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  • Pizza Cookie Pizza Cookie

    Most kids love pizza very much. If you also like it, it will be a good choice to cook pizza cookies in this holiday. If you are interested in it, you can learn from our brand new cooking game. Be careful to learn and you just need to follow our instructions to operate the recipe one by one. Prepare

  • SpongeBob Nose Doctor SpongeBob Nose Doctor

    From all that nose flute during the theme song, SpongeBob has developed nasty bacteria inside his cute little nose and he can not play anymore. He has suffered the pain of nose for a long time. The nose problems have affected his daily life and today he decides to go to see nose doctor. Fix his nose

  • Find Your Valentine's Gifts Hidden Object Find Your Valentine's Gifts Hidden Object

    I get excited near every Valentine's Day girls as I wonder what little sweet gifts I will get! But I have to confess, sometimes I am bad and cave in to the temptation and I start rummaging around to see if I can find anything! I think this game must of been specially made for me and if you are also

  • Super Bowl Chicken Wings Super Bowl Chicken Wings

    Most girls like inviting their friends to have dinner in the weekend. They can eat delicious food and play together. That sounds great. So today in our brand new cooking game, I will introduce you one simple dish called Super Bowl Chicken Wings. Once you learn the cooking recipe, you can cook it in

  • Valentine Love Birds Valentine Love Birds

    Valentine Day is the most important festival for most lovers. They are very glad to celebrate it. Boys will give beautiful flowers to their girl friends and girls will send chocolate to their boy friend. Everywhere has spread the air of romantic and even the birds seem to watch them and sing for the

  • Scooby Doo at the Doctor Scooby Doo at the Doctor

    Scooby Doo is a very brave and naughty dog. When he is running from evil spirits and monsters, Scooby Doo tripped over a stone and injured himself, so Shaggy brought him to the hospital in search of your help. Play the role of doctor to help the cute dog. Use your sophisticated medical tools, remove

  • Nefera de Nile Hair and Facial Nefera de Nile Hair and Facial

    Hi girls. Today we will introduce you one new girl from Monster High School. Her name is Nefera de Nile. Nefera De Nile from Monster High is a mean ghoul! She is the older sister of Cleo De Nile! Tonight she wants to attend her good friend's birthday party and have a dancing there. So she needs to m

  • Barbie's Room Decoration Barbie's Room Decoration

    Barbie's parents have prepared a new room for her. She is very glad to have a brand new room and decides to design and decorate it beautiful. Come to be her assistant and give her some suggestions of decoration. I know you girls have rich experience of decorating room. So please feel free to exert y

  • Dora Royal Cake Dora Royal Cake

    This is lovely day for you to enjoy with Royal Cake. It is special because it is made by little Dora. If you want to know the cooking recipe, come to help Dora. She will tell you what are the necessary ingredients for making a cake in the first step. Follow her instruction step by step. Make a good

  • Dinner Date Dinner Date

    Hi girls. Imagine that you have just got hired at one of the newly opened luxurious restaurants in town, lucky you! Now, make sure you make the best first impression by attending to all the customers coming in to enjoy their lovely, highly romantic dates here, in a cozy stylish ambiance. Be efficien

  • Cute Hippo Care Cute Hippo Care

    You are a zoo keeper in the zoo and today you have an important task to take care of our cute hippo. You can choose one hippo character that you like best. Then you need to play the role of hippo keeper and give him a bath. Wipe him with towel and then use hair dryer to wipe his fur. Next come to cl

  • Mario Great Adventure Mario Great Adventure

    Mario once again on an adventure to find the monster and destroy him. However, in order to reach the castle, Mario needs to take a journey full of danger. Help Mario collects coins and kill all monsters on each level to advance to next level. You need to use A/D on the keyboard to move and space to

  • Fan Room Design Fan Room Design

    Imagine that you are a great room designer, how beautiful you can make your room be? Come to have a try in our brand new decoration game called Fan Room Design. Please feel free to exert your design talent and decoration skills. You can change the pattern and color of all the things in the room like

