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  • Princess Barbie's Unicorn Caring Princess Barbie's Unicorn Caring

    Beautiful princess Barbie has one very cute unicorn. She cares it very much and likes playing with him. But now, Princess Barbie's unicorn got into some troubles in the forest. Since it is raining and he runs in the dirty mud. He now looks dirty and sad. What's worse? They have to attend a royal eve

  • Monster High Catrine DeMew Dress up Monster High Catrine DeMew Dress up

    Tonight there will be an excellent Monster High party and Monster High Catrine DeMew needs to have a flawless look, and here is your chance to dress up her. She wants to have a nice stylist to help her and you girls will be the best one. Take a look at her wardrobe for the endless fashion collection

  • Mega Gilr Dress up Mega Gilr Dress up

    Hi, girls. Do you like Robert? Have you ever imagined to become a girl Robert to protect human beings and the whole world? Today in this brand new dress up game, you will meet one girl called Mega. She is a human made girl Robert. Mega Girl is a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence, built by

  • Dora's Tacos Dora's Tacos

    Dora is not only a very cute girl but also likes cooking very much. Today is weekend and she decides to cooking her favorite tacos for her mother. So when her mother comes back, they will have delicious dinner together. Come to learn the cooking recipe with Dora. She will guide you the cooking metho

  • Baby Hadley Fun Baby Hadley Fun

    Hadley is a very cute baby. Today her mother wants to go to the supermarket to buy some necessary items for her. However, the babysitter is not on work today. Her mother is confused. Would you please come to help the baby's mother to look after the little baby for a short while. Use your babysitting

  • Zoe Eye Doctor Zoe Eye Doctor

    Recently Zoe found that there is something wrong with her eyes. Her eye sight has become more and more worse. She can not see distant objects clearly. So she decides to see eye doctors at once. Play the role of eye doctor and help her to solve her eye problems as soon as possible. Use our given medi

  • VIP Room VIP Room

    Hi girls. Today you are very lucky to be the designer of this VIP room for celebrities. Decorating this bedroom sure is a major challenge! Do your best to exceed your picky celebrity client's expectations mixing and matching the right pieces of furniture with the perfect decor items available for yo

  • Frozen Room Decoration Frozen Room Decoration

    Imagine that if you have a frozen room in this cold winter, what can you do to decorate? Here in our brand new decoration game, you will have this opportunity to show us your decoration skills. We have prepared one empty bedroom for you. There are also some high quality and gorgeous furniture in the

  • Barbie Ear Surgery Barbie Ear Surgery

    Our beautiful Barbie has serious ear problems for a long time. Now the problems has become more and more serious and she can not suffer the pain any more. So she decides to go to see ear doctor today. Play the role of ear doctor to help her solve ear problems as soon as possible. Please clean up the

  • Exaggerated Jewelry Girl Exaggerated Jewelry Girl

    Today there will be an exaggerated jewelry show in the center of the city. The girl in our game is a beautiful model who has been invited to take part in the show. She loves jewelry very much and wants to have an excellent performance on the stage today. Come to be her fashion stylist and dress over

  • Escape Animal Playground Escape Animal Playground

    You are locked on this animal playground and you must escape from it by finding all the necessary clues and objects carefully. All of them are hidden on the playground. You must pay much attention every corner to find them as soon as possible. So it is time for you to show us your eye catching abili

  • Dora Healthy Food Dora Healthy Food

    Help Dora find 3 plates with healthy food for each meal of the day. Find out what Dora likes to eat in the morning, afternoon and at dinner.All looks yummy but if you give Dora 2 unhealthy food plates the game will be over.

  • Frankie Stein Injury Frankie Stein Injury

    Frankie Stein has suffered an accident and has some serious injuries.You are playing the role of the Doctor and must heal Frankie Stein's wounds.Have fun!

