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  • Olaf Catching Nuts Olaf Catching Nuts

    Olaf loves nuts very much. He has heard from his friends that nuts are falling from the sky and therefore, he has set out to catch the nuts in his bag. But there is a problem and that is he cant catch all the nuts, only the nut that is shown at the top. Can you help Olaf collect the right nuts and

  • Princess Sofia Makeover Princess Sofia Makeover

    Princess Sophia the First is set to look like a real princess, help to make real change an image to show its beauty! Just see what fits you best and Sofia is ready to learn to behave like royalty all the princesses legendary.

  • Alice in Funderland Alice in Funderland

    Alice is invading to Queen Heart's kingdom and tried to conquer the Queen. Help her defeat all enemies and the Queen as well!

  • Dentist fear 2 Dentist fear 2

    Do you have a fear of a dentist? If yes, you are not the only one. With dentist fear 2 you can choose the person of your choice and take care of your teeth properly. Make sure to kill the multiple bacteria too.

  • Halloween House Makeover Halloween House Makeover

    Halloween is my favorite time of the year ever since I was a little girl. I love to go trick or treating to receive tasty sweets and see the amazing Halloween decorations. It is great to see a fun decorated house with spooky details. In the exclusive Cutezee game called Halloween House Makeover you

  • Princess Halloween Graveyard Cleaning Princess Halloween Graveyard Cleaning

    Princess Tiana is going to clean up the graveyard for the Halloween celebration. She is really scared to be at the graveyard all alone to clean up the place. Hence, she needs some help from you that she may not feel lonely and can finish up the cleaning work quickly as well. Have fun playing this Ha

  • Halloween Extreme Makeover Halloween Extreme Makeover

    Jenna is going to the best Halloween party in town and she wants to win the best prize for her costume, make up and hairstyle. To create the costume she is willing to try different make up in spooky colors and styles, fun dresses with many details and amazing hairstyles. Play our great new CuteZee e

  • Sofia Foot Doctor? Sofia Foot Doctor?

    Your new patient has arrived in this Sofia foot doctor game and you will need to fix her foot as she is having some trouble walking. She cannot enjoy the beautiful days outside with a foot problem.

  • Heal Tinkerbell Heal Tinkerbell

    Our beloved fairy was quickly flying through the magic forest when she accidentally hit a tree and hurt herself pretty bad. Tinkerbell needs your medical skills to recover from her accident, so gently take care of her wounds and make her feel better.

  • Peppa Pig cleaning bathroom Peppa Pig cleaning bathroom

    Peppa family needs your help. So hurry up! They will go on a adventure trip and they do not have time to clean their bathroom. They can not leave the house dirty. So, this is your job for a week. Clean the bathroom daily, use the disinfectant, suitable detergents and all those cleaning ustensils. Fa

  • Rosa Mistica Spa Rosa Mistica Spa

    In this game you have to take care of Rosa, to help her look perfect!First, we must take care that her face and body look perfect, and then we will find a suitable makeup for her.Finally we find the right outfit for her to look fabulous.

  • Baby Daisy Gardening Baby Daisy Gardening

    Baby Daisy Gardening is terrific free online game for kids. Baby Daisy wants to be a gardener, but she is new in this job, so you have to help her. Your job is to help Baby Daisy to become a good gardener. So you have to teach her what to dress and what items she will need to plant some fruits and v

  • Zoe's Thanksgiving Supper Zoe's Thanksgiving Supper

    Zoe has invited her friends to the Thanksgiving party in the evening. She decides to cook corn cookies and pumpkin pie, which tastes delicious. Help Zoe to prepare tasty supper for her friends

  • Talking Angela Nose Doctor? Talking Angela Nose Doctor?

    You have a very special patient in this Talking Angela nose doctor game as he came to you with a serious problem. Her voice sounds funny because of his cute nose so now you have to make her feel like new.

  • Hello Kitty Care Hello Kitty Care

    Oh,my god! Our cute HelloKitty suffers something very bad. It seems that she falls into a dirty pool. Her body is covered with mud,tree branches and wounds from head to foot! Your job is to use all kinds of tools to make HelloKitty turn clean and beautiful again! Have fun!

  • Chompy's Cupcake Quest Chompy's Cupcake Quest

    Chompy is going on a Cupcake Quest and needs your help collecting as many cupcakes as possible!

  • Dora Pizza Delivery Dora Pizza Delivery

    Dora just made herself a homemade pizza. She wants to share the pizza with her friend around the area. So she takes out her bike and drive around the area to delivery the pizza to each of her friends. Complete each level mission in order to advance to the next level.

  • Candy Ride Candy Ride

    Harley is the smart boy of the village. Everyone appreciate Harley for his hard work and skills, because Harley is a sportive boy and he is always ready to accept new challenges. Few friends of Harley wants to test his skills, so they invited Harley to participate in a horse riding competition. Harl

  • Barbi Winter Manicure Barbi Winter Manicure

    Guys, Barbi loves winter so much. Tonight she is invited to a luxury party. She wants to look perfect with beautiful manicure, chic outfit and pretty hairstyle. Lets help her a hand. Enjoy this Barbie nail games.

  • Pou Cooking Pancakes Pou Cooking Pancakes

    Pou wants to prepare some delicious pancakes and pleasantly surprise his friends, so join him in the kitchen and cook some homemade pancakes following the Pou recipe.

