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  • Frosty Forest Adventure Frosty Forest Adventure

    Help Casey find all the ingredients she needs to make a magical cup of hot cocoa that will save her town from a cold winter!

  • Pregnant Cleo De Nile Baby Shopping Pregnant Cleo De Nile Baby Shopping

    Cleo De Nile wants to organize a baby shower for her baby and she needs to make some shopping. She has a list of items that are necessary for the party and you need to help her find them and place the in the shopping cart. Follow the instructions and make Cleo happy. Have fun!

  • Barbie Floral Dress Design Barbie Floral Dress Design

    Barbie is invited to a fashion party. Could you help her design a floral dress? First you could Choose your favorite top and dress shape. Then use all these beautiful flower patterns and bright colors to create a floral dress for her. You could also choose from cute accessories to match the dress.

  • Cats and Dogs Grooming Salon Cats and Dogs Grooming Salon

    Give your pet the pampering they deserve with this grooming game.

  • Princess Juliet Restaurant Escape Princess Juliet Restaurant Escape

    Princess Juliet is trapped inside a restaurant after the entire place was shaken by an Earthquake. The place is wrecked and Juliet and Koobs must find a way out as soon as possible. Look carefully for the clues that will help you get out and use your skills to keep Juliet and Koobs safe. Have fun!

  • Escape From Cheerful Classroom Escape From Cheerful Classroom

    This is another great escape game developed by YoopyGames. The game goal is to Escape from Cheerful Classroom by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Cheerful

  • Cooking Apple Strudel Pie Cooking Apple Strudel Pie

    Hi girls! We must prepare an apple strudel pie! First we prepare apples, cut them into pieces, add sugar and raisins, put it on low heat and prepare dough sheets.After that, put the composition of the crust and put it in the oven.After it's done add sugar and some ice cream and dessert is ready! G

  • Cooking Panna Cotta Cooking Panna Cotta

    Are you in the mood for something deliciously sweet homemade recipe of famous Panna Cotta, which is one of the finest deserts you will probably ever eat. Sweet, yet cooling, especially when strawberries are the fruit you're using, but you can use any kind of fruit sauce or jam. The gelatin with milk

  • Fairy Beauty Salon Fairy Beauty Salon

    Give your fairy friend the pampering she deserves by taking her to the beauty salon.

  • Cooking chocolate cake Cooking chocolate cake

    Cook a delicious chocolate cake for your parents and friends or a beautiful event.

  • Disney Princesses Fairy Mall Disney Princesses Fairy Mall

    Head to the mall with this Disney Princesses fairy shopping game in which you will have to dress both Elsa and Rapunzel. Browse the stores and grab anything that looks great and fits within your budget.

  • Elsa's Fashion Blog Elsa's Fashion Blog

    Elsa, the great princess from Frozen loves fashion. She enjoys dressing up and doing her makeup and she has a great idea. She will use her talents for fashion and share ideas with her fans on a fashion blog. Help her now in Elsa's Fashion Blog game, on ! The first step for a great look is makeup. El

  • Beautiful Bridesmaid Makeover Beautiful Bridesmaid Makeover

    Paty is bridesmaid at her best friend wedding. She must look great in this special day and needs your help to apply makeup and choose a wonderful dress. Now Paty is at your beauty salon for a facial treatment. Use all your beauty creams and make her the most beautiful girl. After you finish make up

  • Clean my room Clean my room

    Your bedroom is a mess and need to be cleaned before your mom arrive. Try your best to do this quickly and be carefull you have only 3 hint to help you.

  • Glam Bratz Make Up Glam Bratz Make Up

    Bratz is getting ready for a glam party by this evening with her friends. She wants to have a wonderful look for this party. She needs your help to shine in that party. Can you help her by showing your beautiful facial ideas? Explore your facial skills and have fun.

  • Shopping  Dressup Shopping Dressup

    This weekend was great for this cute girl because she just arrived from shopping from the mall and she bought a lot of new clothes and accessories. Now she wants to dress with all her new clothes with her accessories to see how it fit with a new make up. Dress up this cute girl and make her make-up.

  • Make Challah Make Challah

    Challah is one type of traditional Jewish bread. It is very delicious and looks fantastic. You can cook this bread for special events and everybody will enjoy it. Cooking time is a little long, so you must be patient. Make sure you have all the ingredients ready then you can start cooking following

  • Fairy Queen Dress Up Fairy Queen Dress Up

    Girls, welcome to fairy land. Today we will meet a beautiful fairy queen. You may be so curious about how she keeps her beauty forever right? She will tell about it. Besides this, you will have a chance to dress up this fairy queen. So fun right? Let's start!

  • New Diva Hairstyles New Diva Hairstyles

    Three new gorgeous looking divas waiting in our hairstyle studio for their turn to have a new and professional hair style. As a good hairstylist give them a new hairstyle which u think will suit them best.

