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  • Care Your Cute Baby Care Your Cute Baby

    Hi girls! Meet our cute baby in our new care game. She is so cute, isn's she? She needs a perfect bath. Fulfill her wishes and make her all fluffy and clean them dress her in a gorgeous outfit. Baby will be happy when you do the right operation. Take care of the little baby while she is getting her

  • Butter Pecan Pumpkin Pie Butter Pecan Pumpkin Pie

    Childrens Will be turning up from school shortly, and they are very fond of Butter Pecan Pumpkin Pie. Its time to help the mom to cook the delicious recipe. Follow the instructions properly and you will able to complete it on time.

  • Emo mania dress up Emo mania dress up

    Look at the girl,She may no longer be merely a country girl, she sort out a personal style,and she become a painter.Do you like her style?Let us have a look.

  • Barbie Salsa Dancer Dress up Barbie Salsa Dancer Dress up

    Barbie is today's famous salsa dancers. Barbie wants to be living legends that influence the future of salsa dancing? She has a salsa dance tonight and she needs your help to dress up for this show. Dress up barbie as a salsa dancer for her dance show.

  • Monster High Cake Cooking Monster High Cake Cooking

    Do you know what the favorite dessert of our Monster High ghouls is? Well you might not be surprised to find out that the chocolate cake is the perfect dessert, the cake that Clawdeen, Jina Fire Long, Draculaura or any other monster high student would love to eat at any special event. The Halloween

  • I'm on the Phone I'm on the Phone

    Technology has advanced so much that you can't even tell if someone is on the phone anymore! The difference between a crazy person who talks to themselves and a sane person talking on the phone is a tiny piece of plastic! Look at how far we've come as a society!

  • Elsa Royal PJ Party Elsa Royal PJ Party

    Hey Ladies, do you like girls night out and PJ parties? Elsa decided to organize one because her boyfriend, Jack Frost is away and she was feeling bored. She would like to throw a fun PJ party and invite her best friends, Anna, Rapunzel, Merida and Snow White. In this Elsa Royal PJ Party game you ca

  • Office Fashion Girl Office Fashion Girl

    Look at the beautiful girl,she has graduated from school,and tomorrow is her first day in the new office!She want to make a good impression to her new colleague,so she need to prepare some new clothes for the work.Please help her find a natural office look.Thank you!

  • Barbie and Ellie Chocolate Fans Barbie and Ellie Chocolate Fans

    As we all know that Barbie and Ellie are both chocolate fans. They love chocolate very much, which include chocolate food, chocolate ice cream and even chocolate masks. Now, it is chocolate time, ladies! Today we are going to have a really fun time with our favorite girls, Barbie and Ellie. In this

  • Bohemian Accessories Bohemian Accessories

    Beautiful girl!Do you believe her?Let's give her makeup.

  • Cute Beauty Dress Up Cute Beauty Dress Up

    This cute beauty is waiting for you to dress her. Choose something really cool and trendy for her so that she can look attractive. Hurry up!

  • Chibi Princess Chibi Princess

    Are you a favourite of Chibi Princess. This is a wonderful oppotunity for you to dressup up your princess. Chibi Princess wants to look beautiful. She wants you to do her dress up. Dont miss the chance to dressup Chibi Princess with nice suitable costumes and also with latest Accessories

  • Cute Ballet Marrie Cute Ballet Marrie

    Marrie is more crazy about Ballet Dance. Today she preparing for her best Dance performance. Choose Dazzling outfits with colorful chicks. Make her audience should be fall in her stylish look by your choice of Hairstyles and glittery Accessories. Have a Great Dance Show Ever!

