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  • Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

    Most kids like marshmallows. They are sweet and can make them happy. Ever since I was a little girl, my mother would always buy these delicious heavenly sweets for me every time I was feeling a little down. If you are also a marshmallows lover, come to our brand new cooking game called Chocolate Dip

  • Find the Difference World Cup Find the Difference World Cup

    Most friends are football fans. They think it's an exciting game to see their beloved football players on the grass ground. Today you will have the opportunity to see World Cup scene in this great find the differences game. We offer you a fantastic game to check the level of your sharpness to find t

  • Yoopy Room Escape Yoopy Room Escape

    Imagine that if you are locked in this yoopy room, can you escape successfully from it? Here in our brand new escape room game, you will have this opportunity to experience it. You need to find all the possible clues in the room and think carefully about the application. Then you need to use them in

  • Barbie Spa Salon Barbie Spa Salon

    Our beautiful Barbie is very happy today because she has been invited to take part in a great party. Before going to the party, she needs to go the spa salon to have a makeover and make up. Now Barbie is in your spa salon. It is your turn to give her a complete facial treatment. Firstly you must mak

  • Frankie Stein Eye Care Frankie Stein Eye Care

    Frankie Stein is a beautiful Monster High School girl. Recently she found that everything is blurry when she looks at the blackboard. She might a pair of glasses. Would you please help her doctor? Play the role of eye doctor to help her solve her eye problems as soon as possible. Give her an eye che

  • My First Car My First Car

  • Ultimate Fighting Ultimate Fighting

    Hi kids. Today we will introduce a brand new exciting game for you. It's a funny pass through action game. The new fighting game has new moves, even strokes and more enjoyable. There are a variety of roles and different occupations for you to choose, like soldiers, gunmen, warrior, mage, assassin. A

  • Genie Dress up Genie Dress up

    Lily is a genie who is cute and lovely. She lived in the magic world of lamp. Whenever someone finds and rubs the lamp, she can grant them 3 wishes. What would you wish for? Come to our brand new dress up game called Genie Dress up. You will have the opportunity to dress her up with beautiful clothe

  • Barbie Park Ride Dress up Barbie Park Ride Dress up

    Barbie is taking her fancy new bike for a ride in the park. Bike riding is by far her favorite summer sport. The cute Barbie has lots of brand new dress up tips for you. Look fashion fabulous this summer wearing her trendy clothes and accessories. Dress up Barbie for her park ride combining her fash

  • Baby Hadley Morning Fun Baby Hadley Morning Fun

    It is not easy to care babies to their Moms. This cute baby in our brand new baby caring game called Hadley. He is a very cute and lovely boy. Today his Mom is not at home on the morning. So please help the Mom in our game to take care of her cute baby without making the baby cry. You need to take c

  • First Aid for Poisoning First Aid for Poisoning

    Our poor boy is in trouble again! This time he has eaten a plateful of uncooked mushrooms and now is having a terrible stomach ache. Mushrooms can cause serious poisoning, so we must take action now! Call the ambulance and try to help the poor kid. Give this little boy first aid for poisoning of mus

  • Baby SpongeBob Washing Clothes Baby SpongeBob Washing Clothes

    Cute baby SpongeBob have lots of clothes to wash for today and he needs your help. Help our baby use the washing machine and before washing you need to hep him separate the clothes, the white from the color and wash them separately. Then follow our instructions to use the washing machine to wash tho

  • Under the Sea Sponge Cake Under the Sea Sponge Cake

    Hi kids. Have you ever imagined that you can cook delicious sponge cake under the sea background. Today you can have a try in our brand new cooking game called Under the Sea Sponge Cake. Bake a delicious Underwater Spongecake! First, follow the recipe to bake the cake. We have prepared all the neces

  • Apple White Hair and Facial Apple White Hair and Facial

    Princess Apple White has a beautiful and cute daughter. Today you girls will have the opportunity to meet her in this brand new hair and facial game called Apple White Hair and Facial. The daughter of Snow White is a charismatic leader who puts her best foot forward in a spellbinding outfit red-and-

