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  • Take wedding photos on yacht Take wedding photos on yacht

    I have always been dreaming of Taking Wedding Photos On The Yacht.Well ,finally my dreams are coming true;Today we will take wedding photos;I wants to become the most beautiful bride when I wear the wedding gown, put on veil and hold a colorful bouquet!But I can not decide which style is the best,Ca

  • Cooking Pizza Pockets Cooking Pizza Pockets

    Pizza pocket is a fast and economic way to eat something pretty good. When I do not have time I always cook some delicious pizza pockets. Cook our delicious pizza pocket and you will learn the cooking recipe by yourself. When you have time, you can cook it at home. It is not traditional pizza, but w

  • Barbie's New Kittens Barbie's New Kittens

    Barbie is a true animal lover and she has rescued these two stray kittens! She wants to clean them up and give them some pampering! Wash, dress and care for these two sweet kittens in this fun pet caring game.

  • Ever After High Cooking Ever After High Cooking

    Guys, we may be surprised but our characters in Ever After High love making and decorating cake so much. Therefore today you will follow our girl’s instruction and decorate your own cupcakes. Enjoy this Ever After High cooking game.

  • Dora in Kindergarten Dora in Kindergarten

    Today is Monday and Dora needs to go to kindergarten again. However, after breakfast she does not know what should she dress up with. Are you willing to help her and give her some advice. I know you girls have rich experience of dressing up and fashion. So just feel free to help her select one outfi

  • Briar Beauty Hair and Facial Briar Beauty Hair and Facial

    Hello girls. Today in our brand new hair and facial game, we will introduce you one brand new character called Briar. She is also the member of Ever After High School. She is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty. Play our facial make up game and give her a nice facial care. You can make up and dress up B

  • Baby Jasmin Bike Accident Baby Jasmin Bike Accident

    Baby Jasmin is a beautiful girl who loves riding bike very much. She is kind of lonely, and that is why her father has recently bought a really nice bike for her, so she won't feel that lonely anymore. Since she is in the process of learning how to ride a bike, it is a little bit more dangerous at t

  • Polly Hobbies Face-Painting Polly Hobbies Face-Painting

    Christmas is the most favorite Polly's holiday of all! She decided to call all her friends to a Christmas party and make them a big surprise - shes going to do make face-art for everyone! Grab your brush and let's go!

  • Elsa and Aurora Back to School Elsa and Aurora Back to School

    The school is coming back and each of us should be ready for it. Our beautiful princesses of the Disney World would like to look wonderful in the first day of school and we are sure that with your help they will be the most beautiful. In this new fashion game you should help two of the most beautifu

  • Minions Frozen Design Minions Frozen Design

    Hey Girls, the cute minions are up to something again. This time they are organizing a masked ball. All the minions, but also the most popular villains are going to be there, basically the whole evilcon will be at this minion masked ball. Well the minions need to create their costumes and in this Mi

  • Jasmine Fashion Photographer Jasmine Fashion Photographer

    Princess Jasmine thinks that your dreams are in your own hands and Jasmine’s biggest dream is to become a fashion photographer. Jasmine has worked hard perfecting her photo skills and making herself a name and finally her big day has come! Jasmine was invited for tonight’s movie awards ceremony!

  • Super Barbie Cheerleader Super Barbie Cheerleader

    Hey girls! The amazing girl Super Barbie needs a brand new look. She wants to be a famous cheerleader for her amazing football team and you can help her in this new game called Super Barbie Cheerleader! Are you ready to start this fabulous makeover? A facial pampering session is a must. Use a great

  • Cooking White Chocolate Cheese Cake Cooking White Chocolate Cheese Cake

    When you crave for a dessert that it's delicious and looks fantastic, the you should make a beautifully, creamy and sweet white chocolate cheesecake that everyone will want another piece of! White chocolate and cream cheese make this cheesecake incredibly smooth, creamy and rich! But before starting