  • Baby Lisi Wedding Cake Baby Lisi Wedding Cake

    Woo hoo! Our darling Lisi is overjoyed about tomorrow. Lisi is organizing a fun themed wedding party. This is her first party so she wants to be special, she want to provide an elegant setting for her themed wedding party. Lisi has too much on her mind but she doesnt have enough time to prepare eve

  • McStuffins Foot Doctor McStuffins Foot Doctor

    McStuffins, our favorite doctor has problems again. After an evening stroll barefoot through the woods, strange bacteria affected leg, and now must be treated or amputated.We need your medical experience and total discretion.

  • Pony Injury Care? Pony Injury Care?

    Our cute pony needs to visit a doctor,he has some bad looking injuries.The doctort will help him recover and be healthy again.Take care of our little pony injuries.

  • Sport or Plastic Surgery 2 Sport or Plastic Surgery 2

    Did you know that princesses Merida and Fiona are close friends? They have much in common: they both wear green, love nature and country life and, unfortunately, both have problems with extra weight. They decided to solve this problem. Which way should they choose: sport or plastic surgery?

  • Fairy Flower World Fairy Flower World

    This beautiful fairy loves flowers. That's why she decided to leave the woods so that she could spend all of her time in the flower-lined fields of Flower World. Today is her first day in this new town, so she wants to be sure to look her best to make a good impression on the people here. But, sh

  • Barbie Back Flip Dive Barbie Back Flip Dive

    It's a great sunny day. Barbie is having a great time on the beach. She loves to swim and dive into the sea. Her favourite diving style is backflip. When she jumped she wants to look perfect. She needs your help to make the perfect dress up choice. Have a fantastic time playing new Barbie Backflip D

  • Talking Tom Ambulance Talking Tom Ambulance

    Talking Tom hurt himself while he was playing on the roof. The wind started suddenly and because he is a very easy pet, he fell off the roof. Right now the ambulance is taking him to the hospital, but it is a long way and he will need your help to stay alive. You're the only person in the ambulance,

  • Fairytale Baby - Rapunzel Caring Fairytale Baby - Rapunzel Caring

    Hey, girls! Welcome to a new Fairytale baby caring challenge! This time you are going to play with a really special princess. It's Rapunzel, the long haired beauty! You will love her as a little baby, we are sure about that. Cause she is simply adorable! So dear, get ready for a new fantasy adventur

  • Dora and Diego At The Dentist Dora and Diego At The Dentist

    Dora and Diego arrived at the dentist with terrible problems with their teeth after they ate a lot of sweets.Today so you can play the role of a dentist and you can help them with cleaning their teeth, so you will you get rid them of a serious problem.You have so little time to help them so do it. D

  • Princess Aurora Awesome Makeover Princess Aurora Awesome Makeover

    As you know that Princess Aurora was brought up in a forest by the fairies, she grew up into an elegant and beautiful girl due to the abundant beauty of nature. If you wonder what makes Aurora such a fine girl, then play this makeover game and know for yourself the makeover routine of the princess.

  • Dora Delicious Cake Decor Dora Delicious Cake Decor

    Hi, Girls! Your friend is a fan of Dora the explorer. She likes anything which has Dora on it. So, why dont you surprise your friend with a delicious Dora cake? Play this cake decoration game and decorate the cake with different attractive designs that it proves to be a real temptation to the eyes

  • Elsa Clean Room 2 Elsa Clean Room 2

    The beautiful Elsa cleans her big room every week,including the kitchen,the room and so on.It is such a large amount of work.Let's help her!Have fun!

  • Dora Pirate Treasure Finding Dora Pirate Treasure Finding

    Dora is a pirate,and she is so excited because she discovers a map and have a chance to find out secret treasure. So will you help Dora find treasure in the forest and in the ocean?

  • Rapunzel Prom Dress Design Rapunzel Prom Dress Design

    Rapunzel wants the best dress for her prom party tonight. She needs your help to select a nice color and design to stitch. Help her by measuring her inches and stitching. Come out with the best dress and make her happy colordress.

