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  • Cute Chihuahua Caring Cute Chihuahua Caring

    Meet Biscuit, the adorable Chihuahua pup! She is actually a famous TV dog! She's in all sorts of movies. She's used to being pampered and cared for by her owner, but she is going out of town and needs someone to help take care of Biscuit. Bathe, style and dress up this adorable Chihuahua in our fun

  • Royal Pets Grooming Royal Pets Grooming

    Do you care for pets? There are three pets in a row . You can select your favourite cute pet . After selecting , you have to take care of the pet. Now the pet is looking Dirty, as a care taker of the pet you have to clean the pet with the given items. Follow the given instruction and clean your pet.

  • Barbie's New Kittens Barbie's New Kittens

    Barbie is a true animal lover and she has rescued these two stray kittens! She wants to clean them up and give them some pampering! Wash, dress and care for these two sweet kittens in this fun pet caring game.

  • Pretty Daisy Duck Dressup Pretty Daisy Duck Dressup

    Daisy duck wants to go out for shopping with her friends, let's give her a new color to her by showing your dress up skills. Dress up this pretty Daisy duck with suitable outfits and give her a wonderful look. Have fun.

  • Unicorn Caring Unicorn Caring

    This magical unicorn lives in a beautiful palace with a fairy princess. The fairy princess takes special care of her and makes sure to wash her and brush her everyday. She loves to make her mane and tail pretty. Can you help her take care of her unicorn? The fairy also needs help picking out an outf

  • Dora Puppy Care Dora Puppy Care

    Adorable Puppy care is always fun for ever kids, also its giving peace of mind and physically fit for everyone. Dora loves her Puppy very much. She takes more attention with her cute puppy by washing, heater hairs and providing fancy accessories. Play game for more fun and exciting!

  • My Little Pony My Little Pony

    The little horse named Pony is very pretty and cute under the sunshine.He wants to go out with friends, so he prepared accessoried before. Blue sky and moving leaves will bring you interesting feelings and when showing it, you can see a wonderful picture.

  • Saving and Caring Puppy Saving and Caring Puppy

    It was a rainy day. Everybody is in hurry to come back home so no one noticed a small puppy standing at the telephone box. Let's play to see what happen with him!

  • Happy Cute Zoo Happy Cute Zoo

    Hey,this is Happy Cute Zoo,I'm in charge of the zoo.Every animal has its own fashion style,and every sunday mang children will come here to help them design clothes.Do you like animals?How about going to the zoo with me to help them now?have fun!

  • Pretty Poodle Pretty Poodle

    Your new puppy is a pretty poodle. You were able to rescue her from the pound and now you get to treat her to some grooming and tasty food.

  • Pony Dress Up Pony Dress Up

    A fairy tale pony is here for you. This pony is a beautiful and very special horse which must be adorned with the finest jewelry, the most beautiful accessories and clothes. You can choose funny hats, dresses and even shoes. Use the mouse and choose whatever you like for the glamourous pony. You can

  • Dog Dressup Dog Dressup

    If you put this dog down on the floor, then he's going to be crowded by hundreds of paparazzi. Is this puppy dog okay with getting hit by hundreds of flashing lights at once, or is he more of a simple dog who loves spending time with friends and family?

  • Feed Cute Puppies Feed Cute Puppies

    You have lots of lovely looking pet dogs. And they are very hungry. You have to hurry tofeed them as they keep coming for food. Be quick and serve as many of them as you can.It’s feeding time so good luck.

  • Meow Dressup Meow Dressup

    Look, how cute the little cat is.It’s my friend’s favorite pet.Today my friend attend a party ,so I help her take care of the cat.I am very happy ,because I love cat . I also like to dress up the cat,but I don’t know which style is the best,can you help me ? come on ,thanks.

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