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  • Modern Princess Cover Girl Modern Princess Cover Girl

    How do you feel about designing that cover with your favorite Disney princess as the leading lady? CuteZee thought you would love such a game so we have designed a wonderful new game called Modern Princess Cover Girl, a five stage game in which you get to be in charge of every detail of the cover pa

  • Elsa and Valentine's Day Elsa and Valentine's Day

    The Valentine's Day is almost here and our modern snow queen is preparing for it. It is Elsa's first V-Day and she has bought many dresses and costumes, because she couldn't choose only one. And now, the frozen queen needs your help with it! Let's try all the costumes and dresses with different fanc

  • Rapunzel and Belle Love Rivals Rapunzel and Belle Love Rivals

    Girls, the great Disney princesses Rapunzel and Belle are fighting for the love of one boy. Rapunzel wants to have a relationship with her crush, but Belle would like it too. Both of them want a serious date with him and they have become rivals. Are you ready to help one of them win the love of the

  • Princess Elsa Beauty Salon Princess Elsa Beauty Salon

    Fashion is very important to every girl! To become more beautiful, today our Princess Elsa comes to the beauty salon to have a wonderful beauty makeover!

  • Elsa's True Love: Jack vs Hiccup Elsa's True Love: Jack vs Hiccup

    Our Frozen princess Elsa needs to decide between the courtship of two handsome men. Jack Frost and Hiccup are both in love with Elsa so she is having a very hard time deciding which one of them is her true love. But what can she do to figure out, once and for all, which one of them is the one? Answe

  • Ironing Princess Dresses Ironing Princess Dresses

    With so much cleaning and ironing fun to be had, any princess will look their best after doing her chores with this fun girl game.

  • Princess PJ Party Clean Up Princess PJ Party Clean Up

    Alice has planned for a pajama party tonight. The place where the party is going to be held is in a messy condition. One of the friends of Alice is a princess. She will also be present to the celebration. So the place should look neat and tidy. Help the girl cleaning the house. Let the place look gr

  • Mean Princesses Mean Princesses

    Hey girls, have you ever been mean to someone because you felt threatened by her? In the end we usually end up being good friends with that person is that right? Same thing happens in this new Mean Princesses game. Ariel is the new girl in school and Cinderella, Aurora and Belle are being mean to he

  • Barbie's Pet Beauty Salon Barbie's Pet Beauty Salon

    Barbie's Pet Beauty Salon is the best in town, she is having a huge success because she loves caring for animals. Barbie has so many customers now, that she needs an assistant. Play this fun game to help Barbie pamper up cute pets and give them a royal treatment. Today's happy clients are Emma the p

  • Sofia The First Bicycle Repair Sofia The First Bicycle Repair

    Sofia wants to ride her old bike today, but it has to be restored first! Can you help the sweet princess? Join her in the workshop. Together you can make her bike look like new. Right now it is damaged and very dirty, but you can clean it in no time, just use the products and tools you have! Replace

  • Disney Red Carpet Disney Red Carpet

    Three beautiful princesses, three fashion divas and also three movie stars! Seems like I’m talking about nine different girls, but it’s all about our beloved Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel. All of them recently became a Hollywood actresses. And your task today is to make a perfect look for all three

  • Snow White Doctor Rapunzel Foot Snow White Doctor Rapunzel Foot

    Rapunzel hurt her feet when she skied downhill. She went to hospital as soon as possible to ask Snow White for help. Girls, let us help Snow White choose the right medical tools and take care of Rapunzel's wounds. Treat the sole of the foot. There are a lot of bleeding wounds and swellings on her

  • Cinderella Shoes Boutique Cinderella Shoes Boutique

    Hey Ladies, would you like helping lovely Princess Cinderella run her new business? She has opened a shoes boutique and it looks like she already has a customer. Cinderella is so excited but also nervous, because she must keep her customers satisfied so she really has to do a great job. She is very

  • Princess Amber Royal Makeover Princess Amber Royal Makeover

    Princess Amber is always chic and manages to hide their defects, but occasionally needs a royal makeover. Help Amber princess to have a look!

