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  • Hollywood Ultimate Makeover Hollywood Ultimate Makeover

    Lily is a famous Hollywood actress. Today she is going to take part in a gorgeous Hollywood award ceremony in California. Since time is limited for such busy celebrity, she need to find an excellent fashion assistant. I know you girls have rich experience of makeover and dress up. So give a helping

  • Natural Glamorous Makeover Natural Glamorous Makeover

    In this very fun girl game you have to make over the look of this beautiful girl. She is going to a party and she must look glamorous. First you have to prepare her face, so you have to use a calendula powder. Then you have to clean up her face. Also you have to use chamomile powder and green clay m

  • Spring Heavenly Spa Day Spring Heavenly Spa Day

    Spring comes as a blessing for nature but also for people. Jasmine knows that the secret of Goddess beauty stay behind many beauty treatments and relaxation treatments in a spa beauty center. So we invite girls to accompany Jasmine at Spring Spa. At the beginning we will start with an invigorating m

  • Sara Makeover Sara Makeover

    We all know that Sara is one of the greatest chefs. She works in the kitchen all the day. But today she won't be cooking, what she really wants is to have her makeover done, so let us join her and figure out what colors we can use for her eyelashes, eyebrows, eyeshades and a touch of lipstick that c

  • Makeover Facial Yoga Style Makeover Facial Yoga Style

    Lucy is a beautiful and elegant girl. Tonight she has a date with her beloved boy friend. She is so excited and expected for this dating for a long time. So she decides to give herself a special makeover facial Yoga style to make her look amazing. She is in need of some tender loving care, don't you

  • Princess Pocahontas Prom Make up Princess Pocahontas Prom Make up

    Hi girls. Today we will introduce a brand new princess called Pocahontas for you. She is a native princess who is beautiful and kindhearted. Tonight she is going to attend an excellent prom. Before that she needs to make up and dress up well. Come to be her fashion assistant and give her a special f

  • Chloe Grace Moretz Makeover Chloe Grace Moretz Makeover

    Chloe Grace Moretz is a famous actress in America. She began her acting career at the age of seven and has appeared in films such as Days of Summer, Kick-Ass and Hugo. Tonight there will be a great award party in the center of the city. She has been invited to attend it. For such gorgeous occasion,

  • Frozen Anna Makeover Frozen Anna Makeover

    Anna is a beautiful Princess who lives in the magical castle. She has the power to make the town frozen. Today she has a date with her boy friend. She is so excited and happy because she has expected such dating for a long time. You should help her with a beauty facial treatment. Wash her face with

  • Barbie Valentines Facial Makeover Barbie Valentines Facial Makeover

    It is going to be Valentine's Day. Beautiful Barbie is very happy and excited about this most important festival for lovers. She wants to see movies with her boy friend together. Before going out she decides to make up beautifully and dress up with her most amazing clothes. In this really exciting f

  • Disco Party Makeover Disco Party Makeover

    Nowadays, more and more single girls like to play disco in the night. They think it is a good way to relax and have fun. Today in our new girl game, you will also meet one beautiful girl who wants to attend a disco party tonight. However, she is a little confused about makeover an dress up. Would yo

  • Madeline Hatter Makeover Madeline Hatter Makeover

    Madeline Hatter has an important show tonight. She wants to make up and dress up well to have a good performance there. Come to be her fashion assistant and have her to make facial treatment in the first step. Use our given items to make her facial skin more white and charming. Then you can go to ma

  • Harriet Princess Makeover Harriet Princess Makeover

    Harriet is a modestly beautiful young lady. She is very attractive, intelligent and beautiful. In this exciting new game you will have the opportunity to give this beloved Disney princess a complete makeover. You will start with a facial treatment that will make her skin look radiant and clear. We h

  • Dazzling Beauty Spa Dazzling Beauty Spa

    The girl in our brand new game is getting ready to meet her boyfriend. Now, she needs your help. Make her to look pretty by making strawberry facial and choose the supreme dress and accessories for her. Will you be kind enough to do a facial spa and makeup for this young girl? She will be glad and