  • Girls Ice Cream Girls Ice Cream

    On these hot days, when I want to cool off I always prefer to taste some delicious ice-creams ladies! And I really suggest you to do that, too! Well as an ice-cream lover, I organized a party full of snacks and of course delightful ice-creams to taste. I saved you a seat, join us to cool off and hav

  • Pregnant mom cleaning living room Pregnant mom cleaning living room

    Help this beautiful pregnant mom to clean the living room because is full of misery. You must move quickly because you are against the clock. Be careful at the picture from the games start because there you can see how you must arrange all the things.

  • Messy Baby Anna Care Messy Baby Anna Care

    Today the mom of baby Anna is not at home. When she got up she got a call from her eldest daughter Elsa, saying that she will reach the railway station within few minutes. So, she has gone to pick her up. Anna will be all alone. If you are with her, she will feel solace and comfortable. Before you c

  • DIY Clean Your Oven DIY Clean Your Oven

    Welcome you to the world of Harper. The parents of her are very amiable and spiritual. They would often go for pilgrimage. The family might forget their meals but not prayer. They would pray in the morning and as well as in the evening. Harper has a sibling whose name is Alice. To speak about Alice,

  • Pregnant Anna Injured Pregnant Anna Injured

  • Baby Zoe Hair Salon Baby Zoe Hair Salon

    Oh no, Baby Zoe hairs have grown long making difficult to maintain. So, she immediately need a hair cut and dandruff treatment. Strap baby Zoe in the chairs and start off with cute hair cut, dandruff treatment and bath her. Be careful this is her first hair cut, so first comfort her. Finally dress u

  • Fairy Girl Fairy Girl

    It's not always easy to choose what to wear when you are a fairy princess. People expect from you to be always shiny, royal and magical, but a fairy princess is still a girl and a girl never has enough to wear! Wings, dresses, crowns, jewellery... So much to choose. Would you be willing to help?

  • Dora Delicious Cake Decor Dora Delicious Cake Decor

    Hi, Girls! Your friend is a fan of Dora the explorer. She likes anything which has Dora on it. So, why dont you surprise your friend with a delicious Dora cake? Play this cake decoration game and decorate the cake with different attractive designs that it proves to be a real temptation to the eyes

  • Beauty Back Spa Salon Beauty Back Spa Salon

    Office ladies often have back pain because of sitting on the chair all workday. But we should not treat ourselves badly because we are busy. So at the weekend, our beauty comes to the salon to have a back spa. Please relax yourself and have fun!

  • Farm Tractors Wash And Repair Farm Tractors Wash And Repair

    There is a lot of work to do here all year round.Today we have to take care of the farm tractors and make sure they are in good condition before the next farming campaign.All the tractors are full of mud, dirty and need some mechanical reparations.Choose your favorite farm tractor and begin to take

  • Pregnant Draculaura Food Shopping Pregnant Draculaura Food Shopping

    Draculaura has invited her friends to dinner, but she needs some help. She wants to cook something special for them .Join Draculaura at the grocery store so she can buy all the ingredients on her list. Next, help her cook some amazing dishes that she will enjoy with her friends. She will be grateful

  • Pijama Party Pijama Party

    Eloise and her family are moving away in few weeks and she has a hard time saying goodbye to her friends. She loves her home, school and friends but because of her parents work they need to move. She is having a sleepover tonight to have a proper chance to say goodbye to her best friends and she cou

  • Heal Ginger Heal Ginger

    Ginger is seriously injured after the car he was in was involved in a serious accident.Hurry up with your medical kit and offer Ginger first aid.If you love this wonderful character, help him to get well following the instructions in the game. Prove all that you have real qualities to become a docto

  • Bunny Easter Eggs Painting Bunny Easter Eggs Painting

    Easter is comming, and could you design your own Easter eggs with a beautiful assortment of patterns, shapes and colors? Come and participate in the unique celebration of Easter! Also don't forget to choose the nicest dress for this rabbit,he wants to look perfect on the easter day. Happy Easter!

  • Lorna McNessie Dressup Lorna McNessie Dressup

    Lorna McNessie is an exchange student, visiting Monster High from Loch Ness in Rotland (Scotland). She is the daughter of the Loch Ness Monster. Lorna is a fun loving, mischievous ghoul who loves to play little jokes in order to make people laugh and add a bit of fun to her day. Her favourite activi

  • Hello Kitty Messy Swimming Pool Hello Kitty Messy Swimming Pool

    Hello kitty is going to throw a party to her neighbours. It is going to take place in the swimming pool that is at the back of the house. Hello kitty along with her mom is preparing food for the guests. The servants are busy decorating the entrance. The family needs your help. The swimming pool look

  • Elsa Beauty Salon New Elsa Beauty Salon New

    The Elsa Beauty Salon is now opening!Here you can paint your nails,enjoy a back spa,get a new hair style and beautify your legs!As the owner of this salon,Elsa will be the first one to experience these service!Let's enjoy these wonderful service with Elsa!

  • Baby Frozen Sisters Picnic Baby Frozen Sisters Picnic

    Today is the weekend , Mom has no work to do, so she decide to go picnic with her two lovely daughters. Before departure, help Mom to dress up these lovely baby frozen sisters.

  • Cooking with Momm Cooking with Momm

    Alice loves pie! Today she and her mommy wants to make one special pie for Daddy. Help them cook and bake this yummy Tobely Banana Pie, and decorate it with a lot of decorations and drinks!

  • Rapunzel Pascal Care Rapunzel Pascal Care

    Pascal, Rapunzel's pet, is so messy and injured that's why we've brought in this game where you have to help Rapunzel to take care about her pet. First you have to wash him with the shower and the sope, then you can take care about Pascal's wounds.

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