  • Blonde Princess Prom Shopping Blonde Princess Prom Shopping

    Ladies, let’s go shopping together with Cinderella, Rapunzel and Aurora! Your friends, princesses need to create most beautiful outlooks for their prom. And they invite you to go shopping with them and have a great time together!

  • Princess Sofia Christmas Prep Princess Sofia Christmas Prep

    If you want to help a princess you are at the right place. Princess Sofia would be very delighted if you are with her and help her out in cleaning and making her ready for the grand celebration Christmas. First of all clean the room of the princess, it is very messy. Pick up the waste items and thro

  • Princess Jasmine Bathroom Decor Princess Jasmine Bathroom Decor

    Princess Jasmine would be very happy if you lend a helping hand. She has been searching for a designer who would decorate the bathroom gorgeously. Fulfill the wish of the ravishing princess. Through her you get so much of support for you and your family. All that you have to do is decorating the bat

  • Ariel And Cinderella College Rush Ariel And Cinderella College Rush

    College is a place, full of knowledges but it also full of fun, boys, kisses and sleepovers! You know, when you study well you can rest well. And so thought our beautiful princesses Ariel and Cinderella. They are not only roommates, but also BFF. And yesterday they party all night long. Oh no! Looks

  • Queen Miranda Birthday Party Queen Miranda Birthday Party

    Today is the anniversary of Queen Miranda, Sofia's mother and she wants to organize a surprise party for her mother, but she needs your help to make everything perfect. Sofia has a budget of 1,000 $ , and she must buy things to decorate the castle, and choose gifts for her mother. Have a great time

  • Rapunzel Date Gone Bad Rapunzel Date Gone Bad

    The lovely princess had a date last night and when she woke up in the morning, all the house was a total mess. She must clean the entire place as soon as possible or else her stepmother will be furious. Do it as fast as possible or else time will run out! The princess has a messy look, so you have t

  • Disney Princess Charm College Disney Princess Charm College

    True Disney princess must possess many qualities: from perfect manners to ideal style. All of them can cook well and have a perfect fashion sense. But did they born with it? Because, as you know, not all of the princesses was born in royal families or known, that their parents are kings and queens.

  • Rapunzel Wedding Party‏ Rapunzel Wedding Party‏

    In this Rapunzel wedding party game you will be one of the important people on her guest list and so you will be granted access everywhere and get to make some susggestions about what she should wear.

  • Disney Princess Hipsters Disney Princess Hipsters

    Wow, seems like Ariel, Rapunzel and Cinderella have totally changed their lifestyle! Girls, what you think about this? Do you want to help them to turn from the casual princesses into the modern and cool hipsters? So let’s do it!

  • Princess Disney Royal Ball Princess Disney Royal Ball

    Welcome to the Royal Ball! Today your favorite princesses Elsa, Ariel and Jasmine are going out to the Royal Ball at the biggest palace in the Disney World! Help those cute princesses to dress up before the ball. All princesses have gathered in Ariel’s room to choose a perfect dress for the ball f

  • Princess Garden Cleaning Princess Garden Cleaning

    Princess Elsa is very much interested in gardening. She would be very happy if you join her. Today is a holiday for the princess. She has many commitments on this day. So she desperately needs your help. The princess is going to plant a few saplings in the garden. Help her cleaning the garden. Clean

  • Disney Princess Bridal Shower Disney Princess Bridal Shower

    There’s several special day at every girls life: her first date, first puppy, her sweet 16… and of course her wedding day! That feeling, when you’re entering the chapel and everyone’s looking at you. Your dress is shining and the love of your life is standing there, waiting for you to become

  • Princesses vs. Villains Halloween Challenge Princesses vs. Villains Halloween Challenge

    Happy Halloween Girls! Is your costume ready yet? The villains of the Enchanted Forest challenged the Disney Princesses to dress up as them. Will the Princesses accept the challenge? They did had second thoughts but Flynn Rider can't wait to see Rapunzel dressed as a villain, Prince Eric triple dare