  • Nefera de Nile Hair and Facial Nefera de Nile Hair and Facial

    Hi girls. Today we will introduce you one new girl from Monster High School. Her name is Nefera de Nile. Nefera De Nile from Monster High is a mean ghoul! She is the older sister of Cleo De Nile! Tonight she wants to attend her good friend's birthday party and have a dancing there. So she needs to m

  • Princess Aurora 16th Birthday Spa Makeover Princess Aurora 16th Birthday Spa Makeover

    Today is princess Aurora's 16th birthday. She is so happy and excited because she has received lots of birthday cards and gifts from her friends. Moreover, they will come to celebrate her birthday in her house tonight. So Aurora decides to make a special facial spa makeover. In this way she can show

  • Bell Prom Make up Bell Prom Make up

    Princess Bell is going to attend her high school prom tonight. She wants to have an unforgettable memory of her prom. So she decides to make up beautifully and dress up with her most gorgeous clothes. Come on girls. Come to style up her and be her fashion assistant. Bell needs your help to be the mo

  • Oatmeal Facial Makeover Oatmeal Facial Makeover

    Hi girls. Today in our brand new makeover game, we will introduce you another one beautiful and elegant girl called Oatmeal. She is a girl who cares much about her facial treatment. If you want to learn more knowledge and method about makeover, come to play our new game. You will know how to make fa

  • Cleo De Nile Hair Spa and Facial Cleo De Nile Hair Spa and Facial

    Cleo De Nile is one of famous girls in Monster High School. Today she will take part in a great party in the school. So she decides to make a hair spa and facial treatment. Then she can show her best aspects in front of her friends and classmates. Come to give Cleo De Nile a professional and special

  • Valentine's Day Date Prep Valentine's Day Date Prep

    Hi girls. Are you ready to welcome Valentine's Day. If you know how to prepare well for this special day for lovers. Come to teach our beautiful girl and help her make up for her date with her boy friend. What kind of combinations can you come up with? Lots to choice from, glitter, gems and pretty

  • Tecna Hair Spa and Facial Tecna Hair Spa and Facial

    Tecna is a beautiful girl who is the daughter of Guardian Fairy of Technology. Tonight she will have a date with her handsome boyfriend. She is so excited and decides to make a hair spa and facial to show her most beautiful aspect. Play the role of her beauty assistant and help her make professional

  • Beauty Spa Makeover Beauty Spa Makeover

    Emily is a famous singer star, tonight there is a very important concert held by her. So she needs to show her best aspect for audience. Beauty spa makeover is the most efficient way to let her make amazing. So use the beauty masks that make her face clean and soft are simply a must do. Don't undere

  • Cinderella at Spa Cinderella at Spa

    Princess Cinderella wants to have a party in her house tonight. Lots of her friends and family will take part in it. Before they come, she wants to have a spa firstly then she can be more attractive in front of her friends. Use the best nutritious body treatment item for Cinderella to make her skin

  • Aurora Prom Make up Aurora Prom Make up

    Hello girls. Today you will have the opportunity to meet beautiful sleeping girl called Aurora. She is going to take part in her prom tonight and needs your help to make her up and select one perfect outfit to dress her up. Use your fashion talent to satisfy this cute girl's requirements and let us

  • Mulan Prom Make up Mulan Prom Make up

    Brave and lovely princess Mulan will attend a prom this night. She needs your help to prepare herself ready for the prom. First wash her hairs with traditional hair caring products. We have prepared very good hair caring products for you. Then make her and dress up her with a nice prom dress. Don't

  • Snow White Facial Makeover Snow White Facial Makeover

    Princess Snow White is going to date with charming prince. She is very excited about the dating and wants to leave a good impression to the prince. So she needs your help. You must wash her hairs and give a facial care to her. After that make up and dress up her. Choose nice accessories for her. Sta

  • Back to School Makeover Back to School Makeover

    Tomorrow will be school opening day and Emily needs to go back to school to have a new term. Now she is preparing for the preparation. Getting ready for school is something that can be fun and exciting. With the Back to School Makeover game you can get your character ready for a big day back at scho

  • Snow White Porm Make up Snow White Porm Make up

    There will be an excellent prom on the playground today. Snow White is attending a prom this night. You must prepare her for this prom. Clean her hair and face then make up and dress up her with nice prom dresses. Give her a careful hair spa and facial treatment firstly using those gorgeous items Sn

