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  • Talking Cats Move to a New House Talking Cats Move to a New House

    Today, talking cats are moving to a new house, the house of their dreams. Of course, they need your help.This game consist of different exciting levels. Packing items in to boxes with Angela, catching boxes on the cart and placing it it in the car with Tom. After, you can decorate the home for our c

  • Horse makeover hair salon 2 Horse makeover hair salon 2

    Horses needs beautiful makeover with gorgeous hairstyles.

  • Angela Princess Cat Care Angela Princess Cat Care

    Angela princess cat is very happy today because she will have a wonderful dating with her boy friend. Come to join this brand new pet caring game to help her. Firstly, you need to help the cat to have a shower. Put some hot water in the bathtub and then use the shampoo to wash hair for the cat. Then

  • Elsa Pet Show Contest Elsa Pet Show Contest

    Queen Elsa loves animals and today shes hosting a contest for animals, where you can decide the winner. Competitors in the final today are a cute dog and a cute kitty. Choose to dress them and decide who will be the winner. Have fun!

  • Learning Pets Doctor Learning Pets Doctor

    This game allows you to easily heal your injured pet by reducing their pain and swelling, along with giving them medication to reduce the risk of infection occurring.

  • Baby Princesses School Time‏ Baby Princesses School Time‏

    Wake up early and help Rapunzel and Belle with this Disney school game in which you will have to get them both ready for another day spent studying. Make their backpacks and smoothies before dressing them up.

  • Tom And Angela Cat Beach Holiday Tom And Angela Cat Beach Holiday

    Today our cute cat Tom and his girl friend Angela will have a nice holiday on the beach. Come to be their assistant and serve them kindly. you need to open the umbrella to resist the strong sunshine. Then bring the sun glasses for Angela. Next you need to help Tom to buy two cups of ice creams to e

  • Baby Rapunzel Adopt a Pet‏ Baby Rapunzel Adopt a Pet‏

    Teach your friend in this Baby Rapunzel pet game everything there is to know about adopting an animal and taking good care of it. Feed it, clean it and have some exercise hours with it to grow happy and healthy.

  • Kitty pet care salon Kitty pet care salon

    Beautiful kitty needs to be taking care of and with this kitty pet care game you can do this perfectly. Play with your kitty and take care of him.

  • Twilight Sparkle at Farm Twilight Sparkle at Farm

    Twilight Sparkle is now our cute pony from this flash game where you will have to be a real farmer, to help Sparkle survive in this farm. First you will have to enter the stable, then please make a good job there, clean up everything to make a perfect enviroment for SParkle, then in this stable wil

  • Baby pony grooming makeover Baby pony grooming makeover

    A baby pony need a nice makeover. Take your pony to the salon and make sure to take care of him.

  • Baby kitty hair salon Baby kitty hair salon

    A cute kitty needs to go into the hair salon. Kitty loves when we take care of them so have fun with this game.

  • Elsa Horse Caring‏ Elsa Horse Caring‏

    Fall in love with your new pet in this Elsa horse caring game, but be aware that they require quite a bit of maintenance. Wash and comb the horses, feed them and make sure to give them a daily exercise to make them happy.

  • White Pony Adventure White Pony Adventure

    Aw!! What a cute little pony! I wish I had one just like him. One day, our little white pony was running in the yard, when all of the sudden, he fell straight into the mud! So you’d better start cleaning him up, take good care of him, feed him some grain, and exercise him so he grows up into a hea

  • My Little Pony New Year Party My Little Pony New Year Party

    Christmas is coming! But ponies aren’t ready for it at all. They haven’t either Christmas tree, nor other decorations and gifts. How can they meet such a fun holiday? You have to help Rarity choose holiday costumes for all ponies and Spike, and turn their home into the most comfortable place for

  • Super Cat Gave Birth to Baby Super Cat Gave Birth to Baby

    Our super cat is in the hospital for the preparation of giving birth to her baby cat. Are you willing to play the role of doctor to help her? Use our given medical checking instruments to check her body firstly.

  • Pet Dogs Cool Makeover Pet Dogs Cool Makeover

    It is fun to play with your pet dog but it gives you much more happiness and joy when you give your pet dog a bath and give cool makeover with accessories and outfits. Yes, that is what you are doing to do to your pet today in this pet care game. Groom your dog and make it clean with a nice bath an

  • My Cute Pom Puppy My Cute Pom Puppy

    You are about to adopt a puppy! There's a pomenarian (or pom for short) available! Adopt, give a name, play and grow it to the max, and have fun all the way in!

  • Lovely Pet Friends Makeover Lovely Pet Friends Makeover

    You have two pets at home, one is a cute cat and another one is a lovely dog. The cat and the dog are good friends. But they always need the same attention and care. You cannot care one more and the other less. Hence, today you much groom and take care of your pets equally. Give them bath, groom the

  • Baby Barbie Pony Caring Baby Barbie Pony Caring

    They are wonderful pets but need looking after, so in this Baby Barbie pony caring game you will learn what you need to do in order to keep the pony healthy and happy, always ready to run around the back yard.