  • Messy Sofia Spa Makeover Messy Sofia Spa Makeover

    Princess Sofia the first was happily playing in the backyard with her pets and while playing, one of the pets got trapped among the plants. In trying to rescue the pet, Sofia got very messy with some bruises, leaves, insects, and sticks on her body. Princes Sofia must be made clean and given a makeo

  • Pasta With Meatballs Pasta With Meatballs

    Today we will prepare a simple but delicious dish named Pasta With Meatballs.This is a a delicious meatball pasta recipe that is loved by adults and kids, small meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, the perfect combo!First prepare the composition for the meatballs and then with you clean hands gently ma

  • Rapunzel Messy Kitchen Cleaning Rapunzel Messy Kitchen Cleaning

    P rincess Rapunzel loves spending time in her kitchen and trying some new dishes on her own. Sometimes she makes her kitchen a compete pigsty in the process of cooking something new. It is one such occasion for Rapunzel because her kitchen has became so messy that even rats and cockroaches have come

  • Pou Girl Great Makeover Pou Girl Great Makeover

    Change her look in this Pou girl great makeover game so she will look great and get a nice confidence boost. As we all know, if you look good you feel good and are a lot more positive.

  • Frozen Princess Pool Party Frozen Princess Pool Party

    Elsa and Olaf enjoy this summer. So they are going to attend the pool party. Elsa swimming costume is hidden on the place. Help her to find the costume.

  • Cooking Academy Decor My Cupcake Cooking Academy Decor My Cupcake

    You have invited your loved one for the Dinner and you want to surprise him/her by preparing cup cake by your own. So you go and purchase all the ingredients from Super Market and prepare your cake by using the ingredients what you bought it from the super Market. Finally decor the cup cake as your

  • Anna Circus Game Anna Circus Game

    Today there is a big circus shown in the town. This is the first time Anna goes to the circus, so she doesn’t know what she should do to prepare. Now help Anna to pack her bag, and then go to but tickets with her. The circus should be very exciting, have fun with Anna!

  • Draculaura foot Doctor Draculaura foot Doctor

    Draculaura got injured and she is visiting the doctor.You will play the role of the doctor and you must take care of her injuries and make her feel better.Have fun!

  • Modern Cinderella Bathroom Makeover Modern Cinderella Bathroom Makeover

    Hey ladies, Cinderella's life is hard she lives in the house of she's stepmother with two stepsisters, and all the hard work of the house is made just by her. In this game the bathroom is full of bacteria, the sink is dirty with limestone and the pipe is broken, the bathtub is clogged, toilet is fu

  • Dora's Overalls Design Dora's Overalls Design

    Dora wants to buy a overall from the store. But we have a better idea! Why don't we design a new overall for her? Choose your favorite shape and get started! Measurement, cutting, sewing..Use your talent to decorate the overalls with cute accessories. When the overalls is ready, choose a cute top to

  • Super Barbie Naughty And Nice Super Barbie Naughty And Nice

    Hey Girls, Super Barbie would like your help today. She needs to change her looks and needs someone with a good sense of fashion to help her. Think you can create a new super outfit for Super Barbie in this exciting new Super Barbie Naughty And Nice game? First you need to decide what kind of look s

  • Minion Girl Fix The Batroom‏ Minion Girl Fix The Batroom‏

    Girl Minion is decided that today she will repair and then clean the bathroom of shes house. The bathroom looks disastrous, everything is full of bacteria and for bathtub and toilet is needed a plumber. Help "Minion Girl" to repair and clean the bathroom!

  • Rapunzel Bachelorette Challenge Rapunzel Bachelorette Challenge

    Oh my god girls! Rapunzel just added a life event on her Facebook timeline! She is getting married to Flynn. Now her best friends, Elsa, Abba, Ariel and Snow White will have to organize Rapunzel's bachelorette party, and the princesses decided to do it with style! They are going to challenge Rapunze

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