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  • Dora Puppy Caring Dora Puppy Caring

  • Cutie Mark and Pony Name Generator Cutie Mark and Pony Name Generator

    What's your Pony Name and Cutie Mark? Find out with our Cutie Mark and Pony Name Generator!

  • Puppy Exam Puppy Exam

    This Puppy has stumbled into a big mess and now he hurts everywhere. His whole body hurts. Play doctor and help him get well! Doctor games are fun especially when you are playing doctor for a cute little puppy.

  • Rio Blu Is Hurt Rio Blu Is Hurt

    Blu is the sweetest and cutest, yet totally domesticated and flightless bird you have ever met, so in his great adventure in the exotic land of Rio he fights bad guys, finds his inner hero and love, and learns to fly, not without having some ugly accidents. Help him recover from his wounds quickly,

  • Puppy In The Park Puppy In The Park

    It is indeed a season of joy,this lovely puppy is going to have a picnic with his friends to enjoy singing birds, blooming flowers and fresh air and of course tasty food,remember serve the meal to ask,have fun!

  • Pet Hospital Intern Pet Hospital Intern

    Spring is coming,many animals are cold sick. Master of his own beloved pet to the animal hospital. Oh, too busy for this intern doctor now.Will you help the doctor to take care of these cute animals?It is the time to improve your skill. The rules of this game: in each time, according to the demand f

  • Playful Squirrel Day Care Playful Squirrel Day Care

    Hi girls. Do you love squirrel? It is playful and cute. If you love them, come to our brand new pet caring game called Playful Squirrel Day Care. Today you have the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments with our cute squirrel. Because she spent all day playing with her friends and now she is ve

  • Pet Piggy Care Pet Piggy Care

    Hi girls. Come to our brand new pet game called Pet Piggy Care. Here you will have the opportunity to meet one cute pet pig. He is naughty and lovely. Naughty pig has messed up its room as well as it is also looks dirty. Pig feels that you are that intelligent person who can make her neat. Take this

  • Girly Horse Pet Care Girly Horse Pet Care

    Emma is a very cute and lovely girl who has a girly horse pet. Today she wants to ride her horse to play outside. However, her horse pet is a little dirty now. Would you please be so kind to help her clean and care her pet? I know you girls have rich experience of taking care of pets. So just feel f

  • Royal Pets Grooming Salon Royal Pets Grooming Salon

    Hello friend. It is royal pets grooming salon game for you again. With the Royal Pets Grooming Salon caring game you can easily groom beautiful and cute animals which include a pet dog, cat, rabbit, squirrel, tiger, pig, elephant, horse, dinosaur and many more pets! In the beginning of the game, you

  • Pet Nail Salon Pet Nail Salon

    Hi girls. Do you love pets? If you have your own beloved pets, how would you take care of them? Today in our brand new pet caring game called Pet Nail Salon, you can learn how to give your pets a wonderful pet nail treatment and manicure to make the pets nails more beautiful. Give a manicure for you

  • Baby Pony Salon Baby Pony Salon

    Here in our brand new pet caring game, you girls will have the opportunity to meet one very cute and amazing baby pony. Play the role of pet caring girl. Treat own as a babysitter and join this salon and start washing by giving her a comfortable shower. Then use drier to make her dry, brush her teet

  • Taking Bath for Your Cat Taking Bath for Your Cat

    Emma loves small animals very much and she has a very cute cat. However, her cat is very naughty and today when she little cat comes home, Emma finds that she is injury and become very dirty. Emma needs to take care of the cat and give a bath to it. Come to help Emma finish the task. We have to pans

  • Panda Pet Care Panda Pet Care

    Hi girls. Do you love panda pet? They are very lovely pets. Today in our brand new pet caring game, you will meet one cute panda. You can play with him but after each playing session he is more dirty than ever so he needs to be cleaned and also given some extra care. It is time for you to show us yo