  • Kitty SPA Makeover Kitty SPA Makeover

    Lovely Lina's counting on your help! She's just adopted an adorable kitty and she needs your help for giving the sweet little bundle of fur a royal pamper, for entertaining her and getting her styled up from head to paw, as well. Start by getting her fur washed up, through and through, then...

  • Barbie Superhero Pet Rescue 2‏ Barbie Superhero Pet Rescue 2‏

    There is a fire and a doggy is trapped so in this barbie Superhero pet rescue game you will have to solve the puzzle and see where the incident is happening so you can go there and save it.

  • My Little Pony Prom My Little Pony Prom

    Girls, the cute ponies are getting ready for the best event of the year. They are going to the pony prom and the excitement is palpable. All the great ponies, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie need to prep for this event and they need to look cute and sparkly. Can you help th

  • Pet Horse Care Pet Horse Care

    You have a nice pet horse in your farm house. You enjoy riding on its back but more than riding, you like taking care of your horse by grooming and feeding it. Today you can show to us as how you take care of your horse in this pet care game.

  • Kitten Creator Kitten Creator

    Create your very own kitty cat to love and play with. You can even save a picture for your phone or computer!

  • Princess Kitten At Barbie Hair Salon Princess Kitten At Barbie Hair Salon

    Princess Barbie has become quite famous for her stylish hairdos. She owns innumerable salon in the country. The kitten of the princess has come to the salon for hairdressing. You gentle touch is needed for the kitten. Do the hairdressing within the given time. After that, wash the hair of the kitten

  • Elsa at Horse Farm Elsa at Horse Farm

    Frozen Elsa loves the animals and for this reason she decided to spend her summer holiday at a farm of horses. Of course that there she will have a lot of things to do but she is happy because she will meet again her favorite horse! Are you ready to offer her a hand help? What do you have exactly to

  • Snow White Puppy Care Snow White Puppy Care

    Princess Snow White has adopted an abandoned pet puppy which she found on the street. The puppy looks very dirty and is wounded. Snow White asks you give a proper care to her puppy and make it look cute. First, clean up the puppy and cure the wounds. Then give the puppy a nice bath and decorate it

  • Cute Puppy Salon Cute Puppy Salon

    These 4 puppies need your help with getting a nice bath, can you help these cuties?

  • Pony Makeover Hair Salon 2 Pony Makeover Hair Salon 2

    Take care of your pony and make a gorgeous hair style for your pony.

  • Puppy Surgery Puppy Surgery

    These puppies are in pain! Take these high end tools and use them to do some urgent surgeries and fix them! The cutest puppy ever needs a doctor quick! This little puppy needs care and surgery to make him healthy again.

  • Pretty Pony Grooming Pretty Pony Grooming

    The pony used to be a pretty one but now it looks quite messy. The pony is badly wounded while it was playing with other ponies. It has bruises, insects, leaves and sticks on its body. It must be made clean and attended to its wounds. First, groom the pony by cleaning it, healing its wounds and givi

  • Elsa Queen Doctor Puppy Elsa Queen Doctor Puppy

    Elsa has many pets ,but she likes dogs best .She has two cute and naughty dogs .One is grey ,and the other is brown .They often play in the gardens with other pets .But they are often injuried too .So Elsa should often help them take a bath and clean the wounds . Girls ,can you help Elsa ?come on

  • Angela Cat Clean Teeth Angela Cat Clean Teeth

    As we all know,cleanliness makes for good health. so animals also need value cleanliness. They should wash hands, face and brush teeth everyday. Girls,can you help pets wash them?I have a white cat,and can you help it with me?I am very grateful to you. Come on! First,wash its hands. My cat is very

  • Puppy Teeth Dentist Puppy Teeth Dentist

    Three puppies Charlie, Molly, and Buddy are now very sad. They have severely tooth and mouth ache problems. Help fix their teeth and decorate them with colors and stickers so they will be happy again!

  • Mommy and Puppy Mommy and Puppy

    Mommy puppy is about to give birth any day now. Help her by caring for her, giving her food and petting her. Take care, and dress up the newborn pups too. What a bundle of joy!

  • Elsa Veterinary Surgeon Elsa Veterinary Surgeon

    Help Doctor Elsa take care of her cute pets and prove that you are the best vet in the area! In this surgery game, please follow all the instructions to fix them all up with the right tools. Well,let’s help Elsa now! Good luck, doctor!

  • Caring Lion Puppy Caring Lion Puppy

    This cute lion puppy is dirty. You have to clean up him. Clean mud on him and give him a good bath. After bathroom dress up him with nice lion dresses. Have fun!

  • Baby Pet Hospital Baby Pet Hospital

    You have to take care of the baby pets and make them happy. Follow the instructions to groom these majestic baby pets, then dress them up. It is a hard work, try you best to finish it. Cheer for you!

  • Baby Puppy Care Baby Puppy Care

    Kino is a very cute little puppy. She wants to grow up to be a beautiful dog. Help her determine her future by playing all tasks and see her evolve!

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