • Elsa Makeover Spa Elsa Makeover Spa

    Well,it's very cold and dry in winter . Some girls don't like it. Because it's not good for girl's skin . But Elsa likes winter,she likes the feeling of snow. And she is very good at maintaining her skin . But she is busy in preparing the Christmas Festival this week . She's very tired and she has a

  • Rapunzel Makeover Rapunzel Makeover

    Rapunzel needs some beauty treatment to improve her skin look. You have to help her become more beautiful than she already is. Follow the instructions and use the beauty masks and lotions to make her skin soft and smooth. She will look and feel great thanks to you. Have fun!

  • Dora and Friends Alana Dora and Friends Alana

    Dora's friend Alana is a great soccer (football) player. She loves animals too much. She is also a good cook. In our latest facial make up you can give a facial care to Alana. After facial care you can make up and dress up Alana. Have fun.

  • Peppa Pig Makeover Peppa Pig Makeover

    Peppa Pig wants to feel spoiled today. Let us help her go thru a makeover. Follow the instructions and use the beauty products in the indicated order to make her skin look refreshed and young. She will be very delighted and happy. Have fun!

  • CA Cupid Facial Make up CA Cupid Facial Make up

    C.A. Cupid's full name is Chariclo Arganthone Cupid. She is a character from both Monster high and Ever after High series. As a supporter of love, Cupid does everything within her power to bring people together. Play our game and gieve a facial makeover to CA Cupid. You can dress up her too. Have fu

  • Wedding Salon Fashion Bride Wedding Salon Fashion Bride

    It a big day today for this beautiful girl who came to your beauty salon! She is going to marry the love of her life, she is going to be a bride. And she wants to be the most beautiful bride in the world, of course. That why she came to you, cause she heard you are a real beauty artist who can mak

  • Sofia Squeeze Pimples Sofia Squeeze Pimples

    It has all kinds of important stuff royal do. The princess is getting ready for a very busy day. Help her to look the part in this cool makeover game. Please clean all pimples.

  • Fashionista Daring Diva Fashionista Daring Diva

    Hello Little Divas! I know everyone simply adores dressing up and looking absolutely fabulous, and that is precisely why we have decided to prepare for you a really amazing and new makeover game called Fashionista Daring Diva. Your main assignment in this fun game will be to help this gorgeous lady

  • Baby Emma Makeover Baby Emma Makeover

    Baby Emma wants to look great for the party where all her friends will come.First of all she will try some face treatments and masks to feel refreshed.Enjoy playing Baby Emma games.

  • Princess Makeover Salon Princess Makeover Salon

    Girls , Here is a new fashion princess makeover games for you .You will have a new makeover experience in this "Princess makeover salon"games. There are lots of dresses and some new makeup skills in the games.Look at the princess in the games ,she very fashion and beautiful.She likes making up by he

  • Strawberry Shortcake Makeover Strawberry Shortcake Makeover

    Strawberry Shortcake wants to look great for the party where all her friends will come.First of all she will try some face treatments and masks to feel refreshed.After she will select the dress code for her and her friends.Enjoy playing Strawberry Shortcake Games.

  • Princess Body Spa Princess Body Spa

    MyLady is having a party tonight and she want to look amazing. But now she's feeling fatigue and worn out, and need some refreshment. Give her the luxury and sensuous delight of bamboo massage, makeover and proper dress up so she'll look outstanding tonight!

  • Anna Frozen Makeover Anna Frozen Makeover

    Anna Frozen experiencing skin problems and needs a good specialist for her to regain her beauty. Use special treatments with creams and then rinse thoroughly with water. Help her to get rid of pimples on her face so she would finally regain her beauty.Enjoy this game!

  • Pirate Fairy Tinkerbell Pirate Fairy Tinkerbell

    Everybody know Tinkerbell. She plays on Pirate Fairy movie too. in this cool make up game you can make up Tinkerbell in Pirate fairy movie. You can dress up and make up her too.

  • Fashionista Pretty Posh? Fashionista Pretty Posh?

    Hello little fashionistas! Every stylish girl simply adores getting pampered and feeling like the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Stacy, the gorgeous fashionista that you are going to meet in our exciting Cutezee game called Fashionista Pretty Posh, is no exception to that. Today she is plan

  • Barbie and Friends Makeup Barbie and Friends Makeup

    Barbie, Teresa and Midge are going to a posh party tonight and they headed to your beauty parlour for a true professional makeup. Start with foundation and concealer, move on to perfecting Barbies brows and then apply colorful eyeshadows and lipstick. And then make Barbies friends look gorgeous to

  • Annabelle Spooky Halloween Makeover Annabelle Spooky Halloween Makeover

    The haunted doll Annebelle is geared up to have a spooky makeover for Halloween. She wants to walk down the streets during Halloween but if she goes around in her usual look, she will scare everyone. Therefore, she is opting for a less scary look with a makeover. First, clean up her stained face and

  • Barbie Daily Spa Barbie Daily Spa

    Hi girls, Barbie, takes care of a lot of maintenance. Today in the morning when you wake up feeling pretty bad on your own. Because he stood for a long time away in terms of spam. Barbie, do spa treatments first, then proceed to cleaning hair. Apply what you like from a variety of materials in the m

  • Baby Elsa Great Makeover? Baby Elsa Great Makeover?

