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  • Dora Beauty Makeover Dora Beauty Makeover

    Dora is always ready for the prom girl and her preoccupation at the moment, all styled for her prom. She knows that she needs to get the perfect complexion for her face to go through the steps of a complete face care session, but she would need your helping hand with all the scrubs, cleansers an

  • Minka Kelly Beauty Spa Day Minka Kelly Beauty Spa Day

    Minka your favorite will come to your hometown day after tomorrow. Your close-friend runs a beauty parlor in the hometown. It seems that she is going to receive makeover from that beauty parlor. Tom, your friend will be on leave on that day. Give a good spa to the actress. Pour water on the face and

  • TalkingTom Great Makeover TalkingTom Great Makeover

    This is a great makeover game with Talking Tom and you will surely find some awesome stuff around to make him look great. Do not forget to wear some stylish accessories as well.

  • Makeover Beauty Salon Makeover Beauty Salon

    Here you get to run your own nail salon and start your appointment by washing, rinsing, drying and styling her hair ready for her big debut out on the town. Next you can color her hair to compliment her face before accessorizing it with bands, bows, hats and bling!

  • Barbie World Cup Girl Barbie World Cup Girl

    razil world cup finals Barbie want to support the team, the fans go to the salon to be the most beautiful girl is starting to make self-care, but you will help him for his undecided. First, we start the game by pressing the play button. Controls are doing with the mouse. Barbie're doing the first ma

  • TV Anchor Beauty TV Anchor Beauty

    Lisa is so excited of having an TV interview today.She needs to make herself look as pretty as much.Help her finish her makeup and help her get the right dress for the interview.

  • Princess Dora Royal Makeover Princess Dora Royal Makeover

    Dora is to be crowned as a princess in her kingdom. Before she is crowned, she needs a royal treatment for making her look as a real princess with all the elegance and grandeur. Dora wants to hire you as her personal assistant for getting her ready for the coronation. Therefore, spoil Dora with faci

  • Pou Girl Makeover Pou Girl Makeover

    Today is the big day! Pou will be competing in his first beauty pageant and really hopes to win the gold medal. He has all the talents needed for such an award but he is going to need some help in the makeover department. He loved dressing up for different occasions but makeovers are not his strong

  • Pirate Fairy Silvermist Pirate Fairy Silvermist

    Silvermist is a fairy with a lot of water talents. She is a well known fairy and she is a pirate now at pirate fairy movie. We have created a nice game for you. You can make up , dress up and facial care Sivermist in our latest makeover game. First of all you must wash her hairs. After that use some

  • Makeup School Nude Look Makeup School Nude Look

    Welcome to our school of make up for all the young fashionistas! Today you will learn the secrets of the hottest makeup trend - nude look. Pick the shade that looks best on your skin, rosy, peachy or bronze, and create a makeup that will make you look genuinely perfect every day.

  • Aurora Facial Makeover Aurora Facial Makeover

    Meet beautiful blonde princess Aurora. She needs you help to be prepeared for a new day. She came in to your beauty salon. First wash her hairs and use some creams to her hairs. After that take care of her face with some ncie masks. After that make up her and dress up her with nice princess dresses.

  • Frozen Beauty Secrets Frozen Beauty Secrets

    Your favorite characters from Frozen are back with a brand new adventure, in our exciting game called Frozen Beauty Secrets! Anna has decided to spend some time pampering herself, so today you are going to join her at the Frozen salon, where you will be applying all sorts of beauty products that wil

  • Princess Tiana Great Makeover? Princess Tiana Great Makeover?

    A very famous princess will be waiting for you in this Tiana Makeover game and you will have to make her look amazing as she wants to clear her skin, get a new make up and some good looking clothes.

  • Draculaura Great Makeover Draculaura Great Makeover

    Draculaura looks great, especially the face and skin is better for a girl her age screen. That's why she likes to take care of herself. Draculaura wants to share her beauty secrets with you guys in this awesome game: Draculaura Great Makeover, so that you can look fabulous as her, even if it is much

  • Maleficia Maleficia

    Dare stepping into this devilish queen's gloomy looking kingdom and do your best to win the revengeful witch's admiration as you boost her Gothic beauty by giving her a complete makeover! So, would you respond to this challenge getting the Maleficia makeover game started and turning yourself into th

  • Kitty Cheshire hair and facial Kitty Cheshire hair and facial

    Kitty Cheshire is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat, the character from Ever After high cartoon series inspired from Alices Adventures in Wonderland. Play our latest ever after high game and make up , dress up this lovely character Kitty Cheshire.

  • Face Painting Dora FIFA 2014 Face Painting Dora FIFA 2014

    Dora loves football, and she wants to support all her favorite teams. On this FIFA 2014, she wants to show her love of football by having a wonderful face painting. Before going to face painting she has to have a special facial makeup. She visited your spa to have that unusual makeup for her. Enjoy

  • Frozen Elsa Everlasting Beauty Frozen Elsa Everlasting Beauty

    Lets make Elsa the snow queen as an everlasting beauty by spoiling her with various facial masks to make her face flawless and radiant. Proper makeup and right choice of outfits and accessories will make her all the more beautiful. Have fun playing this spa makeover game!

  • Gory Fangtell hair and Facial Gory Fangtell hair and Facial

    Gory Fangtell is a vampire and was originally an influential student at Belfry Prep, but transfered with Belfry Prep's student body to Monster High. Lets make up Gory Fangtell and dress up her for school. First Wash her hairs then use some facial caring pruducts to her.

  • Rapunzel Great  Makeover Rapunzel Great Makeover

    Rapunzel will be changing her look soon and you will be here in this princess makeover game to help her as she has plenty of stuff to try on and she wants to get some advice from you as well.