  • DIY Piggy Bank ATM DIY Piggy Bank ATM

    Hi girls and kids, You will save your money in your piggy bank. Where there is a bank there is an ATM? Then, where is your ATM? Do you want to build your own ATM for your piggy bank? Then join with us in creating an ATM. Be prepared with the required objects. And follow the simple instruction given

  • Alice's Christmas Surprise Alice's Christmas Surprise

    Meet Alice! BBF of Fynsy! This Chrismmas they decided to make handmade gifts for each other, as such preaents have a part of your soul! That’s why Alice needs your help. Is not much time for Christmas. You have to choose best photoes of BBFs and make a Christmas frame for it. Then take knitting ne

  • Celebrities Bathroom Cleaning Celebrities Bathroom Cleaning

    The famous celebrities need your help desperately. Their bathroom looks messy as it has not been cleaned for many weeks. Have mercy on them. Now help them cleaning the place before the time runs out. Pick up the waste things and place them in the garbage. The celebrities failed to keep the bathroom

  • Princess Top Fashion Looks Princess Top Fashion Looks

    Elsa has got new clothes from three fresh collections: flower prints dresses, crochet dresses and fabulous unicorn dresses. These three fashion themes are very trendy and have already become Elsa’s favorites. So, let’s enjoy trying on the awesome outfits of her favorite fashion collections!

  • Candy Girl Dressup Candy Girl Dressup

    There is an emergency in girl game and you got to solve this sweet situation no matter what. It seems like this candy doll needs your help to regain her beauty and because she knows you could be a good beautician and the best dress up designer she asked for you advice. Choose the treatment that woul

  • Pop Star Girl Dressup Pop Star Girl Dressup

    Pop star girls need you to choose their outfit , clothes and accesories. Use your imagination to create the best ouftis and combine the appropiate colors.

  • Aurora vs Maleficent Fashion Showdown Aurora vs Maleficent Fashion Showdown

    Who would knew that a princess and a villain can compete against each other in a fashion contest? Aurora and Maleficent are getting all the attention in this new dress up game Aurora Vs Maleficent Fashion Showdown! Browse through the categories in the dress up section and make sure both of them are

  • Elsa Crazy In Love Elsa Crazy In Love

    Ladies, the beautiful and cute girl Elsa Frozen is in love. Jack Frost is very lucky to have her and they enjoy spending time together a lot. Elsa Frozen has a date with Jack tonight and she can't decide what to wear. She wants to make a great impression, so help her choose a romantic dinner outfit.

  • Elsa City Cleaning Elsa City Cleaning

    Elsa is a social worker. Though she is the princess, being humble and simple she wants to create awareness among people about clean environment. she is going to clean up the messy road. Because of this messy road its going to trouble for all commuters. She need your help, start cleaning of roads, co

  • Princess Wedding Theme: Oriental Princess Wedding Theme: Oriental

    Ariel and Elsa are two princesses about to get married and they dream of an oriental wedding. In this game you are going to become their wedding planner. You must help the princesses find the perfect wedding dress, and this is one of the most important attributions of yours. Since they are going to

  • Eco Friendly Makeover Eco Friendly Makeover

    The protection of the environment has become a very important problem nowadays, and therefore people have started to learn more and more about ways in which they can protect the environment. The cosmetic industry has also started to change in the way that the producers have started to make special,

  • Cute Chihuahua Caring Cute Chihuahua Caring

    Meet Biscuit, the adorable Chihuahua pup! She is actually a famous TV dog! She's in all sorts of movies. She's used to being pampered and cared for by her owner, but she is going out of town and needs someone to help take care of Biscuit. Bathe, style and dress up this adorable Chihuahua in our fun

  • Fairy Love Cupid Fairy Love Cupid

    This beautiful fairy and the handsome elf here are both lonely and looking for love. Why don't you help them fall in love with each other?

  • Hungry Baby Hungry Baby

    Mother has much work to do today, so you were asked to take care of the baby. Play with her and don’t let her get hungry. It is a hard work. Cheer up!