  • Love Rainbow Cake Love Rainbow Cake

    Do you love rainbow with seven different colors? Have you ever thought of eating a cake like rainbow? If your answer is yes. Good luck. You can achieve it in our love rainbow cake cooking game. You just need follow our steps given and finally you will make perfect rainbow cake you like. Join our ga

  • Nefera de nile flawless makeover Nefera de nile flawless makeover

    Few days ago Monster High's Nefera de Nile went to a salon to get a beauty treatment; while coming out of the salon she noticed that she was not as happy getting out of the salon as she was getting in the salon. As her friend, we advised her to meet you and get a complete makeover from you. Right no

  • Harlem Shake Harlem Shake

    Well girls, enjoy the popular hip of dance named Harlem Shake and dress up this sweet girl in such a way so that she feels comfortable while dancing. Think different, look for various combinations before you complete her look. Be crazy, make her style up unique, and enjoy funny Harlem shake game.

  • Fluffy Omelette Cooking Fluffy Omelette Cooking

    Help this happy pig fry up a delicious fluffy omlette complete with all of the traditional trimmings like cheese, vegetables and... bacon?Instructions: Use your mouse to click on the interactive object and food items.

  • Candy Corn  Fudge Candy Corn Fudge

    Holleo,My older borther had been a cook before he went to college ,and he is good at cooking Candy Corn Fudge.Today is my littlr sister's bothday party,and she want to eat Candy Corn Fudge,so to give her a suprise ,my bother will cook Candy Corn Fudge for her.Do you want to learn ?please the game at

  • Royal Princess Isabella Royal Princess Isabella

    Welcome you to meet our Beautiful Royal Princess Isabella. She has huge collections of modern colorful gowns to wear. But you are her most special person to visit today. So she gave a chance to choose her perfect gowns and accessories to you. Take a lovely task to make Princess as a perfect look!

  • Dora Thanks Giving Party Dressup Dora Thanks Giving Party Dressup

    Our little cute Dora has arranged a party for all her lovable persons to show her thanks for given a happy moments in her wonderful life. She is a little girl with lot of thanks giving in her mind. It is time to attend a Thanks giving party. All are waiting for the welcome of dora. Help dora to dres

  • Seafood Pasta Seafood Pasta

    There are so many girls like seafood pasta. It's taste is fresh and marvelous. But do you know how to cook it? Now, we will teach you the recipe in our new cooking game called seafood pasta. Get ready to prepare the necessary ingredients as to the requirements. When everything is ok, start to cut th

  • Everafter High Kitty Chesire's Dress up Everafter High Kitty Chesire's Dress up

    Kitty Chesire lives in the gorgeous castle. Tonight she will have a party in her castle. Lots of her friends will come to attend her party. So she needs to dress her up with elegant and amazing clothes to show her own style. So girls, come to help her make up and select the perfect outfit to style h

  • Animated Christmas Card Animated Christmas Card

    When Christmas is coming, have you ever thought of making a beautiful Christmas card by yourself? You can send it to your friends and family to show your best wishes with the words you have written for the new coming year. Well now you can design a special Christmas card playing this amazing game. A

  • Princess Hairdress Princess Hairdress

    Our royal princess has the most beautiful hair in the world! You can image how beautiful her hair is. Hair like hers needs to be taken good care of. Will you become the royal hairdresser? I know you girls have professional hairdressing skills. Make a trendy hairstyle for Princess. Maybe you can try

  • New Year Cutie New Year Cutie

    Happy New Year everybody. How do you want to celebrate the New Year today? How about dressing up beautiful and play with your friends. Emily is a cutie in our game and she is ready to celebrate New Year with her family and friends. She needs new outfit, new dress and new hairdo! Could you help her o

  • Justin Bieber at the Dentist Justin Bieber at the Dentist

    Hey, girls. You will have the opportunity to meet handsome boy Justin Bieber again. He is not happy today because of his teeth problems. Now he must make a visit to the dentist cabinet. You will need to play the role of dentist to help him. You need to repair his teeth and make him a great smile wit

  • Farms and Meadows Hidden Objects Farms and Meadows Hidden Objects

    Laura enjoys her country escapade against her hectic city life by admiring the greens, meadows and other animals. Living on the farm is very comfortable and funny. So she enjoys the farm life very much. Recently, her fun was enhanced as she found hidden objects and you could join her search and shar