  • Snow and Spa Snow and Spa

    With the coming of winter, the weather has become more and more cold. So what if temperatures have gone bellow zero degrees these days? This sure does not mean that this gorgeous young lady here will skip her weekly visits to the "Snow & Spa" beauty center, so be there to welcome her and work your m

  • Youkie Lover Secrets Youkie Lover Secrets

    Hello girls! When I was a little girl my father brought to me one day an adorable puppy. He was a yorkie, and I loved it so much that I would even go to school with it every time I was given the chance. If you also like adorable puppies, then I am sure that you are going to absolutely adore playing

  • Cinderella Prom Make up Cinderella Prom Make up

    Hello friend. Today in our prom make up game series, you will have the opportunity to make up beautiful girl Cinderella. You can dress up and make up princess Cinderella for prom. You can choose very nice prom dresses and accessories. If you are interested in prom make up girl game and like Cinderel

  • Spectra Vondergeist Hair Spa and Facial Spectra Vondergeist Hair Spa and Facial

    Hello girls. Today in our brand new hair and facial game, we will introduce you a new beautiful girl called Spectra Vondergeist. Spectra Vondergeist is the 16-year old daughter of the Ghosts, who is from the 19th century. In this brand new game, you need to take care of her hair and face. Since she

  • Actress Bailee Madison Makeover Actress Bailee Madison Makeover

    Have you ever heard the name of Bailee Madison? Bailee Madison is an American teen actress. She is most famous for her role in Bridge to Terabithia in which she plays May Belle Aarons, the younger sister of Jesse Aarons. There are lots of her fans all around the world. Her fans love her roles and ex

  • Bright Make up Bright Make up

    Diva is an excellent actress. Today is very important for her to get ready for the Golden Globes, especially if you are a rising Hollywood star, an aspiring young actress, sure is a great challenge! Be this future red carpet Diva's make-up artist and come up with some attention-grabbing, magnetizing

  • Winx Flora Makeover Winx Flora Makeover

    Flora is the Guardian Fairy of Nature. Flora is a beautiful girl from Winx Club, who loves plants and vegetation of all kinds. Now she needs you girls to give her a helping hand. Before dressing up Flora, you must do her make up and facial careful treatment first. Use special skin caring items and m

  • Crazy Hair Day Girl Makeover Crazy Hair Day Girl Makeover

    Tonight there will be a crazy hair day makeover party in the club. Everyone is always surprised and happy when the black lights turn on! Not only do they light up all bright shirts, beautiful white smiles, and plates and cups, but they will also illuminate the cool dance floor where all of the boys

  • Rapunzel Prom Make up Rapunzel Prom Make up

    Our beautiful princess Rapunzel is going to graduate from her High School. This year's prep is very great and excellent. There are lots of famous stars being invited. Rapunzel will also have an important speech on the platform. So she needs to gee ready well for this prom. Then she can have a nice p

  • Cute Diva Makeover Cute Diva Makeover

    Annie is only ten years old, but even though she is already showing signs of becoming quite the diva! She likes pretty clothes, perfect make up and cute fun accessories and if she doesn't get them she can throw quite the tantrum! It's a good job we like the same things that Annie does, isn't that ri

  • Jasmine Prom Make up Jasmine Prom Make up

    Our cute princess Jasmine is going to attend a prom this night. There will be lots of her classmates and friends there. So the prom is very important for her and she will also have a speech on the platform. Time is limited and she needs a stylist to dress up her well and suitable for tonight's atten

  • In Memory of Paul Walker In Memory of Paul Walker

    There are lots of fans in the world loves Paul Walker. He is an excellent and famous movie star. He is professional and loves his career very much. Paul Walker, who is known for his dare devil stunts in Fast and Furious franchise, has left this world yet he continues to live in our hearts through hi

  • Venus MoFlytrap Christmas Makeover Venus MoFlytrap Christmas Makeover

    Venus MoFlytrap is one famous girl character in Monster High School. Now with the coming of Christmas, there will be a great and gorgeous Christmas party in their school. Lots of members have been invited to take part in this grand party to celebrate Christmas. Venus MoFlytrap is also one of those m

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