  • BOO-Lu Cerone Drummer Girl BOO-Lu Cerone Drummer Girl

    Hi. I'm Boo-Lu Cerone. I'm Lucky 13, plus 1 year! I have a punky style that comes from my love for punk music. Studs, zippers, pins, patches, Dr. Martens� I love it all! My signature accessory is a bowler hat, and I like to work in a tie every once in a while. I guess I am most famous fo

  • Shopping With Mom Shopping With Mom

    The fall is gradually caming, the weather is slowly cold, major shopping malls are filled with autumn,hot moms are need to buy new autumns, and today the mother ready to lead her lovely daughter, and with the wallet full of money, but first please dress up to the mother before leaving, Come and help

  • Ballerina Slacking Ballerina Slacking

    Snooze!!! Another boring day awaits Clara in the dance class. She has no interest in dance practice so she felt tired. She has something to entertain herself. Help her to entertain with those things without getting caught by the dance master. She would like to see different directions around her wit

  • Ariel Mermaid Dress Design Ariel Mermaid Dress Design

    Ariel Mermaid Dress Design is the newest game from , in which you can help the Disney princess create a glam and fabulous dress like no other for a fancy event! Are you up for the task? Start now and don't waste time selecting the shape of her dress. Try the gorgeous strapless mermaid dress and take

  • Homemade Spaghetti Homemade Spaghetti

    Learn how to cook spaghetti in your own kitchen. Homemade pizza is using an italian recipe made with usual ingredients that everyone must have in its own kitchen. Get ready to start cooking a great dish with pasta and meatballs. Show your cooking skills and learn a new recipe to impress your family!

  • Stylish Dog Walker Stylish Dog Walker

    Hi honeys! I'm a dog walker, I love dogs and walking with them because they make me feel peaceful, happy and calm! Every week I take these cute dogs to this huge and peaceful forest to walk around and spend some time together! By the way, you can check out my clothes girls, I bet I'm the one among t

  • Ghoulias Scooter Ghoulias Scooter

    Ghoulia is the slowest character in the cartoon Monster High but she is a fast scooter user. She likes to go to parties and to travel with scooter. Ghoulia will attend a party tonight. She is waiting the prepare your most beautiful way to the party tonight. You must do it the most beautiful girl of

  • Grilled Bruschetta Chicken Grilled Bruschetta Chicken

    Everyone loves to eat and it will be more fun to eat the food what we have cooked, In this fun cooking game we shall prepare the delicious Grilled Bruschetta Chicken. I'm sure that you gonna impress everyone with this dish.

  • Frankie Stein Dress up Frankie Stein Dress up

    It's a cold and foggy night down at Monster High..but everything is about to change because tonight The Electric Ghouls Festival will be held in the famous high school. The Electric Ghoul Festival gives every monster high student no matter of their heritage the chance to have fun the whole night an

  • Kesha Party Dressup Kesha Party Dressup

    Dress up this hot American pop singer and songwriter. Her look can contribute to her success, so make sure she will look her best tonight at a concert and choose a really cool outfit for her.

  • Brilliant Howleen Wolf Brilliant Howleen Wolf

    Howleen Wolf is the baby sister in the Wolf family, behind Clawdeen Wolf and Clawd Wolf. She doesn't care what other monsters think and does her very best to be independent, often making her appear harsh and sometimes even bratty. Dress up Howleen Wolf with nice clothes and make her brilliant.

  • Cute rochelle goyle style Cute rochelle goyle style

    Because she's shy, Rochelle Goyle™ can sometimes seem like she has a chip on her shoulder, but she's actually a loyal friend with a rock-solid fashion style. You can dress up cute monster high character Rochelle Goyle with nice style monster high fashion clothes.

  • Dress Up Merinda Dress Up Merinda

    Merinda is a cute girl who love to buy clothes. She is so excited because she will go into a huge mall to choose some new clothes for his wardrobe. Help her she will be really happy.

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