  • Daisy Escape Play School Fun Daisy Escape Play School Fun

    The little girl Daisy is really enthusiastic about making it to school. So do a good deed by helping her prepare for it. Have fun in arranging the toys, packing books and food, having breakfast and other activities that might brighten her day. At first, you need to pick up the toys scattered on the

  • Pony Care Pony Care

    Pony is cute and lovely in this game. Since he is very young, he needs your help to care him. So make her home neat and clean to give him a warm living place. Clean the poo and hay including the hay in the groove. Instruction: press and hold the left mouse to look for these. When you finish the clea

  • Baby Fun New Born Brother Baby Fun New Born Brother

    Lisi is very excited to see my new born cute brother. Her mom will bring my cute brother with lot of happiness to home. She must welcome my new brother with her close friends. See how she is taking care of my brother. Are you ready to watch this wonderful game. This is a game with more fun and happi

  • Tasty Cute Kitty Cupcakes Tasty Cute Kitty Cupcakes

    Today we cook muffins with fruit and decorated with the image of Hello Kitty.First you need to cut all fruits, cut the butter. Then we prepare the dough, where we add the fruits. Put the mixture into forms, and then put them in the oven. Good luck and have fun!

  • Cooking pizza for dinner Cooking pizza for dinner

    Cook a delicious pizza for your mom.

  • Princess Winter Living Room Design Princess Winter Living Room Design

    It is winter again! Princess Alice has planned to decorate her room in an elegant manner. Adorn the room according to the season. Alice has so much of love for her living room. Apply designs that would make her feel content. Embellish the living room in a grand manner. Complete the decoration before

  • Princesses Shopping Rivals Princesses Shopping Rivals

    Hey, what's this? It's a discount day in your favorite shopping mall! Tiana, Ariel and Jasmine are rushing to get all cheap stuff there. Jasmine is crazy about brand cosmetics, so help her choose something cool for herself. Don't forget to get fashionable clothes here as well. Be fast and attentive

  • Briar Beauty Dress Up Briar Beauty Dress Up

    Briar Beauty is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty and attends Ever After High. She's pretty sure her destiny is sleeping for hundreds of years but that doesn't stop her from having fun! She loves to entertain and throw parties and enjoys time with friends. Have fun dressing her up in the Ever After Hi

  • Monster Dessert Monster Dessert

    As Halloween is coming close the whole neighbourhood seems to be really excited about it this year. The Monster High girls that you all know and love are no exception. They have already decorated their house in a Halloween themed style, picked up the perfect costumes to wear and have done the candy

  • Ice Cream Cake Mania Ice Cream Cake Mania

    Ice cream cake are different than the normal cake .It is very much tastier than the normal cake. Do you want to give your friends both the cake and the ice cream. Prepare a Ice Cream Cake. Have a chill Day.

  • Kawaii Lolita Dressup Kawaii Lolita Dressup

    Emiko loves Lolita fashion very much. She likes dress different Lolita clothes and will not wear the same outfit twice. Lolita style is Mexican-inspired style. In this really exciting dress up game called Kawaii Lolita dress up, you are going to have the opportunity to help Emiko to get that fabulou

  • December Cover Elf-Girl December Cover Elf-Girl

    December is coming and it is going to be Christmas. In our game there is an elf girl who loves December very much because there will be white thick snow. The elf girl is so cute that you need to help her to dress up and welcome the coming of Christmas. Choose one of her fabulous outfits and help her

  • Christmas Mickey Dress up Christmas Mickey Dress up

    Christmas is coming. It’s excellent news for Mickey. He can play with his friends to celebrate this wonderful and important festival in winter. Mickey has lots of fun clothes and accessories but he needs your help to decide what to wear. Can you help him to dress up for Christmas? He wants you to

  • Santa at Beard Salon Santa at Beard Salon

    Today is Christmas Eve!!! We are going to meet cute Santa Clause and get many gifts from him. That's sound so exciting. Santa Clause is getting ready to distribute the gifts he had prepared for children. He is very happy today, but, right now he needs a beard style and have a new and different look

  • Frozen School Dress Code Frozen School Dress Code

    Since Elsa show her power, there's no reason to hide her in the castle. So Elsa and Anna decided to go to school. But that's not an ordinary school - it's only for princesses! So, Frozen sisters must proove their sence of style!

  • Barbie Scuba Diving Barbie Scuba Diving

    There are millions of unknown creatures under the seas. Barbie desires to explore the what is hidden in the depths of the sea. She has completed diving lessons and feels ready for new adventures. Are you ready to discover the secrets under the sea? Barbie needs you to choose the best swimsuit and di

  • Flower Girl Dressup Flower Girl Dressup

    For a hot summer day you need the right clothes, especially if you spend your day on the beach. In this game for girls we present you an easy way to dress up and make up,fabulous and stylish. First you have to make up pretty, and since is day youneed just a little blush, mascara and lipstick. Choose

  • Take wedding photos on yacht Take wedding photos on yacht

    I have always been dreaming of Taking Wedding Photos On The Yacht.Well ,finally my dreams are coming true;Today we will take wedding photos;I wants to become the most beautiful bride when I wear the wedding gown, put on veil and hold a colorful bouquet!But I can not decide which style is the best,Ca

  • Cooking Pizza Pockets Cooking Pizza Pockets

    Pizza pocket is a fast and economic way to eat something pretty good. When I do not have time I always cook some delicious pizza pockets. Cook our delicious pizza pocket and you will learn the cooking recipe by yourself. When you have time, you can cook it at home. It is not traditional pizza, but w

  • Barbie's New Kittens Barbie's New Kittens

    Barbie is a true animal lover and she has rescued these two stray kittens! She wants to clean them up and give them some pampering! Wash, dress and care for these two sweet kittens in this fun pet caring game.

  • Ever After High Cooking Ever After High Cooking

    Guys, we may be surprised but our characters in Ever After High love making and decorating cake so much. Therefore today you will follow our girl’s instruction and decorate your own cupcakes. Enjoy this Ever After High cooking game.

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