  • Dog Grooming Salon Dog Grooming Salon

    Hi girls. Are you a dog lover? Have you ever cared dogs? If you are also a dog lover, come to our brand new game called Dog Grooming Salon, we will teach you how to groom cute dogs and make friends with them. Firstly, you can choose one favorite dog that you like best. Then start to groom it and tak

  • Baby Elephant Salon Baby Elephant Salon

    This little baby elephant is very cute and now he is dirty because nobody takes care of it. Would you please be so kind to take it to the baby elephant salon to give it a bath and dress it up? Follow our instructions step by step to wash it and make it clean and tidy. He will be very happy to have t

  • Dogs Care Center Dogs Care Center

    Spring is here and we have to spend more time outside! More and more people will come to your dogs care center to care their dogs. Your dog missed you and want to play all day. But before that, you have to complete some important steps: Wash your stinky dog and remove all the bacteria, choose his fa

  • Snail Care Snail Care

    One day when you are playing outside in the garden after raining, you find that there is a small cute snail on the grassland. You are very happy to see the little pet and decides to take it home. Although he is a little dirty when you see him, you still like it very much and decides to give it a bat

  • Equestria Spike in Day Spa Equestria Spike in Day Spa

    Hello friends. Today I am going to introduce you a new pet called Spike. Spike is a little horse in the world of Equestria. He is cute and lovely. Now he is very dirty now and need to have grooming at once. Come to help him and show us your pet caring skills. Get this wonderful chance of grooming yo

  • Pet Piglet Pet Piglet

    Hey my name is Megan. Today I am going take care of the tiny piglet. He is so cute! Let us take care of him together. In the first step you need to fasten the breast-band on the buckles. Click on the red circles then click on the right big circle when two black parts will be opposite each other. The

  • Best Friends Pets Caring Best Friends Pets Caring

    It is difficult for us to believe that puppy and kitten can become best friends, but they are real in our pets family. Both of them like to play together with each other. If you want to know more about them, come to our brand new pets caring game called Best Friends Pets Caring. You need to give a b

  • Cute Bunny Day Care Cute Bunny Day Care

    Bunny is a very cute rabbit. He is laborious and hardworking, but now he is dirty and needs to have a bath at once. Come to help him have a wash in the first step. We will give you the instructions and you just need to follow our steps one after one. Once you finish cleaning. You can come to clean t

  • Baby Koala Caring Baby Koala Caring

    Koala is a very cute animal. She is lovely and cute. If you like her, come to our brand new pet caring game called Baby Koala Caring. She is super sweet but today she is in need of some grooming and cleaning. Are you willing to play the role of pet caring person and take care of her? You need to giv

  • Cute Hippo Care Cute Hippo Care

    You are a zoo keeper in the zoo and today you have an important task to take care of our cute hippo. You can choose one hippo character that you like best. Then you need to play the role of hippo keeper and give him a bath. Wipe him with towel and then use hair dryer to wipe his fur. Next come to cl

  • Horse Grooming Salon Horse Grooming Salon

    Hi girls. If you are a horse lover and can ride horse, come to our great horse grooming salon game. You will have the opportunity to meet lots of handsome and cool horses. Choose one that you like best and then groom him. Clean up the stool in the horse garden firstly. Then you can come to give a co

  • Sweet Honey Bee Sweet Honey Bee

    Honey bees are laborious and cute small animals. They are busy gathering honey every day. If you have the opportunity to dress up these bees, what image do you want them be? Come to our brand new dress up game called Sweet Honey Bee. You can feel free to dress up the bee with the most beautiful outf

  • My Little Pony Winter Dress up My Little Pony Winter Dress up

    With the coming of winter, little pony need a new outfit to protect herself from the cold weather outside. Come to be the fashion assistant of her and dress her up. I know you girls have rich experience of dressing up. So just feel free to show us your fashion talent. You can make the little pony to

  • Zoo Animals Zoo Animals

    Hi kids. Today in our brand new pet game, we will take you to zoo. There you will meet lion, monkey, elephant, zebra and other cute animals that you will. You can choose one that you like best and take care of it. I believe though playing this game, you will learn much knowledge of caring animals an