  • Sofia Castle Makeover Sofia Castle Makeover

    On the night of Halloween, evil queen Ivy stole Sofia's amulet and turned the castle into a ruin and the spell transformed Sofia in to a messy princess. To break the spell of Ivy, help Sofia to fix the castle and then amulet will find our princess. You're the only hope for Sofia to defeat the evil q

  • Super Barbie rescue Elsa Doctor Super Barbie rescue Elsa Doctor

    Girls, we have a new fun game called ‘Super Barbie rescue Elsa Doctor’ for you to play. In the game, Barbie rescue Elsa, and then treat her injuries and restore her magic. Girls, could you be a skilled doctor and operate on Elsa with Barbie together? First of all run a short test to check up

  • Moana Disney Princess Adventure Moana Disney Princess Adventure

    Hey Girls, in this new game you are about to help one of the bravest Disney princesses, Moana to start a dangerous journey. If you don’t know who Moana is yet, you must learn that she is a spirited teenager who decides to sail the Pacific Ocean to complete her ancestor's quest. In this Moana Disne

  • Frozen Elsa Hidden Objects Frozen Elsa Hidden Objects

    Elsa had a lot of work those last days and now all her special things are lost in the castle and outside of it. Do you think you can help our Frozen Princess to find all the things? We are sure you can do it and we are sure you will obtain the best score!Have fun in this new Frozen Elsa Hidden Objec

  • Frozen Sisters Facial Frozen Sisters Facial

    The frozen sisters Anna and Elsa need spa treatments to look gorgeous as they both are invited to the royal ball to be held tonight. It is the right chance for you to show your spa skills to these lovely sisters and make them look stunning with facial treatments and makeup. Avail this opportunity an

  • Disney Princesses Picnic Day Disney Princesses Picnic Day

    Cinderella, Rapunzel and Aurora haven't seen each other in a while and they have some catching up to do! Join your favorite Disney princesses in a cute new game. Go with them on a picnic and make sure the girls look classy as always. They are going drink some delicious tea and eat fresh fruits. Styl

  • Princess Cinderella Wedding Cleaning Princess Cinderella Wedding Cleaning

    Today is the greatest day for the princess Cinderella. Today is her wedding. Many people in and around the country have been invited for the party. Just now the celebration got over. The couple are busy in receiving the blessing from people. Your service to the family is very much needed now. The pl

  • Elsa Modern Mommy Elsa Modern Mommy

    All the kids are very enthusiastic because of their first days of school and baby Elsa is one of those kids. She is in her first year of school and she has a lot of emotions, so Elsa will go with her in the first days. All of us know that Elsa is one of the most famous Disney Princesses so she shoul

  • Manga Princesses Back To School Manga Princesses Back To School

    After a long summer holiday it's time for Rapunzel and Ariel to go back to college. They are sharing the same room at the dorms and both princesses are very excited to start the new school year. They have so many things to tell each other, but they don't have time to chat, because they need to prep

  • Barbie's Disney Style Wedding Barbie's Disney Style Wedding

    Barbie wants her wedding in Disney princess style! But which princess will she choose? Cheerful Rapunzel, Asian beauty Jasmine or charming Ariel? Help Barbie choose her wedding style and do all the necessary preparations: pick a gorgeous wedding gown in the chose style, design a dress for bridesmaid

  • Rapunzel Piano Concert Debut Rapunzel Piano Concert Debut

    All her life Rapunzel lived in a mysterious tower. There was no exit from there, and not so much things to do inside. Rapunzel loves to paint the walls, read books and pet her little chameleon Pascal… But most of all Rapunzel loves to play piano. Creating new songs she imagines herself, that one d

  • Princess Super Power Princess Super Power

    Create the superhero of the day! Play this game and dressup our super girl by mixing different, cool clothing pieces. Don't forget to match them with the right accessories.

  • Elsa And Rapunzel Matching Outfits Elsa And Rapunzel Matching Outfits

    Frozen Elsa and lovely Rapunzel are pretty good friends and they decided to have a girls night out. In this Elsa And Rapunzel Matching Outfits you need to be their make up artist and fashion adviser. The lovely princesses would like to have matching outfits but at the same time they want a different

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