  • Rochelle Goyle Evil Dress up Rochelle Goyle Evil Dress up

    Hello girls. Today I will introduce you a brand new Monster High School girl called Rochelle Goyle to you. She is beautiful and cute. Tonigt there is a Monster Party in Monster castle and all the ghoul and zombie girls are going to be there to dance the night away. Rochelle our gorgeous and friendly

  • Hello Kitty Dental Crisis Hello Kitty Dental Crisis

    This little girl loves Hello Kitty very much. She has lots of Hello Kitty dolls at home. However, since she did not pay much attention to mouth cavity health, she has serious dental problems now. Take her to Hello Kitty hospital and play the role of dentist to help her solve dental crisis as soon as

  • Easter Bunny Egg Rush Easter Bunny Egg Rush

    Easter day is coming for all of the animals in the forest. They are very happy and want to celebrate it. So they can to the bunny's restaurant to enjoy meals. The two bunnies are very busy today because lots to customer come to their restaurant. Would you please be so kindhearted to give them a help

  • Lolita Skirts and Shoes Lolita Skirts and Shoes

    Lolita is a beautiful girl who loves dancing very much. Today she will go to attend an excellent performance. However, time is limited for her to dress up. Are you willing to be her fashion assistant to help her get ready for the performance. You know she really wants to be the most amazing girl and

  • Easter Egg Hunt Easter Egg Hunt

    Easter Day is coming. The girl in our game is very happy with the coming Easter Day because she has expected this day for a long time. The girl needs to prepare some necessary easter eggs for the holiday. So your job today in our brand new game is to help the girl hunt all the hidden eggs in the par

  • Pop Star Lady Gaga Make up Pop Star Lady Gaga Make up

    Lady Gaga is a beautiful American pop star. She has many famous songs and lots of fans around the world like her very much. She has plan to sing pop song today night in New york. This show will live telecast in all TV channels so she would be very bright and cute make up. Please help her and get con

  • Italian Beef Kabobs Italian Beef Kabobs

    In our weekend time or spare time, it will be a good opportunity for us to do some delicious food for ourselves. Today in our brand new cooking game, we will teach you the cooking recipe of Italian Beef Kabobs. The game will take you through the process of preparing the tasty vegetables and meat rea

  • Cooking Super Macarons Cooking Super Macarons

    Most kids like Macaroons very much. They are cute and delicious desserts. If you like them also, come to our brand new cooking game called Cooking Super Macaroons. We will teach you the cooking recipe of this yummy food. In just a few steps, following indication in the game, you can cook a perfect,

  • Zoe at Mask Party Dress up Zoe at Mask Party Dress up

    Zoe has been invited to attend a famous mask party tonight. She is so excited because she can dress up with her most beautiful long dress that she has just bought a few days ago and meet lots of her good friends on the party. However, she does not have a beautiful mask necessary for the party. Are y

  • Pou Puzzle Jelly World Pou Puzzle Jelly World

    Little and cute Pou has just become one jelly who is very soft now. Now it can move like a jelly where it can turn into any shade. Come to this funny Pou Puzzle Jelly World to help Pou reach the platform successfully without falling down. You need to think carefully whether he can come to another bl

  • Baby Nana Got Varicella Baby Nana Got Varicella

    Baby Nana is a beautiful and cute girl who is only four years old. Since she is very little, her immunocompetence is very low. Recently she has got serious varicella. Varicella is the illness she must face this week, because her skin is full with red pimples which you need to take care of. Because s

  • Decorative High Heels Decorative High Heels

    Most girls love high heels very much. They think high heels can represent the trend of fashion. Today in our brand new decoration game called Decorative High Heeled. We have prepared you different kinds of high heeled shoes. You can feel free to choose one that you like best and then decorate it by

  • Easter Bunny Dress up Easter Bunny Dress up

    Easter is almost here and the Easter Bunny is getting ready to hide some eggs for the big Easter Egg Hunt! Dress him up in fabulous Easter fashion so he can celebrate in style! Choose the best outfit for him that you think is perfect. You can also choose some colorful accessories for him to make her

