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  • Dora Night Out Dora Night Out

    Tonight Dora will go out. You need to help her take care of her makeover using all kinds of facial creams and accessories. Give her the most beautiful outfit you can find in the given items. Since tonight is a little colder than day time, you’d better choose long trousers for her. She has clothes

  • Delicious Christmas Turkey Delicious Christmas Turkey

    Christmas turkey is one of the most important dishes on Christmas Day. Christmas dinner may bring families together. Christmas turkey is the indispensable dinner of the Christmas Eve. It is very delicious and yummy and the cooking method is not difficult. If you are worried about how to cook the per

  • Princess Peach Castle Princess Peach Castle

    Since it is going to be Christmas, our gorgeous princess wants to decorate her peach castle cake to celebrate this special Christmas. The cake is made by peach and the color of it looks warm. In order to make the cake more yummy and attractive, you need to help our beautiful princess. I know you gir

  • Chicken Gizzards Chicken Gizzards

    In this game learn the simple method of cooking the delicious fried chicken gizzards. Note down the recipes and try it out in your kitchen.

  • Put on My Bird Costume Put on My Bird Costume

    For a little girl putting on different kinds of costumes is very funny. Today she wants to have a try of bird costume because she wants to fly like the birds in the sky. Come to help this girl realize her dream. What a cute girl she will be! You can play with her by choosing the funniest bird costum

  • Baby Elsa Bathing? Baby Elsa Bathing?

    Baby Elsa bathing game is a really fun way to spend a bit of your free time making her go through all the stages of the bath process and also have a great deal of fun along the way.

  • Frankie Stein Hair Salon Frankie Stein Hair Salon

    Frankie is going for a party with her friends this evening. She has many friends in and around the house. The reason behind is that she always looks at the positive-side of people. Even if the attitude of people doesn’t please her, she would always encourage them do good things. The friends of the

  • Disney Princess Fashion Stars Disney Princess Fashion Stars

    Every girl dreams to be a princess, but every princess dreams to be a FASHION STAR! Today you have a chance to help our beautiful princess Cinderella, Ariel and Belle make their dreams come true. Each princess dreamt to be a famous star since her childhood. Girls, the dreams of Cinderella, Ariel and

  • Catching Butterflies Catching Butterflies

    Let's go catch butterflies.In the fields,butterflies are flying in the sky,here is very very beautiful.Those butterflies can be really clever,the little girl want to catch these ,it's quite hard.Must not scare away the butterfly!

  • Sparkling Dance Girl Dress Up Sparkling Dance Girl Dress Up

    Wow, look at this beautiful girl ,she is so good at dancing that everybody is jealous of her! now she is going to Participate a dancing party , she wants to be the most beautiful girl .But she couldn't decide to how to dressup, so that she needs your help ,Then help her get dressed and be ready for

  • Playing With The Shuttlecock Playing With The Shuttlecock

    Ahh.. spring is coming! Gardens are in full bloom and balmy weather invites outdoor recreation . I think you need more rest. Try to get outdoors more. Don't strain yourself too much. Let? playing shuttlecock in the garden.come on, join us.

  • Tomboy Style Dress Up Tomboy Style Dress Up

    It's been, still is and will definitely be such a must-follow fashion trends for lots of seasons to come! Yep, I'm talking about the tomboy style, the perfect blending of masculine clothing-inspired fashion items and feminine chic clothes and accessories. If you, too, would like to master this ?echn

  • Barbie Bikini  Dressup Barbie Bikini Dressup

    Welcome to a new summer bikini dressup with our adorale Barbie. She wants to take advantage of the early days of sunshine but she can't decide between beach or swimmingpool. Everywhere she goes she has to look beautiful. Could you help her choose a nice swimsuit and apply a makeup? First pick a nice

  • Peekaboo Hair Trends Peekaboo Hair Trends

    Here is a magical peekaboo trend hairstyle makeup game. You can experiment with various kinds of hairstyles and accessories. There are so many wonderful techniques that we can use. Let's show her how we can create the most beautiful hairstyle and makeover for her. Feel free to use your trendy and fa

  • Barbie's Royal Makeup Studio Barbie's Royal Makeup Studio

    Today princesses Elsa, Tiana and Snow White came to Barbie’s salon for very special makeup looks. They are going to a big ball and they want their makeup to be unique and extraordinary, with elements of face art. Help Barbie to create elegant art makeup for Elsa, Snow White and Tiana.

  • Dragon Tamer Girl Dressup Dragon Tamer Girl Dressup

    This cute girl is a dragon tamer. She is fearless and super powerful. Could you help her choose the most amazing warrior outfits? She need a wand and beautiful accessories, too! Have fun!

  • Hidden Objects Nature Hidden Objects Nature

    Wow, what's an interesting hidden game! Today you will challenge yourself with limited time in our new hidden object nature game. With your stars increasing, you can choose high level with more difficulties and in different backgrounds. So use your eyes precisely during our game. If you did not find

  • Perfect Pancakes Perfect Pancakes

    Hey, my name is Jenny. Today I am going to show you how to cook the tastiest pancakes breakfast in the world. It's awesome. Will you help me please? I'd be very glad. Pancakes for breakfast are fantastic! See if you have what it takes to make the perfect stack of pancakes in the morning. It is not a

  • Barbie in Fashion House Barbie in Fashion House

    Barbie always lead the fashion of girls. She loves fashion all the time even when she is in her fashion house. Today she is going to have a party in her house. Come to dress up Barbie in a fashionable girl attire combining her trendy clothes, footwear, hairstyles and accessories. She has so many clo

  • Princess Ohime Princess Ohime

    Princess Ohime is getting ready to throw a ball in her castle. Everyone in her kingdom will be there. Help her find the perfect gown for the ball.