  • Hipster Couple Dress up Hipster Couple Dress up

    Lily and Tom live in Williamsburg and love to go on romantic bike rides together. They have a cat and they enjoy watching the sunset. Today they decides to play outside and you need to come to dress up them well for their going out. Use your fashion talent to help these hipster couple. Drag and drop

  • Cute Heart Cupcakes Cute Heart Cupcakes

    In the weekend, if you can cook one delicious dessert, then you can enjoy it well with your family and friends together at home. Today we will teach you one yummy dessert called Cute Heart Cupcakes. Follow our instructions to learn the cooking recipe, you will know it as soon as possible. It contain

  • Baby Snow White Caring Baby Snow White Caring

    Baby snow white is now playing in the yard happily with her toys. Her mother is not at home today. Would you please be so kind to play the role of babysitter to take care of her? Meet her needs in the yard. When she wants to play with the swing, take her to the swing. Or when she wants to play the s

  • Nautical Ball Dress up Nautical Ball Dress up

    It's time for the Nautical Ball. Get Lily, Ella, Sarah and Gabby ready for the ball by dressing them up with in adorable nautical themed outfits. In the beginning of the game, you need to select one character that you like best. Then come to choose one hairstyle that fits her best. Add her beauty wi

  • Justin Bieber Room Decoration Justin Bieber Room Decoration

    Justin Bieber is a famous singer and he has many fans around the world. Do you love him and have you ever imaged that you can have the opportunity to decorate his room totally by yourself ? Now come to our brand new room decoration game for Justin Bieber. What furniture will you put in his lush room

  • Holiday in Hawaii Holiday in Hawaii

    How do you want to spend you summer holiday? If you like Hawaii, why don't you come there and enjoy yourself there. You know the sun is great and the weather is fresh. You can have a totally rest there. So come to our brand new dress up game called Holiday in Hawaii. You will meet one beautiful and

  • Pretty Girl Makeover Pretty Girl Makeover

    There is a pretty girl in our brand new girl makeover game. She needs to go out now but time is limited for her to do facial makeover and make up. Come to help her and be her fashion assistant. You need to find all the necessary facial makeover items. Take care of her and her beautiful face. Be care

  • Pretty Girl at Dentist Pretty Girl at Dentist

    This girl is pretty and lovely. However, since she did not pay much attention to her mouth cavity health, she now has serious teeth problems. Totally damaged and her teeth condition is worse. And now, she came to your dentist office in seek of your help. Strap her in the dentist chair, blast the ger

  • Designer Runway Secrets Designer Runway Secrets

    Meet Jenny, a beautiful girl who is auditioning for an important runway show and where all the most popular designers will be presenting their creations. Your job is to help Jenny dress up and discover the secrets to a wonderful style. You have 4 styles: punk, hipster, retro and couture and I am sur

  • Barbie Rooftop Party Dress up Barbie Rooftop Party Dress up

    Barbie is going to take part in an excellent rooftop party tonight. She is very excited and happy because she can meet lots of her friends on the party. Dress up Barbie in dozens of gorgeous dresses enjoying a fun dress fitting session with the cute doll. Select the fashion item that best suits her

  • Barbie Car Salon Barbie Car Salon

    Our beautiful Barbie has a Car Salon. Every client has his own needs for the decoration of his car. Today there are lots of customers in her car salon. She is very busy today and in order to get highly praise from clients. So she needs your help to help her. Come to her car salon to help her clean t

  • Dora Loves Flowers Dora Loves Flowers

    Dora is a cute little girl who loves flowers very much. She loves arranging flowers in vase so much. Now, let us join her in the garden, choose the most beautiful flowers and arrange them. Follow our instruction to pick up the flowers for Dora step by step. I know flower arranging is an art but the

  • Barbie in Venice Dress up Barbie in Venice Dress up

    Barbie is very happy today because she can have her fantastic holiday in Venice. She plans on doing lots of shopping and sightseeing. Visiting the water canals in one of the famous Venetian rowing boats and admiring the enchanting view from a coffee terrace are a must do as well. Dress up Barbie for

  • Patrick Tooth Problem Patrick Tooth Problem

    Patrick has some trouble with her teeth few days, Can you help him to get teeth with perfect and clean like before? Have fun to play game!