  • Pou Makeover Pou Makeover

    Pou is ready for a pampering day that will make his skin healthier, brighter and of course, prettier. Browse through the dreamy collection of creams and lotions, make his skin look fabulous with natural facial masks, offer his eyebrows a really nice shape and get rid of the dark circles around his c

  • Debby Princess Makeover Debby Princess Makeover

    Debby princess is not a fashion designer, but also a modeltrue trendsetter to whom stylists and editors look for direction.This summer she also design many styles of fashionable elements.Most girls are crazy about these iteams.Today she organize big fashion events.Lets help her dress up.You will

  • Blondie Lockes hair and facial Blondie Lockes hair and facial

    Blondie Lockes is a lovely character from Ever After High series. She is the daughter of Goldilocks. Blondie often claims that her mother is a queen in a faraway land, but this is not true. At most, Blondie is a mayor's daughter. By playing our Blondie Lockes game you are going to make a total beaut

  • Princess Belle Enchanting Makeover Princess Belle Enchanting Makeover

    As you all know that princess Belle is such a beautiful girl that she can enchant a wild beast with her good look and Belle means beauty. Hence, there is no doubt about her beauty. Now that she is going to be a princess by marrying the beast turned into a prince, she surely needs a makeover to hold

  • Madeline Hatter hair and facial Madeline Hatter hair and facial

    You can make a complete care for ever After High character Madeline Hatter in our latest hair and facial game.

  • Tinkerbell first makeover Tinkerbell first makeover

    Tinkerbell from the fairy forest is preparing for a date with his lovely boy. She must look great because she is the fairy queen so all her make up tools are very special with a lot of soft cream and shiny glitter. The tools you have to use into this make up fairy game are created from leafs and bra

  • Natural Prom Makeover Natural Prom Makeover

    It is high school's red carpet event, what feels like a big, televised award show! Its prom! Do you want to get ready for prom 2014! Dresses, Hairstyles, Makeup Ideas, Dating Advice and MORE! Than you must play our latest realistic prom makeover game. As a makeup artist, it is your goal to make sur

  • Survivor Adventure Survivor Adventure

    ntertwined with the nature of life on the islands where we know that the beauty and challenges . This is a beautiful island with challenges in life with Survivor 's breezes. Survivor islands in people's minds to the fact that beauty of life and nature has remained since. Lily survivor hero spends ti

  • Pou Great  Makeover Pou Great Makeover

    Pou is in the need of a new look in this Pou great makeover game and you two will surely have a great time trying out outfits and also some hair changes and style changes will be welcomed.

  • Monster High Makeover Monster High Makeover

    Give your favorite Monster High characters a ghoulishly fabulous makeover like never before! Match your favorite ghoulfriends style or mix it up it up for a scarily awesome look!

  • My first spa day My first spa day

    This cute lovely girl doesnt love going to spa salon. But her friends are forcing her to come along to the spa salon. So, this lovely girl decides to go to a spa salon which is closer to her home. It is her first day at Spa salon So give her the best massage and make her happy. Have great day with

  • Frozen Elsa Freezing Makeover Frozen Elsa Freezing Makeover

    You can make up frozen princess Elsa by playing our latest makeover game.

  • Dora Great Makeover Dora Great Makeover

    Dora is tired of her old look and in this Dora makeover game you will get to change it completely. There will be plenty of stuff to go through, such as new hairstyles, different make up colors and patterns but also quite a few clothes and accessories because no new look is finished without them. You

  • Emma Watson Chinese Spa Day Emma Watson Chinese Spa Day

    Emma Watson has come to china. She is very much aware of the strengths of the country. She has come to china, primarily to receive spa and makeover. The girl is love with the ambience of the country. First of all sprinkle water on the face and then wipe the face with a piece of cloth. Apply cream on

  • Beauty Salon Beauty Salon

    In your weekend time, what will you girls do? If you do not have idea, come to our brand new girl game called Beauty Salon. Here we will take you to this excellent beauty salon to Play the spa, facial, manicure and pedicure phases as fast as possible and earn as many coins as you can. You can feel f

  • Operetta Hair and Facial Operetta Hair and Facial

    Hi girls. Come to our brand new hair and facial game called Operetta Hair and Facial, you will have the opportunity to meet one Monster High School girl called Operetta. Operetta is a cute girl from monster high cartoon. She likes music so much. She always have her guitar with her. She also likes fa

  • Ellen DeGeneres Show Makeover Ellen DeGeneres Show Makeover

    Ellen DeGeneres is an excellent hostess. Today she is hosting a show tonight and she wants a new look for her show. Can you give this celebrity television host a makeover that makes her looks smart and stylish? I know you girls have rich experience and great makeover skills. So just feel free to be

  • Hollywood Real Makeover Hollywood Real Makeover

    Lily is a famous Hollywood star but it is not an easy job for her. She has lots of responsibilities. You always have to be beautiful and elegant. So you should pay attention to your makeup and skin care. This cute girl is a Hollywood star. So she came to your beauty salon and needs skin care , make

  • C.A.Cupid Hair and Facial C.A.Cupid Hair and Facial

    C.A. Cupid, daughter of Eros from Mount Olympus, transferred from her old school to help both royals and rebels find whats in their true hearts.We created a make up game for ever after highs CA Cupid. You can wash hair, give her a facial care. After that you can make up her and dress up her with cut

  • Robecca Steam Hair and Facial Robecca Steam Hair and Facial

    Hi girls. Come to our brand new hair and facial game called Robecca Steam Hair and Facial. Robecca Steam is a robot and daughter of a mad scientist. We made a facial makeover game for you. You can play with Robecca Steam and help her to clean hair and make up for her. I know you girls have rich expe

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