  • Spongebob Cannon Hamburgerun Spongebob Cannon Hamburgerun

    Join the fun physic puzzle game! Use cannon shoot SpongeBob out, help him got his favorite hamburger. Have fun!

  • Hello Kitty Clouds Hello Kitty Clouds

    Hello Kitty Clouds is another game with your famous character Hello Kitty. In this fun sliding game your job is to solve the puzzle with Hello Kitty. On the image Hello Kitty is sitting on some cute clouds. Press play and start playing the game. Use your mouse to click on the pieces that you want to

  • Valentines Motocross Day Valentines Motocross Day

    Valentines Day is the favorite holiday of every couple. Romance is everywhere this season and you can basicly see the love floating in the air. This cute couple is up for adventure so they whant to make this day an adventurous memorable one. Drive the motocross in this game and collect as many heart

  • Zoe Bridesmaid Fashion Studio Zoe Bridesmaid Fashion Studio

    Zoe got an invitation from the fashion studio. She has to dress up like a bridesmaid with the perfect accessories. Help her to choose the pattern of the dress, color and stitch it according to her size. Come on, choose the best dresses and make her happy with it. Have a great dressing day with zoe.

  • Disgust Throat Doctor Disgust Throat Doctor

    Help Disgust get rid of a throat infection in a brand new doctor game! Kill the nasty germs using all the tools you can find in the doctor's office. Clean up the area and use disinfectant to prevent the infection from spreading, then use the microscope to make sure there's no bacteria left. Disgust

  • Messy Penguin Christmas Makeover Messy Penguin Christmas Makeover

    Today is Christmas. Everyone in the family of penguin are getting ready to go to church. The youngest penguin is still playing with her friends. Oh my gosh! It looks very messy and unclean. The mom penguin will get upset if it sees the messy son. Clean the penguin and adorn it with the colorful outf

  • Puppy The Cutest Dog Puppy The Cutest Dog

    PUPPY, is the name of the most cutest dog you ever saw. A very nice dog, who likes to play with children. Very playful Puppy is very loved by children. Now, Puppy prepares for a new fun day for him and you can prepare him as you wish using all available items in this nice game for girls. Choose the

  • Elsa Nail Salon Elsa Nail Salon

    Our beautiful princess Elsa, is looking to have a perfect manicure for tonight when she will go at an important party with all Disney princesses. Her nail isn't looking very good, you have to treat and after to choose a beautiful manicure with nice accessories. Don't waste the time and help Elsa to

  • Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Cook this amazing treat by collecting the ingredients, mixing them together, as well as preparing your ice cream and your sandwiches before decorating and eating them.

  • Bocconcini Pizza Bocconcini Pizza

    Looking for an Italian specialty dish? Or maybe you're having a pizza night in mind? We have the perfect recipe for you: Bocconcini Pizza, a pizza recipe that tastes so good with these delicious bocconcini on top, which are small semi-soft pieces of mozzarella cheese. They will be excellent for a

  • Love Challenge Love Challenge

    Elsa and Barbie are in love with the same man named Brad. Brad like the two beautiful girls and is undecided which one to have a love relationship. Elsa and Barbie will use all the weapons in this challenge of love. Choose your favorite character and help her win the boyfriend. Have fun!

  • Poppy At Spa Poppy At Spa

    Poppy, the main character from Trolls it feels disappointed because it is unpaired, unpainted, and facial skin has all sorts of imperfections just like bubbles on her face, which is why she asks you to help her with professional cleaning solutions so it is again the most The beautiful Trolls. For

  • Princesses Homecoming Princesses Homecoming

    It’s been a while since princesses' graduation from Disney College. And now they can’t wait to meet again and know, what has changed in their lives. Ariel, Aurora and Anna are used to be BFFs in college, but they went their separate ways lately. I’m pretty sure they’ll find what to discuss a

  • Anime Flower Princess Anime Flower Princess

    This cute looking flower princess have some trouble in selecting her costume for the party, Help her to select the best outfit that you think will suit her. Have fun in dressing her up in style.

  • Hospital Surgery Simulator Hospital Surgery Simulator

    We design the whole progress from diagnosis to operation, it's a real-time surgeon simulator just like what you see at the hospital. As a Doctor, you can touch your patient’s belly to see if there is something wrong with them. Then you can run a blood test to get more details. Afterwards you will

  • Hero Pizza Hero Pizza

    How about learning the secrets of hero pizza . So lets roll up the sleeves and start the secrete recepie. Use your mouse to interact and you will be guided in the process of making the pizza. Lets cook this off in syle.

  • Beautiful Betty Boop Dress Up Beautiful Betty Boop Dress Up

    Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character play this dress up game! Have fun

  • Strawberry Girl Dress Up Strawberry Girl Dress Up

    A Beautiful Strawberry girl is on their way for a picnic. You can beautify this girl with various costumes and accessories. Enjoy the game!!!

  • Cute Santa Dress up Cute Santa Dress up

    It is Christmas! Santa has a big day coming up and he needs to look his best! This year Santa wants to be dressed in a cool outfit which is different from the former clothes he dressed before. Are you girls willing to help him to be a special Santa this year? This is where you come with him. Choose

  • Christmas Day Clean up Christmas Day Clean up

    Christmas day is on the way, celebration is all around. Everyone is happy to celebrate this most important day of the year. Today for carols, Joyce church members were coming to her home. But her house is of total mess, she needs to clean her house but she alone cann't do this, she is running out of

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