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  • Strawberry Girl Dress Up Strawberry Girl Dress Up

    A Beautiful Strawberry girl is on their way for a picnic. You can beautify this girl with various costumes and accessories. Enjoy the game!!!

  • Cute Santa Dress up Cute Santa Dress up

    It is Christmas! Santa has a big day coming up and he needs to look his best! This year Santa wants to be dressed in a cool outfit which is different from the former clothes he dressed before. Are you girls willing to help him to be a special Santa this year? This is where you come with him. Choose

  • Christmas Day Clean up Christmas Day Clean up

    Christmas day is on the way, celebration is all around. Everyone is happy to celebrate this most important day of the year. Today for carols, Joyce church members were coming to her home. But her house is of total mess, she needs to clean her house but she alone cann't do this, she is running out of

  • Walking In The Spring Walking In The Spring

    The sun is shining in the sky like a giant spotlight as the spring has come and given us the joy we needed! So it's the perfect time to get out and discover new things and new places in the city all over again! Now, change your style, get a fresh spring look, then let your smooth beauty inspire even

  • Barbie Street Style Barbie Street Style

    Girls, Barbie is a fashion icon and her street style is very special. So let's discover her stye, give her some ideas about what she should wear today and enjoy this Barbie game.

  • Madeline Hatter's Makeup Madeline Hatter's Makeup

    Madeline Hatter, referred to as Maddie by her friends, is the daughter of the Mad Hatter, the character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Madeline is looking forward to her destiny — since tea is involved — but she is not unmoved by her friend, Raven Queen's, wish to make her own destiny. S

  • Yummy Juicy Fruit Pick Yummy Juicy Fruit Pick

    The heavens are showering juicy fruits and try grabbing as much as you can in your basket. More fruits would translate to more nutrition and more happiness.

  • High School Crush Date 2 High School Crush Date 2

    Do you remember the high school love story of Lisa and Nick? They have more romantic stories for you! There are 6 different situations and dates. Please choose appropriate makeup, dress and accessories for Lisa. She will be scored at the end of every level. Or you could choose to mix and match all t

  • Modern Cinderella Bathroom Makeover Modern Cinderella Bathroom Makeover

    Hey ladies, Cinderella's life is hard she lives in the house of she's stepmother with two stepsisters, and all the hard work of the house is made just by her. In this game the bathroom is full of bacteria, the sink is dirty with limestone and the pipe is broken, the bathtub is clogged, toilet is fu

  • Barbie Driving Test Barbie Driving Test

    Barbie turned sixteen last week and now she is old enough to drive a car! Today is Barbie’s driving test. Traffic inspector Elsa will decide if Barbie is ready to drive a car. Pick a cute outfit for Barbie and design a stylish car for her. After that help Barbie pass the exam and get a driver’s

  • Modern Fairytale Fashion Show Modern Fairytale Fashion Show

    It is time to sit back and relax and enjoy the most fantastic fashion show! Our favorite fairytale princesses have joined forces to create a spectacular show inspired by their looks, but with a modern twist. You will have one model to style in five different ways. Change their makeup, their hair col

  • Glossy Princess Glossy Princess

    Cute looking princess is getting ready for the feast at her palace and she also going to meet some important people during the feast, our princess have some of the finest cloths in her wardrobe and needs your assistance to select the finest of all. Help her to get ready and have fun.

  • Winx Musa Style Winx Musa Style

    Musa is the guardian Fairy of Music. She loves music, dancing, singing and playing all instruments, but her favorite is the concert flute. Musa usually plays amazing music.

  • Dare Emo Girl Dressup Dare Emo Girl Dressup

    How do you recognize a emo girl? Is it the pink hair? The jeans or the bright colourful clothes they wear? This cute girl is really into emo music and she has a new passion for emo fashion. In this game we will have to help her choose a stylish hairstyle, make sure you choose her a long haircut with

  • Barbie Surfing Champion Barbie Surfing Champion

    Barbie is a surfing champion and she realy loves surfing. you are going to dress up her as a trendy surfer. Have Fun!

  • Indigo Indigo

    Indigo loves going back to school so she can see her friends and wear a new outfit every day! She loves dark colors and emo styles.

  • Sisters Ugly Xmas Sweater Sisters Ugly Xmas Sweater

    Elsa and Anna, your favorite girls from Disney have been invited to a great party. They will go with Rapunzel to the great party and the theme is ugly sweaters. Can you help the girls get dressed now in Sisters Ugly Xmas Sweater game? I am sure they would appreciate the help a lot. In Sisters Ugly X

  • Indian Belly Dancer Indian Belly Dancer

    Indian dancers are famous for their belly dancing. They have excellent performance showing and dancing skills. Moreover, the dancers are also very beautiful with gorgeous outfits. The Indian girl in our game fancies wearing stunning princess style costume today. Have a look at her impressive wardrob

  • Princess Merida Facial Princess Merida Facial

    Princess Merida is the sixteen-year old tomboyish, headstrong, spirited daughter of Queen Elinor who rules the kingdom alongside her husband. in this game you can give her a sizzling look with facial treatment and makeup. As Merida needs fashionable hairstyle, all you need to do is to wash her hair

  • Doll Me Up Doll Me Up

    Which girl doesn't want to look as adorable as a doll? If i could have the chance to become more precious like a doll, i won't hesitate. Play this fun Doll Me Up game and create the cutest doll as you wish! Have fun playing this cute colordesigngames game!

