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  • Heal Dora Heal Dora

    Dora is a naughty girl. Today when she is riding her girl bike on the road, she hurts herself while riding the bike and now she is sitting on your chair with her jeans ragged by a nasty injury. It really hurts, so use your tools to heal her wounds and make sweet Dora smile again. Play the role of do

  • My Christmas Tree My Christmas Tree

    Hi there! The girl is looking for Christmas tree. Come and help her choose one perfect tree that she like to and decorate this beautiful, gorgeous tree. There are tons of pink, purple, candy canes and other adorable ornaments to choose from. If you prefer a more traditional look, we have that too. S

  • Riley Eye Doctor Riley Eye Doctor

    Our little friend Riley from Inside Out has some problems with her eyes and she needs your help. In this game you have treat Riley's eyes and at the and chose a beautiful frame. Follow the instruction of the game and have fun!

  • My Little Pony Halloween Fun My Little Pony Halloween Fun

    My Little Pony wants to have some fun for Halloween. Help him and take care of him !

  • Dora Beach Dressup Games Dora Beach Dressup Games

    This is the summer holidays, Dora goes to the beach for the sunshine with her best friend Diego, and she wants to have a beautiful swimsuit. In the game, you can choose your favorite clothes and hats for Dora. You can also show your design to your friends. Have fun!

  • Blueberry Pancakes Blueberry Pancakes

    Hi let learn how to cook a blueberry Pancakes, it is a very simple and a great way for you to learn.Play the game and see how blueberry Pancakes can be make following a simple recipe.Enjoy!

  • Grandparents Sushi Date Grandparents Sushi Date

    It is your grandmathers' birthday today and what surprise did you give her ?oh! I see , You find the most romantic restaurant and surprise them with vouchers in the morning. Your grandparents are now having a great time at the restaurant .thanks to you.

  • Street Skater Street Skater

    wow ,it's so cool for playing street skater .look, many of my friends are playing here.please dress up yourself and wear your skating shoes to join us .i believe we will have a good time .

  • Almond Coconut Cake Almond Coconut Cake

    Almond contains ample vitamins and protein and coconut has very good smell. Have you ever thought of making cake with almond and coconut? Now today if you like almond coconut cake, you will have the opportunity to learn the cooking recipe from us. We will teach you how to cook delicious and wonderfu

  • Paper Doors Escape Paper Doors Escape

    Hello every kid, today we will introduce a brand new game for you. It is Paper Doors Escape. If you want to challenge your logical thinking ability, this game will be a very opportunity for you. You need to be careful in the game to find all the necessary item. Think about the connection between the

  • Chinese New Year Parade Chinese New Year Parade

    Chinese new year is the most important festival in China. Every year all the Chinese people will come back to their hometown to celebrate this Chinese traditional holiday with their family. They will have New Year's Eve Dinner together and have fireworks on the street happily together. Normally ever

  • Valentine's Day Special Spot the Difference Valentine's Day Special Spot the Difference

    With the coming of Valentine's Day, lots of activities has been held to celebrate this special day for lovers. What is your way to celebrate this festival? If you are confused, maybe you can come to play our brand new spot difference games with your lover. There are three levels in our game and you

  • Sardinian Lobster Spaghetti Sardinian Lobster Spaghetti

    Sardinian love lobster very much and most of them are good at cooking. The most famous food of them is lobster spaghetti. It is very delicious and fresh. If you want to have a taste of it, come to play our brand new cooking game called Sardinian Lobster Spaghetti. We will tell you what is the necess

  • Cartoon Animal Escape Cartoon Animal Escape

    Lots of animals have been kept on the farm. They must try to escape from the farm until night comes. Come to help these cute cartoon animals. You can click them and other plants on the farm to find all the clues and objects carefully hidden. All the items you find will be useful for you to escape. T

  • First Aid Electric Shock First Aid Electric Shock

    When the little boy is watching TV with his mother happily, he did not care that he touched the electric line of the kettle and the water spilled out. He was shocked by the electricity. His mother is afraid and calls 911 at once. At this time, she needs to move the source away from the kid by using

  • Barbie Graduation Party Dress up Barbie Graduation Party Dress up

    Barbie will graduate from her middle school tomorrow and tonight there will be an excellent party in the school hall. Lots her students and teachers will take part in it. Barbie has been invited to be the hostess of the party and she needs to dress up beautifully tonight. Come to style up Barbie wit

  • Sweetest Candy Decor Sweetest Candy Decor

    There maybe many flavors kinds of chocolate but none can make you salivate over any other chocolate than one made you. It is time for you to come to our brand new decoration game. Click on the desire flavors to transform the candy into your favorite type of candy. You can make the candy to the sweet

  • Baby Emma Nose Doctor Baby Emma Nose Doctor

    Baby Emma has a serious cold just a few days ago. However, due to the cold, she has serious nose problems now. She can not breathes well and need to see doctor at once. Take her to the hospital and see nose doctor. Give her a nose checking and see what is the problems about her nose. Make a small no

  • Baby Sophie Nose Doctor Baby Sophie Nose Doctor

    Baby Sophie has a cold just a few days ago. Now she has been recovery from the cold, but she has serious nose problems now because of the cold. She can not breathe well and always has snot. The nose problems have become more and more serious and Sophie is very painful and cries all the time. She nee

  • Funny Animals Sliding Funny Animals Sliding

    Hi friends. How is your memory ability? If you want to challenge your memory ability and improve your puzzles solving ability, come to our brand new game called Funny Animals Sliding. You will see one picture in the first. Try your best to remember every sliding part in your mind. Then we will put a

  • Baby Koala Caring Baby Koala Caring

    Koala is a very cute animal. She is lovely and cute. If you like her, come to our brand new pet caring game called Baby Koala Caring. She is super sweet but today she is in need of some grooming and cleaning. Are you willing to play the role of pet caring person and take care of her? You need to giv