    Help the cute girl from Frozen in this baby Elsa makeover game as she wants a new look that will fit her for the next season which will be rather chilli, just the way she likes it.

  • Catrine Demew Hair and Facial Catrine Demew Hair and Facial

    Catrine Demew is a werecat and a student at Monster High Series. Catrine is one of the most anticipated releases in the Scaris line. She is an accomplished painter with a drive for perfection. Play latest monster high game and make up CAtrine Demew. You can also dress up her at t

  • Sofia The First Halloween Makeover Sofia The First Halloween Makeover

    Princess Sofia the First is in a happy mood because Halloween around the corner. She is planning to throw a big bash on the eve of Halloween to all the royalties at the castle. Sofia must be in her best look at the party and hence, she requires the help of a skilled beautician like you to get ready

  • Halloween Extreme Makeover Halloween Extreme Makeover

    Jenna is going to the best Halloween party in town and she wants to win the best prize for her costume, make up and hairstyle. To create the costume she is willing to try different make up in spooky colors and styles, fun dresses with many details and amazing hairstyles. Play our great new CuteZee e

  • Halloween Party Makeover Halloween Party Makeover

    The girl wants to get ready for the Halloween party. Help her to apply cream, remove pimples, etc. Make her look pretty and attractive at the party.

  • Princess Sofia Make up Princess Sofia Make up

    Princess Sofia needs your help to be prepeared for the ball this night. Make up , dress up her with nice princess clothes.

  • Mary Flower Spa Mary Flower Spa

    Considering the busy schedule during the week, Mary decided to take a break at the spa.Here, she will be treated like a princess. After receiving a treatment for relaxation, she will enjoy an entire change!She will receive a new look and a change of outfit! You will help her and everyone will be hap

  • Sofia Makeover Sofia Makeover

    Welcome back to the Disney Universe! Join Princess Sofia in her latest adventures and start having some fun with all your favorite characters from the famous series. There is a royal ball later tonight and our little princess is planning on being the prettiest girl there. To achieve this she is goin

  • Squeeze Sofia Pimples Squeeze Sofia Pimples

    Teenage girls all get pimples, including Princess Sofia! Follow our steps to repair and care her beautiful face. Let the Princess have a young pretty face! Have fun!

  • Ginormica Make up Ginormica Make up

    Ginormica (real name Susan Murphy) is the main hero of the Monsters vs. Aliens cartoon. Susan has peach-colored skin, blue eyes, and brown hair (now platinum white due to her mutation). Today we have a cool make up games for you. You can make up Ginoemica by playing this cool facial make up game. Fi

  • Poppy O'Hair's Spelltastic Makeovers Poppy O'Hair's Spelltastic Makeovers

    Poppy OHair works after school at the Tower Salon in the Village of Book End. Help her give her best friends forever after totally hexcellent hairstyles and makeovers!

  • Baby Talking Tom Great Makeover? Baby Talking Tom Great Makeover?

    Pick and choose all the different clothing items in this baby Talking Tom makeover game and make him look just the way you want him. Have a fun time and create something really cool.

  • Pirate Fairy Rosetta Pirate Fairy Rosetta

    Girls love Pirate fairy movie. We love all the fairy characters of it. in this game you will meet animal fairy Rosetta. First you are going to wash Rosetta's hairs. Then g?ve Rosetta a facial care. You can make up and dress up Rosetta. Choose a nice pair of wings and some cool accessories for her.

  • Princess Sofia Makeover Princess Sofia Makeover

    Princess Sophia the First is set to look like a real princess, help to make real change an image to show its beauty! Just see what fits you best and Sofia is ready to learn to behave like royalty all the princesses legendary.

  • Mercy Beach Spa Mercy Beach Spa

    After a week of work, Mercy needs an oasis of relaxation on the beach. After you have applied several masks and creams on the face, you need to get the makeup and her clothes.

  • Doc McStuffins Makeover Doc McStuffins Makeover

    Our favorite doctor, Doc McStuffins needs a specialist in beauty.If you are willing to help follow the instructions in the game and after each application of skin creams make sure you rinse she face well. Have fun making the Doc Mcstuffins beautiful again!

  • Twilight Cheerleader Makeover Twilight Cheerleader Makeover

    Twilight is cheerleader at school, she is beautiful pony girl. Let's help her prepare for the new sports meet, give her great facial treatment, choose beautiful clothes for her. Have fun!

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