  • Dog's Party Dog's Party

    Hi girls. Do you love dogs? They are very cute and lovely. If you are also a dog lover, come to our brand new dog dress up game. In this game, you will have the opportunity to meet one very cute dog. She is beautiful with white fur. Tonight there will be a dog's party in her house and she wants to d

  • Great Dane Day Great Dane Day

    Hey friends! My name is Jillian. Today we are going to take care of the small Dane puppy. It is very cute and lovely and I believe you girls will love the little dog very much. So let us take care of him together. Firstly, you need to find the puppy in the grass. Once you find the puppy, you need to

  • Sweet Baby Pony Sweet Baby Pony

    Hello girls. Today you will have the opportunity to meet our sweet baby pony. She lives in a tiny pink barn right outside my house, in my backyard! She loves me to pamper her and give her a bath. We play dress up sometimes, too. Would you like to play with us today? Let us care for Sprinkle and pick

  • Peppy's Pet Caring-Ms.Giraffe Peppy's Pet Caring-Ms.Giraffe

    Every girl loves beauty and likes dressing up beautiful clothes. Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess. Here Ms. Giraffe also feels the same. She needs your help to make her more gorgeous. Wash and clean her, give her a bath, trim and give some enamel to her fingers, feed her and fill he

  • Pet Shop Management Pet Shop Management

    Kimi has opened a new pet salon shop. He is a lucky Boy. The very first day he got many pets coming to his salon. Kimi alone can not manage the salon. He needs your friendly co-operation to manage the Salon. So if you also like pets, come to play this funny pet management game. Meet the requirements

  • Princess Barbie's Unicorn Caring Princess Barbie's Unicorn Caring

    Beautiful princess Barbie has one very cute unicorn. She cares it very much and likes playing with him. But now, Princess Barbie's unicorn got into some troubles in the forest. Since it is raining and he runs in the dirty mud. He now looks dirty and sad. What's worse? They have to attend a royal eve

  • Barbie's Winter Pony Caring Barbie's Winter Pony Caring

    With the coming of winter, Barbie is very happy because she likes winter very much. In this season, she can play with snow by riding her beloved pony and have fun. That's very interesting for her. Today Barbie wants to have a tour with her pony. Before that you need to care her pony with her. Help h

  • Puppy Dental Care Puppy Dental Care

    Our cute puppy loves bones very much even though his teeth problems are very serious. Today lovely puppy was serving dinner at a restaurant and suddenly he felt a huge pain in his mouth. He ran away to the dentist immediately and it seems that his teeth are decayed. His old white teeth look pretty b

  • Cute Puppy Care Cute Puppy Care

    Hello friend, welcome to our new pet caring game. Today you will meet one very cute puppy. The puppy is in need of some special cute care. He is muddy and dirty from playing outside. Give him the best bath of his little puppy life. Take care of him carefully and after the bath groom him by cleaning

  • Peppy's Pet Caring Surfer Cat Peppy's Pet Caring Surfer Cat

    Hello Kiddies!!!! Here a little kitty is planning for his surfing adventure with his friends. He is the pet of Peppy. But, he can't go dirty like this, right? So, bath him and trim his nail to give a tidy look. Get rid of the dirty mud from his body and give him some healthy food to energize him. Me

  • Kitty Grooming Salon Kitty Grooming Salon

    Most of girl kids like little cats very much. The cat is so cute and she likes play with you. If you are a cat loving girl, today you will have the opportunity to meet lots of cute cats in our brand new Kitty Groom Salon game. You will learn how to care pet well. That includes washing, drying, brush

  • CA.Cupid's Unicorn Caring CA.Cupid's Unicorn Caring

    Beautiful CA. Cupid has a cute pet unicorn and she loves it very much. Today the unicorn looks dirty and CA. Cupid wants to give him a special caring to clean him and make him look neat again. Can you clean, pamper and make her unicorn sparkle and shine? You will learn rich caring experience through

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