  • Dora Golf Dress up Dora Golf Dress up

    Dora is a sports lover and playing golf is one of her hobbies in her spare time. Today is weekend and she decides to play golf with her friends. she wants to look best by wearing the right outfit. Browse the wide selection of cute clothes, stylish accessories and colorful golf equipment and more, to

  • SpongeBob Squarepants Nose Doctor SpongeBob Squarepants Nose Doctor

    SpongeBob Squarepants has nose problems for a long time, but he did not pay attention to it. Nowadays he found that he can not breathe well and has snot all the day. So he decides to see nose doctor at once. Now he is in your clinic and you need to play the role of nose doctor. Help SpongeBob to sol

  • Chinese Spa Day Chinese Spa Day

    Chinese spa is one part of Chinese traditional culture. It is the secret for Chinese people to maintain forever young and beautiful. With this in mind, we want to take you to the most awesome Chinese Spa, which offers a range of luxurious, yet traditional treatments. You will relax at a hot spring a

  • Mulan Facial Makeover Mulan Facial Makeover

    Mulan is a famous character in Chinese ancient culture. She is brave, laborious and beautiful. Now she has come to your facial makeover salon. Are you ready to give her a completely different look to make her satisfied? Wash her hair in the first step and then give her a professional facial treatmen

  • Dora Fish and Chips Dora Fish and Chips

    Dora loves cooking very much. Today she is going to challenge herself and cook fish and chips for your girls. If you also want to learn the cooking recipe from her, come to play our brand new cooking game called Dora's Fish and Chips. She is here to help you make fish and chips. Fish and chips is a

  • Fun Baby Difference Fun Baby Difference

    Hi kids. Come to play our brand new fun game called Baby Difference. In this funny game, you will have the opportunity to see very cute babies on two very similar pictures. Your job is to find the differences between these two images. Look at the images a little more closely and you will see that th

  • Homemade Marshmallow Homemade Marshmallow

    Marshmallow is one of the candy food for girls. Most girls like eating it very much and lots of vendors sell it on the street. If you girls also like marshmallow, we can teach you the cooking recipe of homemade marshmallow and you can cook it totally by yourself at home. You can easily prepare and m

  • Boots Birthday Party Deco Boots Birthday Party Deco

    This weekend is Boots birthday. He wants to have a great party at home to invite his best friends to come to play. Now he needs to decorate his house with those beautiful decorations. There are some balloons, lights, sofas and cakes for you to arrange the position. Put the balloons everywhere in the

  • Clean My Pink New Bettle Clean My Pink New Bettle

    Emily has bought a new Beetle car recently. However, after one week's driving her beloved car becomes very dirty now. She need to clean her pink Beetle right now. Come to help Emily finishing cleaning of the car with the guidance. Throw the rubbish everywhere in her car and wash the dirty things on

  • Sack Girl Dress up Sack Girl Dress up

    Sack girl is a new character in our girl dress up game. She is going to have a big adventure. Come to customize her in cute outfits and costumes and then send her out into the adventure. She is a very lovely cartoon image. You can choose her favorite hairstyle to make her look cute and nice. Then co

  • Dark Night Fashion Dress up Dark Night Fashion Dress up

    Tonight there will a great dark night fashion party for girls. This fashionable girl has been invited to take part in it. She needs to make up and dress up in advance. However, since time is limited, you need to help her and be her stylist. You know she want to be the most shinning girl in the party

  • Little Ones Pedicure Little Ones Pedicure

    Everyone needs pedicure. That is also the same to little baby ones. Today in our brand new baby decoration game called Little Ones Pedicure. You need to give a soft and gentle pedicure for this baby. Wash her feet in the first step to make her feel clean. Then cute her nail toe to the shape that you

  • Just Fajitas Just Fajitas

    Fajitas is one Mexican traditional food. It is easy to cook and delicious to eat. Today if you also interested in this food, come to play our brand new cooking game called Just Fajitas. We will teach you how to cook this yummy food. Get ready to prepare all the necessary ingredients and cut them int

  • Zoe's Car Wash Zoe's Car Wash

    Last week Zoe has crashed her car and now her beloved car seems dirty and old. She needs to drive her car to the garage to repair it. Help her in the garage to make her car look as new as when she first bought. First use the brush to wash and clean the dirt on the surface of the car. Then remove the

  • Talking Ginger at the Doctor Talking Ginger at the Doctor

    Barbie is going to have her summer vacation this week. She is so excited because she can her excellent surfing day there. She is good at surfing and have great skill in this sports. However, she is confused about what should she dress. Come to give her some suggestions and help her to dress up with

  • School Locker Clean up School Locker Clean up

    Every middle school student has one school locker. They can put their books and other school items in it. However, after long time's use of the locker, it has been very dirty now. Whether you can place all the items back in their rightful places within the shortest time. Clean the rubbish from locke

  • Natural Makeover Natural Makeover

    Spring is coming. This beautiful girl is very happy because spring is her favorite season and she can go out to play with her friends. Today she will go to play on the grassland. So she needs a natural makeover to make her look more cute and beautiful. Come to be her stylist and help her to do a nat

  • Prom Princess Make up Prom Princess Make up

    Lily is graduating the high-school this year and right before the graduation day she will attend the annual prom hosted by her school. She dreams to win the queen title this year because this would mean the world for her and her mother. Help Lily get ready for the prom and transform her into a princ

  • Pony Girl Pony Girl

    Emily is a talented rider and she likes to take her pony and ride all day long. She is going to compete next month in the pony riding competition and in order to win the game, she could use more riding lessons. Are you willing to help her and teach her some pony riding skills? She could use your tra

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