  • Flock the Dogs Flock the Dogs

    Hi girls. Do you love dogs? Today in our brand new game you will have the opportunity to meet lots of dogs. The dogs of different breeding are mingled in the kennel. Your task in our game is to unwind yourself by fetching and flocking them with their family dogs in the same line. When the number of

  • Barbie Like Monster Nails Barbie Like Monster Nails

    Our beautiful Barbie wants to decorate her nails today. Take her to a great nails salon and give Barbie a great Nails Spa, choose beautiful monster nails for her. In the first session of the game, you need to help her prepare all the necessary tools we need to use. Pick the right items and then wash

  • Chocolate Nests Chocolate Nests

    In our new cooking game called Chocolate Nests, I am going to teach you how to properly prepare the delicious chocolate nests that you have been hearing so much about. This food is easy to prepare and the necessary ingredients we need are easy to find in your kitchen. First, we need to prepare choco

  • Leather Fashion Motifs Leather Fashion Motifs

    Leather clothes has become the fashion in this spring. The girl in our game is a fashion lover who pursues trends all the time. So come to help her and be her fashion assistant to style her up with leather fashion motifs. Dress her up with those beautiful and cool leather clothes. Choose one beautif

  • Charming Mermaid Makeover Charming Mermaid Makeover

    There is a beautiful and charming mermaid in our brand new makeover game called Charming Mermaid Makeover. She is going to a party tonight organized there in the deep of the ocean. Now she is very nervous because the time is short and her skin doesn't look very good. Could you help her get ready for

  • Fox Farm Attack Fox Farm Attack

    There is a naughty and cute fox in our brand new skill game. The Fox is hungry and want to steal some food from your farm. Your task in this game is to use ball to destroy the object and use fire to kill the fox. Try your best to find the best direction. In some case, you will have to use chicken to

  • Justin Bieber Nose Problems Justin Bieber Nose Problems

    Justin Bieber is not lucky today. He has an accident when he drives his car this morning. He injured his nose in the accident and needs a doctor like you to help fix him up! Now he is in your clinic and you need to play well the role of nose doctor. Use our given professional medical tools to give h

  • Escape Cinema Room Escape Cinema Room

    Imagine that you are locked in this cinema room, but the room key is also hidden in the room. You need to be very careful and clever to think about the connections and about those hidden objects. Use those objects in the cinema room in the right way. Then you can find other useful clues and at last

  • Zoe's Seasonal Tree Care Zoe's Seasonal Tree Care

    Zoe loves seasonal tree very much. She has planted one in her garden. Everyday she takes care of her tree. She will weed in summer and get rid of the worm on the leaves of the tree. In autumn, she will apply fertilizer. Finally her seasonal tree grows tall and there are lots of apples on her tree. S

  • Doggy Dentist Doggy Dentist

    Hi friends. Have you have play the role of pet dentist? If not, come to our brand new game called Doggy Dentist to cure this cute dog. This doggy has been outside playing and tearing things up. He was not playing dress up or makeover. He was playing action games outside so much that he has some nast

  • Princess Permant Make up Princess Permant Make up

    Our beautiful princess loves beauty and fashion very much. Although she is very pretty, she is still not satisfied with her face beauty. Thats why she came to your tattoo salon to do a permanent makeup. With the special tattoo instruments you will make her lips, eyebrows and eyelids look permanentl

  • Wolf Girl Dress up Wolf Girl Dress up

    Hello girls. Today you will have the opportunity to meet one cute and beautiful wolf girl. Wolf girl loves to wear fancy dresses but she does not know which will suit her and which makes her look beautiful. She loves fashion very much and pursues every beautiful item. She think you are a friend and

  • Zoe's Four Seasons Fashion Dress up Zoe's Four Seasons Fashion Dress up

    Zoe is a fashion lover who loves beautiful and fashionable clothes every much. In this brand new Zoe dress up game, you can choose the modern and stylish dresses for all the four seasons. Select the appropriate dress, which suits her exactly for every season. It is a good opportunity for you to chal

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