  • Barbie's Lingerie Dresses Barbie's Lingerie Dresses

    Have you ever imagined being a costume designer for beautiful girls. Now you can realize you dream. In this game, you can fully exert your design talent to dress up our Barbie. She will just wear lingerie at first, you need to choose costume, hairstyle, jewelry, high-heeled shoes and perfect lady ba

  • Go To Outdoor Sketching In Spring Go To Outdoor Sketching In Spring

    I like painting ,and I learned to painting from kindergarten. It was about 6 years,during this time I have get a great improvement and I also made a lot of friends who also like painting.We often go to sketching together.Tomorrow, we plan to go sketching in park. If you also like painting,you can ta

  • Princess Cinderella Fashion Princess Cinderella Fashion

    That is golden days when Fairytales are alive in earth. Today we bring those days especially for you! Enter the fantasy world and choose best Gowns and accessories for your beautiful Princess Cinderella. It's your lovely task to show Cinderella cute fashion to this world. Have fun with Princess game

  • Barbie party dress up Barbie party dress up

    Barbie is invited to a party today. She wants to look fabulous! Let’s get prepared for her. Help her choose the outfit and accessories and make her the prettiest girl today in the patty. Look into her closet and choose the best clothes ever, make Barbie shine. Barbie has lots of trendy clothes, sh

  • Dress up Santa Clause Dress up Santa Clause

    Just a few days left and Santa Claus is coming in your home! Santa needs to be getting ready for his big and magic trip on the Christmas night. He needs to dress himself up well and distribute the gifts he had prepared for every kid. Help him to choose the right clothes and accessories for his journ

  • Super car wash 2 Super car wash 2

    You have a super car and you need to take care of that beautiful car. You will have several step to do like cleaning the room, wash the car, soap, a racing step, decorating etc. Have fun

  • Barbie Disney Princess Outfits Barbie Disney Princess Outfits

    Ladies, Barbie has a new fashion adventure for you! She has decided to get inspiration from her favorite Disney girls, Snow White, Elsa, Belle and the others and create a unique outfit for a fun garden party that she will attend this spring. She could really use some help selecting the proper items

  • Beauty And Beast Wedding Party‏ Beauty And Beast Wedding Party‏

    The wedding is in just a few minutes for this Beauty and the Beast makeover game and you will have to make both of them look amazing. Choose the best accessories and clothes from the dressers and do it fast.

  • Masha Cooking Tortilla Pizza‏ Masha Cooking Tortilla Pizza‏

    Help Masha buy the groceries in this tortilla pizza cooking game as you will have plenty of preparations to do before starting to make it. It will have a unique crunchiness to it and you will love it.

  • Princess doll house 2 Princess doll house 2

    Decor a beautiful princess room with 2 choices of decor.

  • Anna Hide And Seek Anna Hide And Seek

    Anna and Hans are playing hide and seek, Anna need to find everything hidden in snow to win. But she can't do it by herself. So can you give her some help? When you finish that, Anna will invite you to decorate their place! Come on!

  • Ingenuous Aries Fairy Ingenuous Aries Fairy

    Aries girls love freedom and they are always full of passion for life .They are lovely, cheerful, optimistic, and not afraid of setbacks.They love dressing up themselves pretty in daily life and they always try new style.Look at the Aries girl in the game,she have a lot of clothes and she heard that

  • Sweetheart Sugar Cookies Sweetheart Sugar Cookies

    Today we are going to make sweetheart sugar and they are delicious and everybody loves them. I f you want to cook them,you should follow the steps carefully , and then you will get a score based on your speed . My last score is 50100, if you want to get a higher score,you need to have more tim

  • Gentle Flower Angel Gentle Flower Angel

    Look at the beautiful fairy, she was very quiet and cute.Now she want to go to garden ,but she didin't dress up herself,can you help her?Come on,Thank you.

  • Gigi Grant Goes to School Gigi Grant Goes to School

    Gigi Grant is the daughter of a genie but she's not trying to pull any fashion tricks out of her bottle. She's got her wardrobe displayed and wants you to be her stylist for her first day back to school. She's still kinda new at Monster High and wants to stand out in the crowd. Should she wear a bri

  • Monster Cupcake Decoration Monster Cupcake Decoration

    Halloween is almost here! Decorate a deliciously spooky monster cupcake of your very own!

  • Voltageous Dress Up Voltageous Dress Up

    Have you ever known a hero called-Voltageous. She has lightening power and she can fly. Now can you help her to choose the powerful hero costume to make her look unique. This game is different from usual dress up girl games. What we need to do is not to make voltageous beautiful. In our game, we nee

  • Fried Chicken Fried Chicken

    Frank loves delicious food very much and cooking is his hobby. His specialty dish is southern fried chicken. Are you ready to learn the recipe of this dish under the instruction of Frank? Play our game. You will learn how to cook yummy fried chicken step by step. First, you need to prepare one whole

  • Skelita Calaveras Dress Up Skelita Calaveras Dress Up

    Skelita Calaveras is a famous monster in America. Her style is always unique and different. She has magic power in the circle of monsters. Have you ever challenged yourself to dress up such high monster? You will have an unforgettable experience of dressing up today. Give her the hairstyle she likes

  • Real Life Emoji Real Life Emoji

    There are some cute emoji in our daily real life. They are very intersting and helpful for our daily use. Moreover, they are very important to express our emotions. Today you will see lots of fantastic emoji in our awesome dressing up game. The girl is very lovely and she likes making faces. All of

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