  • Frozen Elsa Freezing Makeover Frozen Elsa Freezing Makeover

    You can make up frozen princess Elsa by playing our latest makeover game.

  • Pou got Varicella Pou got Varicella

    Unfortunately our friend Pou got varicella. Varicella is a common and very serious disease, even fatal for Pou. The early symptoms are nausea, loss of appetite, aching muscles, and headache.Her girlfriend is very upset and scared. She needs your help to heal Pou. Follow doctor's medication caref

  • Escape House on Fire Escape House on Fire

    Escape House on Fire by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape House on Fire! Good Luck!

  • Berry Smoothie Ice- Blocks Berry Smoothie Ice- Blocks

    Hello ladies! It's about time that we learn how to prepare something really delicious, suitable for the hot weather outside. I know kids love Ice-cream, and that is precisely why we have decided to teach you how to prepare something even better. In this exciting cooking game called Berry Smoothie Ic

  • Pou Makeover Pou Makeover

    Pou is ready for a pampering day that will make his skin healthier, brighter and of course, prettier. Browse through the dreamy collection of creams and lotions, make his skin look fabulous with natural facial masks, offer his eyebrows a really nice shape and get rid of the dark circles around his c

  • Frog Kiss Jigsaw Frog Kiss Jigsaw

    How many frogs you will have to kiss until you find the real one? In Frog Kiss Jigsaw game this lovely princess found a frog, but she doesnt know if this frog is her brave Prince. Look at this beautiful image of a beautiful princess and a little frog. Remember this image, press shuffle and the imag

  • Finger Surgery Finger Surgery

    Oh my god! This patient urgently needs your help because he is in terrible pains. When he was at work, a machine ripped his middle finger in two. His luck was that an college put his broken finger in ice and you can operate him to be normal again. With your tools follow all steps in order to makethi

  • Cartoon Heroes Jigsaw Cartoon Heroes Jigsaw

    Cartoon Heroes Jigsaw is very cool game with an image of all the best cartoons heroes that every kid adores. Press shuffle and the image will split into pieces. Now get concentrated and try to set the pieces of the image to the right place. Choose from easy, medium, hard and expert game mode. Use yo

  • First Date Love Cupcake First Date Love Cupcake

    Sometimes it's not so easy making the best impression on a first date! You have to worry about conversation, what to wear and how you look! What to talk about and if the other person likes you or not! But sometimes the simplest of gestures can break the ice and make you both comfortable from the wor

  • Picnic Date Dressup Picnic Date Dressup

    Melissa and Matt are having a romantic picnic date! They packed lots of sandwiches and tasty treats. Dress them up for the perfect date!

  • Dora And Diego Playing Football Dora And Diego Playing Football

    Dora and Diego watched FIFA world cup on TV and are quite taken up by this sport and hence, they have decided to give a try at football. Unfortunately, they cannot go to a football field and they have to make use of the place in the backyard. But it is quite messy and they will not be able to enjoy

  • Tom Fire Emergency Tom Fire Emergency

    The fireman job is one of the hardest but it is very exciting. It was a quiet day when the alarm began ringing. Some houses are in flames and need you urgent help. With the help of the hose you must extinguish the fire.You must move quick and save the house from destruction.

  • Bratz Facial Beauty Bratz Facial Beauty

    Bratz Facial Beauty is an awesome spa makeover game for girls. You might have played your Bratz doll but have you ever tried to a makeover to it. In this facial beauty game, you are going to be the stylist of your doll and give it a stylish look, choosing the hairstyle, skin tone, makeup, accessorie

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