  • Cool Skiing Outfit Cool Skiing Outfit

    Winter is coming. Chums!!!!! This is the best season to go skiing. Amy and his brother were spending their winter vacations at the Mount Kilimanjaro. They both love adventure, so they planned to go for skiing. But they both were in a confusion to select the perfect clothing. Will you guys help them

  • Youkie Lover Secrets Youkie Lover Secrets

    Hello girls! When I was a little girl my father brought to me one day an adorable puppy. He was a yorkie, and I loved it so much that I would even go to school with it every time I was given the chance. If you also like adorable puppies, then I am sure that you are going to absolutely adore playing

  • Baby Care Alice Baby Care Alice

    In our brand new baby care game, you will meet one very cute baby called Alice. Baby Alice is ready to for you to care for her! It starts in the kitchen where you feed her breakfast. Give her the food she wants to eat. Then give Alice a bath! Since she is a little girl, you need to distract her atte

  • Barbie Fashion Fairytale Barbie Fashion Fairytale

    Barbie will take part in an excellent fashion show tomorrow. Dress up Barbie for her fairytale fashion show in glamorous and elegant princess dresses, hairdos and accessories. Be her backstage stylist and turn her into a beautiful Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Diana or Cinderella princess. Des

  • Snow White Facial Makeover Snow White Facial Makeover

    Princess Snow White is going to date with charming prince. She is very excited about the dating and wants to leave a good impression to the prince. So she needs your help. You must wash her hairs and give a facial care to her. After that make up and dress up her. Choose nice accessories for her. Sta

  • Pizza Cookie Pizza Cookie

    Most kids love pizza very much. If you also like it, it will be a good choice to cook pizza cookies in this holiday. If you are interested in it, you can learn from our brand new cooking game. Be careful to learn and you just need to follow our instructions to operate the recipe one by one. Prepare

  • SpongeBob Nose Doctor SpongeBob Nose Doctor

    From all that nose flute during the theme song, SpongeBob has developed nasty bacteria inside his cute little nose and he can not play anymore. He has suffered the pain of nose for a long time. The nose problems have affected his daily life and today he decides to go to see nose doctor. Fix his nose

  • Find Your Valentine's Gifts Hidden Object Find Your Valentine's Gifts Hidden Object

    I get excited near every Valentine's Day girls as I wonder what little sweet gifts I will get! But I have to confess, sometimes I am bad and cave in to the temptation and I start rummaging around to see if I can find anything! I think this game must of been specially made for me and if you are also

  • Super Bowl Chicken Wings Super Bowl Chicken Wings

    Most girls like inviting their friends to have dinner in the weekend. They can eat delicious food and play together. That sounds great. So today in our brand new cooking game, I will introduce you one simple dish called Super Bowl Chicken Wings. Once you learn the cooking recipe, you can cook it in

  • Valentine Love Birds Valentine Love Birds

    Valentine Day is the most important festival for most lovers. They are very glad to celebrate it. Boys will give beautiful flowers to their girl friends and girls will send chocolate to their boy friend. Everywhere has spread the air of romantic and even the birds seem to watch them and sing for the

  • Scooby Doo at the Doctor Scooby Doo at the Doctor

    Scooby Doo is a very brave and naughty dog. When he is running from evil spirits and monsters, Scooby Doo tripped over a stone and injured himself, so Shaggy brought him to the hospital in search of your help. Play the role of doctor to help the cute dog. Use your sophisticated medical tools, remove

  • Nefera de Nile Hair and Facial Nefera de Nile Hair and Facial

    Hi girls. Today we will introduce you one new girl from Monster High School. Her name is Nefera de Nile. Nefera De Nile from Monster High is a mean ghoul! She is the older sister of Cleo De Nile! Tonight she wants to attend her good friend's birthday party and have a dancing there. So she needs to m

  • Barbie's Room Decoration Barbie's Room Decoration

    Barbie's parents have prepared a new room for her. She is very glad to have a brand new room and decides to design and decorate it beautiful. Come to be her assistant and give her some suggestions of decoration. I know you girls have rich experience of decorating room. So please feel free to exert y

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